Session 111 – 3/23/77

Greetings to all here present now. We have been around for quite a while… some time… watching and looking and proving and guiding, as time goes on, the elements that will need to be created. We are now in America going through transitions that could be critical for many individuals if left alone. The way of living is dangerously low as far as individual couples are concerned. It is no longer going to be practical to live individually. The style of living in groups would become more in harmony with the destiny of America. Strange as it may seem, this particular group seems to be a head start. There are special days coming up that would be guided or would be concerned with the power of energy flowing through. We know there is the Holy Season of both Passover and Easter approaching. These are very powerful holidays and ceremonies are undertaken with such effort, remembering that the Upper Room is a place that you have created through many months and years of patiently working and accomplishing. As far as the general condition of this country, it is kind of shabby, messed up, indiscriminately weak. The strength of it all is that each individual keeps an eye and approaches each job as though it was the only job left to do. We must keep our minds and hearts together during the days ahead, for only strength will prevail out of our world. As far as this administration of Carter is concerned, it is a race for many things, many people. A lot of individuals will find that it is not just President Carter, but it deals with the uncertain, and it deals with faith and spiritual powers, nonetheless. This group would represent the spiritual awareness in America that cannot be stopped or hid. We now are ready for your questions.

DN: With the entity, Tom, could you help us to understand what’s happening with his lower leg area and what we might do to help?

Forces: This area is a stress factor with amount of work of accomplishing and producing on a worldly level. All those elements that are manifesting on other levels must be refined and worked with and manifested after such. It is the swelling of the ankle because of the thought and the creative power and projection of doing things correctly and right. It is not an easy task to operate for thirteen people and to keep things flowing evenly. It is a job that takes twenty four hours and through this particular job it manifests in the lower areas of the egg… of the leg… It cannot be an egg, but sure enough it could manifest there, too… in the lower avenues of the leg in which is considered the weakest part of the body. This happens because of the latitude or the area or the given space in which liquids flow. But it should be understood that it’s not going to be a serious major problem if certain thoughts of the group consciousness are constantly on guard and disciplined so that they, too, might move on forward.

DN: Thank you. Would it be advisable that he should sleep with his legs elevated or anything like that?

Forces: This would help during these times.

DN: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything else that we can do for the feet on a physical level?

Forces: There is a warm application of towels with a mixture of salt water. But more or less this is all right. It is nothing to be critically concerned about.

IS: Are the feet the most sensitive part in every human’s body?

Forces: Not necessarily.

IS: I see. So in the entity’s case it’s… that’s his genetic weakness?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Also, the individual Raymond Stanford who has what I found out to be amoebic dysentery, which the doctors say is incurable, is there anything that can be given for that particular situation?

Forces: Repeat.

DN: There’s a disease we call amoebic dysentery, which the doctors say is incurable. Would there be anything to… that could be given for that?

Forces: Where is this particular person?

DN: In Texas.

Forces: And what is this particular person’s relationship with you?

DN: He’s my cousin.

Forces: And his name?

DN: Raymond Stanford.

Forces: This is a condition allying also with the nerves. And it is a two way sword, all depending upon certain strange qualities of nerves versus the ethers of the body. To be healed or corrected must come from the individual himself… a want and desire to move from that avenue in which one was born in. Strange as it may seem, some individuals were born not to move, where others were born to move.

DN: Thank you. Also, the entity (JA)… maybe I shouldn’t ask this, but… you’ve been watching him, right or watching over him?

Forces: We have been helping him. The operation should have been avoided. It wasn’t necessary. There is still a great deal of trials to be met. More so, not by the health problem, but by the emotional drain of relatives and friends.

DN: And when he spoke the… to (GL) when he was still sort of sedated that he had a lot of work to do, had he been visited or communicated with you in that… while he was out during the operation?

Forces: This is interesting talk. We were busy during those moments also.

DN: So he wasn’t… he wasn’t serious when he said that or…

Forces: We are not saying that.

DN: I see thank you very much.

