Session 109 – 2/19/77

We must come and say a few words. With these is that the forces on high are watching over you. As we have to this point in time. We would advise nothing but that of peace and thoughts of charity and love. [The entity sneezes.] We would generate the quality of faith and light and peace. Do not allow the lower centers of your make-up to generate your thoughts through fear of hate and resentment. Trust in us and put ye confidence in your Lord. Give it to us that we might give it back to you. For you know not what your future will be nor your destiny in your own primitive ways. Yes, you are preparing for a future but there shall be no future without a positive, harmonious reaction with all. This is essential. Cooperate and work with all forces from this point on coming into contact with you in a most charitable way and fashion. Leave the rest to us. For doing this you will be allowing us to work through you; allowing us to make the plan we have destined to come manifest in the earth. The females and the males must be strong together. They must work hand in and hand and take on their responsibility. Not leaving the job for the women to do, but taking the job on themselves to accomplish. The same stands for the females. We are going through tremendous changes in the world, but in order to meet the responsibilities with each passing days we must meet those changes with a harmony and peace and good will to all. This is essential. Your thoughts must be constructive ones and centered around tomorrow and the days to come on what shall be done and what shall be accomplished. The past is the past. The future now in harmony and peace is your future. Help us to help you. As far as this child is to come. Birth is designed to drink the water from the spring if available in the own land that you have. That is, to drink the water a certain amount during these last days. Plenty of water would be good. Most important, the thoughts and consecrated feelings and ideas within said self must be accomplished. The fruition for the moment should begin. There should be constant work and activity in thought, word, and action…keep producing the spirit into the earth. Questions.

RU: When you say preparation for the moment should begin, are there any other things, specifically, that could be given in regard to that?

Forces: Prayer, private contemplation, and meditation could be accomplished more than ever.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Is the erythromycin that I’ve been taking… It has an effect that makes me feel like I’m in the twilight zone or something, I wonder if I should keep taking it and is it going to do me any good to keep taking it?

Forces: It is best at this point now to let this particular cold to run it’s course. Plenty of chicken soup would be good. We advise to go back to that store and sit there and have two or three bowls.

RU: Does everybody else get to come to?

Forces: And watch you.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Plenty of hot peppers and hot spices would be ideal for you.

RU: Thank you.

IS: In Leviticus, why with the consecrating of the Altar with Aaron and his sons it said that whatever was left in the morning was to be burned. Why was that? What is the significance of that?

Forces: It represents with each new day a new beginning.

IS: In the book of John, when he’s describing the conversation that Jesus is having with some of the people, and Jesus says, I don’t know if I understand it right, and he says, something to the effect, that anything that came before him was actually false. Did I understand or didn’t I understand?

Forces: Through manifestation of the Laws of God were interpreted on a false level. Once it was put into the earth, how they interpreted it left it to be false.

IS: So it didn’t really mean that Moses was wrong and all the other Abraham, and all those prophets were wrong, it was just how they were interpreted, and that’s what Jesus was referring to?

Forces: It also refers to man’s arrogance of himself, not allowing his God or receptive side to come in.

IS: For me, is that the understanding on this chapter or is it something that Jesus said as an example?

Forces: This would be for all, that we must be receptive and positive. For remember, it is also the beast within us that makes us negative and doubtful and skeptical.

IS: Have I progressed any lately?

Forces: You have done remarkably well. We would continue to have you in a very constructive attitude towards the days to come.

IS: The things that happened today at the A.R.E., they were no accidents with the…

Forces: Correct.

IS: How was it received, how was it understood?

Forces: We are a walking tornado. The minute we walk into the place, everyone has a heart attack. For you must remember they walk around on eggshells to keep their image, and their image must be defended; therefore, if someone comes and drops a ten-ton iron on their feet, it breaks the egg shells.

IS: And that…

Forces: That is exactly what happened and they all knew it.

IS: Is that when what (RH) said, what she said is that the bombshell?

Forces: As outside, so inside. That was the bombshell.

IS: And how was my remark taken, I mean how was that, what part was that, was that the smoothing out, or…

Forces: It was taken as a wise person.

IS: And they’ll have to think about that one for a long time to figure it out.

Forces: A long time.

IS: And today in the restaurant, what happened at the end to the waitress?

Forces: The young lady was trying to run away from her own responsibilities. Just as the rain must fall, so must we all meet with that responsibility in this life and the lives to come. There is no hiding from that which has to be done.

IS: Thank you. For the entity Tom, should he continue being on this specific diet?

