Session 100 – 10/2/76

[ed. Text in brackets [ ] shorthand notes. The Forces faded in and out throughout this Session.]

[Greetings to all those present. We have watched the force that should be strengthened and discussed. This force cannot be accomplished when other forces come in. It would be strong if this entity would meet with those in lines of education. There are many gold items that are not gold until the end. With this force that should be entering, it would be strong to let items fall into place. As far as your home is concerned, it would be well not to lose faith and confidence. We only ask]… [Tape resumes]… [a very long pause]

IS: “Glory to God in the highest… ”

Forces: With that force, the thing that must come will be patience. We find this means the transferring… [A very long pause]…

IS & GROUP: Glory to God in the highest,

Praise be to God in the highest.

Glory to God in the highest

Forces: [Make a sound and chanting ceases.]… [A long pause]… You can be here to encourage the days ahead, to question what is and what isn’t… [inaudible]… We are now ready for your individual questions. With the force that speaks, we shall enter in.

IS: What can be done to build up the force?

Forces: Concentrate on the purpose and ideals of unity. Have patience.

IS: The purpose and ideal of some? Unity and the purpose and ideal.

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: What can we do at this point now?

Forces: Patience and wait. Forces greater than ourselves are now at work. Question and force should be allowed to rotate. Question.

IS: The force should be allowed to rotate?

Forces: Correct. As this force… Question.

DN: The colitis the individual (RM) has, could anything be given for that? Should anything be done at all?

Forces: That of patience and that of wanting to see the growth come about. Question.

DN: Thank you.

HI: Could you give me some future guidance?

Forces: This would be difficult to perceive on a level…

LK: When you said that forces greater than yourselves were at work, what did you mean?

Forces: That which is… trouble.

IS: What is the thing that separates the unity of purpose?

Forces: That of interpreting with love and new ideas.

IS: New ideas interpreting with love?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is everyone in the room guilty on that?

Forces: This change could be handled by all of you. Question.

IS: Is it healthy then to have it right now?

Forces: Go on, please.

IS: Can it not hurt the entity?

Forces: This force…

IS: Should we continue asking questions?

Forces: Question.

GL: Is there anything that we can do to help Tom and (IS) at the present time?

Forces: … [No answer]…

IS: Is the answer the silence?

Forces: Silence has its points. Question.

IS: Has the last question been answered?

Forces: It has been skimmed over.

RU: In Chapter Three, Verse Seven in the First Book of Samuel, “Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord. Neither was the word of the Lord revealed unto him,” does that mean meditation or is it a higher metaphysical teaching that took place in the temple at that time?

Forces: … [No response]…

IS: Should we ask questions?

Forces: Question.

IS: Are we to… is it wise to continue the Session if… if something is happening that we are not helping it?

Forces: Question.

IS: Should we allow the entity to sleep or come back or…

[Chanting] “Save us from destruction and protect us…”

Forces: That strength… it would be good to. Question.

GL: [Whispers]… The Michael prayer.

NN: [Begins]… “Forces on high…”

JU: Session said the Michael prayer. The Michael prayer.

NN: That’s what I’m doing.

JU: [Whispers]… The Forces suggest it.

Forces: Um-hum.

IS: Then should we continue asking questions?

Forces: It would not hurt.

IS: Would it not hurt the entity Torn?

Forces: … [No response]…

GL: Are the names that we have now as we were given before by you to us, when we go up to see the lawyer to change our names legally, should they be as they are now? Or are there any changes?

Forces: … [No response]…

NN: “Forces on high… ”

IS: It doesn’t seem we can ask questions. We don’t receive answers.

MK: What can I do to make my committment stronger? To have more confidence in my God and in myself?

Forces: … [Pause]… Question.

IS: Should we chant?

Forces: It is not necessary. Question.

DN: Can we understand more of what’s going on now? And why we ask questions but we… it seems that we don’t get an answer?

Forces: And yet the answer is there.

DN: Is the answer there in the silence?

Forces: … [No response]…

IS: Then are you saying we already know what we have to do and we’re just not doing it?

