Session 106 – 12/21/76

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been manipulating this evening so that we could come through. We have watched the spirit grow around and find it pleasing. As these times do approach, we ourselves must make some personal commitment and personal feelings towards that of constructive and creative giving. We would find the Eves of Thursday to be excellent for the force of Michael coming into the earth and extending to Friday at four-thirty to five. This would be an exceptional moment for the walking of the Torah around the areas chanting and bells, candles, and covering. If it is to be done, then on that day of Friday in the morning at four-thirty. That should leave and walk in recognition of homage to God and the laws. Then should return in the house intact. We will be with you this week striving to ask all to pay attention to their own personal paths and movements. It is always a time of critical accidents on the worldly level…of fires, of mishaps, deaths. These items only happen through negligence. Let us be conscious and careful of things around us. We are ready for your questions. As far as this group in Virginia is concerned, we find that in previous Sessions we gave you a description of three layers, which would be an evolution process. It would be all right to cover the roof in the sheet of tin. This being done should be adequate. Question.

IS: Do you mean the tin instead of something else?

Forces: Tin at this moment for this cycle for this situation and progression forward.

IS: Instead of the three layers?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the two weeks… two weeks that you have said…

Forces: As has been decided as a test for the one involved. It will continue.

IS: Then there is no need for us to go over there?

Forces: We find this not necessary.

IS: Then we should tell him on the phone the tin instead of the three layers?

Forces: This would be good.

IS: Thank you. Am I still to continue the treatments for my body?

Forces: The treatments should be continued for a period of two more days and then for a period be relaxed and postponed for four to six days and taken up for a period of three days. This being done, then a period of rest for the body should be implemented until we remind the body to start this system once more.

IS: What is it all doing for my body?

Forces: It is making it pliable and smoothing out the organs within, making it firmer and more relaxed.

IS: Are things applied correctly?

Forces: Everything to this point has been accurate.

IS: Does it… it has to be flannel and nothing else?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

BH: The shadow that the Christmas tree makes on the ceiling that looks like a little Christmas tree…

Forces: This is a shadow created by the lights to show the example of what is below is above.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Why am I so accident-prone this lifetime?

Forces: You do not take time to think out what you are doing. You have not disciplined your mind to do one step at a time, nor the patience to work with your physical body to discipline it. You can do it if you want.

GL: Thank you.

DN: Could we get a health reading for the entity Virginia Olson? Or would it be better left alone?

Forces: For this we would advise plenty of water and occasionally that of what would be called sand or ocean of sand, and occasionally that of fish. Also attitudes need to be changed. That point would be all.

DN: Thank you very much.

JU: Have there in the… let’s say in the last two thousand years been significant changes in the physical body as to maybe the number of organs or sizes that we’re not aware of because of…

Forces: The last two thousand years for man has been considerable amount of changes. The eyes have become larger. The ears have become longer. The hair has become less. Forehead has become higher. Fingers have become longer. The feet have become shorter. Legs have become shorter. Stomach has become bigger.

JU: Is there any change in the number of organs? Or are there organs that are now not existing inside the body?

Forces: Internal organs have manifested in which were there from the very beginning. Some take an important role at one time. Others take an important role at the other times. All organs within the body have been created from the beginning.

JU: Thank you. Is there anything that I can say to this girl (MC) at work about the child she’s about to have; any way to help her?

Forces: Better left alone that which is too good.

NN: In the little house, when it was talked about before about moving the chimney, is that possible? Or is that something better left alone right now? Or is that…

Forces: This will be done in time.

NN: Thank you. Also, that day when I was surrounding people in the Light… and the thing of the fountain, is that correct? Or was that something just for that day?

Forces: We find this near to accurate.

NN: Thank you. Also, in Psalm Thirty-Seven, Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven, in the verse where it says “For Thee is the fountain of life: In thy light you shall see light,” was that… was that a connection there?

Forces: Indirectly.

NN: Thank you. Also, with Michael, Psalm Sixty-Eight, is… is that the main Psalm for Michael?

Forces: This would be found as correct for the moment.

NN: Thank you.

MK: I have heard that archeologists have found remnants of a civilization not previously known to man in the area of Syria. Can anything be given on that? Is it true?

Forces: This was a blossoming civilization created and conducted by thoughts of positive force. When that from the outside entered within, it brought in the forces of destructivity. Here was a developed civilization that knew many laws and logical principles, catered into the spiritual world.

