Session 97-7/23/76

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have seen your tests and we have seen it well. Why does man in his foolishness follow the paths of ignorance when in his mind and heart he knows what has to be done? As man on the earth at this time of his own particular evolution he is meeting with the situation of self. All nations are raising their forces and if they can only see that greed brings war. In this greed is the cornerstone of mans problems. Greed for life extending, greed for all manners. The test that this particular unit has encountered measures the advancement to a level of experiences. As we move from the old and enter the new we have a form of metamorphosis, in which we shed the old personality and take on the finer qualities of our souls. What you are all now will still be refined and shedded once more for the unifying of all on this earth. As we see the different civilizations come and go we know for sure that the laws of the universe are strong and will always be strong in that they order those things under them to discipline. The evolution of this group can never be analyzed on a worldly level with a logical mind. It is too encompassing to bring the world into this house and start to analyze the evolution of the souls in this presence. To do so is only to sign your own feelings of extinction from the spiritual path. Render those things that are to Caesar and to those things that are to God to God. Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; give unto to God the things that are God’s. Yes, obey the laws around you; render to them. But most of all render to the laws of the Higher Forces that lay down your pattern of existence of life. The future ahead will not be easy. But the course of the future is only by your actions in the day. For the future is intangible and is not upon us. It is the day that is upon us, and what we put in today is what we shall receive tomorrow. If you want to have good years ahead of you then put in good days at this moment. Creative thought, constructive feelings; develop that love as it moves on. The world situation is not right. It’s sad. Sadder than it has ever been during World War II and World War I. It seems very peaceful at this moment, but the foolishness of it all is the greed and the wanting of material things that shall make those people uneasy in the countries with much power. We are now ready for your particular questions.

IS: The dream that I had today with first the two… the girl… two girls and a boy, then all those wearing the white robes turning into Spanish people kill and killing each other, or killing from these people that were coming down from the mountain? Did I understand that part of the dream?

Forces: How do you understand?

IS: That black eats itself up.

Forces: This is exactly what will be happening in the days to come.

IS: That’s what you mean about the smooth appearance as they were coming up with the white robes and everything that appeared as just nice kids, blonde, and then they turned… when you looked closer at them they turned into murderer… murderers.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the part with that office and the bank, and the bank charging something with my mother there and the whole thing, number one, that there… there was no food, you couldn’t find food and they were supposed to have specific programs for food and just nobody could find it… there was so much red tape to get to the food that…

Forces: This is a prophecy of the days to come, that it will be allotted to those living in cities it is not far from it, that allotments of food, of sugar, of coffee, of butter and eggs, of bread, shall be put on that of allotments. For the food situation in the world is very critical. The world knows it, but yet very few that want to admit it.

IS: And the part with the bank that the money… there was complete chaos with the banks and people were ending up… ended up through… it seemed as if though it was errors, but…

Forces: All those who do not have a spiritual guide in the days to come, all those who do not have a spiritual ideal and keep that flame alive shall not make it. For they shall be the first to be rooted out during the long days ahead. They in the end shall not stand.

IS: And the bank thinks that some people had to pay for other people that was well-known that they… they were gangsters and yet there was… they, they, they set themselves up in such a situation, the banks, that they simply couldn’t… the system killed them. The system did it wasn’t even something on purpose, they tried to revert it but there was no way they could. The system itself killed them. Is that also for what is going to happen?

Forces: There shall be much involved in that of carrying out the system. But within the system it shall strangulate those who are caught deep in it, those who have invested tremendously in trying to make that for greed.

IS: Thank you very much.

BH: Can you tell me what my… what I’m going through now with this cold and everything?

Forces: This is a depression, an emotional withdrawal from your own responsibilities in facing those qualities that must be taken care of. It is just a mere moment in time where you won’t take once again the active part in your life.

BH: Thank you.

RU: Is there any guidance that can be given in reference to the children at this time?

