Session 107 – 1/22/77

[This session took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.]

Greetings to all here present now. We have been preparing for many great things to happen. We are watching this President, as you wish, with a certain amount of reserve. He is interesting, and we shall keep our eyes on him as he goes forward. As far as your developments are concerned, we should ask more unity in prayer should be continued and that the preparing for future days must be in order. It is up to you to spread that of good, intuitive, and positive thoughts around. Regardless of the environment and situation, you do represent us as a spokesman in the earth. Make use of it, and be as positive and as spirited and as helpful and geared for the spirit as possible. We have so much to talk on, yet the time is not right for us to express it. We ask only of preparations, prayer and meditations continue to develop. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Where is the temple going to stand?

Forces: The temple should stand on the ground.

IS: We can’t know at this moment which area?

Forces: As you have marked off is the most accurate place in the land.

IS: The place I walked?

Forces: That should be a good place.

IS: Is that it? The one you were talk… you said?

Forces: This should make a good place for the temple. The second place for what would be called the Temple of Sacrifice and Prayer and Benediction and Praise should be in the wooded areas. At the flat level of the open space with four [4] lights or beams directed straight up into the sky. This would be as a sign. Four [4] lights in the form of a cross straight up. White light and blue light.

IS: You mean like four [4] crosses standing on top of the building?

Forces: Four [4] beams of light in the form of a cross. Not four [4] crosses, but four [4] beams of light at the corner of each part to make a cross.

IS: And the second temple is where I walked with (DN) that part?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Another question. Thank you very much. I was getting really confused. The second thing is, is there something for (JS) that should be done for his diarrhea that…

Forces: We would advise a certain amount of bananas in spinach. Leafy vegetables would be good when time permits. At this moment in his development, small helpings of mashed bananas at very timely intervals; that is, small bits of bananas mashed finely so he would get the taste and absorb it into his system.

IS: Why does he have the diarrhea?

Forces: This is a thought process of nervousness through (HA) that is projected towards him.

IS: But that food that you have recommended. That food is like in addition to the breast milk and all that?

Forces: The food of bananas is in addition, of course. It will not hinder.

IS: Thank you. With the trailer thing that I told (SN) and (HA), is that correct?

Forces: Correct. For them at this moment in time would be the best for them to do.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: Is there anything that could be given at this moment for my own development and also for (RU) and the baby to come?

Forces: You have a tremendous amount of responsibility. You mustn’t shake up on it. Reading should be a possibility in the psychic or occult world, and broadening your imaginations and powers of usage of electrical components.

GL: Is there anything for the hospital?

Forces: I would suggest a bottle of milk of magnesia. There is nothing you can do at the hospital but only through your thoughts of being positive and constructive.

GL: These headaches that I’ve been having?

Forces: Due to nervous tension and anxiety, the pressures around.

GL: I’m not accepting them right then?

Forces: You are trusting in your God, but only fearing the logical things, as you always have.

GL: Thank you.

LK: What could be done to make me more receptive to spirit?

Forces: By action, activity, and hard work.

LK: In what ways?

Forces: By producing as much as you possibly can with a spirit of harmony, patience, and most of all, the principles and thoughts of positive thinking, and all things are possible.

LK: Is that like producing, say with the glass things, or…

Forces: Just producing at every level as you move through space.

LK: Thank you.

IS: When you say producing to (LK), you mean contributing in whatever facet he is involved with at the moment. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

BR: The cold weather that we’ve been experiencing. Can more be told to us about that?

Forces: This is the thoughts and fears of the society in America. It is the fear in the aftermath of the election and the reactions of the people’s thoughts in the new Administration.

BR: Thank you. With Psalm 24 [Twenty-four], when it says, “Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.” Could you tell us what happens when that’s being said?

Forces: This is a straight back during meditation that your pineal and pituitary might be in alignment and that the doors of Heaven might open up to the other centers of the body. All gates on the earth represent the gate between the pineal and the pituitary gland, so where there is a gate made out of iron and wrought rail with points, it represents that gate within your body.

