Session 110 – 3/2/77

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have seen the condition of certain… With this force that we have created, it must be realized that such a force… in which there is great strength from the distance, but this distance cannot be… This strength must be had and received. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Is there something that we are doing or not doing that makes whatever it is… energy or whatever… that you cannot fully come through? Or are you fully through? I… I… just don’t understand.

Forces: We are fully through, but the different manifestation of this spirit takes on more of a direct relationship with his. With this in mind, that many areas will be developed and undertaken.

IS: What you mean is the more direct means straight to our minds, subconscious…

Forces: Correct. The more direct, the more direct.

IS: Thank you. About the house. The main floor, is that of the east side and the west side to have those extension rooms, is that correct? Are those the rooms that you said more rooms or something?

Forces: This is near to correct. Remember, the rooms designated comes from thoughts that are figurative and live.

IS: In these rooms, does it mean that there are other rooms on that main floor…

Forces: Correct, This would take time in expressing and in understanding.

IS: Is it more correct to one of the earlier plans, very early plans, of having an extension on the west side of the house?

Forces: Having this extension… [Voice fades out]… Seeing this strength within the form of a twenty two should make more of a legitimate impact.

IS: Twenty two?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Is it possible to understand what you mean by twenty two? Is it a date, is it number of rooms?

Forces: A date.

IS: You’re not speaking of the house any more.

Forces: It is both forces speaking of.

IS: Are you talking about…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, about the twenty second for the house, will I understand it on another time? Not a room or…

Forces: This would be explained as time goes on.

IS: Okay, now on the east side where we made the extension as a meditation room, how large should it be? What’s the measurement?

Forces: Three feet by fourteen by fifteen by ten.

IS: Three feet by fourteen by fifteen and by ten?

DAN: Forty.

IS: Three feet by fourteen, fifteen…

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Or ten. Oh, you mean maybe three feet the stone wall? The height of the stone wall?

Forces: This would be an appropriate way of meeting it.

IS: And then… and fourteen… fourteen feet wide by fifteen feet long?

Forces: This would be interesting also.

IS: Ten feet wide and fifteen feet long?

Forces: You will decide.

IS: And fourteen feet high? Oh, well. Okay, I guess… [Inaudible]… Thank you very much.

DD: Could tell us what sort of group was it in Italy where all the artists got together and that one of them was Bramante? They met together several hours and they had sort of a Search For God group. Was there such a group?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What did they… What were they studying?

IS: [Whispers to (DD)] Search For God.

DD: Could you tell us something about the Druids in Israel? What sort of religion they have that nobody knows what it’s about? [No answer] On the… on the first… the first question (IS) asked when you said the twenty second, the thing that came into my mind was the twenty-second letter, Hebrew letter in the shape of a “T”. Would that be correct? [No answer]…

IS: Should we continue asking questions now?

Forces: Yes.

RH: The temple that was constructed by Bramante in the fifteenth century, was that the… that is the same temple that (IS) received. Is that right? [No answer] Was that going to be an Essene temple of sacrifice then? [No answer]

IS: [Begins to chant]… Adon Malach ko…

Forces: With this force, it is a interesting knife to cut. Question.

RH: The temple that was constructed by Bramante, is that the same temple that (IS) received? [No Answer] The painting that Raphael painted of the Virgin Mary marrying Joseph with the temple in the background, was this a symbolic message Raphael was consciously painting? I was wondering if it was portraying that the temple was an Essene temple and that he was showing the Higher Forces there… [No Answer]…

LK: Is the ring that was made for Tom with the emeralds okay?

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Whispers to (LK)] Correct.

BR: [Whispers to (LK)] Perfect.

Forces: Correct.

LK: At times when I build up nervous tension and it causes me to go into either a mood or to feel like very low or something, is there something that I can do to dispel that?

Forces: Not to take advantage of the situations and not to give into self pity.

LK: Thank you.

JU: I seem to keep on finding myself locked into certain thought patterns and I couldn’t get out of them. Or haven’t gotten out of them, yet. Is there any… any way I can work with them or advice you can give me on that?