Forces: That we must be aware that they too are entities, that they too have demands to life, that we must respect these demands now as they mature and grow. We must cater to that of knowledge of growing that inside and out; of screening the wisdom that we have earned and sharing it one and all with them as they shall learn. Be aware of the shortcomings, but more so to be aware of the qualities that make a positive attribute in the development of the child. We must understand that that of criticism must be less; that that of praise, that of self-encouragement, self-development should be encouraged. Criticize the child in such a way that it is more of an upliftment rather than a degradation of spirit. This approached rightly shall now be the new force and development for the child in which it has been accustomed to, to this point in time. To develop and to teach. But we must remember that if we possess the child, that if we taunt the child with our own feelings, then we are doing more harm to the development of the child, and there is no amount of kindness and love that can release these stingers from the development and advancement of their moral, ethical, physical, mental levels. All these levels must be done with the right proportion. Those who are involved with the children must learn how to communicate with them slowly. They also must learn to be aware of their shortcomings with that of creative criticism. In such a respect this shall encourage more wisdom to be planted at their feet, and they shall take up those strengths as that which food and that which grows and that which waters the land around. For in such processes all nature is given to growth. And growing comes through the substance from above and in doing such we too receive our substance from the waters above. And it shall fall down to our feet and give that wisdom to the small saplings that are to be here when we are gone.

RU: Thank you.

AM: Will everything go well for the house in Pennsylvania this year… coming year?

Forces: Minor maintenance problems, but there should be no anticipated riots. You are safe from the locusts. There should be no major problem, but must remember the problems are only encountered from the lack of cooperation about same.

AM: Thank you.

NN: Was it Psalm 44 that I was told to read that day? Did I hear that correctly?

Forces: If you read that psalm, then you shall understand that aspect of maturing, of spiritual sensibility and energy within your eyes.

NN: Thank you. Also, does St. Patrick have something to do with the aspect of commitment?

Forces: St. Patrick has an aspect of driving away those temptational forces within man. That is why the Irish people are noted tremendously for the amount of energy and that of their temper. For that which they have is the direct key and foundation of the covenant; and when it abides by the God or laws from above and when these laws are broken, then enraged people are set about to correct that which is undone. Subconsciously, these people are that aspect of the lost tribe that carried the covenant and protected it through many years. This enabled them to write creatively for the Higher Forces. This was their inheritance if they abide by harmony and discipline, rather than by strong drink.

NN: Thank you. When you say, “lost tribes”, what particular tribes like in the sons of Jacob… when it says lost tribes of Israel?

Forces: This is the lost tribe in which had their strengths in the sons of Levi which brought them into that of the sons of Manasseh, which was a combination now of Asher and that of Methuselah.

IS: Methuselah [Hebrew pronunciation]?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Asher, Methuselah and Manasseh are the Irish people today?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Thank you.

SH: Can you please tell me why that it’s so hard for (AM) to get over his fears that he has within?

Forces: It is rather that they have been created by this entity. As they have been created from the beginning for a purpose of releasement of responsibility they now become an entanglement from meeting the same responsibility.

IS: You mean to say responsibility that was avoided through the years is now catching up?

Forces: Correct.

SH: How… how can we help him to overcome this?

Forces: It is line upon line, precept upon precept. It is a gradual development, with each passing day to be renewed the spirit that is before him. With this patience you shall find your reward.

LK: During my nighttime meditations for about the last week or so when I’ve come out of them…

Forces: Continue.

LK: I’ve felt like very positive, like I’ve had a positive change of attitude about things. But then I find that the next morning when I get up that I go back into like not being positive again. And is this because my commitment, the things that are coming to me in the meditations is that I don’t have any commitment or is it that they’re false things that I’m basing a positive feeling on or…

Forces: It is that you must continue with these commitments. As you approach the new day you must approach it with a prayer on your mind. If not then you would lose that aspect of commitment, consciously knowing you have committed yourself for that purpose.

LK: Also can you tell me what… what the significance of our old secretary at work leaving and having a new secretary coming in means for me?

Forces: New aspect of law interpretation…new aspect of personal responsibility and advancement and development.

LK: Thank you.

MY: Can you tell me if my daughter is… the young man she’s going out with, is this the one that she’ll marry?

Forces: We would say with all great strength, it can only come about with a spiritual union. It will never work on a physical union.

IS: That means if both of them tune in spiritually, then that shall come about. If not…

Forces: If they both seek after their God together they shall have harmony for the rest of their lives together.

