Session 95-6/9/76

[ed. No tape from BH shorthand notes Virginia.]

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching over your experiences in this interesting and spiritual area. The area represents the seed for America’s spiritual rejuvenation, for from these very areas that you are in represent the threshold for new thoughts of spiritualizing that of America. These paths of water that cool and flow into the dry lands. In 5 years this area should be very productive physically, mentally, and spiritually. There shall be many spiritual movements in disciplines, instructions organizing in. The new experiences and tests to come starts. These tests are to be more direct and to refine the individual in decency and respect for themselves for those he is not. Proper care of discipline of self-important. There will be changes within this will take time. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: My sickness… mood I have… if I understood correctly? Part of the feelings expressed last night. Don’t understand what’s happening with me…why anytime I go on vacation I get sick.

Forces: It is… you are breaking through spiritual boundaries that you would normally not touch.

IS: Then it is a good thing?

Forces: It is not a bad thing. The boundaries you break through creates such a charge within that it causes a slight cold and sickness to follow.

IS: Can you give me some understanding of the spiritual boundaries?

Forces: It is not more so the breaking through the boundaries but the aligning them up in order that they might be used.

IS: [Inaudible]… part of my conversation with Tom?

Forces: This would be an alignment within the centers.

IS: And that is why the yellow of the room? [No answer.] The pieces of music that have come through on the piano. What are they?

Forces: Masterpieces for the names and centers and also for the preparation of the [inaudible] forces of those to come and the [inaudible] forces of another life.

IS: Other people to come into the group?

Forces: Correct.

IS: My past lives?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And it’s obviously not finished?

Forces: In what respect?

IS: Is that it that piece of music?

Forces: There will be work to [inaudible] to reach at least 15 pages.

IS: That is like an automatic music?

Forces: Correct. Done by us.

IS: Thank you very much. The entity Tom mentioned a life time for me in Thomas Jefferson’s house.

Forces: This would be near to correct.

IS: Can you reveal it exactly?

Forces: Not necessary at this moment. It would only cause more intuitive investigation of the source or wasting time.

IS: That lifetime then is already worked out? No need to get back to it?

Forces: It is worked out for those around as time progresses.

IS: The Swannanoa lady we met today you did something there with her. As what source of attraction? Do I understand the correct progression – Mona, Barbara, and Lao Russell?

Forces: [No answer.]

IS: My feelings of being ancient, the oldness, why is that?

Forces: [No answer.]

IS: Should we continue asking questions?

Forces: As far as your questions, yes it is a progression in the spiritual evolution. On age, there is no age to the soul but to the mind only.

IS: And that progression of that aspect in me, have I understood that of those 3 women mentioned?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Should there be a continuance with Lao Russell?

Forces: In time.

IS: Have we (she?) understood the attraction in any way?

Forces: It is a growing (—–) that will be revealed as time goes on.

NN: What did it mean in a dream I had a couple of weeks ago where I was crying about the people I saw?

Forces: Repeat the question.

NN: In the dream I had a couple of weeks ago I was crying for the people I saw…

Forces: Rejuvenation and looking forward with remorse to those elements that should be given up.

NN: Thank you. Also, the dream where I saw the cloud coming down…

Forces: This is more communication with us between the earth. Developing more of a purpose as time goes on.

IS: Can I ask about the progression of dreams that neither can I put a name to, neither can I remember. I’ve been having them for the past month where I wake up almost in terror.

Forces: These are the evolutions of the spiritual bombarding that of the heavy, gross of the earth changing structures within you for another operation of spiritual code.

GL: Could more be given about the figures we saw in the sky and the rainbow at Swannanoa last year? [No answer.]

Group: Save us from destruction and protect us… [Group begins to chant.]

Forces: It only represents the beginning of a new cycle begun last year and the fulfillment of God being with you last year, for last year you knew not the place or the location of your home.

IS: Is it also her being forced to look upon herself that made her progress strong enough for you to show yourself at her house?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And she felt it, didn’t she?

Forces: Correct. The evolution of the spirit in the body takes many forms. The spiritual essence manifested through the body.

GL: Tom told us we should have fruit juices and poached eggs tomorrow. Any other foods we should have at this time?

Forces: This would be at your own discretion. Understand that unity in food will help contribute to unity of group.

GL: Anything for me personally?

Forces: To work more and more with the wood element that it might be refined within self.

BR: Anything that can be given to me at this time?

Forces: Seek after your God first and all things will follow afterwards.

LK: Is there anything that can be given regarding the relationship between (BR) and myself?

Forces: It is a poor relationship without God. You must seek after God rather than looking for a physical partner. With time, to discipline on a spiritual level the quality that is gravitated toward the need of conscious discipline.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: It is easier to go after those elements around than to work with the elements within self is an interesting question. Those elements must be worked with at this moment in order for you to make progress to your next level of spiritual development. Rather than physical achievement, look more so on a spiritual achievement.