MK: Thank you.

RU: In regard to the treatments for (IS), when they resume after the rest of four to six days, should either the cold water pack or the enema or the peanut oil rub, which were all periodical parts, be done during that three days of treatment to follow?

Forces: During that of three days the oil pack and that which would be called water would be good.

RU: Do you mean the cold-water pack? Or just…

Forces: Correct.

RU: Thank you. So during that when the treatments resume after the break, we’ll have the castor oil packs, the cold water pack one time?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Should she continue the vinegar four times a day? Taken by mouth?

Forces: That is the best way.

RU: And also the yogurt?

Forces: This would be good.

RU: Thank you.

IS: With the… the thoughts I had with the entity Tom, could you explain anything? Or tell me anything? Or help me with that to understand? If possible.

Forces: There are certain times that, a force, must be put in. And this force must be manifested before a certain period of time, considering and conducing that of harmony and progress in the days to come. It is also from this force coming in to allow this entity to go and to be relieved so the force of this day or days to come might slip in unnoticed.

IS: Thank you. With the entity (SN) and (HA) where it is obvious (SN) did not pass the test or the first thing or whatever seems the test. I don’t know. But is he even going in the right direction? Or is he…

Forces: He is headed for a good direction. We would just need that of patience with him, even though it has not fulfilled part of the mark, it is filling in an indirect one.

IS: The man that saw the… the house, is… is he the right person for it?

Forces: He is competent in doing it.

IS: Another thing that everything here in the house, it seems like it’s falling apart. And it’s like you run from one thing to another and try to hold the walls from falling down. That’s the feeling I get. Is there now something that we should be doing here that we’re not doing?

Forces: This will have to take its course naturally. You are doing as best as you could with this particular house.

IS: Will we have anything like that in the Virginia House that we should be aware of?

Forces: There is nothing major like unto that. But you will have minor things happen.

IS: Thank you. Now with (HA) and the baby, is there anything that should be said to her?

Forces: This could be done in which the woman must be warned of over protectiveness and not to subdue it with a selfish motivation of protection.

IS: And that was the major fight between her and my mother?

Forces: Correct.

IS: They were both… both of them over-protective?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Could you give us any information on the reasons and the effect of what took place in that synagogue that Friday night?

Forces: This was a beginning of a consciousness within the synagogue to help evaluate it and put it on the right road and structure. It has helped the rabbi immensely to reevaluate his stands and expression upon items and conditions around the Jewish people.

JU: Would… would it be of benefit to write the letter I discussed with Tom?

Forces: It is up to you. At this point, whatever is done will have its reaction.

IS: And if nothing is done?

Forces: There still will be a reaction.

IS: Towards this group?

Forces: Towards the thoughts and feelings that the rabbi was speaking on.

IS: Oh, well that’s good, then.

Forces: This is good, then.

JU: Thank you.

DN: It seems like the letter is having a hard time getting to Harvey. Should that be dropped and go straight to the vice-president of the corporation?

Forces: We do not understand. What do you mean Harvey, letter, getting through?

DN: The letter that was sent to Harvey came back today.

Forces: There is no problem. Walk over there and throw it at him.

DN: Okay.

JE: Could you give us the exact time and the date that Jesus was born?

Forces: Interesting. He was definitely born in the morning hours at exactly three-thirty to four. The appropriate date that you would be called useful would be March the ninth. Then you have those who would debate that. We would say May the tenth. Those dates would be very necessary, and simply, those are the dates.

IS: What happened on May the tenth?

Forces: They say on May the tenth the child was born.

IS: What do you say?

Forces: We say on May the tenth many children were born.

IS: But not Jesus.

Forces: We say no.

IS: Noah’s ark that was… that they think was found, is that correct? Or is that…

Forces: Correct.

IS: It is Noah’s ark?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is it bigger than what it says in the Bible or is it…

Forces: The ark was put into proper size after the whole ordeal.

DD: So it shrunk.

IS: Oh.

DN: Does that mean like you see sometimes in the movies or something that there was a machine or something that reduced the size of the ark? Or put it into another…

Forces: Wood has a habit of shrinking… and swelling.

DD: How many feet is it now?

Forces: A certain sound vibration over the particular wood expanded it tremendously. Nobody would believe you.

