Session 98-8/29/76

Greetings to all here present now. We came in with a bang. It is nice to be able to speak once more again. We have seen the progress made but must emphasize the fact: Now is the time for that of slothfulness and to relax and be comfortable in what you think you have. Do not become relaxed, but for every day that passes do at least one item in it. Be industrious, creative; be not slothful in your comfortable surroundings. Be ever on guard for the unknown; be responsive and aware that you have to produce on a physical level in order to accomplish those items within. As far as the new souls coming into this group, we extend the light this moment to those who will be receiving the child. [(LK) sneezes] Zionite to you. It is that of the light that is now surrounding, that it is important that a force or ceremony of initiative be taken with the one in Vermont, the one who is (HA). Remember, this child was prepared for when both parties was in this living room, that it was not only a ceremony of marriage, but a ceremony of birth. Funny how we work. Be not caught standing in a ceremony; if you are you might be receiving a person. We would advise concertive effort of attention in this particular time to the one who is named James Daniel, for he has within him the power of the solar orb. In short, he has the knowledge of creating solar energy, and 5,000 times the force of one-megaton bomb is within his capabilities. He must be disciplined as far as science is concerned, must be into the world of energy that it will be in a constructive way useful to him in order to bring once more the golden orb. As far as the house in Virginia, it is our ambition, goal and idea to have that thought transmitted through this entity to (IS) to come forth with a tent. The tent should be according at least 24 to 25 foot paces, covered by that of linen or that of drape. This would be an interesting spectacle to all those around, not only the neighbors but for us being around. Round. As far as that of Archangel Michael is concerned, the feast of that concentrated effort once every month on the full moon. In this you have prepared by your disciplines of fast to make this energy possible in order to give the ceremony for Archangel Michael’s intercession. It is on the first day of the full moon that Archangel Michael comes down to the earth at 2:10 in the evening at practically your time morning hour. At this point he travels eradicating the elementals that are dangerous and destructive. The 13 candles that are lit on the 13th day is symbolic of the centers that are represented on that day. On the full moon there should be 27 candles lit [slight pause], half white, half black or what would be known as deep blue, preferably deep blue. These 27 candles are formed 3 across, making 3 rows until they are 27 in number. The service for that day will be given on a later date. The prayer or intercession or mantra should be:


This should be done in such a way that it becomes into that of harmony with the force field. Then we have other items during this service. There should be made what would be called figs, or closely asserted, dipped in honey, representing the fruits of the earth that is dedicated to your higher self. On that same date should be taken a slice of onion and a pinch of garlic to represent the bitterness and suffering that sin impounds upon the soul. This should be taken as part of the ceremony. Then there should be that, if attainable, fruit or milk of a goat. Then this should pay to be interesting. The fruit should be that of a cantaloupe, preferable orange inside it then the milk if not candy. There is more to this service, but we cannot bring too much into manifestation at this time. The females must cover their heads in a white garment during this day. As you can see, it is a special service for the year seventy-seven. It is not finished as a service. Therefore, wait on us until we have finished before you start. Be productive. Be creative. Be alive in the environment around you that the new forces that are coming into the earth, you will be receptive to them and aware to what the Higher Ones want. As far as the children are concerned, there will be more to come that has been planned. Question.

JU: You said to have twenty-seven candles. Is that each candle should be half blue and half white?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Deep blue.

JU: And in the… you suggested in an earlier session though we never did it, in our next trip to Virginia should we have a service in the skylight room?

Forces: You will not have to have that. You have a service where you will place your tent.

JU: Thank you. And if the appendix is removed from a person, does that now… does it still hold true that it will remove the healing cells from the body? Does that still have that function today?

