Session 99-9/10/76

Greetings to all here present now. We have been here all this time and enjoyed it…the power generated in the highest sense. We thank you for this moment. We have been watching and only can say that all have been developing to the point of Saint Archangel, as it is known, Michael. How do we need to develop into this point? By communicating to all that it is the year for Michael. Try to explain to as many as possible; to communicate this message is vital. The special service that is to be held comes on the beginning of the month of December. In that month the service can be produced, officially starting in January, to be at a basis given in the future. The 27 candles are to be placed one in a row after the other one; and this should be done with that of chanting the verse:

Hail to the force Archangel Michael

Hail to the force Archangel Michael

Hail to the force of Archangel Michael

Hail to the force of Archangel Michael

This should be repeated no more than 10 times in succession. There are other degrees of workmanship in this area. We will give you that in time. We have been scheduling ourselves for this day to come. Strange things will begin to happen over strange areas: lights mysteriously appearing and disappearing, electrical shortages, and gasoline introspection. There shall be an interesting turn of events that will startle part of the world. We are now ready for your questions.

BH: During the meditation last night… I felt something light over at the side on my right side. I’m wondering what it was.

Forces: It was the presence of the angel that was developing the centers and force around. Question.

BH: Thank you.

DN: The music that we=re playing now, have we ever played or heard this music before?

Forces: Chances are you did. Question.

DN: Is it developing correctly?

Forces: I hope in this particular case it is. Question.

RU: What is the significance of Mao dying at this particular moment, and is it going to offset any other things that are to come?

Forces: It represents the struggle in the heavens and a transition of change in the earth.

RU: Thank you.

SH: I’m concerned about (RT)’s floating… the other night she said she was floating and she was try… calling out to (VE) and (VE) wasn’t listening, and then she woke up looking for her rosary beads and couldn’t find them, and the next morning (VE) found them under her pillow.

Forces: It is only that this channel can work by disciplining and developing her centers so that she might receive. There is no major problem.

SH: Thank you.

JU: Is there a name to be given for either the land in Virginia or the house in Virginia?

Forces: The land could be called the grotto of peace, or the grotto of strength. In that force a name cannot express the power that lies in those stones. Question.

JU: Is… could you tell us more about, so that we could get more of an understanding of the Archangel Michael or like the nature of his being or his origin or…

Forces: His origin was that instruction and discipline of power. The being came from a force beyond where the creative sense was not as heavy and tight as it is today. The being received, and yet today it must return. Question.

JU: Could you tell us about Raphael so we could understand more about him?

Forces: With all those communications between the different cells of the mind and that of the body. Question.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me about Archangel Sandalphon, and if he ever…

Forces: This archangel is the angel of preparation and petition. It is a strong angel fashioned with that of the strongest wings.

DD: The strongest wings?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Could you tell me what it means when Adam named the animals?

Forces: Simple. Naming the animals within.

DD: Was it… was it just within, too, or was it like in the universe, let’s say, like around like the constellations?

Forces: Correct. Question.

DD: Also, does it… is it true like I was reading like entities were a star and they sacrificed themselves and became like… like the individual entities?

Forces: This is an interesting point. Near to correct.

DD: How would… how would it be correct?

Forces: It in this respect the revelation is not to he given. Question.

DD: Thank you.

NN: What was the smiling face I saw? It seemed like an old man or something last week.

Forces: The Old Man’s smiling face.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

NN: Also, does the tradition of beating the breast that’s come down through the ages, does that have to do with the “Blob” in some way?

Forces: Correct. Question.

NN: Also, what does the “Blob” have to do with moon-day? I mean what does that do?

Forces: That is the force that tries to take over the back section of the center brain. This is the battle that is confronted by moon day.

NN: And that… is that that physical feeling?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you. Also, last night when we were talking about singing and about being afraid, does that… I’m afraid because of judging. Is that correct?

Forces: There is a fear of mistakes…of judgment, not as much as to be judged. Question.

NN: But if I would correct the judging others then I wouldn’t have the fear.

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

PR: A little while back the entity Tom said that God’s Meditation Room in Pennsylvania should be sealed with a curtain. Did he mean with a velvet curtain?

Forces: That is correct.

PR: Very good.

Forces: Question.

BR: What exactly did Tom do when he was drinking the wine?