PR: In the last two meditations here in this house last Friday and tonight, during the meditation I saw three waterfalls and they were converging. Last week and this week the same thing. I don’t know what it means. Can you enlighten me a little?

Forces: It is only explaining the future. That there are three great bodies of water or three great forces about to come into play that shall bring a great strength into this group.

PR: Thank you.

JU: In our study of Leviticus, could you give us some understanding of what is really happening? Or what occurs in accordance with like the sin or the trespass or the burnt offering that we might understand it better?

Forces: All these are representative and symbolic messages of the soul breaking away from the encasement of the body. All these are the laws between that of mammon and man. It is the evolution of the species and also the laws in which Man must observe. It is also the spiritual understanding and significance of the planets around the earth. In such, each aspect represents a different understanding, consciousness, discipline for a particular planet in this galaxy. If studied correctly, you would find each planet represented in ‘Leviticus’.

JU: Thank you. And the books we’ve been reading dealing with semantics theories and creation of this thought called “Null-A”, is there a pattern or is there something in there that could help us in changing our ways of thinking? Is there something we should look into further or some understanding you can give us of it?

Forces: We shall only say it is to think that which is on a higher plane, to think that which is constructive. Semantics of thoughts is to simplify your thought and to bring it down to the basics. In doing same, you shall tune within and bring yourself closer to the God-spirit. Little speech. Little that of understanding of words describing the material ethers. The less you know, the better you are. The more you know, the mixed it becomes.

JU: Thank you.

BR: Since they took pictures of Mars, what does that mean?

Forces: It brings in the emotional level’s of people to witness and stand from a distance to see emotional happenings. It is also that you shall witness large amounts of personal and emotional situations in dealing with that of groups and that of law and order.

IS: Does it also have something to do with the preparation for war?

Forces: From this has a foundation in it.

IS: You said it’s the emotional… you said the emotional thing and the emotional is the moon. And then Mars that it will be war preparation…

Forces: It is an emotional aspect of that of the energies within man that has the tendency for strength or destruction.

BR: Have we been feeling that the past couple of days since that time?

Forces: You can bet you on that.

BR: That’s why the day’s been so heavy?

Forces: Correct.

BR: The painting that you… the painting of the elves and the woman with the bright light, what is… what is the painting?

Forces: They represent the elements and spirit forces of containment. That which they use to decorate and develop the energies to help man.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: It simply represents the magical world of “Puff”.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: In short, brings to the conscious mind the elements of that which is powerful to guide and give strength, items, and luck.

BR: Okay, thank you.

IS: Items and luck?

Forces: As it seems. This is correct.

MK: The dream I had about a week and a half ago about the Samurai warriors, what did that mean?

Forces: Oh, we wondered when you would get around to ask who you were. You asked for it.

MK: Ask who I was?

Forces: We did not ask the question. You would find your body buried under the steps of St. George in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

MK: Who was… who was that?

Forces: You will find out when you find the body.

MK: Thank you. Do I have a spiritual name?

Forces: Humph. [Laughter] You don’t waste time. We were wondering up here when you would get the “hutzpah”, as has been interpreted to us, or the guts to ask. Some of us said that you would get so tired of waiting that you’d just come out and ask. Remember, your spiritual name will be given to you when we are ready to give it. Those in this particular group only received their name after limited evolution, or limited advancement. It does not necessarily mean they had made the mark. It only means they had designated themselves to start on the path. If you are willing to start on the path, then just let us know.

MK: I’m willing to start on the path.

Forces: Yes, we know. Your name shall be called… [A long pause] We have reached your name. It is a name that you would work with. The name shall be known as (MK).

MK: Thank you.

RH: Were the meat and occasional cake offerings the only food that Aaron and his sons ate?

Forces: They kept themselves busy. If we were to say what else they had, you would not believe us. No, it was not the only thing they ate.

RH: Also… what else did they eat?

Forces: Did you just ask what else they ate?

RH: Yes.

Forces: Fat of the lamb and the hooves of the lamb chopped up fine, raisins and nuts, white robes, cornstarch, rum and honey, tobacco juice. It is not tobacco, but tobacco juice. Mixed figs, and a mixture of watermelons and honeydew-winkles. In short, there is no watermelons or honeydew-winkles in this age, but it was a short fruit substance the size of a nut: chestnut. They kept themselves busy in eating when they had to.