Forces: … [No response]…

RU: Is there something else that’s happening right now that’s causing… that’s a reason, other than the immediate things that we see? On another level perhaps that makes it necessary for us to be in this type of connection?

Forces: … [No response]…

IS: Why should we not chant? If the Forces… there is something not right or something very right. We don’t understand it.

Forces: … [No response]…

IS: In changing of the names, the entity (DN), should his name remain (DN) or (DN)?

Forces: Question.

IS: The question I have just referred to about the name of (DN) or (DN), which name is correct?

Forces: … [No response]…

IS: Can we have the entity Tom back?

Forces: He is progressing beyond our hearing. This is heading in this direction. It is the power and strengths that you must believe we hold all things represented here. We are leaving at this point only to prepare what must be done in the days ahead. Be not troubled nor dismayed. It is a purpose to be proud of. Greetings to all those.

Group: Our Father who art in the heavens…

Session 100

Part II

Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching and find it a struggling force. There are those elements surrounding same in which the course of vibrations was so heavy that the transmitter of forces of energy were blocked. It was caused by the static and negative field above. There are those atmospheric conditions that have altered our communications and the distortion of same. It was a force breaking through, trying to prevent communication. Such a force failed to succeed. We have watched the growth of this particular group and find that it is a Session like unto the cooperative spirit that you all must move and join in together in order with this. If you do not equally take your own particular place in reference to your future, you are casting that which would be stones out and un-cooperation, in which many must play his fair share in the spirit work for his future. And not one or two has the right not to commit himself. As far as your home is concerned in Schuyler, this shall be told in different stages what should be done. It would be a wise idea to remove, as has been said, the furnace from one room to the other. It is also well to have certain parts of the home repaired and strengthened in order to prevent corrosion. The gutter system must be checked along with the filtering of same. Screens and windows must be secure and storm filters must be purchased. As far as the personal appearance of this group is concerned, it needs to be developed. Personal appearance needs to be looked into while travelling. Shirts of pastel colors and designs would be good. And pants, whatever color, in uniformity and consistency of plain shirts near white. Harmony and unity in spirit to be developed. We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Is that force that tried to prevent the previous communication still trying to prevent it?

Forces: The force has not tried to prevent it. It is a natural element that is surrounding the area. Call it the metallic reaction found in this area. For in short, the raw materials that is buried and not yet discovered.

IS: You mean that raw material is that this area of the country has not yet been used…

Forces: It is designated areas of uranium that is found in this area. And it is this that affects the spiritual centers of man.

IS: And does it effect us for good or for bad?

Forces: This affects those centers for those who are striving for good. Those who are not, for bad.

IS: And that that we were not in perfect harmony with the spirit turned that force of uranium into our force, into a negative force?

Forces: A slower force.

IS: A slower force. And is that why the rains were so strong this morning?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And now is there a stronger force within ourselves?

Forces: Correct.

IS: You said before that the entity Tom was beyond your calling. Where was he? And how can that happen?

Forces: This information cannot be given.

IS: Is it dangerous for the entity?

Forces: There is no danger.

IS: Is it that why I couldn’t feel the Forces that I usually feel?

Forces: This entity was encased in a glass cipher, traveling seventeen times the speed of light through an existing vacuum to our force of knowledge and physical strength. In short, re-generating the cellular structure of his astral and chemical body.

IS: And is he better now?

Forces: He is rejuvenated.

IS: Is that another reason why you were in no hurry to finish before?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Am I understanding anything if… if I am understanding, or my imagination, or what happened that night that I came in into the room? I thought the entity was there. I thought I felt him. And yet he was not there. And the rest of the…

Forces: You had witnessed the transmigration of cellular structure.

IS: Was it for me to witness?

Forces: It was not for you to witness. But it happened while you were there.

IS: But there are no accidents. I’m not… I don’t mean that it was only for me.

Forces: We are not considering it an accident. Go on.

IS: Was it correct, then, that there was a… maybe a spaceship in the room?

