Session 96 6/29/76

Forces: Greetings… Greetings to all here present now. We are now hovering, as you all well know, above. In our journeys throughout the earth, especially in Wisconsin and Minnesota, we have found many variances of experiences for those living on this earth. We must strive to tell you all, not to lose your faith. Keep it strong everyday. Do not allow the world to take it away. This area or country that you are living is, of course, celebrating its commemoration of a union. This we can appreciate, for generally the philosophies and ideals are sound. And most of all, its spiritual concepts of development is well balanced. We must remember the struggles, pains, and disciplines of all those in the past in order to make these days possible. Questions should be asked, “What are we doing in our lives to discipline ourselves?” Many changes will come as directed. We will hover above on those days to come, on these special days in which you will remember. We kind of like seeing ships in water. It is a hobby of ours. But remember the spiritual ideals and envisions of achieving that which is strong. Only in unity, ‘purposeness’, and strength can the achievement and manifestation of spiritual work be done. Everyday must be a re-commitment to these laws. We are now ready for your questions.

BR: When you’re saying the, “Our Father”, when you’re saying the “Our Father” and you put your hand to your forehead, what happens at that time?

Forces: You are aligning your centers within the body.

BR: Thank you. Can you tell us what the painting means that Tommy did with the flag and the woman?

Forces: Simply the Spirit of America in this age and the evolution of all souls that are born in America and what they will represent.

BR: Thank you.

JU: In both souls that are of the white forces and those of the black, are they both capable of evolving to the pineal gland? Or is one only capable of going as far as… as far as the pituitary, like the first six centers?

Forces: They (dark forces) are only capable of going to the thyroid… [Inaudible].

JU: Oh.

BH: On increasing my faith and trust in God and-opening myself up, is there anything you can tell me to help me with that?

Forces: A few bits of prayer, thrown in, mixed with patience and that should be for a while.

BH: Thank you.

NN: In the “Our Father”, in putting the hand to the forehead, the entity Tom said one time that it forms a pyramid like when we crossed our arm, too. Does that mean that it’s also like a kind of protection for the… like anytime we pray in that position, is it like a kind of extra protection?

Forces: It is the aligning of the centers or forming them to the shape and pattern of development. It is true.

NN: Thank you. Also, does, “sacrifices of joy,” mean like not giving into self-pity?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you. And what is Psalm Nineteen deal with?

Forces: Psalm Nineteen follows Psalm Eighteen. Comes before Twenty. Psalm Nineteen refers to the centers and to that of free will.

NN: Thank you.

PR: Later… Is (AM) on the road to becoming what he wishes to be?

Forces: That is a loaded question.

PR: Yes.

Forces: But for some it would represent what he would wish to be. For others, it’s what they would want him to be. What he would wish himself to be. Everyone is on the road to accomplishing this. But whether and what is his desires to accomplish should be understood and analyzed.

PR: Thank you.

RU: Can anything be given to the illness that (HP) seems to be going through at this moment?

Forces: It also would represent for (AM) that power and strength that gradually comes through the above in which the strength is given to him from above. He must tune into it, draw upon it, and use the energies about to be revealed. In doing so, he will become healthy and more rejuvenated in respect to all he meets. For his wife, we would advise patience and fortitude to keep on with the thoughts that is needed to be accomplished… [A loud clap of thunder]… Question.

RU: Is there anything that can be given for the entity (HP) at this time?

Forces: We would advise a salt-water bath, three teaspoons of salt merged with a little olive oil for the outside. Also advise water within, juices, soups, liquids, and occasionally concerned smile and holding.

RU: Thank you. Did I understand correctly the Bible passage that I opened to when I first detected the fever?

Forces: It is those things that need to be worked out within the individual. It is more so a test for the parents.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: …[Heavy rains begin.] And the washing away within the soul. So is it the washing away for the parents.

RU: Thank you… [Hail storm begins.]

Forces: Kind of funny, isn’t it? Watch. It is just begun. Now we’ll have the next question.

RH: Um, I had a dream that Tom healed…

Forces: Better think before you ask it. You do not know what will happen.

IS: Should we close the fan?

Forces: If you think it is desirable… [Fan is closed]… Question.

RH: I had a dream that Tom healed my eyes. But sometimes I get depressed because it seems like it’s getting worse. And is there anything that can help me on how to work with my eyes at this moment without taking away time from other things? Should I not do anything? Or should I do something?

