Session 104 – 11/21/76

Greetings to all here present now. We have witnessed the progression of your interest and with certain blessings and encouragements in moving forward. We must warn you at this point, the ability of being too efficient or material in your progress can take away from your spiritual progress. Be perceptive and receptive to the words, thoughts, and ideals in which this entity speaks from. For as you busy yourself and work it out, who is your outlook? Who stands watch and perceives the days to come? Is there someone in your tower watching for the enemy? This is a special interest. For no matter what goes on in the city, if one forgets to prepare for the future by being perceptive and thoughtful of different ideas, then it would be better that everything cease. Very few are prepared for the future. So can we become unprepared while we are busy preparing for the moment. We have taken a look at the situation in the United States and find lots more eruptions and conditions to be met. We would also find a strange level of group consciousness in communicating certain principles, ideas. The world itself is ready to meet a new experience, but with each passing day, we must make the best. This is a special week to come in America. It would represent a spiritual ideal of thankfulness. Not bad to be thankful on this special day as all days we are. We will try to keep close to you all during this week to help you as best as we can to give you those future items to be worked with. Questions.

IS: What is the matter with my physical body? The pains that I have?

Forces: This is a condition relative to many minor conditions. We would say the improper intake of food, improper system of rest, and the improper system of natural forces. With these three elements combined, it would cause a choking of that in the lower area. Most important, the flowing of meditation and prayers must be had in order to release the tightness from the lower area. We would advise the intake of foods to be as light as possible dealing with the next week to come. Those of fruits and vegetables should be the intake. Water in the system and water outside of the system. We would advise the enema treatment mixed with soda. That is, baking powder or baking soda and a teaspoon of salt. This system should be done at least seven or eight times, cleaning, or supposedly cleaning the lower tract. We could also advise a colonic in the system, which would have a stronger impact. With the last treatment, with a teaspoon and a half of Glycothymoline. We also would advise, as the entity has already acquired, castor oil packs three time a day for a period of four days and relax for a period of two days and to continue it for a period of four days again. We would also advise for the water treatment, preferably the cold water treatment of dousing the water over a cloth, wringing it out, and leaving it on for a period of fifteen minutes, repeating for a period of two hours. This should be covered with plastic to keep the body temperature on the cloth in. Water into the system by drinking would be preferable. Coffee to be abstained from. And basically drinking that of light tea. Small amounts of prune juice. This should work to help relieve you from the pain. Again, it is the structure of stress and that of strange phenomenon of psychological thoughts, of thoughts of psychic phenomena affecting the centers. Basically, the three balancing sides of food, sleep, and the waking periods.

IS: Thank you very much. The… the sleep thing, which one is it? Too much, too little, or wrong…

Forces: The sleeping is not wrong. But the proper time for sleep should be again disciplined.

IS: When should I be asleep? At night?

Forces: This should be most desirable, with at least six hours of sleep for you so that the system might rejuvenate. Sleep is not really an essential part if one gets four hours. After four hours it is on the spiritual level of rejuvenation.

IS: So I shouldn’t be staying up at night? Is that it?

Forces: This would be beneficial if you can put into practice. If you stay up during the night hours, compensate with at least six to seven hours of sleep during that of the day. Hot baths tempered with a salt soda solution would be interesting. A rub of peanut oil over the skin every once during the week for a period of six weeks would be good.

IS: Now the washing with the vinegar, that’s no good, right? I should have the baking… baking soda instead? Is that correct?

Forces: In what particular area?

IS: The lower area.

Forces: The red or white vinegar would serve its purpose in that area. Baking soda and that of salt should be internally received.

IS: So the vinegar is externally?

Forces: The vinegar for the forward part is correct. There is nothing harmful in that. Also taking a cup or a half a cup or four teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in the water you drink and four times during the day should help the internal.

IS: But you said one spoon, one teaspoon of baking soda in an enema?

Forces: This is more for the cleansing of the intestines.

IS: And the third thing, the food, the sleep, and the waking periods, what… what can I do about?

Forces: Prayer and meditation, rest a few moments, working physically in certain areas, and walking in order that the air might be able to rejuvenate.

