Session 94-5/27/76

[Session begins with group chanting: “Glory to God in the Highest, Praise be to God in the Highest.”]

Forces: Greetings… Greetings to all here present now. We greet you all at this time, as time should have it. There is so much that is going on in this world that one cannot really succeed if one is totally taken that of the self. For there are those things that shall come and it shall be for you all as tests, but it is clear if you would have more faith. To receive things also at a bargain rate might mean double work or more discipline. We have this group and strive to make aware of that which does not move. For water shall make that which is weak, strong. Water should be an increasing factor of development. We see that only as time progresses comes the factor of more hard work. It is not easy, but it is easy. It is not comfortable, but it is comfortable. Be prepared in every aspect to work with them. Do not believe those things without-cause and merit to go astray. We now at this moment turn it over to you to give us personal notes. Question.

IS: Should we close anything in this room like curtain or door at this point?

Forces: It is not needed.

IS: When you said “taken by that of the sun,” will not succeed, what did you mean?

Forces: To explain this fully would be very innocent. The meaning of it may even be harder.

IS: Many times we find that you say things that there is no way that we can understand at this point. But never-the-less you say them. Is that for that these things must be said in order for something to come forth even if we don’t… if nobody here of earth can possibly say it by the utterance of these words? Creating something that has to be?

Forces: This is the goal, the objective of perfect harmony. There are things that we say that have not yet manifested in the group. These things, none-the-less, must be said in order to bring a more conscious awareness of these thoughts.

IS: Even though we don’t understand what is being said?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is it also possible, or maybe it’s my fancy that you may say things aloud to our conscious mind, but neither can we understand them, neither do they apply to us, but they must be said in this kind of atmosphere at this moment or whatever for something else to happen elsewhere?

Forces: That is part of it. We should strive to approach all situations with peace and harmony, with an aspect of caring.

IS: Thank you. And when you said about the tests that are coming and then you said something… it is “free”… there is a free way… or something. A free… not a freeway as a road but a freedom or something?

Forces: There will be a free aspect of grace and development to come when properly attuned with these.

IS: Thank you. And what is it that we can receive at bargain prices? Or that we should…

Forces: That is the aspect of caring and loving around you. As you have been receiving freely, it must by given out freely.

IS: I see.

Forces: To be tight with this aspect and the tighter interpretation will only strangle the spirit of the law.

IS: You mean like people coming in like Marty and all that?

Forces: This is the aspect of sharing.

IS: So what you’re saying is that… I guess we all felt it to a degree or another that even if he doesn’t make it we still have a responsibility to share freely what we have been given.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And that is also with the La Guardia group?

Forces: Correct. But the most of all that the channel of blessings and the creative forces can contribute and continue to work amongst this group. Once the channel of contribution and caring is cut off, then you are cutting us off.

IS: Is there anything specific that… that we are doing it wrong with? Or is it something that yet to come?

Forces: It is not a specific thing. It is an aspect of falling into a consciousness of material wealth verses that of spiritual faith.

IS: Thank you. When you said also that which is weak becomes strong through water, is it a weakness in character or physical or something else?

Forces: It would be a weakness in the physical and mental aspect of the individual.

IS: How many… how much water intake should be considered?

Forces: Internally?

IS: Oh. I see. You mean showers and things like that?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But it also means the intake of water?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. Now you said about the house that you want that room.

Forces: It is only an expression for development within the house.

IS: That’s all we can receive at this moment.

Forces: It is the thoughts, ideals, and working together to bring about more perfect harmony.

IS: And that room represents that?

Forces: The rooms in the house represent this aspect.

IS: Then all the rooms?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then should I continue with that line of thinking of the house and that extension and things or should I drop it?

Forces: This has nothing to do with the last statement.

IS: Well, the one… one before the last one about getting into the material things.

Forces: To be involved in the material with a perfect balance of the spiritual laws around you. It is more said for those who come amongst you.

IS: So it doesn’t refer at all to the thing that we’re doing with the house?

Forces: It refers to everything. But the house is only a reflection of the spiritual thoughts.

IS: I don’t understand too well, because as… as we’re talking about building it does involve money and I thought that this is where maybe I’m sliding into the material.

Forces: There is that possibility and chance of regression.

IS: Then should we consider that extension to the house at all?

Forces: It has nothing to do with extensions or renovations. It is just the attitude in approaching it.

