Session 118 – 6/12/77

Greetings to all here present now. We have been with you all during this week and again find it interesting with learning and abundant laughs. We would say that the days ahead are filled with work and much development in every level. There shall be strange happenings throughout the states of Mexico and throughout Canada; most of all in Quebec and the rest of Canada. We also see a strange awakening in the earth and communications from what they would think other forces in the outside galaxies. We find it strange that people live their daily lives in such a complacency that they are satisfied with everything around them. But in reality, there is so much to uncover and learn and discover. But so many souls are into themselves and their bodies rather than in investigating the spiritual laws around them. We strive to conquer those qualities within us that takes control. We guide and watch over you as the days move on. This is a strength and a happiness in such. There are many travelers and many ways in which destiny must work. But we must also remember that the will of God as you know him is being manifested through these moments. We would strive that a balance attitude and constructive approach be had by all as far as the children are concerned — not to allow an emotional outlet or expression from your own creativity in handling these children. We would strongly suggest a calming down effect when things of items get too much out of hand. Question.

IS: Do you mean that the rest of the women should also be involved with the children?

Forces: This also must be done for a sharing and a equal learning. For when they too run away from it, it is that same responsibility and strengthing quality that they need.

IS: You’re referring to (BH) and (NN)?

Forces: And all the females in this particular house. A strengthening quality as far as creativity for their young minds.

IS: So it should be then on an equal schedule between all the women, on the weekend especially?

Forces: This can be instrumented, probably. And also, it would be interesting to have the men take an active role in it.

IS: So actually, have the children with one person, male or female during the whole, a whole day or a whole weekend?

Forces: This would be well. But, the original schedule must be worked first and then to work this one in as the days move on.

IS: Are you referring to the original schedule with just the females?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We also are referring to the two mothers. Allowing them to take the work first and then branching out from that.

IS: Oh I see so the two you were referring to where the two mothers?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then should it should be equal on the weekends between the mothers and the others, like each weekend another person or should it be first the mothers and then…

Forces: First the mothers and as it progresses, then the others.

IS: I see so then what we we’re talking today is okay for a short time until that is settled then we can then we can bring in the other females into it.

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Is there anything that can be helped with E?

Forces: He has been helped in some respects during this weekend. It will be interesting for it will show progressions on a slow form, but nonetheless it is a moving pattern and would be working to the glory of the strength within.

IS: Is he what would be considered an autistic child?

Forces: It would appear such. But in reality there is a mind that needs reassurance of love. As simple as that.

IS: From whom that love?

Forces: A un-possessive love from the mother.

IS: She’s still possessive over him?

Forces: It is not the question of possession of the child, but when the child does throw the loud voice noise, that a reassurance of the child that it is well and that it shall be taken care of should stimulate a silence and a peace over all.

IS: You are talking about reassurance even if it’s not physical touch?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Like a mental sending?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Which is not happening.

Forces: It would be happening, but other thing needs to be worked first.

IS: I see. But actually if it wasn’t for you or for whatever we/you are talking to us now, he would continue as is he would have been an autistic child.

Forces: On a worldly level, the child would be considered such, correct.

IS: Thank you. Now, I have a tremendous question that I’ve been hacking at for a long time, and that is the difference between sheltered children and unsheltered children.

Forces: We must say that there is a divine plan in both species.

IS: So, we can’t say one is better than the other.

Forces: In prospective, in this house it is not a sheltered child, for the child is presented with a lot of adults. It is a sheltered child that has only one or two adults and is closed in the house and does not move. This is a sheltered child.

IS: Also, a sheltered child cannot do any wrong, right? Everything is being sort of seated out for that child.

Forces: It would appear such that the mother approaches in reality that, but in this case the mother is too lazy to be bothered with disciplining the child.

IS: But yet, I see some of these children that grow up, and they seem self-assured and secure. While others that I know that had to go through a little bit more rough going feel more insecure? How is that?

Forces: There is a quality in which consciousness is developed when certain attention is placed upon child. The same consciousness is developed in a different way for the other example.

IS: But which one is the better?

Forces: As what would be said, that which is the proper balance of both areas, which we find in the house.

IS: Then, will these kids grow up to be secure or partially secure or partially insecure?

Forces: They will grow up to be determined and responsive.

IS: What kind of child was I?

Forces: A determined and responsive child.

IS: Then what where all those insecurities?

Forces: It was the rooting out of areas that did not belong.

IS: So actually, that insecurity is a very good sign.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh, I see, actually a person without a conscience couldn’t become insecure.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: We would stress to you that there have been tremendous progress on your behalf, and tremendous efforts of development in endeavors which we are pleased to say are coming along and are proud of the energy placed in it.

IS: Are you saying that about me?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you but I don’t know which endeavors? Am I a failure, though, with my physical body?

Forces: On the contrary, you will be a success.

IS: I don’t care anymore about being fat, it’s like…

Forces: There is no question about that — you are a success in it to begin with.