IS: When they had to?

Forces: Correct.

IS: You mean to say that was a duty that they… that they were performing?

Forces: Each one represented a ritual and feast, magical substance, and discipline.

IS: Then they must have consumed quite a bit of food.

Forces: In their time spirit.

GL: Is that also what happens here?

Forces: Here is a different story.

GL: Thank you.

Forces: The food is consumed here for a purpose and development. It is basically consumed too fast. Eat slower. We will not tell you what to eat, for you are not ready for that. We do not want white robes and figs and raisins on the table.

GL: Thank you.

RH: Thank you. Also could you tell us why the manna and the birds were given from God when it seems that they had a lot of rams, goats, and sheeps, and stuff for the sin offerings? Did they have herds and flocks at that time in the forty years in the desert?

Forces: They had, but not fit to eat. Some were still at what would be called mutants.

RH: So… so the rams and the goats were just for the offerings?

Forces: Correct.

JU: There were mutants caused by what?

Forces: By that of the destruction and evolution of man from the dust.

JU: Were they then souls in those bodies of those mutant animals? Souls of…

Forces: They were a form of spirit life. Not the soul that we know in man, but a form of the spirit body in the earth. A group conscious.

IS: But it was animal consciousness like dogs or…

Forces: It was a animal evolution consciousness.

IS: Is it from Atlantis?

Forces: Derivative of that. Correct.

IS: Is it some souls that were trapped and…

Forces: Correct.

RH: Is that why they say bring a goat without blemish?

Forces: Correct.

RH: Also, one other question, does chapter 5 in Leviticus deal with the subconscious acts of man, and does chapter 6 continue and those acts become conscious when man sees the sin and then he starts to lie about it and hide it?

Forces: This is a deep topic to discuss. It is also the many aspects within man that needs catering, discipline and correcting. It also represents an evolution of consciousness within man as he goes through these periods. It also represents that of the renew of that of light of truth. Part of what you said and part of what we can say about it at this time.

DN: The stones… would they be… would they need to be rejuvenated with the bulb after every use or only periodically?

Forces: After 3 uses.

DN: The portion of the music that’s being worked on now, what… what does it represent and is it a sedative?

Forces: It represents that of intuitive longing and intuitive foresights. It is part of a sedative for lower tract.

DN: Thank you very much.

DD: Can you explain to me how the conscious mind works like when a person wakes up in the morning, they wake up and they say like “I’m” whatever their name is or whatever they identify themselves, then they go through the day and they think of their selves as the conscious mind, but that’s not really your real self though.

Forces: Correct.

DD: For it carries over your thoughts from the previous day… what do you… is it… is it possible to still the conscious mind or is it… the only way to do that is to merge it into the super conscious and sub conscious or whatever?

Forces: It is possible to still it only by giving it to God to work with it. When you give it to God then he stills it for you.

IS: So what you’re saying… what… what is being said is actually that not until we meditate in the morning… that’s why it’s so important, when we wake up to meditate… can we really tune in to our own self for today instead of leftovers from other moods and…

Forces: Uh huh.

IS: It’s like wiping the sheet.

DD: You wipe it clean. So… what is it with the conscious mind, is it really separate? Like where is it located in like the thoughts…

Forces: Conscious mind is like a cloth that dons the body, you take on one shirt and you put on another shirt, all depends upon what you feed it and put into it.

DD: Is it… is it located like where is the mind itself, like…

Forces: The mind is located in every cell.

DD: So what I’m thinking right now is every cell in my body is… the sum total of that is thinking right now.

Forces: Correct.

DD: As I… As I would say ‘I, myself.’

Forces: Correct.

DN: Would it be true then, um, that the brain is not really the center of thought, but is only more like a sponge or receptor from the spirit?

Forces: The brain is the substance in which caters the energy field enabling the storage of the mental thought of the spirit in the body.

DD: This stores the thoughts in all the cells?

Forces: For a period of time. It is the element of time. That the brain was created to store up what it has learned.

DD: The brain relates to the element of time?

Forces: Time relates to the element of the brain.

IS: So actually the conscious mind is our personalities.

Forces: It is that which dons us at the moment.