Forces: Closing of your eyes and concentrating on the light force of God and through love and bring that energy to thy eyes is more power enough to heal them. Do not hesitate in your faith, for it will be done.

RH: Thank you.

MK: Is there anything that can be given as advice in general at this time?

Forces: We would advise, and in generally advise that which is to be silent.

IS: Meditation.

MK: Is there any advice that can be given on my meditations?

Forces: For in silence you shall hear the great quake and lightening of thunder within self will shake and terrify those around. In general, that will be the light within. Enter into meditation with patience. Do not strive for a great sound or a great noise to happen immediately. But each day that passes, week after week, year after year, you shall conquer and perceive and acquire that desired end. But most of all, for all who are here, that the spirit works in a slow pattern and a revelation is only found through automatic revelation in which it appears out of nowhere and there you take hold of it and approach it and give it substance. For in appearing, it has come from the spirit-world. And in disappearing, it has gone back to the spirit world. But remember, the appearance of all things knowledgeable comes first through hard work and the appearance of the spiritual world. Question.

MK: Thank you.

DN: Can anything be given for me at this time?

Forces: You must keep on pushing yourself. For a thought of relaxing or a thought of self-pity or a thought that you have done enough pushes you further behind. You must never give up. Never look back. Keep on moving on. You have a whole future ahead. Do not fantasize or compliment yourself by taking the time to relax and looking back. For in doing so, you will never succeed. And most of all, you will be left behind.

DN: Thank you. Can anything be given for the entity (LE)’s physical condition?

Forces: Physical condition must first be from the negative approach. Her negative thoughts must be stopped and her attitude must be reproached through prayer. All those things she cannot touch or control or handle must be controlled and touched through prayer.

DN: Thank you.

GL: Could you give me some advice on the frame for the Spirit of… for the picture over here?

Forces: Do it well and do it. Advice comes very expensive nowadays. The ankh, Star of David, the Cross, the symbols on a metaphysical level can be carved around it.

GL: Thank you.

LK: Can you tell me what I can do to start to really come out of myself, to be able to share my feelings, share my thoughts, generally to communicate more?

Forces: The only way you will be able to come out of yourself is when you truly care for another person rather than yourself. To share and to contribute and to give without question and most of all that you have strike up a relationship between you and your God. That relationship must be an everlasting and enduring relationship in which is built up time and time again.

LK: Thank you. Also, at times when I do try to talk to people or something and I get like a blocked-up feeling, is there anything I can do about that?

Forces: Unblock it. Ex-Lax, Lavoris, salt-water, and a cup of prunes. Also, you get the blocked-up feeling only because of your image and pride. Turn that down a couple of notches and you might have the right recipe.

LK: Thank you.

IS: All the dreams that happened, people in the house, about the Lost One, at that time, and now again the dream that (DD) had, what does it all mean? Is it strictly as a symbolical…

Forces: We will take it as a symbolic meaning. We also will take it on a spiritual level. This entity is realizing the amount of loss that has been achieved in her life.

IS: You mean to say she is now looking for a way to come back?

Forces: In a sub-conscious level.

IS: Is that ever a… in the destiny? Is that something…

Forces: Destiny is a strange ballgame. We have plans beyond plans. But remember, the best plans is that in which we have laid down since the beginning. We will guide you. And you will be kept in the light.

IS: Thank you. About my mother, what can I do about it? About the situation there?

Forces: Get her a boyfriend. Preferably twenty-eighty years old. In respect we would try to contact and receive a connection in a very positive way. Fear, anxiety, and the closeness of death hangs constantly around instead of the light of hope and the light of good living.

IS: Who should contact her?

Forces: We have Gabriel. We are running out of trumpets, so we will have to postpone the end of the day for two months. But in respect, all these things could be accomplished by anyone who has achieved a certain amount of foresight. We could have Operation Bombardment, Operation Satellite, Operation Telstar, or Operation Telescope. Which one?

IS: understand the Operation Bombardment and I think I… the Operation Satellite means Tom. I… am I correct?

Forces: Which one would you like us to use?

IS: That the one that would be best for her.

Forces: You must choose one.

IS: Satellite, and there was…

Group: Telstar.

IS: Telstar. What’s Telstar?

RU: A communications satellite.

JU: I think it helps them talk across the oceans by phone or something like that… [Group tries to list the choices and explain the words].

Forces: Operation Telstar it will be then. Would you like to understand what it consists of?

IS: Yes.

Forces: It is that each one takes a date and calls the entity three-four times during that day.

