Session 102 – 11/4/76

Greetings to all here present now. We have watched the events as they fell and find it just as we thought. It was interesting. There shall be changes in attitudes in people. Personal relationships between one and another in this country. People will be normally nasty in their approach to the point where this would be that of accepted. As far as your half of that light, it shall be preserved. Many corporations and companies will either close or merge together in order to prevent other great disasters to happen. There shall be a disagreement among the farmers over food prices and there shall be disagreements in the mines. As far as this group’s color coordination’s are concerned, in the Session past, we stressed the females with long plaid dresses. The plaid represents the symbolism of psychic fields. It represents the harmony of the forces and the strength within the light to stand by itself in God’s power. As far as the strength in this group, it must be strong, unified, and preserved. In order to continue there must be a one hundred per cent commitment and interest in everything. That one is involved; the other two must be involved. All happens together. As far as the one who is… whose name is (RH), the eyes system, proper concern and proper faith, taking that of carrot juice and carrots a well portion of the day for a period of four weeks the most. This aspect could be smoother and lighter determining the factors. Question.

IS: About (RH)’s carrots, would you say about three, four pounds a day?

Forces: Not that much. Two, two and a half sticks a day.

IS: Thank you. About the Presidency, you knew that Jimmy Carter is going to win the Presidency, yet you didn’t say nothing. I mean, whatever you said, you said between the lines. How come you didn’t say?

Forces: This is an aspect that could not be revealed.

IS: In that case, is it by your wishes that he is President?

Forces: It is not by our wishes, but the reflections of the people’s wishes. We will work with this man Carter in strange phenomena, that is, in ways that will make him very fearful of the strange and the phenomenal. It is not the best, but it will not be the worst, for it will be worked out to the best of the whole country. There must be an attentiveness on what he does and a sake of patience.

IS: So, the way I see is like he’s a beginning of a certain Communist aspect.

Forces: But it is that aspect that needs to be worked and uprooted in this.

IS: It needs to be uprooted? In him?

Forces: Too much power is not beneficial.

IS: Thank you. Now about Mr. Ford, am I understanding correct what shall be with him?

Forces: There shall be a spiritual progression that will make him cross over to another avenue of expression which will be very important for those here now.

IS: Has he received the telegram? Has he read it personally?

Forces: It has been received and read. Wouldn’t worry about it. The conditions dictate a lack of time getting from one place to another.

IS: Thank you. Now, as we’re working on the main floor, is that correct? The way it is now? The rooms designated?

Forces: There could be additional rooms here and there.

IS: On the main floor? Additional rooms. The rooms are there already?

Forces: It shall be developed.

IS: I mean, it’s something within my power by…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now the little meditation chamber on the third floor, is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Was the… let me see… Is the temple (IS) saw before that she was… got some information on, is it based on one of the… like a certain solid?

Forces: [No Response] … Question.

IS: Should we ask a different question?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: Repeat the same question? I was wondering if the temple (IS) received, the beginnings of the plans were… was it based on one of the five solids?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Were these… do these five solids go with the five Books of Moses? Does that have them here?

Forces: In this respect this could… line upon line slowly move. Question.

RH: With the extra rooms on the first floor, would one of those rooms be a room built onto the living room going through the doors on the side of the house?

Forces: [No response] … Question.

IS: The question (RH) has asked about whether the rooms on the main floor that are there that we do not see them yet… are there already in existence? Or are there additional rooms yet to be built?

Forces: Additional rooms to be.

IS: To be built. And is one of them from the…

Forces: Correct.

IS: But as it stands now on the plan, that’s it. Correct? Or are there more rooms there that I’m not seeing?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it’s more. The long dresses, the plaited long dresses that you were… is that what you mean? Long dresses actually? Not scarves?

Forces: Forms must be developed. This force or fence around… protect. The power of strength comes in and given out to this entity.

IS: So those moments of silence…

Forces: It is an inner force of awakening. Question.

IS: I understood the answer to the first one. Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now about (HA), should… should we go there to see her or around the time or when the baby comes? Or should I stay…

Forces: This is necessary if the heart dictates.

