Session 101 – 10/28/76

Greetings to all here present now. We have that which is to place with that in that realm. We know that there are others… but the forces coming into and from does take that strong amount. With the forces of apparel that shall be coming in soon, we have suggested that the top of your head be covered while meditating or in prayer. This design for the females of the house should be a white plus basic of plaids…green and blue if necessary. We have been going through a difficult moment and have been with the reception and the cleanliness of all possible. The standard takes longer than usual. As far as covering the head in the meditation room, this would be wise. These plaids represent centers within the body otherwise clean, until lunch is served. We ask you all to come together in harmony and discipline. That if one is doing wrong, it is that one who is doing it wrong himself. We have watched the progression of many individual persons and do hope… We here can only stress the factor of unity and harmony in order to meet the days ahead. With these forces covering the top, it will make the woman more secure in her thoughts. We are now ready for your questions.

NN: The dream that I had a couple of nights ago where I was shooting those people only it turned out to be blanks, was it good aspects or bad aspects that I was shooting at?

Forces: These happen to be aspects that need to be changed for other aspects or friends and do not need to.

NN: What did it mean that there were blanks and then… then it turned out after I shot them and they came back to life and it was… it was blanks in the gun?

Forces: We have looked, we shall look again. [The phone rings] We will wait.

DD: Hello. [No one answers.]

Forces: Question again.

NN: In the dream the aspects that I was shooting at and it seemed like they died and then I was upset about it. And they came back to life and it turned out that it was blanks in the gun.

Forces: This represents your life. No matter what you do on a worldly, logical level, it has already been destined by God to come.

NN: Thank you. Is there any chance that any time soon I could quit my job?

Forces: This comes through a understanding and mutual agreement of cooperation and work.

NN: Thank you. Also, does the flute represent the thymus center?

Forces: This can represent that or over the thyroid.

NN: Thank you.

JU: In telling us of the Michael service in one Session you mentioned that it would be twenty-seven candles all in a row. In another, it seemed to be that there would be three rows of those candles. Can you tell us which it is? Or am I not reading it correctly?

Forces: This is correct.

JU: And in one of the… in one of the Sessions you talked about the center of light in the solar plexus. Can you say why that… why that’s called the center of light? And explain that?

Forces: [Long pause.] We are now ready for your question.

JU: In a Session you had mentioned that the center of light was in the solar plexus. Can you… can you explain how that is or what is meant by that?

Forces: This was a time when this era was…

IS: Can we ask questions?

Forces: Of course.

IS: Why are all the Sessions lately so difficult to come through?

Forces: Because changes are being made.

IS: It’s nothing bad?

Forces: No.

IS: Can (JU) go on with his question?

Forces: Continue.

JU: Should I ask the same question?

IS: Should he ask the same question?

JU: In one of the Sessions you spoke of spears and shields that are to be the decoration of some parts of the house in Virginia. Is that something that is there to be found on the physical level? Or something on another level? Could you explain to us what that is? What was meant?

IS: [After a period of silence.] What are the changes that are going on? Can we know what those changes are, or partially what they are that they are making the Sessions difficult to come through? Is it changes within us?

Forces: These changes represent internal… internal.

IS: Internal changes. So it’s changes within us.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then will we come out of it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And then the Sessions will be able to come through better?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And does this… is this connected with the forces of apparel coming soon?

Forces: No.

IS: What are these forces of apparel that are coming soon?

Forces: These forces are those which will direct and guide those humans who ask for it.

IS: In this group or everywhere?

Forces: Everywhere.

IS: And the changes in us is a change of consciousness?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And until that change takes place we are sort of in limbo?

Forces: Staying… staying still is more like it.

IS: So that’s why it’s like coming from afar and more difficult to enter into that… into our thickness or stagnation? Is that what it is? What can we do to change these changes?

Forces: Work as hard as possible and to be as productive and in harmony with one another.

IS: Is it a phase or is it a lack in us of a phase? [There is no answer, so she continues.] Is it something that has already…

Forces: It is the measurement of space and ability.

IS: So is it a foretold thing about that space? Because that’s what you’re saying…the space, and we have to build in it and how much we build in that space. That’s what you can sort of have an anchor on that building. Not on the space. Is that… is that something like it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So actually we entered another space and, and now we have to fill it up by building it? Like maybe we before were in another space and we build on it. And then we entered a new space, which we have still yet not build in it. Is that it?

Forces: Correct. We are now ready for your questions.

