Session 93 5/20/76

Greetings. Greetings to… greetings… greetings… Greetings to all here present now. As we have been brought here to serve that of wisdom. Be not concerned of the many changes that are surrounding. But be ready to change. For as we have prepared ourselves, let us not lose ourselves in that of preparation. For as the earth and the world go through the traumatic changes of the world, this will have repercussions as in the areas. Thousands upon thousands of gallons of gasoline, or diesel is being released in such a condition that is dangerous to all those living in that area. There shall be many changes and many interesting turnabouts for your President Ford wanting so much for the policy twenty-five. But remember, there shall be not a storm or that of change left for those who are not willing to discipline their lives. For as we have gathered here as soldiers in disciplining our desires, let us not forget that in so doing we gain ourselves, and that of God. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: What is happening to my body, if anything, that… Is it related to the seven days? Was the seven days my own desires? Therefore, is that sort of a negative thing? Or could you help me a little?

Forces: This is being done that an experience which is new can be applied to your evolution.

IS: So it wasn’t wasted? Those…

Forces: Nothing is ever wasted.

IS: And is there anything I should be doing now that I’m maybe doing wrong with my body? Or… I don’t know… the food things or… Do I have any idea of the new experience?

Forces: No, in this experience-but in others to come.

IS: Is it going to be for a long time, this thing for my body? Or…

Forces: It should turn in its force around to that of changing the structure and the taking in of items.

IS: Could I understand better what is being said to me?

Forces: In short, do not lose your position and power of trying to bring God into the earth.

IS: Does this go bar to the conversation that the entity had with me-this evening? [No reply] Thank you.

LK: I was wondering if you could help me with an answer on something. (VR)’s birthday is coming up and I’m wondering if I should do anything for it or would that cause problems in what’s happening with that situation?

IS: [after a long pause] Should we continue asking questions? [No reply.] [The group beings to chant.]

Group: Adon Malach konium, [After about two minutes the chant stops and there is a brief pause. Then another chant begins.] Save us from destruction and protect us. Let thy light shine around us… [After about ten seconds, the Session resumes.]

Forces: Let that which comes before us, let us not have but to do it. And doing, do it progressingly forward. God has the strength within, sit and wait, let us know by your power we wait for thy help.

IS: I just felt something like the whole floor shaking. Was that a physical thing happening?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Could you explain what it was?

Forces: Changing and bringing into the surrounding a new feeling and experience beyond the understanding of the physical level. In the physical thoughts you will only see what is in front of you. In the spiritual thoughts you see not only what is in front, but what is in back and the side. Question.

IS: Can Luke repeat his question?

Forces: Correct.

LK: With (VR)’s birthday coming up, should I do anything for that and will it cause any problems? Or what should… I don’t know what to do.

Forces: As far as that is concerned, do like unto the year before. To serve their respective birthdays and acknowledge it in a limited fashion.

LK: Thank you.

GA: Could you tell us more about the magnetic stones in the Mayan land that the Atlanteans used?

Forces: These stones gave life to those who need that of a healing power within them. It was placed in an L-shaped fashion amidst the chest. In so doing it enlightened and gave the heart energy to heal the internal wounds. It was the heart’s function at that time to heal, taking in consideration that of the appendix, in which the appendix is stored the healing cells for every organ in the body. Question.

DD: Could you explain at the beginning of the Bible, taking Genesis… could that be compared to laying the foundation of a pyramid?

Forces: Exactly.

DD: And then going through the Exodus they are building… building the structure higher?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Then would Deuteronomy be making the capstone?

Forces: The pyramid represents that of the earth and the spiritual evolution of all souls in the earth at a given moment. All souls go through the energy field that is located near and around Jerusalem. Question.

DD: So in the beginning the Tree of Life was a pyramid?

Forces: Correct.

DD: And the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was a pyramid.

Forces: Correct.

DD: Two different ones?

Forces: Question.

DD: Thank you.

R: Could you tell us what’s been happening with certain people in the group who have had diarrhea for a few days? More than a couple of days… like…

Forces: It is only that of their thoughts running wild.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

N: Could you give us, please, a prayer that would be best to say like when receiving Communion? An affirmation or prayer to like have in our heads.





N: Thank you. Is that every time we do receive Communion it’s like a reaffirming of commitment?

Forces: Correct.

N: Thank you.

J: In the Encyclopedia Britannica, that page that we located, was that… was that the page you were referring to in that…

Forces: This is the beginning of that wisdom. The next page should be found on that of the letter “P”. And the page should be three hundred and fifty-eight, fifty-nine, and sixty [358, 359, 360].

