Session 105 – 11/28/76

Greetings to all here present now. We have been witnessing your progress as you move on. We only can stress the factor of human unity and cooperation as a unit in the group to come. With the days to follow, all those who are involved with their own personal evolution must only seek to serve and not to be served. There must be thoughts constructive and creative: For the hours ahead of us will be crucial hours and tests for those in unity. The deceptive to dissentions of thoughts and plans must be prevented and wiped clean. Those here are interested in the evolution of the soul. Therefore, as time progresses the evolution will take a more substantial part. We only ask for unity in creative talents to be developed and to be productive. Each day that passes must make your own private responsibilities and disciplines in harmony. There is no room for separate thoughts and separate divisions against the plan to come. We are now ready for your questions.

HA: What would thou have me do?

Forces: It would be easier to be sincere and to apply spiritual principles and ideals in daily operations. Disciplines of thoughts and mental attitudes towards items around would be in harmony to soul growth and development. To keep thy hands busy with productive work and with work that is expressive of the soul would be meaningful for all around.

IS: Where would it be better to have the coming child of (HA)’s? At home here or in the hospital?

Forces: We would suggest that on the mental level it would be advisable to have it in the home. On the physical level it would be advisable to have it in the hospital. On the spiritual level it would be advisable to consecrate the birth, regardless of place, in the heart. Situations dictate that on the mental level, it would be convenient in the home. On the physical level, it would be advantageous and advisable in an institution known as a hospital.

IS: Thank you very much.

HA: Is Martha Jefferson an all right hospital? Or is there someplace else that is good?

Forces: The particular hospitals in this area, each one has its positive and deficits. We would advise the individual to make the environment according to her own personal spiritual needs. In fact, it is not the city that is, in fact, in trouble. It is the individual that makes up what the unit meets. As the parable is, one does not meet what one isn’t. Therefore, advisable to change the atmosphere by positive thoughts and by doing this, one will meet positive reactions.

IS: So it doesn’t really matter which hospital she will choose at this point?

Forces: A hospital, again, is only a manifestation of physical thoughts. It is the individual that must manifest the thoughts of a higher level. Hospitals will only dedicate itself to physical, tangible thoughts. The thoughts are from the spiritual side manifested into the physical, tangible essence. Hospitals are all alike, for they are only a shell. For the thought process and patterns within the hospital are what is different.

IS: Thank you very much. Should she also retain the same doctor that they had, or go back to the same doctor, or… that too, does not matter?

Forces: It is not the instruments of the doctor that will be working; it will be the instruments of that which is greater that will be working through the doctor.

IS: Thank you very much.

HA: Can you give me more… some information about the coming child?

Forces: The child must have discipline and must not be given free rein in expression. There also must be a discipline factor within the parents. The child will be a powerful instrument of expressions and in dedication in which this soul in expressing its finer qualities will dictate the future of countless souls to come. But it would all take from the beginning stages of love plus discipline and that aspect of resigning self to sacrifice some personal ideas in order to make this manifest.

HA: That… why have I been having high blood pressure, if the exact reason can be given?

Forces: This is from the inner conflict verses the outer conflict. It is dealing with emotional stress of self put upon by negative forces or negative thoughts surrounding self.

HA: And to avoid it? Is there anything that I can…

Forces: There is a process of breathing and exercise of silence and the exercise of quiet force. The quiet force should be done with the third finger of each hand pressed directly with one another and breathe in through the nose and consecrating in thoughts of spiritual light through that of harmony and less analyzations of physical things.

HA: Thank you.

SN: What additional things should be done physically with this house to prepare for the child?

Forces: As we have started the heat, let that be a sign. Putting plastic coverings over the windows on the external for the moment would be adequate. A hard, durable plastic would be adequate. The questions of cloth and colors of blue and that of light yellow should be assorted through the house, with proper enlightenment of music, date of which would be Beethoven’s Fifth, which would be in harmony to the child.

SN: And concerning my own shortcomings and development at this time, what can be given to me to help me?

Forces: We would advise the Psalms reading and prayer vigils and a proper discipline of unity for both male and female. That for the child to manifest into the earth properly, both parents from this point must prepare their thought patterns in a most positive manner.

SN: Thank you.

Forces: We advise the group that it is only through your positive thoughts that we can manifest our work. To have negative or hostile thoughts is contrary to our principles and our force and our plans. There is no need for negative, hostile, or fearful thoughts, but positive and constructive thoughts are what we work through.

NN: The dream that I had either Sunday or Monday last week, did. I fail a test in the dream or was there a warning?