Forces: It is the appendix that stores up bacteria from the physical body, and transmits it into the astral world. It is the spleen that has the function, as spoken by this entity, to create that of all natural astral forces of life from the fourth dimension. The spleen takes on that energy and transmits it through the body, and this is that transmitted through the centers. The appendix happens to be a secondary vehicle, or a third vehicle of a container. Its function is only to contain the discarded cells, or discarded materials on a physical, spiritual level that no longer can bear fruit and becomes poisonous to the body. This then is discarded in the appendix. It is also discarded through the forms of a system. But the spleen is the one that gives the life force or building force, not the appendix. It is the spleen that takes the energy or what would be called ‘prana’ energy, using this energy transmits it to the lower, or the centers of the lower, in red, in dark red, in orange, in green, to the heart is yellow. The blood system is yellow. To the upper throat is light violet to pale blue. To the upper centers is violet to very pastel. To the nervous system is red. All these are transmuted through the spleen. When this operation is taken out, the individual can only receive its life forces from those who are called healers. Healers are those around the individual who have ample enough, ample supply of extra energy coming through the pores and saturating the aura. It is this that a person is known a light-hearted person, or is known as a life-giver, and it is through the presence of that person that others around receive on a spiritual level healing for their centers, their centers taking them and distributing it through the cellular structure of the body. This is how the spleen is important, and doctors should be made aware that is to all costs…spleen should not be removed for it creates the person who does not have a spleen to depend upon others for its energy. The spleen is the doorway for the spiritual or astral world in which it receives and disperses the energy throughout the body. Question.

JU: Thank you.

RU: In Chapter 12 of Leviticus, the time of the purification, the difference between the male and the female child, the fact that it was double for the female… could you explain how that worked and why it was exactly double?

Forces: The female has centers within its body that takes longer for development. Also when the child is hovering over the mother it is formulized by the forces around. These forces are located within the cells of the centers. The male centers are much smaller. The female centers are much larger, standing for reason the female centers must take longer to develop within the astral or etheric body surrounding the physical.

RU: Does that mean that after the child is born the mother’s aura takes twice as long to come back together?

Forces: The mother’s aura is only a vehicle for those elements around to take what is needed to make the structure of the physical body as decided by the soul or ego in the Heavens to manifest in the earth. The mother’s thoughts must be disciplined, that it is only through the thought patterns of the mother that a type of child will follow. If a mother would want an accountant, she should busy herself with math. If a mother would want a priest, she should busy herself with God. If a mother would want an electrician, she should busy herself with the laws of energy. If a mother would want a music… stands to reason. This is the important steps of the mother, that even though the woman who is receiving the child is also affected by the females around the mother, that the females around also, their aura changes and contributes a thought form or pattern into the child and contributes a part to the physical body of the child. All females locating around the area of the one to have the child is also contributing into the framework of the child. Question.

DD: Can you tell me if the tribes that I’ve… the way I rearranged them the last time… if that’s right for the majority?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: Can you tell me whether the tribes, the way I… the way I had them arranged…

Forces: They stand as accurate.

DD: The spleen and everything, I had that in there right?

Forces: It can be moved also a few degrees to your bottom.

DD: What tribe would that be?

Forces: You’ll find it under the tribe of Dan.

DD: I thought the gonads were in that too.

Forces: The spleen’s energy is directed straight to the gonads first.

DD: So what tribe would that be for the gonads?

Forces: The spleen will only bear witness to Dan, as the first essence of manifested energy in the body. Therefore, Dan has a twofold function…one with the gonads and one with the counterpart of the spleen.

DD: So, in the… working on that, those couple of tribes I didn’t know what center they went with… like I had the liver… I had the liver in there I think in one of them… I didn’t know what the kidneys, the gall; I didn’t know what they went with… could you help me with those?

Forces: The liver is the law, the gall is the forgiveness, and the kidneys represents the balance. Look deeper into the tribes and you will find your answer on balance, law and forgiveness.

DD: You mean is the tribe of… Levi is the liver?

Forces: This you will have to work with, and as you are working we will reveal to you the set up and plan. At this moment we only reveal to you the system in which you shall work.

DD: Can you give me something on the dream that I had about the eagle?

Forces: This represents the communication for all the forces and animal world to give prophetic message to man. It represents the ability to be receptive to animals’ consciousness, for each animal class is in representative to a consciousness.

DD: Also, the… saw a long time ago… I saw like a motor… something or other… in the shape of the ellipse, with three different rods, and three different colors. I wondered if that was the real thing.

Forces: This represents the center within the body in which the primary force is in revolving and sending forth the energy through out.

DD: What center would that be?

Forces: Of course it would represent the heart center and the solar plexus. More so, the heart center.

DD: And could that be made into… on the physical level like a motor?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What three… what three colors were the rods?