Forces: It was the power of strength that was enormous but being distributed equally among all of you. Question.

BR: Thank you.

MK: Can anything more be given on that couple that was taken into the spaceship?

Forces: The only thing we have is that they were interesting, cooperative, and funny. Question.

MK: Thank you.

LK: Was what we talked about after dinner, my taking a week’s vacation on October Fifteenth, correct?

Forces: A week is not needed. But if you need to leave and to go down there, but be it not for the purpose to leave or to escape, but for the purpose of research and spiritual understanding. And the purpose of committing a new destiny or a new beginning. Question.

LK: Thank you.

GL: Can anything more be given about the archangel Gabriel?

Forces: The archangel Gabriel was given to you as a name to guide and to show you by trumpeting in your ear to get off your sexes… to get off your physical body… to get off the laziness of being still. By pushing your strength forward you will he creating beyond belief. Question.

GL: What is the spiritual cause of… of brain tumors?

Forces: The spiritual causes of brain tumors could be many. One: A test. Two: Emotional battles. Three: Tight will. Four: Stiff-necked will exploding within the center. And Five: General impeding of thoughts that cannot escape. Question.

GL: Thank you.

IS: About the music that is being played here, how do we go about some of the technical things that are definitely beyond us at this point? And I don’t know if we can reach them, or if (DN) can reach them. Could you give us any information about those intermissions? Or whatever they are called.

NN: Transitions.

IS: Transitions, what they call them, transitions. Am I understanding the transition idea correctly? And the thing that I have discussed with (DN) this afternoon, this evening?

Forces: This is near to correct. But the problem seems to be in speed rather than to have patience. Slow down and the music will sound clearer.

IS: Oh, the music has to slow down.

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it’s the tempo of the music.

Forces: It shall produce the eloquent speed that is the optical illusion.

IS: Oh, so the speed, the tempo plus what I was talking this evening, would that be correct?

Forces: This is accurate.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

IS: Now am I doing the right thing with the vinegar?

Forces: This is good for a time.

IS: Yet I can’t…

Forces: We would advise an application to be placed in this area.

IS: Is that application the thing that the entity Tom has brought?

Forces: This could be helpful. It would be found as time passes on.

IS: Thank you. Now, my diet… is that correct?

Forces: We would also ask that you have three days, as what has been informed of matzoth and water. This was brought up by the entity’s mother and it is an accurate “fast” food diet. Not a “fast-food” diet, but a “fast” food diet. Otherwise the diet is flawed… or proceeding, for the fast is spiritualizing the centers of other areas not touched.

IS: You mean the matzoth?

Forces: This explains the fluctuation of weight when these centers are releasing their energy.

IS: Do you mean the matzoth and water in addition to…

Forces: Just plain matzoth and water, dear. It is like prison. Three days.

IS: How many matzoth’s during that day?

Forces: As much as you would like.

IS: Thank you. About (RT) and the floating. What kind of disciplines could (RT) take on herself?

Forces: We would tie a stone around her stomach. Otherwise, to tell her not to be fearful, but to project the thought that she will relax and rest in the area where she sleeps.

IS: So it’s only her preconceived thoughts.

Forces: It is thoughts that need to be calmed down. It is not preconceived thoughts, but she must be warned or told not to travel too far away.

IS: So whenever she’s too excited, that’s when… that night she floats?

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: Thank you.

DN: Is it correct that although herbs can be sort of generalized, the same mixture or combination can’t be given to everybody for the same thing? It has to be…

Forces: This is imperatively correct. Some herbs need to be increased while others decrease.

DN: Thank you. Also, would the… the forces that were on the ship of Betty and Barney Hill, were they ah… forces that speak through the entity Tom?

Forces: We will say that it is… let us say it is a sister-ship of censor-ship.

IS: Was I accurate in how I explained it to (RH) that…

Forces: Could not have been perfect. Correct.

IS: It’s correct?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Also, it wasn’t necessary; I mean there was no real reason for the so-called tests that were being done on them. Was there?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And they were, of course, very carefully chosen?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the movie that was made?

Forces: Correct.

IS: I understood what the real message of it was?

Forces: Positive.

DN: Is it possible that all…

Forces: Yes.

DN: … we sitting in the room here…

RU: Did Samuel have a wife?