IS: Now the dream that the entity Tom had about the weather, what is the meaning of that dream?

Forces: It means that the position in favoritism of this President is not too good.

IS: His favoritism towards… uh… things or God’s favoritism…

Forces: There are many new items, conditions that will start producing around this entity. That is, in short, the new programs that will be established by this man that will be colossal failures. There shall be great turmoil’s and inner conflict with every turn. There shall be great pressures, bribes, emotional upsettments and breakdowns to produce what he wants.

IS: Will the people see his failures?

Forces: It will continue to follow him in front. Remember, there is going to be a religious prejudism as there is already with the Baptists in the South, and they are at points arrogant, ignorant, and oblivious to the truth.

IS: And so it’s on these bases, on religious bases, that people are going to start…

Forces: It has always been this case, and it will always be this way.

IS: Where the final thing where people actually see a person is through his religious… through a religious…

Forces: What is happening in America is a sugar and spice and everything nice with religious words. Now is the point in our evolution in America: put up or shut up. In point of reference, just as though you speak of God does not make you of God. It is of a physical commitment.

IS: Thank you.

JB: Do you have any guidance for me at this present time?

Forces: Keep productive, busy, and creative in your mind.

JB: And how about the present things that are happening in Virginia Beach as far as working there and a new trailer and everything?

Forces: It seems to be going pretty well. There shall be changes made according to plan and schedule for you.

JB: Thank you.

HI: Could you give me any guidance how I could be a better channel for God, more constructive…

Forces: Yes, adopt a child.

HI: Thank you. I had a dream about adopting a child, but the child was from (JH) and (LE). Was that a realistic dream?

Forces: This is unrealistic. The child cannot be from them. Ideas and thoughts from them will be taken care of in watching their thought patterns and trying to develop as best as you can. The child you shall adopt to be a blind child.

HI: A blind child? Right away?

Forces: When we say blind, it is in reference to many things. Blind, you will see, as we speak. In time we will guide you to this.

IS: What you’re saying is it’s not necessarily physically blind?

Forces: It is could have that sweet smell to it. Preferably a female. It comes from a family that is not in harmony with the spirit.

IS: So there is a choice … either a physically blind child or a spiritually blind child?

Forces: In time we will show and direct what we are talking on.

IS: Thank you.

BH: Is there any guidance for me at this time, say, to become more sensitive to the spirit?

Forces: Be conscious of the things and neatness around you and put them in order and perspective. Take on responsibilities and commitments in your own personal life to make sure that you are conscious of those elements around you, not just on a mental level, but on a sensitive, spiritual level.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Is the ark a focal point where there’s a room on the other side of it … the idea I had in the meditation room recently … in another dimension?

Forces: Could be.

JU: Is there something that focuses through that?

Forces: Exactly.

JU: Could you explain something about it?

Forces: There is energy focusing through it.

JU: Can you tell us anything about what is under the Hell gate Bridge?

Forces: Water.

JU: … that causes all the disappearances?

Forces: Mirages of the fourth dimension.

JU: Thank you. And are there any changes we should make in the Upper Room?

Forces: Keep it clean.

JU: Any changes in structural building?

Forces: If you keep it clean first, changes will come later.

JU: Thank you. Is there anything I can do for my gums to stop the bleeding?

Forces: Salt water…

JU: Is there anything…

Forces: Do not eat chocolate. Watch out for bubble gum. Not too much cakes. Watch what you say. Negative thoughts have a tendency to bleed the gum. The more you speak negatively, the more teeth you will lose.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Welcome.

IS: About the Sperry’s…

Forces: About the Sperry’s.

IS: She is now sick or recovering from sickness and… will something break for them? It’s like I feel…

Forces: It will continue.

IS: Are they realizing that they’re paying for things that they have done?

Forces: They are realizing certain things are happening in their lives.

IS: Will they get out of our house in time… at the right time?

Forces: They will get out in the right time.