Forces: For you to make advancements in the future would deem necessary for certain thought patterns to be totally taken and uprooted. If a perseverance towards these thought forms continue there is no progress. How to do from them: First, as always, man goes to doctor for a sickness. He cures the sickness for the moment, but the disease comes from man. Your disease of justice and righteousness, your disease of your own personal pride, not taking on the abilities of a man, but on that of postponing and identifying with aspects and ideas not of your making. It is interesting, again to note, that advancements are made through a slow calculating force of discipline, order, and harmony. And to do one one day and the next day do completely a different item, a different approach does not help your development and shall not advance your ideals further. To prevent such from happening, you have these thought forms that must be reviewed daily and analyzed. You mustn’t resort into a child retaliatory action when items affect your pride. It is the ultimate form of se1fishness when an individual not only lives for himself, but also dies to himself.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: For advancements and your own personal improvement, a joining in matrimony can only come about after the application and responsibilities on a worldly level are met. And that a reaction or reverting to the path of childish impulses or childish reactions to items that are not in harmony with your personal pride, for these actions must be expressed as disciplined and as in harmony with a creative flow, rather than the negative aspect, the gored aspect of selfishness and three year old consciousness. Again, if this particular entity seeks for advancement he must show himself worthy of such advancements being made through actions of situations being met at the moment. You can only prove yourself and these actions of decisive contribution to your advancement by applying it on an open level through the things that you meet on a daily basis.

JU: Thank you.

BR: In Psalm 104 it says, “Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters”. What does that mean?

Forces: It means not to take a psalm half out of context.

Read the whole psalm, meditate on it, contemplate on it, and get an inner foresight towards it. Taking parts of a particular psalm is like misquoting a person.

BR: Okay. Thanks. Okay. There was a date given that Tom… was that date correct?

Forces: This only becomes… what would you call it, correct after the first part of that aspect is abided by, and what we have just elaborated on for the entity is a fulfillment of that part. If you are to buy or go into business, you must prove yourself to the manager of that particular business. If you are to follow God, you must follow the laws and disciplines set down to prove yourself capable.

NN: Are the understandings that I have at the moment about the rector at St. Thomas’s correct?

Forces: This can be said, the understandings that you have are interesting, and they are a good discussion topics.

NN: Thank you. You gave Psalm 40 one time for faith, is there also like a group of psalms, like seven psalms…

Forces: Seven, and fourteen and twenty three.

NN: These are all for faith and… ?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you.

RU: In the ground floor… the main floor of the house, two rooms that are to be made in a few rooms, is it possible that what that means is that certain rooms that we have designated for a particular use will develop into another use, not necessarily construction of another room?

Forces: In this would be likely.

RU: Thank you. Would those rooms be what we now term the Kabbalah room and the library?

Forces: And the bathroom, the pantry, the sewing room, the kitchen, closets, the bedroom.

RU: Thank you.

IS: It’s not by any chance taking the living room and cutting in more than one room?

Forces: This would not be done.

JE: The structures in North Dakota, and there’s one in Canada, it’s called now the Medicine Wheel, can you tell us who made these structures and what the use of them was?

Forces: These structures were made by what would be called the “Inheritan” line of the Indian family dating from the Atlantean period and back to the Corinth Empire. The structures represented the cosmic flow of energy in the land pattern around.

JE: And what use did they make of these, were they just…

Forces: There were multi uses. One, that of communication; two, that of safety; three, that of a facility for landing spaceships; and four, that of asking the question for the other three.

JE: Could they communicate wherever one of these structures were built?

Forces: They can communicate without the structures.

JE: Thank you.

GL: Can you tell us who this painting is of, the one above the sofa, in the middle?

Forces: As had been given a long time past, it represents a force of authority on this level.

BH: The temple that (IS) received that we’ve been talking about, the real one is located in the place where St. Peter was crucified, I’m wondering what that means.

Forces: It means simply that spot designated to where Peter had transcended.

BH: Thank you. The story of Isis and Osiris, Osiris had a son by Isis’s sister, and the son came out with a dog’s head, and a dog’s coat, and I’m wondering why that happened?

Forces: This represents the thoughts of doubts and fears that manifest in our creations. We are our own limitations.

IS: Then the dogs represent limitations?

Forces: In this respect they would represent the forces of limitation.

BH: Thank you.

DN: I’m fallen short a great deal, is there anything that you could…

Forces: Discipline yourself, stick to it, say it and mean it as though your life depended upon it. That is a lesson for the majority of you. Do not say it, and then fall down and do other things. Once you set or recognize your weakness and you take on a discipline to correct it, do not let it go or out of your hands. Do it.