Forces: We would say it is a warning not to fail.

NN: Thank you very much. Also another question that I’ve got about positive thoughts, is it possible even like when you don’t completely, sincerely feel something but you want to, so you just keep planting that thought in your mind and keep thinking that. Is that…

Forces: This is a hundred per cent accurate.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: To positively re-instrument your thought patterns. Negative thoughts are habitual. They are only from a habit. Positive thoughts are also a habit. It is up to thee to decipher the better one and the positive force factor becomes the greater. The negative factors are there as a sign of rebellion against laws. Positive is a factor of harmony to the law.

NN: Thank you very much.

JB: Can you give me any guidance for myself or (HI) or (JH)?

Forces: Prayer, and unity of speech, commitment of self, not of the worldly level, but on a spiritual level of gaining; to gain not of the physical level of respect and admiration, but to gain that of a spiritual consciousness and understanding of the laws around you. This through discussions and reading and prayer would be the road to make thee ready.

DD: Can you help me with what I did today and the destructive thoughts that I had: To understand, how to repair this and go on with it?

Forces: The thoughts that have been manifested today were constructive in a limited way. But remember, mistakes are not done for a reason or purposely accidental. Mistakes are a purposely planned out circumstance to teach the individual certain personal aspects of his own evolution. We would see them not as a mistake, but only as a personal inter-perspective and introspection of evolution that needs to be desiredly worked on… That is, mistakes are showing weak factors to strengthen up the stronger factors.

DD: Does that mean my leaving the registration at home?

Forces: This is a planned out system, proving certain instances possible. Not only with self, but other individuals. We will not say that it was a negative aspect, but a test of consciousness of development to ask vital questions for the sake of the evolution of the group. Vital questions and statistics of establishing factual answers for the progress and process of group.

IS: The registration card for the car, is the element that I thought, or I’m thinking, or… I’m not sure. Has that happened at home?

Forces: It would be not likely to enter into such a topic. It is not necessary to inform or find out circumstances involving this particular aspect. Rather than to look deeper into the purpose of organized discipline, concern, and system, and order. This aspect did not happen in the direct way as it should, indirectly as it shouldn’t.

IS: I’m not trying to minimize that because that is vitally important for the souls that came on this trip, especially the drivers, to take on that responsibility, not to throw something off on somebody else, the unknown factor. I am also concerned, though, if that is any aspect that did happen at home, then it’s something that I’m concerned about, more so than angry.

Forces: We would allow you to leave that aspect into our hands and to continue to work on other developments that would be more productive.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Could you tell us what the vibration of soapstone is?

Forces: It is the vibration of energy passing through matter. It is a vehicle that would enable the spirit world to manifest.

DN: I’m not sure if I know what question I want to ask. Does that mean it’s like a door or something that like puts up a doorway?

Forces: Soapstone is the perfect element for perceiving mysteries and laws into the fourth dimension. It is one of the many stones that is situated that breaks down the atoms and separates them from heavy to lighter forces.

DN: So when it was used in the Temple, in the original, that was what it was for, to bring in the…

Forces: Correct.

DD: Can it be worn on the body? Would it help it?

Forces: It would have a limited effect on the body, causing bruises, light lacerations, and a pain in the neck.

DD: How about a small piece?

Forces: A small piece would not be powerful enough to consecrate or concentrate it on the physical body. Other way, one way or the other, you lose.

IS: So the whole house is really constructed as a…

Forces: Tank.

IS: As something like a radio receiver or a force field.

Forces: We would advise the back porch and front porch to be looked into in less than two weeks time, one way or the other.

IS: Thank you very much. So (SN) will find the right person for that?

Forces: We will guide him in this direction.

SN: I am familiar with problems on the back porch.

Forces: What is in the back is in the front.

SN: A leak. Am I correct in saying there is a problem with the metal roof in the front, also?

Forces: It is a combination of that and structural systems that have been laid down under it.

SN: The foundation under the front porch?

Forces: The foundation in the front porch is adequate. It is on the top center of the porch. In short, what would be said, the laying down of the roof of the top foundation over which the foundation lies. In short, it is the patio that we extend ourselves out onto in which the pillars left and right of wisdom and truth holds.

SN: Then what you’ve just told me, us at this point concerns the front porch. Is that correct?

Forces: This is applied also to the back porch.

IS: So what it might mean is the whole balcony will have to be moved or removed so the pillars are looked over and then put back?