BH: Could you tell us what the… what the formation that was described in the ceremony with the rings of the pillars and the inner circle and the outer circle? Could you tell us what that?

Forces: This simply represents the courthouse of that which is Jerusalem or that of the holy seal in the invisible layer, the seal of this particular consciousness or development in a different form on the spiritual level.

BH: Thank you. Is there a discipline or anything at this moment for me to help my spiritual development at this time?

Forces: We would advise you not to become depressed or to become negative in certain items and not fall on your way. To give into that creative quality and the quality of hard work that you might be about your father’s business.

BH: Thank you.

RU: Is there a Psalm or a passage in the Bible that would help me not lie to myself about myself?

Forces: The quality of lying about oneself… This is an obvious problem for most of us. But we must recognize one important question. And that is, “What am I doing? Why am I doing it? This should honestly be asked by all of us. What are you doing and why are you doing it? And if you can honestly with guts answer it, then your answer will give you the leading way of how to act for the days to come. But remember, that the security of buildings and homes can only last but for a moment. There shall be many changes in New York City. There shall be many revolts or what would be called skirmishes, police over government officials, fights that are immoral, catastrophes that would deal with high ranking officials, certain political feuds, dis-contention or dis-contention or uneasiness with electrical companies, gas companies going in and out of depressions, and inner turmoil even to the point physical death for some. Generally a whole storeroom of exciting follies to happen. New York City is going to be lonely. It seems like it has created it for itself. The only thing that will help New York City is if it turns to a spiritual consciousness, or else this city is doomed to be a dead ghost town. It is interesting that those who take on the worldly element take it on. But they also die by the worldly element also.

IS: When is that to happen?

Forces: What is that?

IS: The desertion of New York.

Forces: It is happening before your eyes. It is just given a name now.

IS: And the fights that you have talked about… the governmental and are the people going to be aware of? Is it something that they are going to go against Carter? Or is it something that Carter is going to stimulate?

Forces: It is more that what would Carter stimulate rather than against Carter. At this point, he is not that stupid to make those subsequences.

IS: It’s the same technique as all the tyrants used.

Forces: It is the approach to take and get the okay, the respect of the people. And just to deliberately lead them to a path in which the entity of Carter will misuse the people for his own power and image with other countries.

IS: And that is…

Forces: And there is a point in reference. But we have said that we can utilize Carter. This is done through those moments in which you would call blank spells. It is Carter who suffers from what would be known as fainting spells or blank spells in which he blacks out. There are not too many people who are aware of this condition. If they were, I doubt if he would be President.

IS: And yet those moments are his salvation?

Forces: It is during those moments that we seem to filter in.

IS: And does he obey?

Forces: It is a question of taking over rather than him obeying. It is the problem of what he does while he is conscious that we are concerned with.

IS: But there is something that you infiltrate to him while he is in that unconscious state. And then he acts upon what he received or what you have…

Forces: We give him guidance of how to be and act. But remember, this particular President is going to be interesting. For as we said before, we could work through him to get rid of the rhetoric of this society, of the un-useful way or the in-useful or the incompetent way of doing a job that needs fifty two hands, but in reality it only needs three or four. America is known greatly for its amount of waste. Not only in food and clothes and medicine and health, but also in industrial power.

IS: But how does it work? I mean does he act upon those things when he is conscious? On those…

Forces: He does act upon them without realizing it.

IS: He thinks it’s his own thoughts.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And that’s why there are so many things that I sort of agree with the way he does, because he is eliminating in one respect a lot of that waste.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

NN: With the psalms 7, 14, 23, 30 that you gave last time for faith, is it… they’re like to read… did you mean like all four of those like together one right after the other to read them?

Forces: To read them in a most quiet time, a sharing time.

NN: Thank you.

JU: Is the way I’m learning something about cards, is… is that okay, or…

Forces: What are you learning about cards?

JU: I’m just trying to learn something about Tarot cards, and I don’t know if I should spend time with that, or…

Forces: Learn as much as you can, but as you learn remember the element of love in that it in all that is lasting.