GL: Um, that which I saw in the meditation tonight, ah, the woman and what I thought was an angel, could you explain what that was and what I felt?

Forces: It was a form of a vision. It was the union of that receptive quality within you being shown physically to guide you further into a higher realm of receptivity. Or that of active of that of receiving from the 4th dimension the feelings and aspects of days to come before you.

IS: So this is his upcoming potential as has already been drawn out by his actions so far?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Also, about plumbing school, should I go ahead and go into that as I thought?

Forces: If it is needed. There should be no reason. Each one should continue in a field of his development.

GL: Thank you.

JE: Would you give me some guidance for my work?

Forces: As has been said, do it but do it with a slow effort of improvement. Be open and receptive to new ideas, be open and receptive to the feelings around you. Use that which has been given to you as a means of understanding the laws of God rather than the laws of men.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Was Virginia, the thing that I saw, is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is it valid to give some information about it?

Forces: In this particular sense it will take its course of development and construction as time proceeds in which we will filter down to you the different plans and different ways of creating these said areas and aspects of housing.

IS: Did I understand the thing that happened with my mouth and tooth?

Forces: You understood partially. But remember it was a force to contact, to rid and to relate that the power of God and the energy that speaks through you affects the gums.

IS: Is there then now something wrong?

Forces: Not unless you want it to be.

IS: Thank you. The school that made that exercise, it was you filtering in that they all through their rigidness of the German Reich that they simulated the whole thing and it became so powerful that the whole class just, all the kids came from the whole school to be involved in that and it became so real to them. Was that done to show something to the American people?

Forces: Correct. To show that power of strength and unity and purposeness…the purpose of developing not only on the physical level but also on a mental level in which taken these levels could be tremendously used for good or bad.

IS: I see, because the teachers, they all said that he had no control over it, it just happened. But they did not see the potential of good that it can do, they just saw the opposite.

Forces: Correct.

IS: When they mentioned the Democratic Convention, was it for good this thing that was done, or for bad?

Forces: It is for the good.

IS: And the feelings that I have about Jimmy Carter… I don’t understand… is he to be the next president?

Forces: We would say that his potential is far greater than Ford’s; but there shall be a interesting encounter in October. This would depend upon the structure of the spirit and forces that keep the people in America happy. Ford will try his best to keep them happy labor and management, that of working together in many different areas. This should be an interesting time, for there shall be many interesting marks being made.

IS: But yet you’re saying that Jimmy Carter has a better potential to do it right.

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you. Did C.S. Lewis understand reincarnation or believe in it.

Forces: Yes, it was part of a philosophy he had problems with.

IS: So he believed and he didn’t believe.

Forces: Yes.

IS: And is that also his problem with what he calls “romanticism”, fairies and?

Forces: This is an aspect to communicate that level to those who do not believe. Remember, he does believe, but there are those moments he doubts tremendously.

IS: But yet, he was a tool for you, right?

Forces: Definitely.

IS: Thank you. How tall was Mary the mother of Jesus?

Forces: Five foot, four inches [5’4″].

IS: And Mary Magdalene?

Forces: Five-foot, five and a half to six inches (5′ 5 1/2-6″].

IS: Thank you. The manna… what was the manna? Is there such a food on earth?

Forces: Definitely. The manna today you will find as dew in the morning.

IS: Dew?

Forces: Dew.

IS: But, yet, they actually had substance food out of it. It must have been something else.

Forces: It was this that came from the ethers by a force field from above, magnetizing, energizing and bringing the atoms together to make a white substance of bread.

IS: So, it doesn’t really exist on the earth, not in its… in the form that they had conceived it.

Forces: It exists.

IS: On a physical plane?

IS: But if… if we will go out and pick out some dew from the morning… in the morning… will we get the same substance?

Forces: The spiritual enlightenment and evolution of man at this time prevents you from gaining that.

IS: That’s why it was a miracle.

Forces: It would be a miracle.

IS: But there was a time on earth when this was the bread that men ate without having to make bread?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So, actually we are the ones now that have a substitute of bread for the original bread.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

NN: In Psalm 44 when you said about energy in the eye, eyes… is that one that directly relates to meditation, to helping with meditation?

Forces: This would be helpful.

NN: Thank you.

RU: Is there anything that could be given for my mother at this point?

Forces: We would advise her that each and every thing shall fall in its proper place. That of calmness shall be that of trust. And as the days proceed and move on, each aspect of life, each desire to fulfill, each plan to manifest, shall come down in a positive manner. That of reevaluating her life shall be done gradually and with perseverance; setting up a system and format is very wrong.

RU: Thank you.

PR: I want to thank the Holy Forces for the protection that they gave (DN) and (GL) the last week in regard to the hospital strike and the very courageous stand that they took. Thank you for watching over them.

Forces: We had a bit of fun ourselves.

JU: Could you perhaps explain… when I woke up the other morning, I woke up like… I had come out of a dream where there was some… a female force or something trying to do something… something about a battle, that some of us were involved in it, and I had the impression of this woman as I woke up out of… out of bed, that it, it seemed like she was there in the room or something was going on like that. Could you maybe explain what was going on?

Forces: What was your impression?

JU: I thought it was some kind of fight or something going on, a battle with something. It felt… I mean… I felt positive about it, but it seemed like there was a big struggle that had been going on…

Forces: It represents your struggle within.

JU: Thank you. And, can you perhaps tell me why I’m having so much trouble with my feet and if there’s something I can do about it?

Forces: Mm, it would be interesting to change your shoes. It would be also interesting to relax that aspect of negativity and allow the positive aspect to come into your principles.

JU: Thank you. And, should I make any steps soon about my job?

Forces: It will be taken care of.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: If you feel you need to move on, by all means move on.

JU: I would… I would want to do what I’m supposed to do, not on my own, no.

Forces: This must be an understanding between you and your ideals. If there is certain things to learn while you are still there and you are picking those thoughts up, then by all means stay and learn these feelings. If this place is not creating the force of learning, then you might be well to say… [pause] or better yet, ’tis better to say, move on.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Is there some guidance that could be given now… something I could be given now to direct me?

Forces: We must say that what has been planned for you as far as your future… you must discipline that aspect to learn. Learning shall be given to you. You also must work with your hands to create in that of wood, leather and stone. In doing these things you will be understanding many of the laws that you can tune in to. As a gift, it is that you tune in to these laws. As you move on, it shall be revealed to you. Meditation and prayer should always increase, and being receptive to what the Higher Forces are trying to speak, and the attunement to what is being given through this entity and this evening.

DD: Is there certain stones?

Forces: Limestone or soft stone, stone of granite or stone of marble; stones that would be creative, and stones for polishing.

DD: Thank you.

DN: Why does it seem that it’s… opposition and everything, the temptations and desires and everything are like 10 times as great as they were three years ago.

Forces: Repeat.

DN: Why does it seem like everything is so… so much greater…

Forces: Is it really?

DN: I don’t… it just feels that way.

Forces: It is not that it is much greater. There is that aspect of building on one after another. It is the aspect of movement towards the higher ideal that makes one mistake, one aspect of a fall to lose a lot.

IS: You mean to say the greater the ski… so when the stoppage also the greater the back… the backlash.

Forces: Correct. The greater the force that you have produced, the more you have to lose if you lose. Do not analyze how much has increased, for that in itself is a destructive power of stopping you from moving.

SH: Can you at this moment tell us what (AM) and (PR) and (MY) and my mission will be in Pennsylvania?

Forces: This should be an occasional, not only meeting of self, but also that of working out the aspect of communion with your God and the evolution and development of your life and that of giving up and preparing for the next.

SH: Also… thank you… also… the other morning… early morn… it was dark and I had to go into the room and I couldn’t find my way, and I…

Forces: This only represents the aspect of a new entering or a new force of feeling the fourth dimension or plane of relativity and balance and shapes to be questioned with your mental or logical or physical mind, that if this fourth dimension of space and time can exist in this such a short span of distance and time.

SH: Am I correct though, that when I did open the light, that there was someone behind me guiding me?

Forces: This is the fourth dimension.

IS: You spoke before about the test that… it seems that we all went through a test. Have we failed the test, or have we passed it?

Forces: You have moved on. Students, we are ready to go. We will come again. Of discipline be receptive and ready to hear the plans that are to come. But most of all, be ready for the things that are to come. Greetings to you all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens, hallowed be Thy Name…