IS: With greed or without greed. With wanting for oneself or creating a…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much. This is the thoughts that I understand. Now the other thing is with the plumbing and electricity. Should anyone here undertake to become a plumber and an electrician? And if so, how should he go about it since we received some information about the school and all that? Or should we undertake it at all?

Forces: This is only a judgment particularly by those in the group to decide with. It would do no harm.

IS: Then who are the individuals best suited? One to the plumbing and one to the electrician? And which aspect would be more beneficial? The school or a regular or a regular worker to become an apprentice with? And also it has been mentioned to me about the auto mechanic. Could you tell us who would be best suited for it?

Forces: It is rather the mental attitudes of those in the group, of cooperation together in the spirit of unity rather that the courses to be given. If the individual is cooperating with the group then it is that particular individual that should be shared that knowledge. For that particular individual will be more receptive to it.

IS: Correct. So what you are saying is the way I looked at it that it’s an actual gift that we can give to that particular person to get this kind of a profession because this is something for life? So he must be more than willing. He must really want to do it for the benefit of all?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Question.

GL: Is there anything to help with the babies at this point?

Forces: The children?

GL: Yes.

Forces: We have big ones and small ones. That more adults in this group will get involved with the children as far as reading and writing and singing.

GL: Is there anything in their diet that’s missing?

Forces: If you find anything missing, then you let us know.

GL: Is there anything that could be added?

Forces: Juices and fruit juices in the mornings and in the afternoons. Fruits’ for everyone.

GL: Thank you.

RH: What would be the correct material to use… what would be the correct material to use on the skylight room floor?

Forces: Floor?

RH: Floor. Should it be a stone floor or what kind of floor?

Forces: That of linoleum would be good, or a thick red rug.

IS: A carpet, a red carpet.

Forces: Correct.

IS: That’s for the magic room?

Forces: Correct.

RH: Thank you.

DD: Can you tell me what the book, can you tell me what the book Ecclesiastics has to do with?

Forces: That of divine aspects and of initiations of love.

DD: What’s it talking about when it says… [Inaudible]

Forces: It speaks about those who give into their comfortabilities more that working.

DD: Why does it have twelve, twelve verses, twelve chapters does it have to do with twelve aspects of the twelve centers?

Forces: Twelve avenues of expressions, twelve centers, twelve aspects of development towards that of God.

DD: Thank you.

RU: Should the thick red carpet be wall to wall or like the Persian room, in the skylight room?

Forces: It should accommodate all walls.

RU: What should be the diameter of the round table scheduled to be built for that room?

Forces: It should be in the area of three feet to seven.

RU: Thank you. Should we send (GL)’s father pictures of the children?

Forces: This should do no harm.

RU: Thank you. What are the correct measurements of the skylight room? The picture we have is number 1 or number 2.

Forces: We would say more so the second one.

RU: Thank you. Could you explain the dream I had in which (MM)’s ear was cut and I was blaming (RH) because she had made the children go potty twice. It was like a nightmare that I had.

Forces: It is that you must be more receptive to cleaning out your system and that you must take on the responsibilities for doing same.

RU: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us some more about the cave in Virginia like who used the cave and what it was used for?

Forces: The cave in Virginia was used by the moles or the mole-people.

IS: The mole-people?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it’s not the same thing that we were thinking about, the little animal?

Forces: No. It is often used as a storage place for secrets that was once great.

IS: The mole-people, what period of…

Forces: Also it connect directly or indirectly with that place that we call Swannanoa. For remember, this particular spot was once used by the white forces. In fact, it is still in its control. The aspects or people who are in control of this movement now are that of the black side. It does not necessarily mean the information given is black. The information given is white. But the black side is trying to takeover. The aspects cannot be revealed, but that area is of the white forces.

IS: Then we can’t ask any questions about…

Forces: Ask and see if we can answer.

IS: But, you mean to say that you allow black forces… Oh, you put in your information through the black forces, that people that are attracted to the black and look at that as the good thing to their conscious mind, never the less will receive the seeds of the white? Is that…

Forces: This is how it is working at the moment. But remember, even though the individual who was handling it was of the forces, occasionally of the dark side, there was the forces of the white side that came through. It is not the structure of the seed is bad. But the shell that surrounds the seed. The thoughts and ideas are correct. But the institution and corporation surrounding it has made it incorrect.