JU: Thank you.

RH: Is there anything else that we should be doing the days before the baby arrives with the children…

Forces: We would suggest the children’s room to be changed. The colors on the wall should be altered and changed, and the coloring on the floor should be changed so the children will feel the excitement of newness and change. For those will contribute to the effect of paying them attention. In a small sort of way, they would feel that there is something that will be new happening.

IS: Should we do that now before the child is born?

Forces: This would be good.

IS: And what color should it be in the room?

Forces: The color scheme should be a pastel color… red, of a red or a pink or that of what would be called green.

IS: Thank you.

LK: Could you tell us why the… we’re having so much trouble with the rings, keeping the stones in the rings?

Forces: This is the power that is coming through the stones. The stones are in the rings quite securely, but because of the tremendous power that comes through these seals, we find them inadequate. In reality, the rings, no matter what seal or stones we place on it, will become inadequate for the power that will come through it. So in reality, the gift of the stones becomes so hot the wax or the solidifying element becomes heated and becomes as though it was first put on.

LK: Is there a suggestion I could give to the poor little jeweler before he loses his mind?

Forces: Most important you do not tell him what we just said. For if that is done, we are negligent and he is not responsible. But in this particular case neither you nor him are negligent. It is the power that is responsible for it. Now we can tell you what to do. First, find and search for this power; when you find it, give em hell. In short and in doubt that you will find this particular power that’s causing all this problem, for the power comes from high above us all and I doubt if you will give em hell. In fact he might give you a piece of Heaven.

LK: So it… should I just be going back and forth?

Forces: I guess it seems like you need to set up a track.

LK: I sure do.

Forces: Make the best of it, have a cup of tea with him

LK: So I should just continue to be nice and friendly with rather than give him a piece of… what I was planning to tell him tomorrow?

Forces: As you can see if this turned out that you would manifest that to this particular jeweler, it wouldn’t be kosher.

IS: But nevertheless, the jeweler is not being just punished for nothing; obviously there is another way of doing it that he knows that he didn’t want to do from the beginning because it… maybe it’s more expensive.

Forces: The question to this and the answer to it is up to you, the approach and to looking out on it. Of course there is a better way of securing the stones to the ring, which would keep it in and might subdue the heat and the force that comes through. For what has been done has been done. There is a new and different way of securing the ring, by all means suggest it.

IS: The gold… The gold around would keep it just like the ark; any kind of force was kept by the gold.

Forces: Then, as you have said it, he will have to stumble on it.

LK: In my talkings to him today, I suggested to him to put in a setting, which he would have to solder into the holes, and then the actual setting would hold the stones. And he told me that he couldn’t do that because the heat, because of the thinness of the ring, the heat would possibly melt the ring and disfigure it. Is he correct in that or would it really work, of putting in a setting?

Forces: The possibility of it working is 65% good. And there is that other possibility of the elements and temperature and his steady hand which will make the other percentage happen.

IS: And the gold?

Forces: It could be done, but a little expensive on his part.

IS: But gold is a force… is an energy for the…

Forces: There is no question about that. We will work with him tomorrow and give him his proper way of handling this.

LK: Also I’ve been thinking about the possibility of making him a glass box; I found out his favorite color is emerald green Would it be okay to make him a box to hold some of his things or at this time would it not be a good idea?

Forces: We will wait a few days before we rush to give him the isles of Ireland.

LK: Thank you. Oh, one other question. After the phone conversation that I had with my lawyer, is he thinking okay now, as far as the way everything’s supposed to work out?

Forces: He is like a horse that has blinders on him to make sure he looks straight ahead, and when the horse looks the other way, whack it a few times. But most important: you have to be guided, just as he has to be guided. He has taken on the characteristic of you; it would have been you if you weren’t guided, just as he is being guided. He only represents the reflections of what you were, and how this entity used to get what she wanted. So, as we cast off the dung, it seems to cling on to other people.