IS: Thank you very much. Also with the diets and the different things, I don’t know what they were exactly for, those diets and things. But it didn’t seem to ever remove any of my weight or anything like that. Is there something wrong with me there… or something different that I should be doing?

Forces: We would take first what has been given at this moment and work with the other aspect in a future date.

IS: Thank you. The fruits and vegetables, raw vegetables?

Forces: Either cooked or raw.

IS: And…

Forces: A small portion of meat if desired.

IS: And the yogurt and the buttermilk and all?

Forces: This would be found to be excellent.

IS: Thank you. Now (HA) and the baby that are coming, is everything there okay? The way it should be?

Forces: This would be worked out in details. There should be a movement progression.

IS: Should she have had that child in a hospital? Or is it all right the way it is?

Forces: It is the development of the species of the spirit. If the spirit there of the house is in harmony, then there is no problem.

IS: Should we go? I know I asked this once and you said if desired. But should we go there?

Forces: If desired. It would be beneficial if you would fly to the area and fly back after the weekend.

IS: Which weekend should we make it then?

Forces: Doesn’t really matter. Preferably the weekend to come.

IS: Thanksgiving?

Forces: The weekend to come at that during Thanksgiving and the following weekend.

IS: Now about (HI) and the money that she’s giving to the meditation fund, should we continue receiving it? Or should we say no?

Forces: It would be advisable for them to save the money on their own and as commitments progress; they can make it in the future days.

IS: So I was correct the way I felt about it?

Forces: This would be the best system.

IS: Thank you. About (JH) and him leaving the house, is it all according to plan? Or is it…

Forces: It is according to our plans.

IS: Thank you very much.

RH: Is there a special reason why the painting that Tom painted called, “The Watcher” is in the display window visible to the public?

Forces: This is the moment in which certain centers will be opened to those who would perceive it. It is also the moment of balance and test and trials.

RH: Thank you. Do you… are you working through Uri Geller?

Forces: Partially.

RH: Is it the White Forces’ spaceships that he received something from?

Forces: This interesting person received. But it must be disciplined and worked with throughout each passing day. Or else, it would become out of hand.

RH: Thank you. Could you tell us some more about the “Fresh Burning Glow” lotion that…

Forces: This was used in Egypt for the facial tissues of those who had scales. It would literally retard and remove the scales from the face. It was also used for the bird creatures to retard the feather-growing system. And would bring a normal skin softness to the surface. It was also used for those who had hooves to remove and to make it smaller in proportion to the forces above. It was also used for children who were young to smack and to discipline the thought forms around. It was a combination of many items. This, what you have now, is only forty-five per cent of the mixture. The other items are no longer found near the earth. Therefore, if you find anyone with scales in the group, or feathers growing out of the ears, or hooves in the feet, I would throw a bucket of it on them. It is good now in the present to do all of those things in the past and then some. To rejuvenate the skin tone in a proportion to the dryness and the flexibility of the condition the surface of the skin. It should be used one day on and one day off. Never two days in a row or consecutively for seven, but one to one.

RH: Thank you.

MK: Is there any guidance to be given to me at this time?

Forces: It would be well for you to try not to go through so many thought patterns. But discipline your thoughts not to be so many. To take and tackle one item at a time with patience.

MK: Thank you.

NN: What is the difference that whistling and the effect of whistling has, as opposed to singing, as far as the harmony that it can produce in the cells of the body of somebody who hears it or the vibration around? Like singing has a healing force. And how does whistling compare to that?

Forces: Whistling is more like unto ripping. It rips to get attention. Whistling is to be done in an open field, rather than in a closed room. It creates disturbances and rips the aura. While singing mellows the aura and blends a blanket around it.

NN: Thank you very much.

DD: In, Star of the Unborn by Franz Werfel, can you tell us about the “High Floater”, what he really is? And the spiders and everything?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: In the book, THE STAR OF THE UNBORN by Franz Werfel , could you tell us what the “High Floater” meant?