IS: Is August the right time?

Forces: For you any time is the right time.

IS: The man that we hired to do the roofing – Is he the right man to do it?

Forces: At this moment in time, he will evolve, develop, and discipline himself to quietly accomplish all that he says. If not, we shall take care of him.

IS: How about a carpenter?

Forces: Carpenter?

IS: Yeah.

Forces: How about it?

IS: Can we find a carpenter…

Forces: You will be guided to him.

IS: You are… There is already a carpenter waiting to do this job?

Forces: That is right.

IS: I see. And actually the whole thing of the waiting process is to give that time and moment for the roofing man maybe to go through whatever he has to go through so he can evolve to the point where he can actually work on this house?

Forces: This is true.

IS: I see. So all the time element and what have you is only part of a whole other scheme, and that’s why you are not giving us straight out a name?

Forces: A name is not necessary, even though the man shall be medium height with blue eyes, teeth might be semi-bad.

IS: So far, all the things that we’ve been talking about the house, the decorating, and the right things or what have you, is that in accordance with what it has to be?

Forces: Sounds beautiful. When do we move in?

IS: Thank you. And the fresco in the living room, what is going to be? What are the seraphim holding up, if I’m seeing correctly, the seraphim… what are they holding up?

Forces: It could be very easily the name of God.

IS: [gasp] Jehovah. Thank you very much.

GL: Concerning the aura camera, can information be given now about the chemical that would be used on the paper? Would that be made out of the soapstone or…

Forces: This could be made out of many liquid substances now found in the kitchen.

GL: Can more information be given about that … how to combine them or the ingredients?

Forces: Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and parts of what would be called lemon seeds. Process is not yet developed for you to know what to do with these seeds. Soaking them in such a solution derived by its own natural force, soaking the paper within at such a temperature, taking it out, exposing it in such a way to create the auras, for the sensitiveness of that paper would pick up the lights of the aura easily.

GL: Would it have to be a diamond that we would need for the crystal?

Forces: If possible.

GL: Is there any other kind of stone that could be used?

Forces: This could be used in a very interesting way: the opal or that of the idonite.

GL: What is the idonite?

Forces: That’s for us to know and you to stumble upon.

GL: Thank you.

IS: When you said the name of God, that was in Hebrew that I saw the letters. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Also the thing that I talked with… about the underground garden…

Forces: Um-hum.

IS: … that is correct, too?

Forces: Accurate. It is, in short, the entity was discussing and receiving information about the underground garden from another life in which he incorporated it in a vast storehouse in that of Atlantis when the people were being persecuted before the destruction of the land. It is also that of Cayce who was revealing it to him in that dream a few weeks ago.

IS: Are talking… are you speaking of the entity (DD)?

Forces: This is the entity who speaks through us now.

IS: Oh. And I picked it up from him? From you?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Will the… the roofing… the whole thing, is it possible for us to know how much it will reach approximately?

Forces: It will reach according to your faith.

IS: Thank you very much. Also, for the entity Tom, is there something I can do to… for him or is there something that can be done, should be done, that we should…

Forces: What should be done is that of the closeness to God in the services for the Higher Forces. Development and not laxing within any way, shape, or form the discipline set down. The redundance and repetition as would appear on a worldly level so that spirit of black forces could not come in or enter or pervert the spirit of light.

IS: It’s like a redundant thing, but if you don’t want the thief to come in you close the door every night.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And what can I… can I do? I felt as if though I wasn’t doing right or maybe I wasn’t even doing right or maybe I was even doing wrong…

Forces: This could be possible. The idea is that we must move on to keep on the spirit that the days ahead will be long and hard. And the world situation could be altered and changed by the thoughts of this particular group.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: The filters with the camera, can you give colors of them?

Forces: No.

LK: In my meditations recently it seems like my focus is like outside of myself. And I have the feeling that I want to bring that focus inside myself, but I can’t seem to do it. Is that wrong of me, wanting to do that? Or if it’s right that it should be within, how can I go about bringing it within?