IS: Is he aware of it, that… now that (LK) has told him what he told him, is he aware of consciously…

Forces: He is aware of it to a point. But remember his own private search for God is about to happen.

IS: Oh, it’s only beginning. Will she have any influence on him?

Forces: This is a distant one, nothing to be taken too strongly. This particular lawyer has other things in the kettle.

IS: And as far as the lost one, is there something that we should be doing, or (LK) should be doing?

Forces: We will enter into that after the major element has been accomplished.

IS: And that’s the divorce.

Forces: This seems to be best for both.

IS: Is she really buying a house?

Forces: Let us say it is those dreams and ambitions on a worldly level that this entity wants to approach. To buy it is not too serious, but not too strong, but it is quite possible for the moment to happen. But there is a great deal ahead to follow.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell me what I can do about my stomach and the thing and the gas that I’ve been having so often lately and what’s causing it?

Forces: This of righteousness of getting people to listen to what you have to say and becoming frustrated when they don’t listen to you. This is a reflection of your own child, when H wants certain things he learns from his parents to go into a mood and tantrum. This is a reflection of you. When this thing inside is not recognized, then the tantrum takes over. The gas and the problem that you encounter is only a reaction of the built up frustrations that you receive when you feel you are not being listened to or respected in some strange way. How to handle the internal structure: most important, your thoughts must be altered; then that of bicarbonate soda and Seven up would be good.

GL: Thank you. One more question. The project that I was working on in the upper room, the three symbols, or the four symbols that I had in mind of carving on the outside, are they correct, what I had planned to do with that?

Forces: It seems to be in fashion.

GL: Thank you.

JE: The boy at work, David, he had problems with his back; is there anything you can give to help him out with his back?

Forces: First to check his seat that he sits on. Second the way he walks, his shoes. Third, the bed that he sleeps on. Fourth, if he has a wife and if she’s a pain in his back. And fifth, the amount of food he eats during lunch. Sixth, hot baths with plenty of salt water, and that of taking in seaweed. Tell him to hold the seaweed on his head, and that of seaweed taken in as far as soup is concerned.

JE: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me, there’s a girl at work that has things on her neck that she had… she had it… she had it taken out and the doctors examined it and they haven’t got the results back but they might operate on her neck. Could you tell me what that is and is there anything that could help her?

Forces: This condition is what would be called fatty tissue or tissues that have been there for a while. It should be cleared up with that of a certain amount of lemon and oil, that of a certain confident feeling and positive expression of love in her heart. It is a strenuous moment because these tissues have a changeable quality about them. That is what’s causing the confusion.

DD: Should lemon and oil be rubbed… rubbed on or taken internally?

Forces: Lemon internally with that in plain water. The oil should be olive oil mixed with a little bit of vitamin A as a component.

DD: Thank you. Also, the oil externally?

Forces: The oil should be rubbed externally.

DD: Also, could you tell me like in the… science they have what they call a periodic table of elements. And every so often they discover a new element. How many elements are there?

Forces: There are as many elements as you would find grains of sand in the desert.

DD: It has something to do with… I know there some type of element I was thinking about that there’s a hundred and forty-four elements. I know it’s a different… I don’t… I don’t know if it’s the same as the grains of sand, but maybe that’s a different… what is that?

Forces: That is a element.

IS: Actually for every molecule existing in the physical is an element and hundred forty four thousand would be the hundred-forty four thousand spiritualized elements.

Forces: This is nice.

DD: How about…

IS: Is it also correct?

Forces: It is correct.

DD: How about the elements we speak of as the earth, air, fire, and water? That’s only four elements. How… how do…

Forces: To make up the earth element takes more than just one element, my friend.

DD: The what? Earth…

IS: [Whispering, inaudible]

DD: So each one of them has eh…

IS: [Whispering, inaudible]

DD: Also, the diagram that I was drawing, the one the star with the spirals, is there anything to that?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Should I continue with this?

Forces: For the moment.

DD: Okay. Thank you. Is there anything that can be given me for my development and all?