Forces: Red, yellow and violet. The yellow transforms into blue, the red transforms into pink, the violet transforms into indigo.

DD: Is there anything else to be given on this, other than to go about looking into it?

Forces: This should be enough. The size and shape represents a lotus flower. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

BH: Could you tell me… the other morning on the train, when I was awakened by feeling a hand touch my arm, was that an angel?

Forces: If you had quick eyes, you would see that it was a man next to you.

BH: Could you tell me about the dream I had this morning where the group was all working very hard, and (JU) and Tom were in the back of the car, and when (JU) said we were all doing good, Tom said that he wanted to talk to him and took him out of the car?

Forces: Is this the end of the dream?

BH: Yes.

Forces: Well that’s the end of the talk. In short, representing: do not let the quality of (JU) within take over the quality of Christ within. Do not let personal pride or personal confidence take over where the spirit of love should be. Even though he is in the back seat, it takes a back seat to perceive that you must work for the quality of love. There are always two forces in the back seat: that which is personal pride versus personal love, the divine love over the ego. When the divine love says we’re going for a walk, you can rest assured the ego will be put in its place.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Can you give us any more information about the temple that is to be built?

Forces: This will be give as time moves on.

JE: Thank you.

NN: The garment you spoke about that the women are supposed to wear on their head… could you tell us at this time what material it should be?

Forces: It would be more like a lace.

NN: Also, the prayer for Archangel Michael or the mantra, could that be good to use anytime, or just mainly it should be saved for that service?

Forces: It could be used as you develop at any time.

NN: Thank you. Also… the dream I had this morning with the entity Tom and the entity (JE) and they were saying they were hungry?

Forces: It means that you must produce on a spiritual level the goods in order for you to be fed. Commitment through faith.

NN: Thank you.

MK: Can anything be given to help bring me into more harmony with the goals of this group?

Forces: We would say that you should be receptive to everything and productive to receive and produce. Most of all to keep a God consciousness around you that he should be the first to talk to you.

MK: Thank you. Of the clues given in the last session about another life… have I identified the body correctly as John Paul… William Paul Jones.

Forces: Interesting. No.

MK: As John Dandridge?

Forces: You’ll find out who it is when you go there.

MK: Thank you.

Forces: You’re welcome.

LK: After talking to my mother on the phone tonight, it seems that she’s still interested in coming up to visit us around the end of September; would there be any problems with that or would another time be better?

Forces: Remember, it seems like we’re the top ten in Texas. We have the holidays to come. It should not be too bad. Sometimes it is nice to analyze that there will be those barriers that must be worked out. It should be no problem. Whatever will be they say will be, the future’s not ours you see, que sera baloney. No problem.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

LK: Is there any advice or any information I could tell Jerry about the birth of their son that would help them with that?

Forces: What was the name?

LK: Michael Aaron.

Forces: Very good. The name is in accordance with the year to come, and the force of the child should be taught law and regulations of geometry, trigonometry, and algebra. Start the child off with one plus one is three.

LK: Thank you.

RH: The dream I had when Tom went to Japan… what does that… what did that mean… that he went to Japan…

Forces: Seeing that of the years when he was there during two thousand years ago.

RH: The dream said that he went there just last week.

Forces: Two thousand years ago last week.

RH: Thank you. Also could you tell me what the dream meant when (HP) and (MM) jumped in the lake and they didn’t have any fear and they swam towards us?

Forces: Perfect children for the spirit.

RH: Thank you.

GL: Do…

Forces: I must say that through the works of the mothers the children are getting a proper… ooh God bless you… proper training. It is through this hard work and discipline the mothers should be in praise to that force. Question.

GL: The thing that I saw in my dream yesterday, the figure, and it was said that it was for healing and it worked with the wounds or something, could you explain that?

Forces: This would be that of Michael’s force perceiving it coming into the earth. Question.

GL: All the different heads on the figures, what were they? There were seven of them.

Forces: There are different emanations of power that will be lent to the earth in the year to come.

GL: It seemed that it was a statue from long ago was it on the earth before; that statue?

Forces: That statue was on the earth before.

GL: Could… should I go about trying to carve that, what I saw?

Forces: If you want to, but you have more than enough to carve out in this life.

GL: Where should I start?