IS: Then it was smaller. So what does it mean if they find and they conclude that this is Noah’s ark, that means that they’ll have to go by… to go by the measurements in the Bible and say that before they thought a yard is so and so… a Bible yard is so and so feet. Well now they’ll have to go and say a Bible yard is a different amount of feet.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And is that what…

Forces: Then they will find another item according to the Bible and the feet will be completely different.

DN: Does this… does this mean that Noah built a small ark and… and used the sound to expand it to hold all the animals?

Forces: Noah had no other choice but to build a small ark in the area he was working. He did not own enough land to build a large ark. As the flood came the sound was heard and the ark grew bigger and bigger.

DD: How big… how big is it now?

Forces: No bigger than a bread box.

DD: How many feet long is it?

Forces: We could say twenty-seven cubits.

DD: What’s a cubit?

Forces: We would say three hundred and forty-five feet long. Or three hundred and sixty-five feet long. Or two hundred and some odd feet high.

IS: It sounds… three hundred and sixty-five feet. That’s three hundred and sixty-five days. Any connection there?

Forces: Interesting.

DD: Also, it’s a year. A three hundred and forty-five day year, too.

IS: Oh.

DD: Three hundred and forty-five days, that’s a lunar year.

IS: So it’s a year long and a half a year wide.

DD: So it… it… it grew from thirty feet.

IS: But in another dimension there is such a thing. Isn’t there?

Forces: Correct.

IS: A year long. Is it a year long and half a year wide?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Is it possible for us to produce that sound? Or is there a way of doing that?

Forces: It will be produced.

JU: And can you give us any information on what the other item they will find will be?

Forces: That should be enough.

GL: Could more information be given about the Middle Earth and the Tolkien books?

Forces: The Middle Earth and the Tolkien books happened in the Middle Earth. Information: there are many signs on the earth of the Middle Earth. Mushrooms, caves, antelope, reindeer, and salami.

IS: These are things still alive in the Middle Earth?

Forces: Or connected with it.

IS: Oh, I see. That means whenever we hear about these kind of… of animals or things or people, it’s in the Middle Earth they are talking about them?

Forces: Also, it is connected that these quality of (peo…) creatures still have access to the earth.

IS: Still today have access?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That means if somebody will go into the Middle Earth at this point through one of the caves or something, then he shall find these people?

Forces: Correct.

IS: How are they connected with the people on top of the earth? Are they connected in a way that… like in the Tolkien books there is a big fight going on between the forces of right and forces of darkness. Is it the same thing up here only less seen? Because the good and the bad not necessarily look differently? The good might look good. The bad might look good, or whatever. But in Middle Earth it seemed that it became more pronounced. The goblin was ugly and?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it is so still?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The same thing?

Forces: Correct.

GL: The dates in that book, how do they correspond with the dates in our history? Or the history that we know of?

Forces: Remember, the sun revolved around the earth faster creating days much faster.

DD: Could you tell us how the rod we had in Kabbalah called “The Weaver” Tom said it controlled the giants or whatever…

Forces: This point of energy was used to control the uncontrollable.

DD: How did it effect the giants?

Forces: On the nervous system of these animals.

DD: Like wild animals or giants.

Forces: Correct.

DD: You mean the rod… that the rod effects… it will effect like the structure and the growth of…

Forces: Could, if desired.

DD: So that… like the rods that Jacob put in front of the cattle would be similar to this rod? That changed the cattle into the kind of cattle he wanted? Is that correct?

Forces: Question.

RU: Were the Essenes edited out of the Bible?

Forces: Correct.

RU: So they were mentioned when the Gospels… the people who wrote it…

Forces: Correct.

RU: Why were they edited out and who did it?

Forces: Personal indifference. The Sadducees, the Pharisees, people in power.

RU: And no copy of the original is retained anywhere?

Forces: There are copies of originals contained in jars.

RU: Will they be recovered or will they be destroyed?

Forces: Some have recovered. Others would find the rest under the stone in England.

RU: That’s where the… some of the Apostles went afterwards?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Where is that stone?

Forces: We won’t tell you.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Preferably near the Stonehenge.

IS: The Tomb?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Stonehenge.

Forces: It was used as a tomb also.

DN: For John?

Forces: No.

IS: For the knights of Arthur?

Forces: That could be said true. We are now ready to depart for the moment. But we will keep our eyes and be with you through this week to guide you all and protect you in many respects productive growing. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…