Forces: Sort of, yes.

IS: Can this happen, or rather, will this happen… I don’t know how to ask that. Could there be such a something that is so negative that he will go and won’t come back?

Forces: There is that possibility.

IS: How can we stop that?

Forces: No person can stop termination.

IS: But we are not talking about a natural termination.

Forces: It would for all apparent causes be natural.

IS: Yeah, but the truth of it would not be that be that it’s natural

Forces: There would be no one to believe you.

IS: Yeah, but I don’t care about no one. I would know and… and if there is a way to prevent such a thing before it’s time or…

Forces: By having calm thoughts without fear.

IS: Thank you. When you say about the house that… that everything will come slowly, step by step, just the way we found it. You still are saying the spirit of cooperation or responsibility taking on for the future of the people here. Part of that is… is it part of it what we have discussed that each one must take on getting involved even in trying to find ideas with the house?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And was this sort of an example of other things, too?

Forces: Correct.

IS: For instance, people involved with other people that come in into the house?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

DN: The entity (RM), would there be anything to be given for his colitis?

Forces: Syrup of coke.

DN: Does it look as if the surgery would be necessary?

Forces: It is more the surgical qualities of his mind.

DN: Thank you.

NN: Would you, please, give me further guidance to help me have the faith to commit myself whole-heartedly to God?

Forces: You must put your values that you have placed on the world and put those same values on God.

NN: Thank you. Also, why is the Twenty-Third Psalm the most sacred psalm?

Forces: Because it describes the descent of the soul into the earth and the mastery of the soul out of the earth with the guidance of God.

NN: Thank you. Would it be all right to turn off the air conditioner?

Forces: That is a necessary force that prevents the uranium field to come in.

NN: Thank you.

HI: Could you give me some guidance for the future as far as maybe changes that we should undertake?

Forces: In sharing companies, bank forces, selling of automobiles, and most important, that of books and ledgers.

HI: Thank you. Is there also… I have a feeling that I should terminate the job and that (JB) and me, we should come here to look for a job. Or should we wait until further?

Forces: It would be well for you to find a place first and to find the job second. And thus, being done, you would terminate your job in Virginia.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: Your destiny here to establish a force field in your own standards.

IS: Does that mean that (HI) and (JB) would live on their own?

Forces: It is a possible way for them to express their particular energy field.

IS: Should we look into the possibility of that house that we have passed on the road this evening coming from our house in Schuyler for either (JB) and (HI) or (SN) and (HA)?

Forces: This could be.

IS: We’re going to see the lawyer tomorrow, Kenneth. Are the names that we have as they are to remain as they are? Or are there any changes?

Forces: Changes of the names. (DN), of course, should be called (DN).

IS: (DN)?

Forces: (DN). (DN) Philip.

DN: Thank you.

IS: Thank you. Anybody else? What should my name be called?

Forces: (IS).

IS: Thank you. (JE)?

Forces: (JE) James.

IS: (NN)?

Forces: More so just (JE). (NN) Naomi.

IS: Both names or just one?

Forces: It is up to her to decide which one she chooses.

IS: But only one?

Forces: Correct.

IS: (LK)?

Forces: (LKM).

IS: Thank you. (GL)?

Forces: (GL) Christopher Kane.

IS: (RU)?

Forces: For (GL), Candy.

IS: (GL) Candy Kane? Is that correct?

Forces: (GL) Christopher.

IS: (HI)?

Forces: Same.

IS: (JB), the same?

Forces: Same.

IS: (RU)?

Forces: (RA).

IS: (RA). Bath-Sheba?

Forces: Same.

IS: (MK)?

Forces: (MK) Matthew.

IS: (RH)?

Forces: (RH) Sunnybrook. (RH) (RH) Joan.

IS: Joan?

Forces: Joan.

IS: Joan. (BR)?

Forces: (BR), Katherine.

IS: (BR), Katherine. (DD) Samuel?

Forces: Same.

IS: (JU)?

Forces: Did we give him?

JU: Not yet.

