Session 632-1/14/01

[Introduction only]

To all here present to know we are in the area of and have seen great all of those not meeting and deciding fate. It is a sad ___ to notice that that which is the torch of freedom and your republic has turned into a big CEO, who tells and directs the president. We see that you are the members of a particular big company, but it takes the CEO’s to decide your president. You no longer have a voting power for privilege. And one vote, one person, not true. If they feel like it they can take the minorities and dump their votes, intimidate them, let them stand at home. We are up in arms about you allowing this. It cannot be allowed; it is wrong and a very base root. It is so wrong that we and the Council have deemed it necessary to have emergency meetings. Therefore we have certain cause for tragedies to happen it will be the work to remind them of the responsibility that they have let loose. The tragedies are those dealing first with nature, then your financial, then there are two to be unleashed. Why this is to happen is a verdict of our council, our CEO’s. Your CEO’s of the Supreme Court they have given their verdict now we give ours. It has to be understood that when a man and woman vote they are no longer heard, and it is not a republic, it is not a democracy it’s a finance of a big corporate, it’s this. Then we will run this as a corporate business. The council, or the great CEO’s have proclaimed this to your council of the CEO’s. We will shut the Supreme Court in its trap. They thought to the wound is too much, and what you will see on this what you call inaugural day will be a power doing. We do not acknowledge what is to happen, nor is it fair and right, what is to happen. But now we will make statement, when you put all your eggs in one basket, they will break. Do not depend upon a system that would give a glimmering of righteousness for there is no righteousness but God himself or self. This statement of righteousness can only be found in yourselves and in prayer. What we are saying is the disillusionment of this country is because it has to be taught that you must store your faith in God, in the spirit, and not in man, not in man’s mind, politics, medicine, or banks. Turn to God and this will be the doing. We are not concerned about your government, don’t get us wrong, we’re not picketing, we’re not publicly demonstrating, we’re only stating a fact, then when the system breaks down and there is not those to stand up to protest, get the system back, it breaks down further. In your system there are checks and balances, this is so, and will continually. Hopefully as time will go on, this will be made right. But at the moment these things cannot be made right. We have declared a total fast on Wednesday of this week in lieu of protest to this inauguration. You will be allowed to drink all you want, but no solid foods. This protest is in the air of sack clothes and ashes. New Year of your inauguration to come. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not picketing. No, we are concerned with your ways and your systems, but if you pretend to do something, well, lets pretend to do it right or don’t pretend at all. Call it the way it is, a big corporation run by the CEO’s. You don’t have the right to vote in a corporation. Now we see as we move on to the part of the mundane into the more exploratory, many spiritual changes in man and in woman’s conscious. People do not depend upon your mental minds to analyze what is right and wrong, if you do so you’re dead. Do not depend on factual worldly analyses of things, what would be considered worldly opinions of what is mentally right, because then you’re dead. Keep your spiritual aspects alive, but beware what you measure your judgments by, if it is of a spiritual concept, then you live. But if you’re mundane boring and what would be called pretty haughty, you’re dead. So, sparkle of, watch how you judge things, measure it for yourselves than for others. Now we watch the galaxies change and shift as much activity is about ready to happen in the stars. We have heard the entity speak of Microwave ovens. We now say microwave of your kind, break down the cellular structure of your food and create toxins within the food structures, be it in cheeses and milk, and create this system to impute in your blood system. What we are saying is that when you eat your food that has been microwaved you are literally setting carcinogenics into your body and blood, it also destroys the cellular structure and vitamin nutrition of the food. We are against microwaves from the beginning and now continue to profess this. We are also against all sodas and diet forms of this. They add carbonation and this carbonation adds an oxygen level decrease. If you must have sodas best to drink water with lemon, or occasionally watered down ginger ale. Other than that, you know how we feel about frankfurters, lettuce and now we tell you other things. So be careful, if you can’t stop all the time having food microwaved, in public, but you can choose to be careful in the home. Convection ovens are different, it is a safer form, not too crucial or critical of a heat nature still a little tense, but you will talk from another time. We are not picketing by the way; we are just saying there will be many changes, many many changes. There is something that the entity will be doing. Habitat for humanities is his interests, to build a home for the underprivileged and for family members who do not have the resource to stay at a home, to supply themselves in a place where their loved ones are dying. The entity will support such a cause and will be prescribed to bless this cause, and support it this year on the 21st of April. This is the day in which it can be done, as that fundraiser for an interest that we must not some results but something that we will take part of and take control over. You will have your next state dinner as prescribed by us on the entitites birthday, but before that the next state dinner that will be number 2 will be the birthday of the group, on the 10th and 9th of March. For two days you will celebrate the creation of this state. We ask that you would invite the Tibetan Monks and offer them the dinner, in honor of what they have gone through. But at the same time, it will be a celebration of joy. We have a huge object discovered that is not a planet but an ark ship, and this is one of the invading ships of an extraterrestrial form that has been spotted coming to this galaxy. We are now ready for your questions.