Forces: Bring it within by concentrating within the power of heat within. The light within, the heat within, the sound within.

LK: I don’t really understand.

Forces: Concentrate not on the light out side of you but inside of you. The sound not coming from outside, but created to be inside.

LK: How does… how do I pull that focus inward?

Forces: Experiencing it inside.

LK: Okay. Thank you. Also, how come I have such a thing about the Catholic Church?

Forces: There is not a thing about the Catholic Church that you do not have. It is something that has been created by you through the Catholic Church. Just remember, that in one lifetime you were a very developed person within the organizations of Christendom, Catholic organization as known today in which you had many, what would be called, decisions to make. You were not in favor of some things that were done which caused a prejudism from that point on. Sixteen eighty-two [1682] would be the best year to give to you in which you resided in what would be known as the Netherlands or better yet, Sweden.

LK: Thank you.

BR: Can anything be given to me at this time?

Forces: Develop with that of designs, drawings on plates, stones, books, and glass. Your thoughts and creativity in reading should be developed.

BR: Thank you.

JB: What’s the significance of adopting a child for (HI) and myself?

Forces: Work. Unity.

JB: It’s a lot of responsibility.

Forces: Harmony. Coming together on a group decision and future developments.

JB: Thank you.

HI: Is there anything else that you could give me because I feel, I feel that I am just not creative in the thought processes. There’s something off there.

Forces: If you meditate, if you pray, when you take up that sewing aspect it should be more than enough at this moment.

HI: Thank you.

JU: Are we proceeding properly with plans for the Music Box of that music?

Forces: This should sound to be very proper.

JU: Would this be the best individual for us to try the soundboard?

Forces: It would be the best at the moment.

JU: And is there anything or guidance you can give us on the price he’s offering us that we might be able to work with him in another way?

Forces: Bring it down a trifle, but it should work out if all goes well.

IS: With the rest of the music, is there a specific place we should go with it? Or should we just go through the..

Forces: You will be guided on schedule. You know how much we want that music. to be.

IS: The name is correct, then?

Forces: Oh. I think the name is beautiful. We decided it ourselves.

IS: Thank you very much for giving us that music.

Forces: It is good to receive. There is a much, much, much, much, more to receive. All you have to do is open up your ears and un-circumcise it.

IS: Is there something that I am not doing that I should be doing?

Forces: We would like you not to smoke.

IS: But then I’ll gain even more weight.

Forces: Who is to say?

IS: Me. It isn’t saying it.

Forces: See what happens as time goes on. Faith is an important feature to have within our own mechanism. Smoking affects the thyroid.

IS: Yeah. That… that’s when… You mean it effects it otherwise than what we know about it?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Is it this what’s causing the metabolism to slow down so much in (IS)’s case?

Forces: We would say appears.

GL: It appears to?

Forces: Those who smoke gain weight. Those who smoke become numb. There is no way you can be receptive to higher thoughts is you constantly surround the thyroid center with smoke.

IS: Last time I stopped smoking I just got… maybe it’s an illusion in my head, but that’s when I started gaining all the weight. Maybe it was just an excuse for me not to stop smoking. Thank you very much.

GL: Is there anything that could be given for those of the group left in Flushing?

Forces: Be productive.

GL: Anything for the children at this time?

Forces: We would advise harmony and peace, cooperation and sharing for these children.

GL: Could you describe what the Atlantean religious services were like for the temples of white?

Forces: There is not time to describe that. It was busy.

IS: Is there anything else that I should be doing?

Forces: You will be guided and directed to what you would be doing by us.

IS: Thank you. Now the-the thing that happened in the St. Thomas’s Church and the man, the priest, the… giving us this attention… is it on a sub-conscious level that he recognizes…

Forces: Correct.

IS: … the owner coming back to his… What does it recognize on a conscious level?

Forces: A renewal, a spirit, a light, a hope.

IS: So it’s what I said minus the negative side of it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much. Is there anything for (SN) and (HA) that should be told them? That they should know?