Forces: This represents an aspect in which man could never leave the face of the earth. That he could follow to the distant planets and enjoy and experience the many avenues of consciousness in space, but that he shall always be trapped in that of the laws of karma. That he must always be subject to the Mother Earth, and no matter how far he tries to escape, he must always come back to the beginning in order to accomplish the mission.

IS: And that’s why his position was like an infant when he was floating at the end of his days, so to speak? Why he could no longer go out? He turned like… like a… in a baby position?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: But yet he had so much wisdom it seemed.

Forces: The wisdom must be applied on the earth.

IS: So that book talks about Atlantis?

Forces: This is interesting. And the pre-Atlantean time.

IS: Is it also correct what the priest, the bishop said there? That as the cycle goes on, we go further away from God but yet we are also coming closer to God because of the pendulum principle.

This is correct.

IS: Where is man’s evolution now on the pendulum?

Forces: It is slowly coming to the center.

IS: The center of going up?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Was the Great Pyramid built before the flood of Noah?

Forces: The Great Pyramid was constructed after the flood of Noah. There were many structures that were built before the flood of Noah, but these were of a smaller scale, and without a higher meaning.

RU: Is it correct, in regard to the plaid, long dresses, that we could make the plaid skirts with a blouse? Or could you explain further that particular thing?

Forces: It would be well the “sirt”, the skirt or the plaid lower part, the blouse being of white.

RU: Thank you very much. And with the scarves, have we understood the correct thing with them?

Forces: The scarves could be plaid also. Also the scarves in the meditation room should be done with the sewing as the entity (RH) is doing, periodically a skeltering’ it, or what would, he called a shelling’ the material.

RU: Shelling,’ the material?

Forces: This is what we do with the cloth we give to female aspects here.

RU: Could you explain what that means for us here?

Forces: Making a shell shape or the aura shape that forms from the female species comes and proceeds from the body in a shell shape design. This is done through the petals or the symbolic design on the cloth.

RU: Is that similar to the shell when we see Venus arising out of the water in the painting?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So the… so the beads on the… the beads on the scarf should be in this fashion?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The way I’m drawing?

Forces: Correct. The straight-line aspect of up and down could be used, but that is the first degree. The second degree is the shelling.

RU: Thank you very much.

IS: Also in the plaids, is it all right any color whatsoever on plaids? Or is it specific colors?

Forces: Blue is for the spirit. Red is for new missions. Green is for the healing and holiday festivities. Purple and pink if desired is for exhibitions and retreats.

IS: So it’s not any of the materials that we have downstairs? But rather to go and purchase some?

Forces: The materials that you have downstairs are of what colors?

IS: Of many colors.

Forces: Then it would be many different colors of expression.

RU: So the way we thought of putting the different pieces together, that’s… is that all right?

Forces: This could he done adequately.

RU: Thank you very much.

DN: Is there anything you can give me to help with the music?

Forces: The music must come through while you open up your receptive centers. It must come through in a most positive way when the entity is positive. This has to be a quality of trust in that of the unseen. Productivity and movement will only secure the music of tomorrow.

DN: Thank you. Also, would there be something for my nose? Maybe something, a procedure or something, possibly even similar to the one that the person wanted to perform that could be done?

Forces: The nose is only that of interest of receptivity. When it is inside you diverted to selfish reasons, your nose immediately becomes blocked. And as long as you turn your mirror outside to be receptive to service to others, then your nose shall be open. Operation into this area is not going to cure up the cause, but only postpone for a few moments and then the reappearance of it because of actions still being done.

DN: Thank you.

RU: Could you give us an understanding of the swine flu and should we or should we not take the vaccine?

Forces: The swine flu is just a sugar pop. There are certain areas that one should be concerned in regards to this flu. But if one lives a “proper” with thoughts healthy, attitudes positive, and food of proper balance and water for the system, then this should be no harm. But, if the system is negative and destructive, self-centered, self-praising, self development all for self, then…

[Tape stopped recording. The conclusion is a transcription from (BH)’s shorthand notes.]

Forces: …Then there is no progress, no advancement, just empty items surrounding to praise or elevate ego. This individual subjected to this particular flu.