RU: In the First Book of Samuel, Chapter Three, the first verses, when it speaks about, “And the word of the Lord was precious in those days. There was no open vision,” what do they mean by, “no open vision”?

Forces: [No response.]

IS: Do they mean by the open vision that you didn’t come and speak through anybody? Or nobody could see what was being given?

Forces: [No response]… [Snoring]…

(IS) & Group: [Chanting] “Glory to God in the highest…”

Forces: We are now ready for your next questions.

BH: In the story of Jesus, Edgar Cayce calls the will the companion of the soul. I’m wondering if… if the soul has no will by itself, then that must mean that its will is the will of God. So if he gave the soul a will, then is that what separated us from God?

Forces: [No response.]

IS: Are the questions we are asking not to be asked or are we to ask any questions?

Forces: Questions could be more suitably…

IS: The bottom floor in the Virginia house, except that we don’t know there a little bit of the measurement problem, but is that accurate? Have we done that accurate?

Forces: [No response.]

IS: The forces of apparel that are coming soon, what is… what are they dealing with?

Forces: [No response.]

RH: Would the forces of apparel be the next President that comes?

Forces: [No Response.]

IS: Are questions not being answered because of the kind of question that it’s wrong? Or because of something else?

Forces: [No response.]

RU: Would it help if we covered our heads now?

Forces: [No response.]

(IS) & GROUP: [Chanting] “Save us from destruction and protect us, Let thy light shine around us.”

Forces: The cause of the silence is not that it is silence, but that it is being prepared. Relax. Question.

IS: But every question we asked…

Forces: Then be patient. Question.

IS: Should we re-ask questions that we asked?

Forces: If deemed so necessary.

IS: Is Jimmy Carter… is he of the white forces? Or of the other side?

Forces: It is not of the white force.

IS: Will he win this election? Has that been decided already?

Forces: Nothing has been decided, not even up to the very moment.

IS: So if Jimmy Carter wins, is that the beginning of Revelation, the prophecies, the coming of the anti-Christ?

Forces: This is not part of that. This is only a share of the make in which the model Ford, not meaning President, of course, but engines do go on. As we see from here, the different items come together to prepare the stage for the play or for a car to run in the race.

IS: I see. So it does not mean it’s the final model, but it is a preparation for that final model.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Where people are going to… to want even a more fiercer…

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: The Masons, should we still be involved with them? Should we… it’s actually a couple of questions… should we definitely not go there, become members of the Mason Organization?

Forces: No. It is not necessary.

IS: And should we continue to have relations with like… like (KT) and these other people?

Forces: If it grows into a mutual relationship of sharing, there is no problem.

IS: So it could become a group after we leave with (PR)?

Forces: Possible. Question.

IS: The forces of apparel that are coming soon, what are they dealing with?

Forces: Items, ideas, beliefs, religion.

IS: For the good or for…

Forces: Those items, ideas, beliefs, religions has a tendency of getting misinterpreted.

IS: So there is going to be even a stronger uproar of religion than what is now…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Only it might take a few different directions? Thank you.

Forces: We are sending back this entity for a few moments for we need to correct something where we are at.

THE GROUP: Our Father who art in the heavens…

With the changes to come from West to East and East to West, there shall be a constant flow of movement and forces entering straight through. There shall be strange discoveries in outer space and revelations of materials of new developments. There shall be heat fibers producing from self and water cleansing within itself. There shall be strange tradings between countries, and there shall also be a revelation of thought within schools. Chances are…focusing in the city, New York City University and also focusing near Columbia University for those strange ideas and focuses. Question.

IS: In California, Los Angeles, I believe, not too far, there is a church that was built with no, any kind of electrical heat or any other heat, but it says at seventy-two degrees constantly. Could you tell us anything how that was built?

Forces: This was constructed angles in which captures the sun’s rays heating and creating heat into the coils of this system, storing such heat and expanding it out during the day.

IS: Could we build in that fashion.

Forces: It can be possible.

IS: It’s not solar heat, correct? Not what they consider solar…

Forces: It is under the idea of such.

IS: But not the way they have it.

Forces: Correct.

IS: The bottom floor that is on paper is that correct now? The lower floor in the Virginia house?

Forces: This is accurate.

IS: And the measurements that conflict a little bit, it’s…

Forces: You can kick a yard here and there.

IS: Also, are we going to have a meditation room, chamber or otherwise inside the house anywhere?