IS: But that actually will happen even to… to us…it happened to Edgar Cayce…it always happens once…

Forces: It happens but can be exchanged and touched by magic to start a new evolution.

IS: Is there a way that, for instance, that if we do everything right or a percentage of it right, that some children that will come in into this group will be those kind of children that will be able to be a channel like the entity Tom that you could come through and the things starts over again or continues anyway you look at it?

Forces: This can be done, but only through the aspect of right living in the group now. If an antagonism or that of attacking one another is accomplished or persists to be done, it goes directly against our laws and should be ‘stampled’ into that in which permitting it not to be done.

IS: So actually, a child… the right child to channel, to come in into this house, is dependent on everybody not just the parents. But it’s actually dependent upon what the aura of the group as a whole is, for that other aura to…

Forces: It depends upon the spiritual awareness and practice of cooperation of giving and of that of love. It is the aspect of divine aristocrats.

IS: Edgar Cayce and his sons… that means it didn’t have to be the way it is at this moment. But yet it had to… it had to be for a different purpose?

Forces: Correct. And yet in this group has the power to change that whole aspect.

IS: For us?

Forces: For us and for them.

IS: Oh, boy.

Forces: For remember, if this group becomes positive and receptive to the highest ideals and displays them, no one shall stand in your way in accomplishing God’s work.

IS: The thing that I spoke to (RU) at the coffee shop some couple weeks ago… I don’t know exactly what day… about A.R.E. and how it has to be for this purpose of… for the lifetime… for the duration of the lifetime of those that left or is… was that conversation… was that correct there? Did understand?

Forces: Partially correct. The duration can change when a positive force comes in.

IS: Yeah. And I meant about… also the duration of the lifetime… Oh… you mean… let’s assume those that left…

Forces: This particular group can change the pattern of any organization, company, or nation. When they have approached the positive side, they change that structure immediately.

IS: How about the Sun Myung Moon?

Forces: This we would stay away from.

IS: Does it mean we had an opportunity and we missed it or did we do…

Forces: It just means that it is not the time yet.

IS: So there are certain things that we cannot change because we’re not supposed to change for instance.

Forces: Incorrect. It is just that it’s not time yet. You can change everything.

IS: It’s not time because we are not ready?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But yet if the Anti-Christ, if the whole world is being set up for the Anti-Christ as it is being set up even to the point of them trying to invent that thing…

Forces: There will be places on the earth that will be centers for the white forces. There must be a place in which the white forces still remain. And they only remain where there is love and harmony in spirit of cooperation.

IS: But I know I asked this before, but yet there is prophecies and these prophecies are going to come about.

Forces: They have nothing to do with what has been said already.

IS: So Sun Myung Moon is not even part of those prophesies then?

Forces: We are not saying that. We are saying that the white forces still must declare their camp during these prophecies of Santanic force that is come in throughout the earth. And when the end does come, then from these centers shall come forth the living waters of life.

IS: The earth wouldn’t be able to stand, exist. It would blow up if there wasn’t white force on the earth.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And thank you very much.

JE: Could you tell us more about the mole-people?

Forces: The mole-peoples eat lettuce. So if you plant lettuce around the cave and it disappears, then you know you are near the cave.

IS: We’ll plant lettuce all over the place.

JE: Do they still live there?

Forces: We cannot say.

IS: Is it part… is this… is this cave part of the other earth or whatever in the core of the earth? The people that live…

Forces: It does not go that deep.

IS: But it has no connection with that?

Forces: It has a connection a round about way.

IS: That’s…

JE: How does it connect with Swannanoa?

Forces: With a straight line.

IS: Do the people at Swannanoa know about this cave?

Forces: They are not aware.

IS: Thank you.

JU: The pages of the encyclopedia that we copied from the last Session, were those copied… the correct ones on pottery?

Forces: Pottery, interesting.

JU: Are there more that we should copy down? Anything else?

Forces: You want more information? Pottery is what you will be involved in in the times to come to deal with that of iron and copper, with copper handles and copper elements, pottery is the shape to be done.

JU: Thank you.

LK: Are there any other places that we should visit or investigate on the vacation coming up?

Forces: It would not be bad to stop off in North Carolina or Tennessee or Kentucky.

LK: Whereabouts in Kentucky, Tennessee, or North Carolina would be good?