DD: If you take soapstone and put powdered silicon on it, like was spoken about the ships, does that create some-sort of positive force field?

Forces: It does but must be done in the outside.

DD: You mean should it be like fired in the oven outside?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What sort of field does it create? [No answer.] Is there any stone, like what they call Blue John, around Virginia, around that area we’re in?

Forces: You will find it in many areas in North Carolina, but not as bright and strong. Could also be found predominately in the West and Mid-West and also in the Latin countries.

DD: We could find it in North Carolina, but it’s not a very bright variety.

Forces: Correct.

DD: The best comes from England, is that right?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Would it be possible, would it be valuable to hold some of this…

Forces: This would be found in short demand and supply in England. But, nonetheless, it is a refined quality there.

DD: Should I look into maybe getting some? Or this will happen anyway?

Forces: It is interesting.

DD: Also, on the rectangles, the dynamic symmetry, I was working, figuring with the angles and everything, is that a positive aspect? To analysis different forces or different things or…

Forces: It would be constructive.

DD: could it be used to make figures in stone and…

Forces: Very definitely.

NN: In the services lately, when the entity uses the names Elohim and Yahweh Zeboath, and Eloniah, why those particular names? Right now?

Forces: there is a force field in which these three names are being projected down.

NN: Does it have to do with our particular evolution at the moment, that it’s those three?

Forces: It has to do with that strength in receiving that power from these names.

IS: Actually, each one of these names represents another heaven so to speak.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And this is where the entity Tom is reaching out to.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Thank you. Also, is it okay like just in our own personal prayers is it all right to use the three names ourselves, or would it be dangerous?

Forces: It could be used.

NN: And pretty much the same words the entity uses?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you. Would you tell me about the properties of the stone the Turquoise?

Forces: It is a calming effect upon the nervous system.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: There is also a receptive royalty stone.

IS: Receptive royalty?

Forces: Correct.

RH: (NA) said that I could become more creative on the spiritual level. Is there some disciplines or extra things I should be doing on a physical level in regards to sleeping, eating and physical things?

Forces: This must be done by a stronger regard for time — not to waste it — and by that of food intake in a slower process.

RH: Would it be helpful if I had an extra fast then?

Forces: Fasting is not necessary at this time. Thursday is best, but remember it is not food or things that come into the body, but it is what you pay your imagination to.

RH: And the best way to control imagination is to right now for me to keep busy and to be aware of the time elements?

Forces: To work — simply to give of yourself.

RH: Did I have the right understanding in the bathroom about time I was wasting in the morning, and during the weekdays?

Forces: Correct. The time that is wasted cannot be regained. But could’ve at least been worked in a more positive manner.

BH: Can you explain to love your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your body. I was thinking about it today and I was thinking to love God’s Laws and I’m wondering if you could help me to understand it anymore than that.

Forces: This must be done by a daily commitment to the Laws that you speak on.

BH: Thank you. In my meditations, how can I be sure that any kind of thought that I have is from me or is from you. How could I trust like what I’m hearing?

Forces: By allowing the spirit inside of you to guide.

BH: Thank you.

BR: Can anything be given, any guidance be given to me, when Jehu goes into a mood and how to help him? A Prayer or…

Forces: This mood must be given power just the prayer for the Holy Spirit to rest upon him and guide him through knowledge and the wisdom.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Is he able to get out of those moods, or is he really not responsible or — I don’t know what how to ask that question — of course he’s responsible, but…

Forces: There is an evolution and progress to move from it.

IS: So things are happening.

Forces: Correct.

LK: Is the area that was found by some of the people in the group in Virginia when they stepped off the 1200 how-ever-many paces, it was described in the Session before, is that the correct period that you were talking about in the previous Session?

Forces: We would move the paces to be half of the human foot.

LK: So each pace would be six inches?

Forces: Four inches to five.

LK: Four inches, so that would probably put us on our property now.

Forces: Do not have big feet.

LK: What was the area that they did find that was…

Forces: It was an area that was in the area.

IS: Now what is supposed to happen there on that part of land?

Forces: Simply to dedicate it with a clearing. Not too big, not too small. That in which is thirty feet wide by thirty-three feet wide.

IS: Thirty by thirty-three.

LK: Should anything be done in the clearing?

Forces: A stone that points up.

LK: What type of stone should this be?

Forces: A soap stone if need be. A granite, a marble.

LK: One of each?

Forces: One of each, no. One item of that category, from that category.

LK: Should the stone be a particular size or shape?

Forces: If it possible, seven-feet.

LK: Something in the manner of Stonehenge? That type of…

Forces: Something in the manner.

IS: Is it the stone that is already somewhere there?

Forces: You might find it.

DD: Would it be a soapstone that’s…

Forces: That would be good.

DD: Coated with the silicon?

LK: Should the clearing be circular or rectangular, triangular?

Forces: That should be the circle.

LK: And the stone be in the middle?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Thank you.