MK: I’m new here. Is there any guidance that could be given for me now?

Forces: We are glad to meet, “I am new here”. No such animal. You are old here. Guidance for you? Discipline your mind. Thoughts that are heavy and not constructive should be eradicated, and communication and spirit of sharing those thoughts must be productive and the ability to discuss and work out those aspects through the entity we speak through. In time, you should have more of a constructive foundation, and by doing such and watching same you should be producing what is within you. If you put out 100% effort, you can lead those around you.

JE: Can you give me any guidance at this time?

Forces: Humbug. It would be for a move from your physical comfortability, which retards spiritual growth and becomes satisfied with your own physical progress and prosperity. Remember, it is a (—–) you have received. Do not be fooled into by analyzing your physical advancement or spiritual advances. There is no way. Your own physical advancement only progresses when you discipline your mind and contributing to new ideas of foundations that would express development of spirit. In doing such, rather than… keeping your comments and concerns of what is right, what can be done to manifest spirit. Do not remain on past successes, that a future lies very (——-) if you tap qualities of faith, trust and love.

BH: Is there any guidance that can be given at this time?

Forces: To become aware of the sense of smell and the sense of sight that you will be able to distinguish those strange elements around you. Keep thoughts creatively constructive.

BH: Thank you.

HI: Can you tell me about the dream I had about my mother being ill and unconscious?

Forces: It is almost that point that your mother will be going through physical hardship. Also people near you at work will be going through change.

HI: Is there anything I can do?

Forces: There is not too much. That is ideas must progress in time.

HI: Would you say it’s okay that we’re planning for a visit to Holland?

Forces: This is not up to me. More so up to you.

HI: Thank you.

JB: Are there any suggestions for me at this time?

Forces: You only produce and not (——–) on past rewards. You must not stop from being creative. Look to the future always. Plan ahead. Be wise with your financial investments. Most of all plan ahead.

IS: (JC) keeps calling. What is the situation?

Forces: The situation is not too constructive. Nonetheless, handle [inaudible] when he calls. One day it will [inaudible].

IS: I have been concerned about a certain entity. Could you tell me whether it is a promise with that entity?

Forces: Promise in what direction?

IS: As far as finding that which he at this point seeks most which he shouldn’t.

Forces: It will be taken care of in our way. There is a destiny within, but we will have the last say.

IS: First whole destiny will have to be changed?

Forces: Correct.

IS: About my mother and me. On one hand, I feel like she is old already and I should be more patient and not react to it. On the other hand, I want her to understand.

Forces: We do say be patient with her 8 out of 10 times and 2 times let her have it. More patient and less let her have it.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: Just that of progress and that of ever conscious listening within?

IS: What’s happening with the Sperry’s?

Forces: A conglomeration of unsettled structures of inferiority putting them back on level that they must develop.

IS: So now it’s on a conscious level?

Forces: There is a childlike quality of fear that has fastened the power and luck.

IS: He considers us lucky and wise. So what is he afraid of?

Forces: The fear of that which is the spiritual luck.

IS: You mean to say he is afraid of [inaudible]?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Should we go there this weekend?

Forces: It would do no harm.

IS: Anything we can do to take care of this situation?

Forces: We will take care of all situations. We are just working them out.

IS: How come he feels he can say these [inaudible]?

Forces: It is a child quality of fear.

IS: Should we call him ahead?

Forces: As time progresses, you will be told.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Is there anything that can be given for the entity (DN)?

Forces: More involved in herbs and more involved in the music that the spirit of Christ might work through to him.

GL: Is there anything that can be given to the others that are not here: (DD), (RH), (RU), (JU)?

Forces: That each one takes into account his own personal convictions to see if he measures up to his ideals. If not, to work to re-adjust these ideas, to be productive. There is much more, but as time goes on, it will be revealed.

IS: If we don’t go to the house this weekend, should we let him know that we are staying?

Forces: This is one way of taking care of his fear. It would have a certain message in it.

MK: Can you tell me a hobby I could work on?

Forces: You will not find time for hobbies. You will be kept busy with your own self and (—–) of around. Stones, pottery, metals, copper, iron, brass, wood. All these will come from you. It will be [inaudible] and worked by your artistic hands as you discipline your lower centers.

JE: Could you give me any suggestions for the glass?

Forces: Wash it before you use it, for remember the tree of thoughts are produced in the workmanship of your glass. You must be in that aspect of giving rather than in attacking.

BH: The meditation where I saw myself in what seemed like the Russian Revolution. People were running through the streets, and then I was in a horse-driven carriage in a pretty dress and went to a palace where a ball was going on and people were happy to see me. I’m wondering it that was my imagination or if it happened.

Forces: It happened. At this moment in this situation, but remember it is only the beginning of a new and ever developing cycle. Be not within yourself too greatly, but balance of within and without must be maintained. We will speak to you all again at a time to come.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…