DN: Thank you. Also, would there be qualities, and if there are, what are they, that Joe should learn from that individual who’s currently hospitalized on his floor. Should he observe any of her characteristics he could apply in himself?

Forces: This must be done by the entity, by himself, not to tell what he should do, or how he should do it; that will give a tendency of rebellion on his part.

DN: Thank you very much. The entity, Marlena , is there anything that you could help us to understand her.

Forces: Again, there is not to understand, but that of the question of time, that she will be able to help herself.

DN: In my office I’ve developed I think an attitude of pettiness, is that correct?

Forces: They do not understand.

DN: I feel like I’m… I don’t know… I’ve become so picky and everything, it’s like built up a fear… or like maybe all of us have generated a fear quality in our office instead of a, a love quality.

Forces: This is not real. What you’re speaking about deals with perfection… nothing, nothing, nothing picky about perfection.

DN: Okay. Thank you very much.

IS: The woman on the street that Tom… the entity Tom has worked with… I believe her name is Alice… what is the reason she has not responded that…

Forces: A definite challenge of responsibility, complications as far as finding schedules to meet her schedule, and that in which would represent total disruption, for responsibility causes a certain amount of disruption.

IS: She got scared that the change might come?

Forces: Too fast.

IS: But then, should we take more interest with her?

Forces: This should be held off for the moment.

IS: Because she’s now afraid that… to even face the entity Tom.

Forces: This isn’t likely, for remember she’s in a own personal imaginative world.

IS: Is there anything we could find out about this entity to understand where she comes from…

Forces: This can be done by looking in her wallet to find her home address and phone number.

IS: You mean to say she has a home address here in New York?

Forces: As far as her last residence.

IS: That means she actually had a choice to live inside a home or outside of it, but she chose the outside?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Again, for not wanting to meet responsibilities…

Forces: responsibilities. And the quality of being what she would term “picked on” or… prejudiced…

IS: … justice…

Forces: … or discrimination of prejudice.

IS: Thank you. The king Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel the prophet, when Daniel is interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about him going into the wilderness and living as a beast, that his senses have been taken away, and it happens; but yet afterwards when God gives him back his kingdom as was foretold by Daniel, and all it’s saying is that the king just came back to his senses… did it actually happen on a physical level that he became crazy and left the palace or was he crazy in the palace or… what happened, what was that punishment and how was he able to remember from his days when he was crazy?

Forces: This is a combination of questions and answers, the combination of said awareness and responsibility to oneself comes in a period of time; it is not found by a terminology or by a spectrum of a position or doctrine.

IS: Is it something with my responsibility?

Forces: It is everyone’s responsibility. Too much comfort takes away from the tricks of living. Do not take for granted your lifestyle. This is a particular downfall for a lot of people. In this earth they get to take for granted a lifestyle that is locking them into a thought pattern where they might never get out, only for physical comfortability. Question.

IS: Have you answered my question about Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar? And I didn’t understand it?

Forces: This can only be termed as a inner search for saneness rather than from an outer aspect.

IS: Oh… so it’s something like that he was a certain type of person and he didn’t have the respect of his… of his people… Nebuchadnezzar, he was only taken for one thing or another, he only catered to his own beast qualities, the comfortability, and then…

Forces: Correct, and on. This particular group must never relax or look for a comfortable nitch in which they want to rest their hinnies. For when you all find a place to rest your hinnies, then set it up on the chopping block to be cut off. There is no rest; do not look for it. There is no place to hide; do not run for it. There is no place for security; do not search. Work is your answer and salvation; your battle is always centered around it your comfortable mind versus your spiritual mind. And your spiritual mind wars against your comfortable mind every moment of the day, and the winner comes out is in the one who gives and works through sacrifice and discipline. A perfect example found in a very interesting book that this entity has read and others have read, and that is the Watership Down aspect, the principle of the rabbits versus the rabbits in the hole, in which they were fed, pampered and cared for but gradually killed off for sport by the farmer, in which the other rabbits coming in, one of them being a prophet, realized what was happening and that it was better to have the whole world and all the insecurities and all the unknown, than to have a place for a moment that will cause your death. This is the answer to you all, look at it. Those who cling for comfortable ways, dare to make a decision. There is no decision to be afraid of – there is no unknown factor. Make the decision. If it is wrong, the only way to correct it is with another decision. But it is wrong to run away from the decision, not to make it because of comfortable ways and desires. There is no comfortable place, there is no peace that the earth can give. Do not look for it, and by not looking for it you will find the peace.

