Session 103 – 11/5/76

[ed. (BH)’s shorthand notes no tape.]

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been projecting the force of light from up above. This night is that for psychic gifts given by the moon. This night at 2:10 all those who face directly at the moon will receive perceptive visions of psychic understanding. It is this alone that we have to share. We have at this moment prepared to watch many changes of the earth. We also look upon this pipe that is designed from Alaska and find it dangerous. It should be looked into with most explicit hands. We also find the area of California in a dangerous condition. We also find those sections of Havana and that around Cuba to rise up in military forces in Angola and in that place that tribal power is in. They are desecrating the human operations with their… [missed word]. We also find an uneasiness in Switzerland and that of Rome. We are prepared to visit your earth shortly. There will be ships designated to be spotted by you earthlings, and we will make it of such value to those to see us in which photographing our vehicles once and for all will be possible. We have planned to return the major return to the earth and will be on December 24, 2010 or 2011. More so 2010, 2011. Questions.

IS: About what the entity Tom told me about me going for the checking into that of my body and that of that fast or whatever. Is that correct?

Forces: Fasting is good. Checking at this moment does not need to be.

IS: So what he said…7 and 7…that is correct?

Forces: Correct.

NN: With the papers and writing down goals. Is it wrong to list many goals or should it just be one?

Forces: Concentrate on one goal and see the progress in a month.

NN: Thank you.

IS: About the major coming back to earth in 2010 or 2011, you mean to say we are…

Forces: 2010 or 2011.

IS: 20,000 years from now?

Forces: The year 2011.

IS: Will they be all over the world or a major part…

Forces: Major part of revisiting or elevating that we had planted here.

IS: Where is that?

Forces: You. The people of the earth.

IS: You don’t mean America or Israel?

Forces: What we mean is the earth.

IS: That place in Virginia in the woods that I once thought would be an excellent landing spot…

Forces: It has been used before. We had landed in a Siberian area with our mother ship that shook the whole earth. This was determined to be a meteor, but in reality was our mother ship landed.

IS: You are not talking about groups like us in particular. You are talking about people of the earth period?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

RU: The Atomodine treatment as given in the Cayce readings, would they be beneficial to (HP) now or when he’s older?

Forces: We would say for both (MM) and (HP).

RU: Thank you. The same dosage as given in the Cayce readings?

Forces: We would say it a little shorter than average.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: We say to you that relaxing is not the field. Your progression isn’t moving as fast as it should. Do not slack off by taking things too much for granted and taking advantage of people. Watch it and discipline your own emotional body so that your child that you bear teeth will be in order.

RU: Thank you.

JU: Is there a way we can help the man we get incense from, like finding him a source for frankincense or something?

Forces: It would be more interesting to help self first rather than to go hither and thither over and under. This man is an instrument in helping others, but if you spread yourself too thin without taking care of inner first, then there will be no one to help.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Maybe in time, but I haven’t been able to get …[missed word]… as to the main floor in the Virginia house. I don’t know what I am looking for.

Forces: This would be found connecting hallways bringing wall space lower or shorter giving you more room.

GL: Is there an instrument I could learn to play at this time or I should be working on?

Forces: Yes, you can take on the instrument of caring for your fellow man and that of correct speech and thought. Play that well. Your lessons begin immediately.

DD: Which one of the five figures represent that of the temple?

Forces: What figure would you have the temple represent?

DD: The one that it is.

Forces: As far as the geometric design? You will find the temple of Jerusalem and that the sign of four-fold points in which is called the sphere octagon.

DD: Would this be the temple that Isis received, too?

Forces: Correct.

DD: I don’t understand the answer I got last night about the five figures and five books.

Forces: Five figures represent the force field of words in the books. You take the Bible and open the book, and each line is filled with color. Put your hand across and you are releasing electricity. Sleep on it and you will be a bumper bumpedo. Every word is a color. Every sentence is a diagram. Every page is an evolution. Every chapter is a life.