Forces: The abstaining from meat is necessary, of that of cake, of flour kind substances, of chocolate and he must be reminded of sodas also, to abstain. For these must be taken out all that which is easy and comfortable. It is not the best, it is only what we can offer.

IS: Is my understanding that we’ve discussed in the van about what is happening with the entity Tom correct, about him moving towards another initiation only the length of it is greater because it is a much higher state than we can understand?

[Rain begins to fall audibly on the roof.]

Forces: This is remarkably sensitive to the situation at hand. But it is nonetheless a state that we are now entering into.

IS: Is there anything else that could be told to the entity Tom while he’s going through this thing…

Forces: Make sure that he has trust and faith in God.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Sound effects, right? We are not finished yet. Do ye not yourselves loose faith and trust.

IS: You mean me personally?

Forces: All.

IS: My feeling in difficult moment, in meditation or when I feel I’m having a struggle picking up the staff that helps… that helps me… is that correct?

Forces: Your help? Correct. They say up here BI-NUM.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now, with these theories, carpenter Mr. Sanders is there something that we should know?

Forces: Yes. His name is Mr. Saunders. Do not loose your face or you shall loose your head. Faith is the answer.

IS: With all three questions?

Forces: With all questions.

IS: Is there something special in the meditation room at the A.R.E. or was it today a special day at the A.R.E.?

Forces: Today was a special day at the A.R.E.

IS: Thank you very much. It was a beautiful day. Did they feel it, did any of them feel it?

Forces: They saw it.

IS: Was there an angel standing…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was it Michael?

Forces: Correct.

IS: He wasn’t there regularly, it was just today?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much. Can anything be given for the children at home?

Forces: They should be taught how to draw, to master ballet, music, singing, walking, dancing, talking, writing, reading, sleeping, swimming, laughing, hiding, working, playing, sneezing, and developing.

IS: Thank you. Can a prayer be given to us when Tom was carrying the Torah around the meditation room or when the Ark is being opened?

Forces: You are receptive to the moment and a prayer is being spoken for before you is the force of us through all. Just be receptive to it.

HA: Thank you. The whales that came up on the shores of Florida, what was the cause of those things?

Forces: The man’s material ideals have gone out of control. They have lost their balance and have lost the spirit and have gone upon dry land of the desires and wants of that area. Florida is not a good place to be at.

HA: Thank you.

Forces: It also represents the majority of species in the ocean that are being killed by the tests of atomic explosions in the ocean.

HA: Thank you.

Forces: The government is holding secret mysterious findings in the oceans that are causing reactions to the ocean bed.

JU: Can you say which governments are involved in this?

Forces: We would say the United States. The Soviet Union is doing their own fare share.

JU: Thank you.

HA: Could you tell me please how I can become more open and communicating with people around here?

Forces: By trusting them. Do not be afraid of your own personal image. We would also advise this house to be worked with in cleaning off the vibrations and make it and set it ready for the new force to come in.

HA: Do you mean this house?

Forces: All the houses you occupy.

IS: The new course means also including the new child?

Forces: It means inclusive, exactly the new force.

HA: Could I ask a question about the child?

Forces: Continue.

HA: I had a dream that… it was a very bad dream in this I could not have a child I every time to have an operation and the doctor said well why do you not adopt a child and I was just wondering if this dream was going to hold true or was it a warning?

Forces: It is a warning of both sections. To have your own child is not necessary at this time.

HA: Okay, thank you.

IS: You will guide more when the time is right for that child?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And about (JH) and his involvement at this moment, is it just a moment of involvement or is it?

Forces: He is a double reaction. One of which is the responsibility in which he faces himself taking on to prove that he is capable of being a man and living up to the tremendous amounts of pressure and standards he thinks we represent. Two, the jealousy factor not being or that which is paying attention to. He has a certain interest of having 100% attention paid towards him. But when the mother and father directed it towards God, it made him uneasy.

IS: And will you grow to…

Forces: He will have too.

IS: So it is a momentary thing?

Forces: As all things are.

IS: The way I’m asking it is, is that third bedroom for (JH)?

Forces: This will be worked out in time. It is his if he wants it. Sometime the pride element does not allow it to happen. But it will happen in all respect the way he foresees his future to be.

IS: Then he has a good foresight, then he has a good ideal somewhere?

Forces: Somewhere.

DN: Can you tell us the prophecies that we’ve located today in the book by Paracelsus, were we right that they started around WWI and continued to the present into the future?

Forces: We would say that would be near to the interpretation of same.

DN: The symbols used for the countries and areas and places… do we know their conscious knowledge of these symbols, or would there be, could there be information that you need to give us before we would be able to figure it out?