IS: Thank you. Now, with the trailer in Virginia on our land, is it the right place where we want to put it…

Forces: Would we give you a wrong place to put it?

IS: I just wondered whether we understood the place.

Forces: There is no doubt about it in our minds. There might be doubts in their minds, but we do not make that mistake.

IS: Should we then…

Forces: I had the force of this, I would put the trailer on the north end of Mr. Sperry’s head, knowing how uncomfortable it will be for him, I will put on the south end of his head. This gentleman of gentlemen will get bit by his own dog hunting for pheasants, and the pheasant will cocky doody on his head after he shoots the limb of a tree that falls upon his neck, taking home the dead branch of the tree, shellacking it and putting it on the stairway as a hat stand. Complicated, as it may seem, this is your perfect example of a soul that has sold itself for comfortability and for the nitch in life. Let us be thankful that we have him as a living example to look to, to admire, to look out to, as our guiding light to stay the hell away from. Amen. And if any of you seems to go into this pattern I can only say: the devil with you. We are not to be taken as a weak army. Do not look for this in your life and you will not be disappointed with your life. Look for it, and you will have dissatisfaction with every turn. Look into your own hearts and you will see that the only problems you have is when you want to be comfortable and it is not working that way.

IS: Thank you. Now, going back to the trailer, should we make then a septic tank there or is it not necessary, or by time… when the right time will come to put the trailer we’ll have already…

Forces: This should be the point of view. You will not put a septic tank in a land that they will put a sewage through. Do not waste your money nor your time in this respect.

IS: And he is not correct, there is water there, is that right?

Forces: He wouldn’t be able to find water if he fell into the ocean. He would call it a desert, and the fish would just happen to be sand creatures.

IS: So, in that case everything will work out at the right moment, the right time…

Forces: It is already worked out.

IS: Okay. And the spot where we were talking about, is it correct, is it the first lot or is it the next lot where Hope Island and me talked it over or is it closer to the… Mr. Saunders?

Forces: It is not closer to Mr. Saunders by a long length.

IS: So it’s the next lot over.

Forces: It is the next lot over.

IS: So is that the right spot where Hope Island…

Forces: It is the right spot for Hope Island.

IS: Thank you. Now, with the lawyer in Virginia… Kenneth… what is… how should we… is he understanding anything about us or is he still more impressed… still over impressed with the Sperry’s… or was he ever…

Forces: Remember, he is of a worldly nature. He does not see this group, only as young adults struggling, and he will strive to help as possible. He has lots to learn and he is willing to learn.

IS: Then why should he want to help us if we’re only a young group of people.

Forces: For he sees himself in this.

IS: So he’s not so impressed by Sperry.

Forces: He is questioning it at this moment.

IS: Now, (BR)’s parents, is there anything you can help them?

Forces: We would try to guide them at this moment to teach them economics and to give a certain percentage of a fund to carry them through a rough section, only to stress that they take on their responsibilities as mature individuals and not in a pipedream.

IS: How much and when to start…

Forces: This is different first time in memorial… could be that of twenty five dollars a week to that of ten dollars a week. Or it could be that of just guidance in the economic fashion and the preparation of food and thoughts and the taking away of useless things that cause expensive accounts.

IS: Are they going to listen?

Forces: It is up to them.

IS: Now, what is happening with H? Is he petrified of me, or what is it?

Forces: H has a lot of development to do. He is a reflection of his mother. A man reflects the woman and a woman reflects the man. H is only those thoughts of fears, those thoughts of rebellion like a child that is found in the entity of (RU).

IS: And is that the whole problem with his tantrums and things like that?

Forces: His tantrum are that of a tremendous amount of self will to do things for himself and yet is only an emotional reaction for discipline. But this will work itself out as the child moves on in life.

IS: So there is no need to apply anything different than what is being done?

Forces: Correct.

IS: A question of curiosity… is it possible to cure the common cold?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is …?

Forces: When the cold comes on, one should think of that of positive things, then the fruits and juices and liquids as normal to proceed with that of mustard in the back, in the front, and that of lemon juice and honey and that in which a strip or two of bacon.

IS: Thank you. Now, about (RH)’s mother, has she changed any, has she moved along?

Forces: There is a progression due to the fact of boredom, but there is a movement as so ever slight. Take a look here people and see what comfortable ways could be found in her life.