Forces: Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When you begin with “do”… that will be enough money. Begin simple, and in your simplicity you will find the answer. Question.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Now… about (JE)’s brothers, as I have promised his mother Jo Anne that I will ask of the things that I have seen in the cards… did I see them correct? What else?

Forces: What else “What else?” she asks. What else, everything is hunky dory. It is “what else”. What else could we say to his mother? The cards read correct, but be careful of her own ambition to control and receive recognition.

IS: From us, from her children?

Forces: From her children and friends.

IS: So I shouldn’t tell her too much so she doesn’t harp on the kids?

Forces: Correct.

IS: I see. Then, was the name correct though, can I tell…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Will he marry her? Or is it…

Forces: Remember the name is also a field of force around him.

IS: Which is partly his mother?

Forces: Question. Yes.

IS: So the only thing I can tell her is that it’s correct then to stop harping on the kids or else it will happen.

Forces: Correct.

IS: I see. Thank you very much. Now, the blob, the thing that I call the blob, the thing… did I really see it…

Forces: Correct.

IS: And then everything that I understood about it, was that…

Forces: Accurate.

IS: Is it actually bleeding and everything or whatever?

Forces: It can have the wounds.

IS: The wounds to it is good for me, isn’t it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And then it’s dry… it’s being dried out…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. Now the tent that you said, 24 to 20 feet, or paces, which one.

Forces: You would find them as 12 foot a pace.

IS: 12 feet a pace… so it’s 12 times 25?

Forces: As you have it.

IS: 12 times 25… that would be the size of a round tent?

Forces: As you would have it.

IS: Color of the tent?

Forces: We would like polka dots, but we’ll take brown or green.

IS: Brown or green.

Forces: As they say, dark green.

IS: Dark green. 12 times 25… that’s?

DD: 300 feet.

IS: 300 feet in diameter now that’s for the tent. Now, did I receive close to correct or something the temple itself?

Forces: You’ll be receiving more as time goes on.

IS: Can I talk about it to the people?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Of what I have so far?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, can you at least tell me if the color or whatever it is, the shiny thing on the top, what it will be made of?

Forces: This will be of a finely polished stone, in-rayed with a fine coat of metal.

IS: Metal [in a whisper]. Silver metal?

Forces: We will say nothing.

IS: I see. Now, the… the dimensions of that temple, will they be the same as this or… I better not ask anymore about it.

Forces: Dimensions take time, my dear.

IS: Okay.

IS: Excuse me. (HI) and (JB), will they be living with us?

Forces: There is a plan that they will be living near.

IS: In the trailer or will the trailer remain as we were thinking of…

Forces: Correct.

IS: The bedrooms in what is called the basement, those four bedrooms, am I getting correct information there?

Forces: You’ll find more information to come, near to correct.

IS: The dream that I had this morning about the lost one and (VR), could you…

Forces: This would be revealed; this will be seen as time goes on.

IS: Is it something personal for me or is it more…

Forces: It is a prophetic message.

IS: Oh, thank you very much. Did I ever have a wedding ceremony done by you, since it… I don’t know how it can be, that…

Forces: The wedding ceremony was done while you were standing and we were in back of.

IS: Thank you. The discussion I had with the entity Tom about females in the Kabala class, and I guess that’s where they derive that at the Masons… am I correct that the female has a certain something inside that is released that is… it’s not that it’s bad, but it’s… for a particular type of thing, just takes on a dangerous aspect?

Forces: Accurate.

IS: And that’s why females should not be involved in Kabala classes?

Forces: Accurate.

IS: Thank you. Now you spoke of the Golden Orb of energy. You mean to say the crystal?

Forces: Correct.

IS: It was gold?

Forces: It produced a golden light.

IS: Thank you. The rooms that are called the laboratories in the Virginia house, are they truly to be laboratories or something else?

Forces: You’ll find them to be useful in other items, also.

IS: But they are not to be destroyed, they are to be remained as they are.

Forces: They should stay for the moment.

IS: Thank you. With (HA) and (SN), how should we do it, should we just call them up and invite them for Rosh Hashanah?

Forces: They will be here before you know it, like probably around the 12th or the 11th.

IS: The Masons since we are going to visit them on Monday, tomorrow, is there any information…

Forces: Zionite to you. [In response to (LK)’s sneeze.]

LK: Thank you.