DN: Can I understand, if it’s okay, the experience that Jim had in Machu Picchu and why it terrified him so much or its ah… ?

Forces: It is more like what would be said elementals coming to attack him. Past life association with some of the deeds done by him.

DN: So, when he was there before in another life, it wasn’t such a pleasant experience?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Also with the entity Lorraine, should I just sort of drop her or how should I work with this woman?

Forces: It would be half drop and half work. More fun in dropping.

DN: The entity Robert Wagner is supposed to have written a lot of initiation type music and he was supposed to have been a initiate himself. If that’s true, why do people find his music so uncomfortable?

Forces: Because it changes a molecular structure internally.

DN: So it is actually painful to…

Forces: Correct.

DN: Is there a particular — or would that be for all of his music or…

Forces: For some.

DN: Would it include the pieces for instance, Parsifal?

Forces: Part of that.

DN: Would that be the “Good Friday Spell”?

Forces: Correct, part of that.

DN: Oh, I’m sorry, that black or white forces he was from white forces?

Forces: We would say, striving for that.

DN: So the initiation is a good initiation.

Forces: Correct.

DN: Would it also include the “Trilogy of the Ring”?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Thank you.

IS: Now the strange happenings that are going to happen, that you said in Canada and Mexico and Quebec, what are these happenings?

Forces: That of changing in governmental styles or political uprisings.

IS: You mean to say Quebec is going to want to become French or more French or…

Forces: Should be near to that.

IS: The queen of England, does she have any real power?

Forces: On her dress, in her robe; her shoes.

IS: Then, it is truly a useless or is it a useless function that she serves?

Forces: More so of a spiritual function.

IS: So in that case, it is right, the way it is?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, in the other strange happenings, you said that people will think that they seeing you, whom are they going to be seeing then and where?

Forces: It is a force that has been directed and where at any moment or time.

IS: A force has been directed at us, at the people of the earth?

Forces: In short, in that of the people.

IS: Inside the people?

Forces: It is during and around these people.

IS: But are there going to manifest people that, or entities, that people are going to think are from other galaxies? Could you tell us about it? [No answer.] The Temple that we have planned out to build on the east side of the house in Virginia connected with the house, is that correct? [No answer.]

Isis & Group: [Begins chanting.]

Forces: The strength in which all things come, takes time.

IS: Can I ask questions?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The temple in Virginia that we are planning to build on the east side of the house, is that correct? Is that the right spot? [No answer.]

Forces: The strength is a business and also a spiritual nature.

IS: Should we not continue asking questions.

Forces: Yes, by all means. The strength of (—-) is that of reminding of the soul eclipse.

IS: The question I asked about the Temple, is that correct?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: What’s wrong with Rebekah’s stomach?

Forces: It is a combination of too much liquid produced by nervousness. Milk warm should calm it down.

IS: How much milk?

Forces: A glass should be sufficient.

IS: How come those four bedrooms, it’s like back and forth and now it’s like not to have them on that main floor — am I doing wrong?

Forces: On the contrary, you are striving to do right.

IS: Actually, the right then we will find out when we will actually be there?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now what’s the effect of H with the things that we’ve done — when we changed his apartment this weekend — and how will it affect him at work, now? [No answer.]

Forces: The strength in which has been called upon must be called upon on a daily level, rather than…

IS: Oh, I see. What you’re saying is that just like we call you back with this determination of the chanting that we put into it that, that force, that strength, so should we in our daily lives. When we come up to some sort of what we consider a barrier in ourselves, have that particular thing and do that particular thing. Is that it? [No answer.]

Group: [Chanting]

Forces: The plane which the spring does sing that which sprung.

IS: Should we continue chanting.

Forces: Correct.

Group: [Begins the chant.]

Forces: Let it be enough.

Group: [Laughter.]

IS: Talking to the group. That’s part of my dream.

Forces: Correct.

IS: The antique dealer, he’s three other objects in his shop, an Angel, a (Santa?), and a baby Jesus. Which one of these things should we take, if any, if all? [No answer.]

Group: [Chanting]

Forces: There is a voice and there is a strength. Within the voice, there is a strength that allows many things to be worked with. Question.

IS: Can we ask questions now?

Forces: Questions about that would be interesting.

IS: Which voice, could you then tell us about the voice and the strength; and which?

Group: [Chanting]

Forces: The power is strange, the moment is not now.

IS: What should we do now, should we go into meditation, what should be the right thing when…

Forces: The right thing is to follow thy heart. Questions. Read on and then pick another spot. And then it shall be done but guide us all and direct us and keep thy light dear on the spot. Such would be the beginning.

IS: Why are lately these periods happening so frequent.

Forces: It is a strenuous moment in which more, would be said, the fore and help of the spiritual flooding the earth.

IS: So it is a good thing?

Forces: No it is not so good. We are ready to leave at this point. We ask that only a straight book be used for yourself and that of indexes in which is pliable and workable. Greetings to all here with the strength to carry you on as needed for you.

Group: Our father, who art in the Heavens…