Forces: Samuel was dedicated to God’s service. The children were handed to him…

RU: In the same was he…

Forces: Yes, we are listening.

RU: In the same way that his mother brought him to the temple?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: But there are those incidents that children are given as heritage and names are carried down. The mother who gives or the wife who gives will remain like a wife to Solomon to Samuel, to Simon, to David, to Judas, to Jacob, that the lineage follows suit.

IS: Even if she has another husband?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So she becomes an owner of two husbands?

Forces: Figuratively speaking, one. On another level, two.

DD: Is it true about the mitochondria?

Forces: No, thank you. We are not hungry. It is true.

DD: And now… what do they mean?

Forces: It is the forces that can split open the physical body without ever going into it or severing it.

DD: What are the other particles that are…

[End of Side A]

Forces: This is the existence of atoms of energy coming from space.

DD: Are the phardulla inside, or is that…

Forces: That would be likely so.

DD: Where do the mitochondria come from?

Forces: It is projected through the north and south and pole spheres in which it creates the magnetic belt around the earth, causing a sporadic and poradic and what would be said, systematic system of sections and guides, expanding out of the earth for forty-five thousand miles.

DD: So these can split open a universe?

Forces: It can split open and change forms without realizing to touch your essence of it.

DD: And the dark forces can work on this or it is…

Forces: White and dark alike.

DD: What is it’s essence in itself?

Forces: It is the incorporation of change of matter. Or, in short, the law of evolution.

DD: What does this have to do with the naming? How did that?

Forces: In the name is the law and the regulation of time.

DD: So when you name something, what do you do?

Forces: You give it to the element of life and time and the distance of experience.

DD: It’s a good thing?

Forces: Depends upon the owner and the user.

DD: Thank you.

JU: We’ve been told that we’re heading back (forward?) in evolution toward a point where we would be more ethereal again. How many times has this… this cycle in the earth… has this happened before when it’s gone from the sort of ethereal-physical form in Lemuria, Atlantis?

Forces: It has gone up and down.

JU: Many times?

Forces: Many times.

JU: And can you give us any additional information on what was happening in the earth before Lemuria and before Atlantis?

Forces: The earth wasn’t in existence as you know it.

JU: And the continent of Ore-right of Atlantis, was that… was that shipped, they were able to move the land itself that became Babylonia? Is that what that meant in that Session?

Forces: It was shifted, but later on the Syrians got involved in that of the Euphrates, in pieces.

JU: You mean they… the souls involved then were able to shift the land… they involved the shift of the land themselves and arrange that?

Forces: Correct.

JU: And there were Syrians at that time?

Forces: What has known to be Syria.

JU: Can you tell us something about the origin of animal… animal life in the earth, or the type of souls that are really supposed to be on the… the animals in the earth?

Forces: There are to be no animals in the earth.

JU: So this has all come down because of man?

Forces: It has manifested through man’s imagination.

JU: The souls, too, that inhabits the animal bodies?

Forces: Group souls have been incarnated.

JU: Were they souls at one time that were the same as the souls that were…

Forces: They were thought-forms from man, given life by man. Question.

JU: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell me what the name Ishavel means?

Forces: This… repeat.

RH: Ishavel.

Forces: You would say, “the counting of many” or “the number of storing discipline of strength”. Question.

RH: Thank you.

BR: About the TWA plane that was hi-jacked, the number adds up to thirteen and the passengers add up to thirteen. Is there anything else you can tell us about what’s happening there?

Forces: That would all be necessary at the moment.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Question

DN: I asked earlier if it was possible and you said yes. Has it happened?

Forces: It has happened.

DN: To everyone?

Forces: Or will be.

DN: Thank you.

NN: Is the affirmation. “Oh, how love I Thy law,” a good one for the problem of judging?

Forces: Good force.

NN: Thank you. Also, do I understand why the reaction I was thinking about yesterday, I have a hard time putting it into words exactly, but, do I understand why I have that?

Forces: Fear, self-preservation, and not to trust.

NN: And being afraid of the ego and the image being put on the line?

Forces: We here can only stress that we need to communicate more information to come in the days ahead. Just be prepared for the things that have to be communicated to you. And discipline and move your days as you meet them. We must go, only to return in a short while. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…