Forces: To create more with the strings that you might have the flow of energy in your pattern.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Now eh, is there anything to the feeling that I got this evening?

Forces: It is a passing thought of anxiety wanting to be in Virginia.

IS: But there is nothing wrong?

Forces: There are ups and downs that will be happening with Jacobs land, but nothing is serious.

IS: I see. Usually though when I get those feelings, something is… may be not dramatic, but something usually happens.

Forces: We can handle it now, can’t we?

IS: Is Sperry going to try again eh, to stop in some way?

Forces: Sperry is on his last leg, he better start.

IS: But he is a dishonest man.

Forces: We haven’t said nothing about honesty yet.

IS: But he can do nothing. Can he, any more?

Forces: The more he does, the more he stings himself.

Everything he does, we turn it right around, it will benefit us and we’ll sting the hell out of him.

IS: The workman that we have hired to do the work of the house…

Forces: The carpenter dislikes Mr. Sperry immensely.

IS: Good. [Laughter] Mr. Sperry already tried to play to him the big owner of the mansion?

Forces: This particular carpenter knows one thing, and that is when he begins the work, he doesn’t like tell tell signs to follow him and snoop after him and give him advice. One quality seems to be upsetments. He has learned this quality to keep a perfectly even key with producing and making his job right and keeping those people who are involved with this particular house in an indirect way out of his work.

IS: You mean, even us?

Forces: This seems to be not the case with us, for he has taken a personal liking and he sees a personal flavor of enchantment with this particular group. He’ll be honored that we’ll keep him in mind by being strong and guiding him as you go along. This would make the perfect in the harmony of both parties.

IS: Like in the case of when you suggest something that is may be a little different like with the fire place that still stays on the second floor? Or should we change it?

Forces: You have all the opportunity ahead of you to keep creating and the best plan will manifest.

IS: Will he start or has he already started?

Forces: He has not started yet but he will begin to start.

IS: So is it under the five hundred dollar mark?

Forces: What does that mean?

IS: Well, he said if it is under the five hundred dollar mark, he will go ahead and start. If it is over, then he will let us know before he starts.

Forces: Let us say, it will be near to both sums. Consider six hundred, seven hundred.

IS: Thank you. But those are the right people for the jobs?

Forces: I think we picked the right people now, don’t we?

IS: Yes.

Forces: If they aren’t, they have to pay through their noses.

IS: With the extension on the main floor, is that correct those four rooms?

Forces: I think that is exactly what we were thinking about.

IS: Who are those bedrooms for?

Forces: In time we’ll find out now, won’t we?

RU: Seems the first floor complete the way it is?

Forces: Excellent, complete.

IS: Thank you. Now, (EE), is there anything that we can do for her?

Forces: Let us keep us making the aprons, let her keep on creating and a certain contacts that helps, her time will come on when she will move on also with her development.

IS: But she is all right?

Forces: Nothing that a good shot of brandy won’t cure.

IS: Will the Sperry’s leave our house on time? I mean…

Forces: They’ll leave.

IS: I see. So whenever they’ll leave, that’s our time?

Forces: Our time.

IS: I see, okay. Should we have in the second kitchen gas or electricity?

Forces: We would depend upon gas.

IS: Gas.

Forces: Correct. Put electricity into these people’s hands and they’ll blow themselves up. They don’t know how to handle electricity.

IS: So it’s even the main floor, would be a good thing to change it to gas?

Forces: We would leave it electricity there, because they have to learn somehow.

IS: Thank you. Now, the dream I had about (HA), (SN) and (JS)… that horrible, horrible dream. What was it?

Forces: A horrible dream. It is a dream, which shows the qualities in which they have to work out of them.

IS: But (JS)?

Forces: (JS) will be the catalyst to help them move on. He’ll be so busy and so moving that they will have to run after him.

IS: But that dream depicted (JS) as eh…

Forces: This quality will not come out to be this if all goes well in the beginning of the first seven years.

IS: And if it doesn’t?

Forces: We will come in and alter it somehow.

IS: Then what kind of soul is (JS)?