IS: Am I correct in seeing that which she ran away from, what she could have had, now she’s striving for it with all her might and with all her enthusiasm and she really can’t even get it, the farm?

Forces: This could be right.

IS: Then, the way it’s being done, it is correct, with (RH)’s mother?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now about (SN) and (HA)… I’ll be very honest, is it possible to simply never see them again and would it be right.

Forces: It would be possible; it would not be right.

But in time you will help or guide their existence.

IS: I get all just simply frustrated.

Forces: It is a challenge.

IS: A challenge. How will I make… I know a lot has been said to (JU) tonight, but how can I, when I see when he becomes just a little bitsy secure, he becomes so arrogant. How can I break through that wall?

Forces: How does he become secure?

IS: Well, for instance, he heard the date was set for his wedding with (BR), and immediately, afterwards, it starts with… it’s not what he says, you see, it’s something that comes forth, and every move he makes he challenges, he throws, he… it’s an arrogance, but it’s always immediately after something that he feels he’s gotten over somebody.

Forces: It is a sad reaction, for we have not confirmed this particular date until we ourselves have witnessed a physical happening within the entity. Yes he has come away from where he was, but not to that ultimate point where he has jumped over and made his commitments. He acts also like this because of insecurities and because of fear.

IS: Thank you very much. About myself… let’s say I feel something at one moment towards a person, any person, and the next moment it’s a whole different thing, and it keeps going and even though I find later either whether it’s an understanding or whether it’s my own excuse for the thing, nevertheless I feel as if though I have no loyalties to anything or anybody. Is that… and I don’t mean it as a compliment either… I feel…

Forces: Man should only have a loyalty to God.

IS: Do I have that in my dealings with what I just explained?

Forces: A striving for that. But the greatest telltale evidence is you will have the compassion for those who work hard, for those who do not work hard, it will be lost.

IS: So it is not bad?

Forces: It is how Jesus worked. There were many people around Jesus who did not work. He would have nothing to do with them, and there were many who did work, and those became the leaders.

IS: And did it change from day to day… from day to day as the person [end of Side A of tape]… Is it true that stick to itiveness is something that you do not because it’s a challenge or anything like that but simply because… you don’t even need a purpose to do it, but just, you keep on just doing it because you know you should keep on doing it without any kind of motivation.

Forces: Stick to itiveness is a discipline factor in which the individuals who have it are seeking to serve God, regardless of the outside physical elements.

IS: Why do I always have such a… almost… I can’t help it, whenever Easter comes, whenever the thing, you know, Easter, with the thing with Jesus… Oh, Good Friday, well it’s… isn’t it the same time? Yeah, the Easter time…

Forces: It is the highest spiritual holiday in the earth in which even the earth rejoices and sads… saddens in itself. It is one of the spiritual holidays that is felt throughout every fiber.

IS: And that’s why I cry?

Forces: It is part of that particular lifetime in which you were involved in it.

IS: I can’t forget it? Is it a justice thing that I’m crying for?

Forces: This is the truth.

IS: So I’m still angry, I still didn’t forgive.

Forces: Partially. This will have to be learned the easy way or the hard way.

IS: I see. I still don’t believe that he was truly avenged in any way. Thank you.

DD: Is there anything you can help me with?

Forces: Move and keep on moving, and work and keep on working.

DD: Thank you.

LK: With the situation of my divorce right now, are there any things happening on the other side of it that I should know about or that are going to cause an influence at any time in the near future, and is it progressing in the way that it should?

Forces: The only thing ye should know about is that ye should not fear it and not become insecure to think that it is bigger than all of us. It is nothing I would bother with. It’s insignificant. For whatever is the outcome we can handle it. Whatever is the problem, we can deal with it. It is nothing that is bigger than us; it is less than us. Therefore, we put it into perspective that it determines to be not above us but below us.

LK: Thank you. Also, with the music of “The Return”, whenever I hear it, like I know I get certain feelings, I’m wondering what effect it produces on say, a spiritual level, for everybody who hears it?

Forces: On this “Return”, it is the music that opens up, or it was the sound that was played in the temples of Egypt before the great higher service of a cleansing.

LK: Does it have the same effect on anybody who hears it?

Forces: That is the reason why it is brought into manifestation again in this lifetime. We are to go now, to return soon. Keep on keeping on, and help one another in the path. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens, hallowed be thy Name…