Forces: What was told to them is perfect. It is good that they come in meditation and do not negate nor neglect that and prayer. This is the major reason what they are in the air, and upset, and disturbed.

IS: Thank you very much.

MK: The dream I had Friday night about jumping into the water… not being afraid to jump into the water… and then the… the whole floating sensation I felt and… can anything be given on that?

Forces: Do not be afraid to take on spiritual commitments. And your image on your spiritual level.

BR: While we’re down here, is there anything else we should be looking into with the house?

Forces: At this moment we must bide our time.

IS: So actually leave it alone so to speak?

Forces: To a degree.

IS: Do they associate all that is happening to them with us?

Forces: Not yet.

BR: Is there anything that I could… that could be given to me with the kids… that I should be doing with them?

Forces: Reading, drawing, coloring, talking, singing. Creative things.

BR: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell us, please, where we should move the trailer?

Forces: We would put it up on the highest hill.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: What would be the best place, if it could be done, is in the land area where the house is.

HI: Will it be in a trailer park?

Forces: No.

HI: Would it be necessary for us to wait then and save more money in order to…

Forces: The place where the trailer should be is right next to our friend.

GL: That guy Lewis?

JU: Lewis… Lewis Saunders?

Forces: Correct.

HI: The house there?

IS: Oh, on the other side.

Forces: Correct. On the land that he has confiscated just place your trailer. [Laughter]

IS: Perfect.

JU: Right where the outbuildings are.

IS: Just… The driveway is there. Everything is already there.

HI: Could you tell me, please, how old the little girl would be that we will adopt?

Forces: Two years old.

HI: Two?

Forces: Two to one, six months, two weeks.

HI: And she will be physically blind?

Forces: We will not give any more on that. But we will show you and guide you.

HI: Is she already on the earth?

Forces: Yes.

HI: Thank you.

GL: Why did the service at St. Thomas remind me so much of an Atlantean service? Why did I have that feeling? Is it accurate?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What do I have against rituals and things? Why… why is that?

Forces: Some aren’t done to the highest of its potential. The physical service has changed to such a point that it is being to the highest. The Catholic service has gone at this moment to the lowest, or to the sub-lowest. The only thing that is the highest in the Catholic service is the simple Mass.

IS: So while in the time of Edgar Cayce, the Catholic church was the best form?

Forces: Correct.

IS: At this point it’s the Episcopal?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The… the… that thing that was… that we got for Tom, the robes and the different…

LK: The vestments.

IS: The vestments, is that the correct thing?

Forces: This is the correct color and thing.

IS: What is that? For what kind of ceremony is that? What does it represent?

Forces: For the opening of the spiritual centers and movement onto commitment.

IS: Also, the idea that I had about… that I saw… that other road. Is that correct, also?

Forces: It can be utilized.

IS: And in the temple where I saw a little chamber and it was like a dressing chamber with all the different things…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, the shape of that… of the temple, the one right by the house, is it the inner shape of it as a star? Or just an oval?

Forces: A star would be more right. I would say the star would be accurate.

IS: So from the outside it will look like a star?

Forces: On the inside a star, from the outside an oval.

IS: So the picture I have of it is correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And each part of the star is like a little chamber?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is it going to have one floor or two floors?

Forces: Could have two. But one floor is all that is necessary.

IS: Now, the things that I was speaking about… what I call… what I called my dream… at that moment… the working in Schuyler, does it have anything to do with what might happen?

Forces: Schuyler is representing of “sky” and the sky, it represents the spiritual consciousness that can be developed and refined. You will represent to the area a healing and a help. There is a lot of responsibility and a lot of help for the area needed.

IS: What Mr. Sperry said about the water pipelines, that there isn’t enough water and that’s why they can not build… Is it because we’re not ready yet for that place to even be?

Forces: This is sound sense “simes”.

IS: But it… so there will come a time when we are ready?

Forces: Definitely. Very shortly.

IS: Thank you very much.