Forces: We have no problem with his soul.

IS: Was he my father in another incarnation?

Forces: At this point we are not free to say.

IS: Thank you. Now eh… the discussion that we had with (LK) and the children and that she is bending a little, but she is only bending because… the lost one, because she’ll realize that (LK) isn’t running after the children. The handling of the next thing… is it the way we discussed it or will we more discuss it or should we tell something to the lawyer to say or should we not even tell nothing to this lawyer.

Forces: How is that?

IS: Well, I feel in one way, that if he didn’t tell her, and God knows how he told her that, but if he didn’t tell her on that phone conversation that (LK) wants the kids, “Yes really he does you know, the way I feel it’s like she probably says, “Well, he doesn’t care and the lawyer says, “Oh, no no he cares and he really wants the children, giving her another… more power into her hands. Could be I am wrong but…

Forces: Could be you are right.

IS: And so it gave her more power into her hands now. So it’s like in order, all that power that we gained through so much… years…

Forces: But remember one thing, his word (the lawyer) is not really gonna be taken that strong. Remember she is going through her own doubts and fears tremendously.

IS: Doubts and fears?

Forces: She does not believe anything, even after you put it in front of her, she still doubts. It is part of her pattern.

IS: Well, what does she have now to doubt? I mean… there is nothing spiritual.

Forces: There is nothing there that gives her that security to say that (LK) wants the children.

IS: I see. Unless the lawyer would have succeeded or she would have succeeded the way she put on the message for (LK) to call her.

Forces: Correct.

IS: She isn’t that clever though even… it’s just an instinct.

Forces: Sometimes it is just emotions.

IS: An instinct, an emotion. Are the black forces working through her?

Forces: Whenever we are too busy to be bothered, at this moment she has chosen her particular life style. As the old saying is, now let her live it.

IS: Now Kenneth and the reading that was given to him… is that correct?

Forces: It is near to it.

IS: Are there great discrepancies?

Forces: It is true.

IS: Could you tell me what is wrong? I don’t want to give him the wrong information, I’ll correct it.

Forces: In what respect? There is a personal discrepancy, a business one and a psychological one.

IS: Okay, the personal one?

Forces: Dealing with his relationship, with his wife and child, his parents and friends and his envisions.

IS: And what’s that?

Forces: Financial securities.

IS: Now that was told to him that he was looking for that, right?

Forces: Along with a certain amount of power.

IS: You mean to say, he is not getting along with his wife?

Forces: He is getting along but there still needs a lot of work.

IS: Oh, you mean… not a discrepancy… you mean a discrepancy in the card reading or in his life?

Forces: More so in his life.

IS: Oh, well what is the wrong information that I gave him from the card reading?

Forces: The wrong information would be more so centered outside of him, the elements approaching him rather than him approaching them.

IS: Like in that business deal?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That people will come at him?

Forces: Correct. He is going to them.

IS: Oh, he is gonna go to them.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oooh… I see. I see what I did wrong, but that I guess is no need to correct, may be that is how it had to be?

Forces: Everything has to be with a purpose.

IS: Oooh, I see. So actually… I see… the card reading actually was okay… not correct, but okay. That’s how it had to be?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh, okay. Now… thank you. Can you explain something about workings of reincarnation or the… more so, I think, the justice of reincarnation… the… that I am interested, for instance like Howard Hughes. What was he involved in, why did he die the way he did?

Forces: He was fighting a battle with God, the longevity of his body to his own means before death could take it.

IS: He wanted to reach immortality?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then how come he didn’t want any doctors?

Forces: Because he felt that those doctors were the ones that were going to give him death.

IS: Than why didn’t he enjoy his life? Or did he… or I don’t know.

Forces: He was to busy trying to preserve it.

IS: So he felt if he never moved…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh, is that also the same thing with lazy people?

Forces: Yes and no. We have a whole different ball game there. At this point in time we are ready to leave. We will return to you soon, keep strong, disciplines up and keep your incentive of creation together. Peace for all of here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens…