Session 108 – 1/26/77

Greetings to all here present now. We have been observing the conditions of this government and find the elements to be amazing. It is a consciousness of coldness has been developed. The reason why the weather has plagued these states is because of the spiritual consciousness and the way in which people have retreated to material elements. In which they try and strive for comfort in returning to these physical elements around them they find restriction at every turn. So is it with these United States that each state represents a personal slant, and each slant is a personal understanding in which the human being or man as he is known today must develop his consciousness and behavior with this element. It is selfish and greed that sends men to war. It is through love and patience that retains a nation, a country from entering into war. We find this particular country in an upheaval. It will not settle down until the late August/Septemberish area; and even then it shall not settle down. It should be a guaranteed a year and a half of activities in which many critical decisions will have to be made of whether the job of the states, the very conception of the idea. We see that it is discipline and order that will survive. At this particular, particular group, each member not shirk off the ‘devic’ line title for him to produce or for her to produce. Each one is a contributing effort to the consciousness. When you refuse to move or contribute, you are not hurting yourselves by you are hurting those around you which depend upon you as a factor in making this happen. Remember, each one of you is dependent on those around you, it is up to you to produce and lead up with the responsibility set for you in the beginning, do not tear down signs that were made for you to guide you … patience develop within your souls … in so doing, because of the talent, the remarkable philosophy which will captivate the world. Remember, using this talent must be done at the appropriate time and faith, the most important factor on those around. With these factions in the year to come shall arise. There shall be great changes in this faction in the areas of the city there shall be politics and world political games that will be going on between New York state and Albany, and New York City. These games shall cost many people their jobs, their livelihood, and some of them their lives. We only encourage this particular group, lead on with responsibilities in every area possible. May these responsibilities become your backbone and your future development. The world is in a hard time, difficult time. Do not hesitate that you will have the gift of life and joy. But give them all [inaudible] tearful mistrusting each person you’re no longer into that aspect of destroying while your building up. There shall be many people that would not understand what we are all about and would strive to put us into a logical terminologies. This could not be done. There is no way to get a grapefruit into a tomato sauce. The weather has caused changes in climate and also changes in the produce of the country. They should come up with the idea of fasting one day a week so that there’s saving food next to for their ability to the others. We are now ready for your questions.

JU: In the book on the discover of Noah’s Ark, it talked about how God told Noah and his son’s to start eating meat when they came out of the Ark. Can you explain why that was done, why they started to eat meat? They were told to eat meat after they left after the flood was over.

Forces: This is a strange occurrence. There are times when meat must be abstained and there are times when it must be recreated again. The evolution in which meat represents has not reached this person. Therefore, he must take on the evolution of the path and move on slowly. In doing so he moves in the light of other levels of consciousness.

JU: Is this related to an international, the Priests, the orders, to the Priests in Leviticus to eat meat as part of the sacrifice?

Forces: This can be a very interesting discussion. When we related say to eat meat, it is for a health purpose of the individual rather than consume cattle.

JU: Thank you.

DN: With the music, should be consult anyone else about it because I feel like the playing doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do to bring the full quality of the music out.

Forces: There’s a person named Hannah that could be of help. Another person named, Ischon or better yet, Isaac, or Ber… or Bernstein. Not the famous Bernstein, he’s too busy to work with you at this moment.

IS: The first name was ah Hannah?

Group: “Hannah”.

DN: The headache that I had this week was it caused by tension alone from the work?

Forces: It was caused by physical tension, anxiety and the improper use in not applying the spiritual energies that were being raised up then.

DN: Can I have guidance on what I can do to bring this about?

Forces: Positive attitude in the creative ability to meet on every responsibility with the determination and the hard work.

DN: Is there any particular reason I felt such a closeness with Virginia Olson?

Forces: Well, we would say that there is a very strong attraction according to the mental and the psychic level or better yet the psyche level.

DN: I don’t understand exactly.

Forces: It is confusing on communication on that of a second-degree stage.

DN: Also, is there anything I can tell Joe Laguna because he continually comes to us to pray for him because of his thyroid, and yet I feel like that the reason it flared up was because he began to smoke marijuana again. Would that be correct?

Forces: This individual, for him to be helped properly, must meet and come to a firm grip upon his situation.

DN: There would be no suggestion, at the, because he’s afraid that this thing in his throat is going to spread over his body it will eventually kill him and it puts me in a position and the group here of like a, sort of life and death thing and I feel like it’s too much of a…

Forces: He’s responsible for his own life and death. Takes proper care, takes plenty of rest. Takes water and also grapefruit juice. Eats that of fruits and vegetables shall put this into an order once more. Talking too much and going through different stages will not help at this moment.

DN: Thank you, very much.

IS: Those people that you mentioned the names, do we know where to find them?

Forces: You’ll be guided.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Is there anything that could be given with regard to the children at this point? And are classes that we’re having with them, we call school, can it be conducted properly?

Forces: If this is done with the proper attitude. We would advise that you set up a schedule and a system for the period of time and decide before you meet with them what to teach them. To guide them correctly and prepare yourself to work with them. There should be no physical contact or disciplines with this child or children at the time. The discipline at this time has evolved into a different state of consciousness in which you must reason, discuss, defend, conjure, convince, and analyze and give to the child the proper answer.

JU: Can any guidance be given as to a schedule that I’m trying to work out?

Forces: This you will have to work out with self. As what would sound to be good for you it will vibrate well.

JU: Thank you. My brother, I spoke with him today, and he has a growth on his knee. Can he be helped?

Forces: We would say he’s lucky there wasn’t a growth on his nose. He could be helped if he would straighten out his own personal affairs and livelihood. Saltwater applications would be good. Even at one time or another would be good. General attitude is all that is needed.

JU: Thank you.

BH: Did I receive about wearing white or gold in the meditation room…

Forces: Wearing the white of the gold or meditation is not of necessarily needed. Remember, each female is surrounded by the oils of prayers that has been built up. There was a time when the veil was needed. This was to bring into a consciousness that the jumble of ethereal material affections. At this point in time, the veil which is white or semi-gold are not really needed at this point. For they have fulfilled the object that they were intended to fulfill. That of protecting certain centers for the development as time goes on.

BH: Thank you. Also, what should I be doing, could you give me some guidance like, what I should be doing with music?

Forces: Dance with a long dress, to dance with a heart. You will be guided. Remember, the services and prayers are what is important for you.

JE: Was there anything previously constructed where our house stands in Virginia or where we plan to put the Temples?

Forces: As far as what was previously constructed there, there was some Indians who where around that area, the Iroquois or that of the ‘Quintana’s’. there was that of the buried treasures in the area; by pirates and people who robbed the express trains and I would say trained to the animal of years.

JE: Was there anything constructed there during the time of Atlantis?

Forces: This would be found out to be yes.

JE: Could you tell us what was constructed there?

Forces: This at this moment cannot be given.

JE: Also, in the cave that’s there, does that have anything … any connections … to do with the plans that (IS) mentioned about growing things on the ground?

Forces: This could go only with harmony and cooperation both parties.

JE: Thank you. Is there any guidance you can give me in how I can deal with the people at work or the situation that comes up in my job?

Forces: Just do what is naturally done in the business world. That should be more than enough.

JE: And with David Sweeny, how should I deal with him?

Forces: It is better that you deal with all those who are beneath you with a kind heart and a sensitive learning knowledge of understand their philosophies and their own traditions.

JE: Thank you.

BR: Things that I’ve been going through at my work, can there be anything, anything that can help me with that?

Forces: That will have to be done by self alone. There is no easy way out.

BR: Thank you. Also, for a women at my work, Nancy, can anything be given for her to help her with her family?

[After a long pause, the group begins to sing. Then, the Session continues.]

Forces: What the force fields create around you and must be done above you and is to give out what we have in common.

DD: Can you tell me what the figure is that I see in the meditation room on the chart…Kabbalah chart?

Forces: This is the force in which comes greater forces to destroy and rebuild up. Makes you wonder the… in order to build up and not destroy too.

DD: [Inaudible] Also, can you tell me if it would be good for me to do metalworking?

Forces: Such is the time and the place and the moment.

DD: Was that the answer to my question?

Forces: We confuse these questions in time and space.

DD: Tell me what it means about the … what I’ve been working on the numbers where Tom has been giving a hint.

Forces: It is a key in which the great force on the kingdom must be places.

DD: A calculator?

Forces: At times it was only to be… [Inaudible]

DD: It’s not like a calculator like we’d have today?

Forces: It is that of energy flowing through… [Inaudible].

DD: So it’s something… a calculator for like traveling in time and space?

Forces: I would say that would be the best.

DD: Like are these four number the right ones 1, 2, 3, (-)?

Forces: [Inaudible].

DD: There are no others? They are the right ones.

Forces: [Inaudible].

DD: Would that be a zero in there too?

Forces: That would be correct.

RH: This last weekend when half the group went to Virginia on a trip, there was a Session, and the other half of the group was in the meditation room meditating at the time of the Session we found out later, and two or three people, being one of them in the meditation room sitting closer to the Ark than usual cause we were in a circle around were very startled to hear loud noises coming from the Ark. Like, first it sounded like rapping and scratching and our eyes open it looked really scary and we found out later it was the exact time the Session was going on. I just wondered…

Forces: This represents certain aspects on a spiritual level.

RH: You were inside moving around?

Forces: This can be done. As far as inside and moving around, we find much to be done. [Inaudible] The best way is to approach the child of yours in a manner in which there are [inaudible]. Question.

IS: Why am I afraid, or I don’t know what else to call it, of the derelicts and wino’s and any kind of mental…

Forces: This you will ask again. [Inaudible]

IS: Thank you. With the smoking thing, what actually happened, or is that correct now.

Forces: With the smoking element, the fasting or the abstaining element is needed for that changing or moving it the another plane or force. We would say that such a state was needed in order to prepare for the next, next cycle to take over. Obtaining from cigarettes would be necessary. But at this moment of your development it is not necessary. In time when that does approach, we will let you know.

IS: Why, I wasn’t told it was only going to be for that three days, at first.

Forces: It is a mark or test of your own faith for what we have to see too.

IS: And I didn’t pass it?

Forces: On the contrary, you have succeeded in passing. We at this point must take a leaving flight. Remember your responsibilities of the work that needs to be done. There is no turning back at this point. When the rest of the world will be falling down, you will show the light to the world and guide them in a power and search in the expression of God-consciousness around you. You will need your own spiritual help in guidance and discipline to keep on the path. We will be seeing you soon to talk and approach ideas in a most positive and constructive manner. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…