Forces: At Mammy’s Restaurant… Generally speaking, where the mountains form.

LK: Would that be in the area of the Cumberland Gap?

Forces: We do not understand. There is no gap with us.

LK: That would be the area where Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee connect?

Forces: Ummm… possibly.

LK: Something like that.

Forces: Thank you.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me what the heat on the left side of my body that I’ve been feeling since Sunday in the abdomen and waist?

Forces: Healing.

NN: Thank you. Also with the caves, is there any chance that they also at some point or at some level connect like leading all the way say across the world like to Egypt or something?

Forces: We would not say Egypt is that great.

NN: Thank you. Also the… the thoughts I’ve been having about the material like nylon-type material or at least that loose… would that be… is that correct?

Forces: Repeat.

NN: The thoughts and feelings I’ve been having about the material nylon or material like that lately, is that correct?

Forces: It is correct.

NN: Is there any place like in the house that it should be used? Where there’s like a drop ceiling?

Forces: Sparingly.

NN: Thank you. And also, what is Chapter Nineteen of Ezekiel talking about?

Forces: Talks about that re-awakening within man’s spiritual centers.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Is there a prayer or a Psalm that I could use to love God more or for strength?



BH: Thank you.

Forces: FOR THEE. Question.

DN: The procedure that I did the other night with the plant, was it beneficial?

Forces: It would be interesting. Question.

DN: The molds on the pills, is it harmful?

Forces: What pills?

DN: The Golden Seal pills.

Forces: And you say there are molds? Maybe the mole-people. They should be kept away from moisture.

DN: Right.

Forces: The molds are from the moisture in the jar.

DN: Thank you. Is there anything else that we could learn about the… the way the alphabet corresponds with the musical notes?

Forces: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. There’s your notes.

IS: Can we change the tape now? Is that run out or…

Forces: We don’t mind…

[There is a portion of the Session that is unrecorded at this point due to a twist in the tape of Side B. Eventually this was noticed and a new tape was started. Therefore, the following segment is from (BH)’s shorthand notes.]

IS: [When we are going through the plans, the meditation area is not facing East. How should we do it?]

Forces: [East will be given to you even if we have to change the earth.]

IS: [Is the garage the right place for the Meditation Room?]

Forces: [We have no problems.]

IS: [Should we put a glass dome over the extension?]

Forces: [It would not hurt.]

IS: [I don’t know what needs… I don’t know what the future holds, the amount of people, children… maybe it’s just wishful thinking.]

Forces: [We have already given you the purpose tonight.]

IS: [I see. As many bedrooms as possible.]

Forces: [We only say first the thoughts of the group and then tomorrow.]

[At this point the problem with the tape is discovered and a new tape is inserted.]

IS: But then what you’re saying is that as we progress, so will the plans for the house progress. About…

Forces: For the future and the present.

IS: So actually I am receiving as much as I can handle?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now the, the skylight room, is it as in my mind that what it is? Or am I… with those curtains on all the walls or…

Forces: It would be wish and good thoughts.

IS: Is there anything that I can give to the entity Tom and his job and the things that he’s been going through with us, with the La Guardia group?

Forces: Positive thoughts around.

IS: Anything that… for the La Guardia group that I can…

Forces: Patience.

IS: How about Abraham? Is he ever going to get out of it?

Forces: What you all fail to see is that he would have been in a worse condition if it wasn’t for this particular group.

IS: Yeah. But is there even a way for him to get…

Forces: The way is being done already.

IS: Will he take it?

Forces: He will have to.

IS: And the children’s group, the children’s group from the La Guardia group, is that being handled correctly?

Forces: It is being worked with… correctly.

IS: And for the entity Tom at work?

Forces: He’s being worked with.

IS: Is there anything that can be done for the thoughts that I was thinking last night about the condition?

Forces: Repetition and repeating aspects finally will manifest.

IS: Thank you very much. And what is happening to my physical body? I’m completely…

Forces: More changes.

IS: Is there even a possibility for me on a physical level on the thing I’m thinking?

Forces: There is always that possibility.

IS: Is that part of those changes?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now I’ve been thinking about the room changes. Is that correct?

Forces: It needs to be altered a little bit. People, need more of that spirit of sharing and listening and contributing. We will talk to you all again soon. Changes to come on the worldly level that will be seen.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…