IS: I thought was Operation Bombardment.

Forces: Never know, do you?

IS: What is then Operation Bombardment?

Forces: If you want us to tell it, then it will be applied.

IS: Oh. No, no, then.

Forces: Then be satisfied with Telstar.

IS: So each one in the house?

Forces: Everyone in the house in the group will take a particular date and call three times.

IS: Including me?

Forces: If desired. Preferably not.

IS: Thank you. And about (SN) and (HA)?

Forces: It is interesting. You take a can of wax and wax their car. Then as time goes on, it will not be that expensive to telephone. In time, leave it up to them.

IS: So there’s no action from us, right? Rather waiting from them?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The Chapter about King David that I read, did I understand… did I understand it or is it wishful thinking? Or did I understand?

Forces: You understood a segment. When it shall happen is beyond your scope.

IS: Then in that case, that is including also another question I have asked this session? Is that correct?

Forces: Beyond that is interesting.

IS: The dream that Tom had with the flags, parading in front of him and all that, could you give us a little bit on that?

Forces: Just represents the spiritual advancements and the spiritual constructions in the future days to come. Representing those who are not moving compared to that which is a progress already made.

IS: So some of those parading are people… it does relate to people here in the group.

Forces: Correct.

IS: But it also represents on the world… on the whole scale of the world?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the things, the dreams, and the nights that I felt all these different things that I don’t even know what they are. I can’t put a finger on it. I don’t know what it is even. What is it?

Forces: The tapping into that of psychic and intuitive boundaries.

IS: With my low metabolism, is it something that has to be? Or is it something that just happened to me?

Forces: It is something that has to be.

IS: Forever? For the whole…

Forces: For a while.

IS: And then it will just…

Forces: (—–) work itself out.

IS: Then is it correct that I had other periods like this in my life or… and then it just went away?

Forces: Correct, correct. Questions.

IS: Thank you.

SH: With God’s will we’ll be moving… going to Pennsylvania soon, (AM) and I and (PR) and (MY). Will we accomplish what God wants us to do there?

Forces: You will accomplish what God wants to do there. It will take some doing. It will be done in a different way than you realize.

SH: Thank you.

BR: With (SY) and her new… the entity (SY) and her new baby, is there any advice you could give her?

Forces: This, through time it will be taken care of. Applying warm compresses. Also, wait on the Lord, for the particular soul has some karma to work with.

BR: Thank you.

DD: Is there anything you can give me to help me get back on… on the path I should be on?

Forces: The path has already been approached. You are already transcending and going forward.

DD: I didn’t think so. I will come back into harmony?

Forces: Harmony is only at your fingertips. It takes lots of work to produce harmony.

DD: That is work hard physically and to…

Forces: That and not to question too much on a selfish level.

DD: Is it all right if I ask about the forty-two letters?

Forces: It’s all right if you ask about the forty-two letters…

DD: Okay. Thank you.

AM: When my son Stephen hurt his finger, does that have any meaning, Tom?

Forces: It represents the will-power in which must be spiritualized. The amount of will that he has must be re-analyzed and re-dedicated.

JU: Can you give us some of the properties and uses of the onyx stone? And why it was used in the breastplate?

Forces: The onyx stone is used as a psychic stone and as a stone of revelations, as a stone to calm the heart, as a stone to reveal to the eyes the fourth dimension, and as a stone to travel the spirits of the dead into the fourth dimension, a stone to ward off evil spirits, a stone to make that which is strong weak, and a stone to make that who wears it stronger.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Oh, you mean to say strong negative… to make that thing weak?

Forces: Correct.

JU: The stone makes that which is negative weak?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Is there any reason why after a point?

Forces: If you want to understand minerals and stones, we might just happen to have them in Natural Museum of History.

JU: Thank you. Is there a special reason why after a point the one who we referred to as the Old Man, we don’t, have never heard?

Forces: He comes on special occasions.

JU: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell me anything about Psalm Twenty-seven?

Forces: Psalm Twenty-seven is to be used when insight is needed and when depression comes upon an individual.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Would you give a group of Psalms whether seven or whichever ones would work most on the third center or the solar plexus?

Forces: Psalm Thirty would be good.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: So Psalm Thirty is for faith?

Forces: It would be that.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We only advise you all to keep moving. Do not stand still. There is so much to be done. You have many things to accomplish. Let us not stand still. Keep things moving. We will meet you all again. Now we must leave. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…