IS: Then I should stay with her?

Forces: As time goes on it shall be revealed what will be done. Question.

IS: About (SH) and (AM) and yesterday morning on the telephone, what can I possibly answer them? What can I possibly tell them? Was that far, that much, was that little handled correct? Did I do the best I can?

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: What else can be done for them?

Forces: More so, with thee with patience and love that other aspect can come your way.

IS: Thank you. And the houses in Pennsylvania? Are… have we understood that actually if you didn’t come in into this whole thing, that whole development would have gone down like one more down for the fraud business in real estate. Is that correct? Or did they actually have good intentions?

Forces: The intentions will be good.

IS: Will be good?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are we on the right track there?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The entity (RN), what can be done with him?

Forces: We have an enema, which would be perfect for his mouth. With what comes out is nothing void but strange words that means more confusion. He needs to watch deeply his actions before untold things are done. Question.

IS: But what can we do in that case?

Forces: Awareness, of course, bringing it to his mind that we are aware.

IS: He is stupid, isn’t he?

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: (PR) and (MY) and the thing that they are going through at this point between each other…

Forces: It is changing for the good.

IS: Oh it is? Will it come out all right, too, then?

Forces: It will come out.

IS: Not all right?

Forces: All right will take an extra day or two. Question.

IS: An extra day or two means another lifetime or two?

Forces: All depends upon your day or two. Question.

IS: About Zipporah…

Forces: We had the best hotel going for her.

IS: I felt totally and completely helpless at that moment when she refused to even read one Psalm. I felt that I don’t see what I can possibly… it was… I wasn’t angry then, I was just… sort of numb.

Forces: In time it will be seen either way.

IS: Then should I continue communication with that entity?

Forces: If need be. We here have been watching as always, the structure of steel, copper, the materials of corn and wheat. Prepare yourselves for that strength within. Do not forget your purpose and your group consciousness. It would be well that the entity that we speak through in his moments of service and adoration, in order to give a proper blessing of spiritual needs, be bought a stone to give forth that of release of the energy psychic field known as the emerald.

IS: As a ring? As a necklace?

Forces: As a ring. The stone which would represent this group is a ruby and emerald.

IS: That means ruby rings for us and an emerald ring for him.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Also, I’m sorry…

Forces: No need. Ask your question.

IS: Why do I have the heartburns and each time a new thing develops…

Forces: Water is needed in your system. Also, that of faith and trust in God.

IS: It seems no matter what I eat…

Forces: There is also a inner change causing all juices to flow back.

IS: The seltzer water, is that good?

Forces: It has helped.

IS: Yeah. That’s what you mean by water?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is there anything else in my physical body? I keep feeling like each time there is a revolution in my body. I…

Forces: Revolutions come and go. Most of all people must come together in the feeling of cooperation, love and respect in order to move from the point you are at.

IS: For the entity (BR) and her face and the work on the face. Is that correct? Or should something else… or what could be told… said about it?

Forces: Alcohol inside her face and a little cup of heated wine before three times a week.

IS: Heated wine? What kind of wine?

Forces: Whatever is in store.

IS: I see. Drink the wine?

Forces: Correct. Wine by itself heated.

IS: Heated.

Forces: With that of nutmeg and a little bit of… sounds like Christmas. Most important of all, the food aspect of salads and tomatoes and onions must be filled into the body. Also, that of leafy vegetables would be well.

IS: And as far as the entity Tom and his diet?

Forces: Continue to subdue that feeling. In short, yes, to continue.

IS: The diet the way it is? No meat?

Forces: Correct. People, there is a trouble times ahead. There is a strong foundation here taking the spirit to those at work and guiding yourself to do that which is right.

IS: Is one of the rooms to be the twenty-six foot balcony or porch or… near the kitchen?

Forces: Possible. Could be done.

IS: Will you help me with finding…

Forces: We will help. We are to terminate this meeting, but we must remind you of your own inner strength and cooperation. Without such, all things cannot be done. Capitulate with that of little things in order to acquire a greater mastery of yourselves. We will come back again soon with that of constructive and positive feelings. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…