Forces: Symbols are fairly easy. You should know them by their fruit.

DN: And it also applies to the spiritual level and the physical level, correct?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Also, the music… is the development of the music coming along adequately?

Forces: For the moment, yes. But a lot more concerted effort can be done.

DN: In what respect?

Forces: Every respect.

DN: Could you help give… give us anything to start?

Forces: Stick-to-itiveness, for one. And you take it from there.

DN: The music teacher that we’ve located, is a good influence?

Forces: Did you say ‘flocated’?

DN: Located.

Forces: You would make the influence good or bad, not the teacher.

DN: Does she really believe some of the things that she’s heard about the group and the music?

Forces: It is not our concern; we are too busy keeping up with what has to be done. Does the cleaning women tell the Vice President that she does not respect what he does on the market? It is not her concern. She sticks to cleaning the floor. So let your music teacher stick to teaching the mouth.

DN: The entity L’s daughter, Mary is?

Forces: Resentful, retaliatory. And doing this in which she needs to be spanked on the hinie at this point compassion and guidance is needed and a certain amount of love and attention.

DN: This is not the first incident that she’s covered for her mother.

Forces: So what else is new?

DN: Thank you. The entity (JA), I feel sometimes bad that I’ve lost patience with them or compassion or whatever if I had any. How can I help (JA) now? It seems like his fears are just overrunning him.

Forces: We can only do so much.

IS: With the music. The new music for the song, “Praise be to God.” Are we hitting on the right music for that particular song?

Forces: Sounds pretty chipper to me.

RH: Is there anything that could be given to me that I could be doing more in the house?

Forces: More dusting, more putting things into order, and more positive thoughts as you go through the day. Think you not on negative thoughts people, for they have no place with the Star and Cross.

RH: Also, I had a dream about a week ago…

Forces: You are the healers of the world. As the people of the world look upon your symbol they should be healed. But do not act as physicians and bring upon the crimes of the world in your thoughts, you’ll heal no one. It is a responsibility…carry it or not carry it.

RH: In the dream, the group was looking at a building that was closed and there was – The Lincoln Building – water coming from the windows; constantly always running down the windows. It seemed to be something very like significant and important in my dream.

Forces: Lincoln represents a president of freedom. And windows the expression of light and spiritual understanding. Allow the spirit of harmony and peace to come through the window and free you from your own fears.

IS: And on a physical level, does it also mean her eyes… healing?

Forces: Correct.

RU: In that dream, the girl that I met in the Blue Ridge Center that said she knew me before and she said that she’s coming into the group, and I felt so much love from her?

Forces: This is nice.

RU: Who was she?

Forces: It represents a quality that has always been there. Spirit of Love – of Faith.

IS: Why do I have in the past I don’t know, few months, a year, so many dreams, I mean not so many, but there’s too many. I mean one is too many and I have more than one or two about this man Mayor, Mayor Levi? Why? Or what’s happening?

Forces: Who is Mayor Levi?

IS: Some ex-boyfriend.

Forces: The name itself, Mayor means what?

IS: The Illumined One.

Forces: and Levi?

IS: United.

Forces: The Illumined United into the Priesthood.

IS: I see so I’m getting him as a symbolic name, not…

Forces: SOOOR.

IS: What is happening with him?

Forces: He is moving with his particular idea.

IS: Thank you very much.

JU: In one of the earlier sessions, one of those who speaks said that some must die into and enter the earth and take on the Christhood in this era. Does that, could you explain something about that; was that the spirit that was Jesus or is that another aspect of Tom or is that…

Forces: Repeat the question.

JU: In one of the earlier Sessions, one of the voices that speak said that he too must enter, I guess the earth in this era and take on the Christhood, could you explain…

Forces: Exactly what it means.

JU: Another aspect of Tom?

Forces: Another aspect of the Christhood, yes.

JU: Well, is that the spirit of the Christ itself or is that manifest in an entity that we don’t know of at the moment?

Forces: The spirit of Christ comes in when there is Love and Harmony and Peace, Cooperation, Faith and Trust, Patience and long suffering from brother to brother. Forgiveness towards all. Most of all the Love.

JU: Thank you.

IS: As in World War I, Andrew…

Someone [to IS]: Woodrow…

IS: Woodrow Wilson was actually almost a reincarnation of Jesus on Earth. Who took that place on Second World War; who was the person?

Forces: This would be a group of people that have to take this force.

IS: So there was no one on Earth at that time that could take it singularly as Woodrow Wilson did?

Forces: We had the force-field of Roosevelt and this was not too strong. We had groups of consciousness in people throughout nations praying for peace. This could be an expression of same.