IS: Did you mean the hallways on the main floor?

Forces: You will find them throughout the same.

IS: Or on the ground floor?

Forces: You will find it also throughout the same.

DN: Can you give us health information on the entity Braziliano Ubertini?

Forces: As has been given, submerging in water, bitter water with lemon seed, lettuce, and a castor oil pack for the lower base.

DN: Base of the spine or front area?

Forces: You will find it on both.

DN: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you please tell me the best goal…

Forces: Service to others and humility as a servant.

NN: Thank you very much.

SH: I wanted to find out about the Blessed Mother we purchased for the outside of the house and decided to leave in the Meditation Room. Is she happy there?

Forces: it is the force of her light that comes in through a statue. Your love and devotion to the statue represents love on a conscious level. This woman is happy most when you have patience with your husband in these moments of trials. Rather than place her outside, let us place her inside. As you have done in the Meditation Room, so now you must do in your own heart by sincere trusting with faith what must be done.

IS: Can you tell us the reason (HP) lately has been crying for his mother?

Forces: This is a boredom. It is a boredom that should not be shuffled away. When he shows signs, it follows when he is disturbed about his comfortability. Discipline will not help the child, but rather, as has been given, the child’s energies must be put into a field of expression. Treat it not as unusual or strange. Let the mother give what he wants for the moment and let her bring him to a different consciousness of involvement, rather than for the world to revolve around her. Let the child receive what it wants and then direct the energies to creativeness around it.

RU: It happens in the middle of the night when only Isis hears it. Is it correct that we don’t go into the room?

Forces: Going into the room will only recognize that there is this unusual circumstance. It will bring to his mind that he got attention, and this is his key to continue. Treat as nothing and he will work himself out of it. A night-light will help, but other than that, he must get himself out of it. Pampering will not help the situation.

PR: I hesitated to ask before, but the pursuit and cause of our goal in Pennsylvania. Thus far, we have been patient, and I hope that we have tried to establish the goal that we have there through love, but is there a time when maybe we should use a little force to exert upon the people up there? Is the time now or wait?

Forces: Force should never be used only with discretion and when used with love. When this would be used, use it under the cloak of perseverance and stick-to-it-tiveness. This is your only weapon to watch to gain and to keep asking questions. If this is done, it should help the situation.

IS: You mean keep calling…

Forces: Calling would bring constructive things, but remember this, as far as being worked out, will take time and a lot of tests.

DD: The dream I had with one of your ships with Tom there, and it was a rectangular room and someone said Isis would be interested that it was rectangular…

Forces: This is exactly what had happened that evening.

DD: Also, what did the …[missed word]… mean in the dream?

Forces: There is that force that could happen. At this moment, it is not correct.

DN: The effectiveness of the Golden Seal seems to be lacking…

Forces: The Golden Seal herb should be placed while the water is simmering and covered for five minutes. Then it should be drunk. It should only be used twice with each change of water. Also, light is not a perfect element for it. It must be placed in a box or brown jar.

DN: It should be used only as a tea?

Forces: It should be given as that substance of a medical tea or internal tea.

DN: Thank you. How many cups per day?

Forces: Three cups for three hours as long as eight hours.

IS: Is there anything I should be doing I’m not?

Forces: You are doing just as has been given. Take pencil in hand and you will be receptive. Most of all, look at tomorrow with happiness and joy, not pain and sorrow, and the blessings you have received. We will now leave. Appreciate being here and ask you all to look within yourselves at this moment. Re-evaluate your progress and do not cross off your negatives by saying things will get better without working for it. You must contribute and work for your own bettering.

Group: Our Father…

IS: [Said something to indicate she had another question.]

Forces: We take it that you have one question.

IS: I asked my last question because part of the thing with the juices in my stomach is faith. Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong?

Forces: Trust factor and less and less of that which is fear. Trust factor must come in.

IS: Trust factor in the spirit world?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…