Forces: (JU) Benjamin.

IS: The entity Tom?

Forces: Same.

RU: (SN) and (HA)? (SN) and (HA)?

IS: (SN) and (HA)?

Forces: Same.

IS: (MM) and (HP)?

Forces: Same.

JU: The La Guardia Group?

Forces: Same.

IS: For the entity (MK), is there something with his physical body that is wrong? And what should we do about it?

Forces: Weakness in the lungs, as obviously noted, bronchial tubes, and that which is taken in the breaking up of mucus.

DN: Garlic?

Forces: This along with other herbs and spices. In particular, mint, ginger, allspice, and cinnamon.

IS: Thank you very much. For the entity (JU), is my understanding correct?

Forces: On what?

IS: On the name Benjamin?

Forces: Correct.

IS: With the entity Tom is there anything that he can take in physically to help his weakness?

Forces: Prunes.

DN: Prunes.

Forces: Grapefruits, lettuce, water, and rest.

IS: How about the substance of meat?

Forces: Liver if necessary. Other than that, no need.

IS: No need for any other meat?

Forces: Correct.

IS: For a moment.

Forces: Correct.

IS: How about myself?

Forces: Chicken, liver, steak, lamb, liver, eggs, duck.

IS: Duck?

Forces: Duck.

IS: Am I to go back on the diet, then?

Forces: If you feel it is necessary.

IS: I don’t know what is necessary.

Forces: One week on, one week off. Here today…

IS: Are you giving me these things because maybe those are the things I want?

Forces: Incorrect.

IS: How about my name? Is the name Eva remaining because maybe I do not want to part from that name?

Forces: Incorrect.

IS: Thank you very much.

LK: Will it still be necessary for me to go out of town after I’ve filed the divorce? Or would it be possible just to stay at home and out of sight?

Forces: Travel to this place would not be bad. To stay at home and out of sight would not be bad either. More so…

IS: More so stay at home? Or whatever-whichever one he wants?

Forces: If he would want to stay with the mother of you.

IS: Oh, my mother?

Forces: Correct.

IS: It might he a good lesson for you in getting involved. Is that the idea?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Is there anything else that I can do that will make the whole divorce thing go the way it’s supposed to go? Or is everything already taken care of?

Forces: It is a difficult question. The divorce should go the way you would want it to go. There is no way we would make this to go the way you would want it. But there is a way in which it should go by God’s laws. Therefore, if you keep that perseverance and commitment that you have established, and lose not your strength, it shall work through you. There should be no problem.

IS: Now the, the mother you meant is mine, not the entity Tom’s?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, with the Masons, that was a whole trip like Edgar Cayce on the oil fields?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Did we guess correctly or did we receive the information correctly on who that person was?

Forces: Need to be re-evaluated.

IS: It’s not the father or… or the son-in-law?

Forces: Still needs to be re-evaluated.

IS: Is it Abraham?

Forces: Incorrect.

IS: Have we learned the lesson?

Forces: Sometimes we ask ourselves that, too. Your lessons are very difficult to get across to you. Fear not, serve God, and send love. Then all things will be in harmony to the plan. When your fear, when your doubts creep up, then you are in contradiction to our plan.

IS: The letter that has been written up, should it be sent, given as is, or should it be evaluated more? Added on something?

Forces: Nothing added on. Refined a little bit, but no problem.

IS: Was that automatic writing?

Forces: I could not write so fast.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Could you give me a middle name?

Forces: (JE) wants a middle name. Hurry up. Get the book.

IS: (JE) won?

Forces: That wouldn’t be bad either.

RU: (JE) wants a middle name.

Forces: Bartholomew.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: There you have it.

IS: (JE) Bartholomew or Bartholomew (JE)?

Forces: Whichever way (JE) wants it.

JE: Thank you.

GL: When the priests in Egypt lifted the stones for the Great Pyramid, did they use the power of the kundalini through chanting?

Forces: Part of same.