IS: It is correct that we already have been through many Armageddon and many…

Forces: Correct.

IS: But yet there still will be that one…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Will it happen in our lifetime?

Forces: It will happen.

IS: Is it correct about (JU) becoming a lawyer?

Forces: If he can do it.

GL: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: To relax and be patient; relax not too much. [Laughter] And when things are going slow, keep your mind busy on the Laws and keep working. In time you will guided to other areas of development.

GL: Is my job coming in?

Forces: That would have to be up to you. How you meet with each situation.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Is there any advice at the moment?

Forces: Clean up after you. Watch the little things and work on those trivials in your life to become strong from the major things.

DD: Can you tell me what the reading I was reading today? Some lifetimes they seem to overlap.

Forces: That is true, they do.

DD: So it means that some of the people in this group their could be aspects of them alive today on the earth.

Forces: In what particular case?

DD: [Inaudible]. … What was said before about Deborah and Barak?

Forces: Who was Debra.

DD: I don’t know if Deborah or Barak is here.

Forces: We don’t know either. It is an interesting thought. The qualities of a particular soul can manifest in one of two bodies, which overlaps.

IS: So what it means is that it’s one overself…

Forces: With two bodies.

IS: Or three or four or whatever…

Forces: Whatever he wants.

JU: Can those separate bodies of the same overself interact in the same lifetime, like work along side each other in contact?

Forces: This could be possible but highly unlikely.

JU: Did it happen in cases of…

Forces: It is possible.

IS: Did it happen with the entity Tom and the revolution?

Forces: This could be probable, possible.

IS: So was Tom, Thomas Paine?

Forces: We don’t know that. [Laughter] We do not really know that he was that name. It is not really necessary to know that. I don’t think he was Thomas Paine, though he was someone.

JU: Is the feeling that during A.R.E. readings that they draw conclusions about specific incarnations that aren’t really true? That they decide that you meant that this person had been incarnated as this particular famous individual though you didn’t specifically say it?

Forces: This is true also.

JU: And also that certain tying things aren’t there that we were, clues we were hunting for were not there because it was not meant for us to know at this time?

Forces: This is true also.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell us, is there anyway that the Psalms could be connected with the Rosary; like to take the first line as was suggested, first line in every Psalm and use it with the third line?

Forces: It can be done, correct.

DD: How would you… what line?

Forces: Like you just said.

DD: The first and the third.

Forces: It can be done the first and the third, the fourth and the eight, the sixth and the fifth.

DD: You can just take any line then?

Forces: You set your pattern up and expect a reaction.

DD: And whatever…

IS: Whatever pattern you decide, you start and you keep stay with it.

DD: You can make 150 different Rosaries.

Forces: Correct.

IS: For different centers for different things for different functions.

Forces: Correct.

DD: Can you tell us whether you (made?) chess originally?

Forces: In the mind.

DD: Do the Higher Forces have something like that?

Forces: Possibly.

DD: They must use it as a analogy, symbology of directing chess men on the board, like you direct people on the earth. Is something really like that?

Forces: Possibly.

DD: Not that way? [No response.] Thank you.

RH: The group that you spoke of for WWII that you said Roosevelt but not too strong, was Churchill part of that group?

Forces: Correct.

RH: Was he the stronger towards representing Woodrow Wilson in the Second World War than Roosevelt?

Forces: No.

RH: Thank you.

IS: How about Hertzman and (Himnak’n) (Bialy) and (Vitzman), All these people? Or were they a group by themselves.

Forces: It is good. But remember, we must build the foundation on Love and Peace and Harmony. [Someone sneezes.] Man has constantly built a society on War. It is time to build a life on peace.

IS: Then are the Orthodox Jews in Israel, are they correct in that case that they said that since Israel was born through war therefore it is not really yet our Israel and actually we should have waited for the Messiah that would have given us back the land.

Forces: This is partially true.

IS: Which part isn’t?

Forces: Waiting. God does not come to help you if you wait. As far as war, that is true. As far as waiting, they too must work.

IS: And that is with Prayer and on themselves?

Forces: Prayer, meditation, positive action around.

IS: I see.

Forces: Generally, rolling up their beard and getting into it. [Laughter.]

IS: Thank you.

DN: What effect does the Rose have on the physical body?

Forces: It is the communication of the light-force vibration of perfection in the flower world of love. Communications of the colors representing the centers or definitions of thoughts of that particular life.

DN: And it would be used to treat what illnesses?

Forces: Heart, blood pressure, nervousness, skin-disorders…

DN: Should it be taken internally also?