IS: Is there any information that could be given to us…

Forces: We would only say to those going: be polite, be courteous, be attentive, be not aggressive in an emotional relation; be not too communicative, but be not too stiff; be not too stupid, nor too wise; be understanding, but most of all, do not commit yourself to where you do not belong. Go, learn, perceive, but do not falter; do not separate from one another, but move as a group conscious, as a power. For once you become separated, it becomes dangerous. There are things in this that can be helpful. As you move, perceive, be kind, courteous, receptive and responsive, but do not have that of commitment through emotional or entanglement with words.

IS: Again about (JE)’s mother, will it come out okay with those two children, Joel and…

Forces: There should be ups and downs, but it will work according to plan.

IS: I see. And the thing that the Masons… have they already checked this group, or are they still checking us?

Forces: It is in the process.

IS: And will they find anything that is…

Forces: There are things that will interest them. Nothing more, nothing less.

IS: Thank you very much. About Rosh Hashanah, this Rosh Hashanah, is it something very special that I feel that we should have a tremendous celebration?

Forces: This would be correct, for it means a new beginning for the new year. As you start off with that, you will start off for the next four years to come, with that of celebration in thought.

IS: Thank you very much.

JU: Is there any guidance or anything I should be doing in terms of my family and my grandfather at this time. Should I say what…

Forces: Pray, be receptive, be attentive, be in a communicative level with them, and be agreeable to help as much as you could.

JU: Thank you. And in terms of my job, what started happening on Friday, is there anything… any advice you should give me, or should just go along with what’s happening, see what develops?

Forces: It is time to look deep within yourself, and see if you are capable of changing to another job. But, remember, why did this happen to this one, and will it happen to the next to come?

JU: Thank you.

RU: Why didn’t Joan come out this weekend?

Forces: She had not been comfortable.

RU: You mean physically?

Forces: It does take many forms, doesn’t it?

IS: But is it possible that she didn’t come out because the entity Tom and I were not here?

Forces: This had a role to do with it.

IS: You mean to say she doesn’t trust us?

Forces: On the contrary. She was looking for help from.

IS: That’s the thing that bothered me. When she was here last time was any help given to her?

Forces: On a subconscious level filtering down to the conscious.

IS: Is there a specific reason why it was not revealed to us at that time?

Forces: It was not revealed to you.

IS: To me.

Forces: The entity knew where she was coming from.

IS: I didn’t.

Forces: There was no need for you to know.

IS: That means she had to go through what she went through?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. Have I evaluated her correctly.

Forces: You are sensitive to her demands and to her development. You come near to correct.

IS & RU: Thank you.

DD: I want to ask something about the statue of Michael, is it the same thing (IS) sees as he’s killing that thing in the heart?

Forces: It is depicted a little bit more in detail. The wings are a little bit larger, and the face and eyes are stronger; the sword is up, and this depicts a different era. Now the sword is up; but this depicts of the sword being down. It is not wrong; it is only an expression of time for the sword to go down. But now the sword is up, ready to come down. This is the finer depiction, or that of the final outcome, in which the sword shall go down. It is not bad, not far from accurate.

DD: Does it represent the thing at the heart?

Forces: Close to the proximity of.

IS: Talking about the blob.

DD: The blob, about the blob… It represents Michael killing the blob?

Forces: What a horrible name. Blob and Archangel Michael.

IS: No the blob is the thing that sits on top of the…

Forces: Correct, we understand.

IS: Well, what’s the name of it then?

Forces: “Blob”… what name you give it… call it Excalibur, call it Rock of Hades, call it the Noise, call it whatever. It does communicate a thought.

DD: And it’s based in the heart…

Forces: It would be settled on that point.

DD: When did it… when did it originate in mankind?

Forces: As man developed in the earth, so did this develop.

DD: So, it was over a period of time?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Thank you.

BR: With the painting… with the painting the Christ that I’m doing, what should be placed on… what should I paint on top of the Crown?

Forces: Just purple.

BR: Just purple?

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We got that in before the next question. We are to leave; our time is ended at this moment. We will be back for more questions and answers. Most of all, remember and perceive what was said during this session, and grow to learn to be cooperative and productive, and to be busy with God. We will be back again shortly. We are watching.

Group: Our Father, which art in the Heavens…