LK: Can you tell me why the sheriff has been unable to serve the papers for my divorce?

Forces: It is a case of many reasons. One, the slowness of the area; two, the lack of contact; three, the general attitude of not caring.

LK: Is there anything that can be done from this end?

Forces: The proper attitude not to become emotionally involved. Trust and discipline self. All things fall into a pattern. All items will take its course. Certain aspects we have no control. Items to flow and try our best with items around us. When this is accomplished…

LK: Can you tell us the effect of the stained glass sculptures?

Forces: First level, they are beautiful and exciting. Long term healing possibility for centers or diseases. [Missed word] color. Cancer: yellow and green. The gall: blue, white, and pink. Kidneys: blue, deeper blue, white. Lungs: yellow, blue, white. Heart: red upon red upon blue. Brain: white upon white upon purple. Nervous system: yellow upon orange upon green upon blue upon red. Feet: blue and green. Legs/ligaments: orange upon orange upon yellow. Intestines and lower tract: white upon orange upon lavender. These sculptures are exactly what they are…to build and create new cellular structures within the body. They will bring, if properly delivered, a healing force to rejuvenate certain areas with the proper control combination to restore vim and vitality to those organs. Call them the wonder sculpture, wishing …[missed word]… sculpture of new beings, or just, a˜The Sculpture’.

BH: Can you tell us what the white scarves that the women wear in the Meditation Room represent?

Forces: We would advise that no matter what is produced in the house if the ideas and principle of spiritual faithfulness is not kept in accord, which this entity represents, all produced is naught and becomes dead when the rays of light from this entity cease to flow upon you. For remember, it is through this entity that we project into the earth. When the entity is cut off, spiritually you are depriving yourself of rays. If the future of what you seek through your choice, we only say that up to this present time it has been given for the …[missed word]… of energy flowing through him. Understand this entity rejuvenates those around. As far as the scarves, these are the symbolic condition for the aura of female species during meditation producing this particular design.

BH: Thank you.

BR: Could you tell us what Tom’s new painting represents?

Forces: It is a painting that is painted by …[missed word]… and origins of creation. In the certain parts, you have certain evolutions of species. Represents hierarchies in the civilization of this particular city…city of the souls, the different hierarchies of evolution. As you turn the painting, you are producing kaleidoscopic for different worlds’ sun. Souls not born yet, white: souls that have accomplished, Ring Past Not. Souls in the red flame are trapped souls.

[At this point (BH)’s notes are stopped, and the remainder is paraphrased from (RU)’s notes].

IS: What about the book, INFERNO by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, and its author?

Forces: Writes partially from him. Wrote from an experience…accurate for him. We each see New York City differently. So it is with how we see and experience hell. Hell comes from the lower.

IS: That is my talent?

Forces: Your talents are decoration of glass, of china, of carpets. Your talents are diversified. They are to do, to create, to make, to design, and to put into harmony.

IS: That about the La Guardia group?

Forces: You can meet with them one time each two weeks, every other Tuesday. On Friday you can attend the synagogue and services. Say the rosary on Tuesdays.

IS: [Asks some questions about the Virginia house.]

Forces: Get Tapestry. The small house…four bedrooms with the living room on the second floor is good. It is just a house. The best temporary place for the meditation room is the skylight room.

NN: [Asks about a dream she has had.]

Forces: It was more than real. It was true. A purple planet. Something creative. Open whistling will bring elementals to you.

GL: [Asks about the children.]

Forces: Teach them to be productive. The children must learn and read. They must be disciplined. They must look and talk. They should be taught to speak clearly and express themselves. This will take patience and time. Let there be no slurring of words, be patient. Do not recognize baby talk. Teach patience, too. Records with repeating words will be helpful.

IS: What happened with Betty Hill in the ship?

Forces: There was no danger for the woman. The vibrations were turned down when she had that thought. She was healed in an indirect way. Always at the appropriate level.

GL: [Starts to ask a question.]

Forces: We are finished and will come and talk more in the future. Strive for more harmony. Do not become bogged down in the material level. Remember your beginnings. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…