Forces: The balcony has not to be moved or removed. Just lifted in order to replace the lower or higher parts of them. It is on the top that needs to be repaired, refinished, and removed in order to, as has been discussed, extend outward.

SN: Do you mean for it to extend outward further than it is now?

Forces: We refer the extension to the field girders. We refer the extension to the water drains.

SN: I understand. I think understand that you are saying to eliminate the gutters on the metal roof and put in a new platform for the metal roof to lie on. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct, Straight with a platform of aluminum, copper, and then metal…thin copper, metal.

IS: And then what?

SN: So then it would be…

IS: Three layers.

SN: … three separate layers of metal.

Forces: One of aluminum being of thin, one-fourth inch, less that, in half and on top of which copper, thin gauge and on top of that the metal of gauge.

SN: What should the composition of the final layer of metal be?

Forces: This could be an alloid of both forces.

SN: An alloy of copper and aluminum?

Forces: This could be.

SN: But this would be in addition to the layer of copper directly underneath and the layer of aluminum mostly on the bottom?

Forces: Aluminum on the bottom, copper in the middle, and a metal substance on the top.

SN: It sounds like it’s going to be expensive.

Forces: To prevent the future from eroding, it is wise to pay the price.

SN: Thank you. Should I contact the firm that did the metal roof at the house where I work? Strauss is the name. Is that good?

Forces: This could be adequate.

IS: Should anything be done with the pillars? Or are the pillars all right the way they are?

Forces: The pillars are substantially strong. It is only the point on the two highest parts of the pillars that need to be replaced.

IS: Thank you very much. Is there anything else in the house structure that we should look into at this point?

Forces: Each one will be taken one step at a time. Let us work with this first step.

IS: Now, also, for future, the boiler, it keeps going back and forth, back and forth. Is it something that cannot be done?

Forces: It was be advisable to remain in which it is at.

IS: For good?

Forces: For the moment.

IS: It still doesn’t change the rest of the plans of the house?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much. With my specific things for the body, should I maintain it? Should I continue it, or…

Forces: This should be continued until further notice.

IS: Am I doing all right with that?

Forces: Adequately moving along.

IS: Thank you very much. Is there anything for the entity Tom? Is he still to remain on his diet? Or is…

Forces: This should be continued.

IS: Is there anything else for him that…

Forces: That harmony in the group as far as cooperative spirit should be maintained to process the future and develop those items that will be about those conditions to come.

IS: As far as harmony in the group, should I even venture into the other question?

Forces: There is no question you cannot ask.

IS: Okay. Number one, should (RH)’s mother have a Session or be present at a Session?

Forces: This will have to he under the dictates of the evolution of (RH). For as this individual entity is in evolution harmony with the group, so will it be able to spread throughout the members’ parents.

IS: And that’s… yeah. Is there anything that could be some how given or… for (RH) herself to…

Forces: We would advise for the individual to keep her thoughts and creative ideas that have been given to her in the beginning, expressing them and developing them. Keep thoughts of self and all internal conflicts at a distance to prevent any self from falling into that in which would be impossible to get out of; in short, to keep on being busy in serving others around, rather than to seek to be served.

IS: And that is the sort of major problem?

Forces: This would sum up the problem at the moment.

IS: With the entity (RU) in the house, is there anything that could be given at this point, at this moment between the… to bring the more understanding of (RU) and (GL) to us and to each other for themselves?

Forces: This would have to take a moment of time and expression of thoughts. But it can be easily rectified through discipline of the entity.

IS: Why does she sleep in meditation?

Forces: This has to deal with lack of interest and importance on a physical level.

IS: Is there anything I can do?

Forces: In time to encourage the proper meditation and ways of doing, or just reiterating the point of a consciousness aspect of caring and being receptive to those things around her. And not to retreat into a self-pity or that of conflicts of interests.

IS: Thank you. Now with the Sperry’s, what is… what is Mr. Sperry… obviously everything is happened so far that you’ve told us that will happen. What is… what is happening? Is he becoming aware of, not you, but at least something different?

Forces: We will just say, yes, definitely. There shall be great changes and great force into movement in his particular life.

IS: So he’s beginning a little bit to understand, not to understand, but to accept that?

Forces: Correct, But there is no guarantee, for when the physical comfortability comes, he will be stupid enough to grab those instead of the spiritual things. And this will have to be his own personal evolution. We will leave at this moment, considering the factor and time. We will again talk to you all. We will watch over (HA) and (SN) and see that things are running smoothly. With the proper attitude and mental outlook, things should go all right. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…