Forces: This can be done through imagination and working of space.

IS: Is that what we call mystery chamber? Should we make a chapel out of that?

Forces: It could be possible.

IS: But there is a different place?

Forces: The place is where we would want it.

IS: Where would you want it?

Forces: We would want it where you would have the thoughts and powers to create it. Try that one on.

IS: Well, that’s the… the one in the garage upstairs. Thoughts and powers to create. Is that correct? In the garage, the upper floor?

Forces: Incorrect.

IS: Incorrect.

RU: In the skylight room?

IS: The skylight room?

Forces: It could be worked out. But this room shall materialize in front of you.

IS: Which floor is it on? Could you tell us that?

Forces: As time goes on.

IS: But it’s definite… it’s… it’s not on the lower floor?

Forces: As time goes on.

IS: The… what we call the den? That’s facing east.

Forces: As time goes on.

IS: Thank you. Also…

Forces: Persistent.

IS: What?

RU: Persistent.

IS: No. It’s a different question I’ll ask now…

Forces: Not that.

IS: About my dream?

Forces: Ask.

IS: In the dream I had this young man and some sort of involvement in the Mafia. And the young man came after us but he was weak. And then he fell away and he went to the black side… to the Mafia. And then he despised the black side and he was still there but he was with us. Is that somebody here?

Forces: It is the attraction for that of the luxuries of the world. Correct. And the inability of disciplining themselves. If you are to move in any avenue of spiritual level, one must discipline and hold in check his physical, mental body. This dream only signifies this…the checking systems.

IS: So it’s for me?

Forces: It is for those who understand it.

IS: Thank you. Now the scarves for the women that you have given, first you said white. But is it white or is it if we cannot find white that we wear the plaid?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And for the men, are the “cipas” that they have, is that enough?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But white is… is the more important?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Is it… is it possible, with the meditation room in the house, is it possible that there’s like an attic above the third floor to construct or… I thought I remembered something in a closet up there that led…

Forces: There are several.

NN: There are several?

IS: Several possibilities?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Are the forces of apparel connected with the anti-christ?

Forces: This could be so.

NN: Thank you. Also, when it says the prayer, “The Lord preserve thy coming in and thy going out,” is that referring to coming in and out of the body?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you. Is there anything else that it refers to?

Forces: To what? To you?

NN: To me or to…

Forces: In time. The time at this moment is the creation and pushing ahead.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

BR: The dreams that I’ve been having… One dream was that I was talking to Enoch and Noah and the other dream last night was that I had a dream that God came down to bring back with him thirty-five souls who truly fasted and one of them was Enoch. Could you tell me what they mean?

Forces: Each represents a symbol and center within you to guide and discipline and correct and to move those around.

BR: Thank you. There… in a Session it was given that the land in Virginia and the house in Virginia, one is called the Grotto of Strength, would that be Michael the Archangel?

Forces: Incorrect.

BR: Incorrect. Okay. Could… I don’t under… is there an angel to that or is it… what is the Grotto of Strength? You mean the house and the land?

IS: It’s a combination of all the forces of the Forces.

Forces: Correct. Accurate.

BR: Oh. Thank you.

RU: In the Book of… First Book of Samuel, when it says that Eli’s sons were the sons of Belial, were those physical… his like physical sons or were they also children who had been brought to the temple by their parents as Samuel was brought later?

[End of Side A]

Forces: … but not at this moment.

IS: Oh, I see. So all these questions should not be dealt at this point, that’s why they’re not being answered? Is that… if a question is asked and there is no answer to it, the answer is not being given to the question, it means that question should be asked at a further time… at another time?

Forces: [No response.]

IS: Could I ask questions now?

Forces: Continue.

IS: Is there anything wrong with my physical body? My stomach, my heartburns, my…

Forces: [No response.]

IS: Is that a new stage of faith that I’m coming into or something? Or the workings of faith?

Forces: [After a long pause.] Question.

IS: If we ask a question and the question is not answered, is it because it’s the wrong question at this time? Or should we attempt to ask the question again at this time? Or is it a wrong question at any time?

Forces: [No response.]

IS: Can I ask a question now?

Forces: [No response.]

IS: Tom?

Forces: It is not over with yet. Continue.

[No one asks a question.]

Forces: [Snoring.]

[The group goes into meditation, tape is turned off. The closing statement is from (RU)’s notes.]

Forces: We shall talk more about this as the day goes on. Greetings to all here.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…