Forces: This has been prescribed through the skin.

DN: Thank you. Also, would there be a musical instrument suggested for the entity (GL)?

Forces: A Horn.

DN: Of any particular type?

Forces: Clarinet.

DN: And for the entity (MK)?

Forces: Bassoon.

DN: A Bassoon.

RU: Who should play the French Horn?

Forces: A Frenchman.

RU: Is there anyone in the group?

Forces: If anyone who would like to take it. Would you?

RU: Sure.

[End of Side A]

IS: I was afraid to ask about an instrument for myself. But whatever happens, is there an instrument that I should play?

Forces: Correct. The Cello.

IS: [Inaudible.]

IS: Is the room that we call the Mystery Chamber, the music room?

Forces: This would manifest into that very beautifully.

IS: Thank you. With the children, am I doing the right things, am I receiving, am I understanding what to be done? Especially…

Forces: The children will be a thing to be receptive on as the time goes on.

IS: So I’m not receptive yet?

Forces: You are receptive. It is the children that have to be receptive, also.

IS: And (HP), that particular thing of that feeling, will that pass?

Forces: Teach him things and by teaching him it will pass.

IS: Thank you. Will I ever lose weight?

Forces: In time. But remember there are seasons for all things.

IS: So it’s not time yet?

Forces: Seasons for all things.

IS: Because every time I decide to really try to go on that, a couple days later hunger pains strike me like I…

Forces: Then, conquer them.

IS: Conquer them? So, it is time then?

Forces: It is always time. This should not be your major interest.

IS: No, but it seems like that it’s like a small thing that I used be able to do I can’t do it…

Forces: Don’t compare it to the past, but the days of present. There are many things that need to be worked out now.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Two things. Is there any new music that the children should be exposed to on the Twenty-second?

Forces: Not at this time.

GL: The feeling that I’ve had about… is there some kind of a cycle that, where a person can truly be and on a spiritual level they must meet and correct the spiritual faults and then on a mental level correct the mental attitude but then on a physical level there has to be some kind of a touch?

Forces: This is true too.

GL: And that could be like either herbs that God would work or anything…

Forces: This is possible.

GL: So then there’s a whole…

Forces: This is true also. [Laughter.]

GL: Thank you.

IS: For the entity Tom, should we pursue to go back to school to college when we get to Virginia?

Forces: As time goes on it will be revealed.

IS: Does Tom have an instrument?

Forces: His hands, healing.

IS: Thank you.

JU: The Crimson oil that was made, can we use that which was made?

Forces: We would let the air outside get to it.

JU: And then use it as it is at that point?

Forces: Let’s first get the air into it.

JU: I think the air’s been getting into it by about a week now.

Forces: Let’s continue.

JU: Was it made wrong because of my lack of faith?

Forces: Let us say the air has to get into it.

JU: Thank you. One more… with my sister’s forthcoming marriage, is there anything I can do to help them? Or should I just be there?

Forces: Be there, and be as positive as you can.

DD: Can you tell us about water? Like I was reading that all things came from water. But also in reading the session on the creation it said that the creation occurred with the flame of life. And I wonder if the water came first and out of the water came the flame.

Forces: It is the flame of life.

DD: Water is the flame of life? [Inaudible.]

Forces: [Inaudible.]

DD: Would it have to do with the numbers too?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What is water?

Forces: Water is the flame of life.

DD: What is it like in your dimension?

Forces: It is the gift of life. The vehicle and expression and meaning of expressing life. Water is an element that’s translucent, potable, movable and migrates.

DD: So what we call flame or fire on this level, is that… ?

Forces: We will not go any deeper at this moment. Understand the little bit that we give you. It takes time.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: It my own lack of receptivity that my mother’s never been able to meet (IS) and Tom?

Forces: At times correct.

NN: Will it be possible the next time their in town?

Forces: If it’s possible, correct.

RU: In the dedication of the temple when Solomon prophesized, was that a particular instant or did he, was he, could we consider him a prophet that he gives Sessions, did you speak through him?

Forces: This could be correct.

Q: But you did speak through him frequently?

Forces: We spoke through him.

IS: Like Sessions?

Forces: Like Sessions. But not like Sessions. But it is will.

IS: In that case, he stood up because of ego and then you took over…

Forces: Partially.

IS: At the Temple.

Forces: Partially.

IS: And that’s how it always was?

Forces: Correct. We are ready to leave. As you can see everything has been spoken now. A major point we have demonstrated and I think we have communicated this. Guide yourself, work with one another, be patient and learn for all those secrets around you. Greetings to all those here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…