GL: Also, you mentioned in an earlier Session about the optical power that was used by the people on Easter Island to lift the stone statues. Could you explain the relationship with the…

Forces: Part of same through force of voice and structure of spirit centers in body.

GL: Does that mean that the thought-forms were what lifted these set of stones?

Forces: The energy force-field manifested through thought forms.

GL: Were there machines involved in this?

Forces: Machines of spirit nature and high intrinsic value.

GL: Is there anything for the babies at this moment for their development?

Forces: Teaching them the number system. Teaching them the alphabet system. And teaching them a foreign language.

IS: Should I speak to them in one of the languages?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Hebrew?

Forces: If need be.

IS: Whichever one?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Also, the book of Legends, would that be okay to read to them now?

Forces: Correct.

HI: Is there a musical instrument that (JB) and I could start to study?

Forces: Harpsichord for you or harp. (JB), Bass Fiddle.

IS: How about (JE)?

Forces: Trumpet, trombone.

IS: And (JU) the same?

Forces: (JU) could play the xylophone or glasses of water.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Should I return to the guitar or is there another instrument that I should study at this time or…

Forces: A wind instrument.

RU: Is there a particular…

Forces: Clarinet.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Quite.

RU: Also, in an earlier Session, I was given about the weaving of cloth. Why am I… why do I gravitate more towards sewing than anything to do with weaving?

Forces: Eventually you will gravitate to weaving.

RU: But the course it’s taken is all right at the moment?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Thank you.

MK: What can I do to strengthen my commitment and have more confidence in my God and in myself?

Forces: By spending more time in talking to him.

MK: Thank you. Were Jesus and Krishna the same soul?

Forces: They were aspiring souls striving for a consciousness.

MK: Thank you.

IS: That does not mean the same soul, but rather the same force?

Forces: Correct.

IS: It’s like a strength.

BH: The rabbit that the entity (LK) and Tom saw on the ride down here, the thirty foot rabbit, what does that represent?

Forces: It represented they both needed sleep.

BH: Thank you.

RH: Is there any guidance that can be given to me now to strengthen me when I become weak.

Forces: Read the Psalms and not to question comfortability or security for you.

RH: Thank you.

BR: Is there a reason why my middle name remained Katherine?

Forces: Still needed.

BR: Can any guidance be given to me for the New Year?

Forces: Happy New Year.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: We ask that you stay away from sodas and eat fruit.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Correct…

[End of Side B]

DD: Any guidance that could be given to me?

Forces: [Prunes, raisins, apricots, figs,] dates, and a private room, preferably with a toilet.

DD: Is there any guidance that could be given to me on a spiritual level?

Forces: Take along toilet paper… to wipe away the imaginations.

DD: Thank you.

JU: In answer to questions about the sacrifices that are talked about in Leviticus, (IS) had said they must have consumed quite a bit of food. And you said, “In their time, spirit,” in reference to the priests. Could you explain that?

Forces: Wasted food.

JU: How is it in…

Forces: Misapplication in the spiritual forces coming down.

IS: Is that what wasted food means?

Forces: Correct.

JU: The group souls that Tom is bringing in three at a time, are they grouped by mission or are they part of the same soul or the same higher self or…

Forces: Purpose, mission, higher self, coordinator of plans for future developments.

JU: How does that relate to how this group is connected with one another?

Forces: Very closely.

JU: And in talking about a Temple of (IS) you had said in an earlier Session it was, “To save the church when the mass rose to structure.” Could you explain what that means?

Forces: Group-organizer, force-field to guide when darkness is on the earth. At this moment we are to go. We would only as that you work together to develop your minds together.

IS: Just one more question?

Forces: Question.

IS: Why… why in that case couldn’t we chant before?

Forces: The force field would break up and destroy certain structures that were already in harmony. Second, your voices are terrible.

IS: And what… and my dream that I was going back into that… into the temple and I was checking in at the monolith, was that exactly what happened?

Forces: Near to same. Question to all of you, are you doing your best? Answer, thank you. We will talk to you again soon. Personal appearance, personal attitudes, and personal thoughts. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…