BH: Is there anything that could be given to help my meditations?

Forces: Silence.

BH: Silence. Thank you.

Forces: Consistency and prayer.

GL: Is there a prayer or an affirmation that could be given to me to help me to take on and carry my responsibilities?

Forces: We have given you affirmations in the past. Use them.

GL: Thank you.

LK: Every once in a while when I’m practicing the violin, all of a sudden it gets to where I can play real good and like I know that that’s not me because most of the time I’m playing, you know, like a beginner for practice. Is there any type of prayer or anything that I can do that will help that to happen more often when I’m practicing?

Forces: Let us say, as you practice, you practice for the development of art and harmony around you. The prayer itself is the music that comes from the instrument.

LK: Thank you.

JU: That small xylophone that I was going to purchase, should I purchase it at this time? Or wait until a future date?

Forces: Remember, you are your own enemy. Your progress is only dependent upon your thoughts. And as you think you shall open up the doors or close them.

JU: Thank you.

IS: The secret little compartment in the hallway, right across from the kitchen, is there a specific purpose that you have for it?

Forces: That could be a place of keeping the Torah for the moment, the Ark until the temple is formed.

IS: Oh.

Forces: It represents the hiding away. It represents that of the future days to come.

IS: So it is a hiding place.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then we should start on the temple right away. Should we then go and look into it already?

Forces: Please.

IS: How can we have meditations without a Torah… sitting… the Ark open? Is that correct? We should start looking into it already?

Forces: The ark and the Torah can be placed there for a moment of time until you are ready to put it in its proper place. This will be covered in the future days by us in later Sessions.

IS: You mean more than a day then? Including the building? The measurements? Now, should the entrance to the temple be through those stairs from that… from what we call the mystery chamber on the ground floor?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: The… should one of the entrances, I should say one of them because… or maybe the major entrance… I… I don’t know how it’s worked. Should there be a way from the group floor east stairs that go out, should they reach into the temple connecting…

Forces: This could be done.

IS: But is that part of the plan?

Forces: It can be part of the plan.

IS: The room that we call the mystery chamber, is there a specific purpose for that room?

Forces: This will be discussed as time goes on.

IS: But as it is now everything is correct the two fireplaces on the second floor is that correct?

Forces: We would look forward to one.

IS: On which side? East or…

Forces: To the left.

IS: Is that the one across from the bathroom?

Forces: That is to the right.

IS: So it’s the one as we go up the stairway?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much. Tell… what did I see across from that bathroom the first time I saw the house or is it just a mirage? I thought I saw a space there. Is that the chamber? The little meditation chamber? Is that what I… well, what did I see there?

Forces: You will see many strange things in this house.

IS: I saw an opening there and I saw…

Forces: There are many openings in this house. The house was designed not only on a physical level. The one who designed the house had spiritual ideals of healing involved.

IS: Then for that moment I saw the house on another level?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Or did I?

Forces: There are many things that will be revealed as time goes on. The house is surrounded by a protective field of energy forces coming directly from the mountains. It is situated in such a way that this is the house that picks up this force first and then disputes—, distributes it throughout the county.

IS: The house is acting almost like a crystal?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then I shouldn’t… I said a little chamber there… a little meditation chamber, but it’s still like I’m… something… I’m missing something.

Forces: It will be found as time goes on.

IS: But there is something I’m missing?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much. And otherwise the making of the second bathroom on the second floor, that is correct, too?

Forces: This can be done.

IS: By making the bedroom a little smaller or something?

Forces: This could be done.

IS: Thank you very much.

HI: Could you tell me if I was able to help (JH)’s friend through prayer?

Forces: Correct. We would advise all of you to remain disciplined in the spiritual consciousness and awareness to things around. Not to be lazy but to be creative and industrious and productive in every level. Keep the thoughts on that level of productivity and spiritual enlightenment. Let all that you do, think, and say contribute to the factor of expressing the spirit in the earth. We will continue to be with you throughout the days to come. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…