J: Does it matter which edition we go to? Or may I go to that same edition?

Forces: Same preferably. Question.

J: Thank you. Is there anything… could you explain… is there any value or anything… what is behind the primal therapy? Is there anything good of it?

Forces: The value behind this particular instrument is only of an emotional center, forcing the centers on a lower level to open, causing an explosion, which is very harmful to the souls in connection with it. Question.

J: Is there any way in which we can…

Forces: It is cursed. It is better that those do not touch it and leave a far distance from those who are involved with it. Question.

J: Does that relate to the two that are coming here tomorrow night or…

Forces: This relates to all who are involved with it. Question.

IS: In that case they shouldn’t be coming here tomorrow?

Forces: We did not say that.

IS: I see.

Forces: That only to be involved in this particular aspect of forcing the centers open is a alarming and dangerous aspect.

IS: Thank you.

J: Any special way in which we can help them? Or anything that I may need…

Forces: That they must return to discipline and self-invocation to their God. They mustn’t go outside of themselves to find their peace.

J: Thank you very much.

Forces: Question.

B: What does “Eat my body and drink my blood”, mean? And what was really happening?

Forces: This is the transmutation from the fourth dimension to the third dimension. Transposing and body rise that of bringing up, raising up the cells in your body to that of his cells.

B: Thank you. What does it… why are people born colorblind?

Forces: Misapplication of that of perception. Those who would refuse to see the will of God.

B: Thank you.

Forces: And the misapplication of that of money and gold and silver. Question.

B: Why are… are there flowers in all churches and temples?

Forces: A resurrection of thought consciousness in the spirit world. Question.

B: Who was Seth and Cain and Abel in the time of Jesus?

Forces: These represent the forces of good and evil.

B: Was Seth a person around Jesus at that time?

Forces: It was a spiritual entity and then manifesting on earth.

B: Thank you.

DA: Is it correct that the Kabala, say for instance, or all of the mystic books and the Bible can be played by assigning a letter of the alphabet to a letter on the keyboard?

Forces: This could be done in an accurate fashion, causing a great deal of harmony for all those who wish to learn.

DA: Would the first eight letters correspond exactly to the keyboard, A through G?

Forces: It could be made out to be this

DA: Would there be a better way?

Forces: This is the best.

DA: And following that, the letter H would begin again with the letter, with the key A?

Forces: It is interesting to see the changes around the world that is happening to all of you. There must be changes in our own personal life. Question.

SA: We all feel very bad that (LC) and (VI) has left our La Guardia group. Is there any chance of them coming back? And also is that the reason why the land in Pennsylvania, she’s a distance from (PE) and (AB)’s land?

Forces: It is better this way. They must go through certain purifications. They are just beginning on their own personal road. But the encounterment of their stubbornness shall be encountered by those who are there.

IS: By those who are… is it the land or by their own people that they went to-friends or things that they went to?

Forces: By their own selves.

IS: The thing about… the thing that we discussed about the moon and what did this represent, man reaching the moon, and what did it bring down to the earth. And I was thinking…

Forces: It is correct. Bringing the emotional factors in full force back to the earth. Remember, people, the changes in all the groups, changes within ourselves, is that we everyday must become closer and closer to God until he finally finds us in his own special way. And then that of termination of life when we return back to him. Do the best you can with what you have when you have it. And do not regret the changes around you; these are inevitable. They had to happen. Better it happened this way than to happen at a less desirable moment. Question.

IS: About (JO) and (RO), should we contact them again?

Forces: This can be done if wanted and needed. It is being worked out in its way of anticipation. But there are certain things that must be had, must be learned by these two entities, giving the reason why all that we… all that they have been through, learn them these lessons. It would not hurt, but better not do it at this moment.

IS: Thank you very much.

PE: Being the one who always thanks for being here… I feel so humble. And you did answer questions regarding (VI) and (LC) which I wanted to ask, but you answered them anyway. Thank you.

Forces: Questions are asked by that of silence. For all around us are questions. But to here the answer takes time and patience and most of all application of same. Be it to listen to the words of your commitment. And do not falter on these words of commitment when the time comes. Many words have been said in the past by the group. And when the time has come to look into these words they no longer true. When a statement of strong commitment is revealed, remember these statements and do not fly them to the wind, for they bear you closer to your God and bring you an eternal feeling of peace. Question.

RU: How can I break the thought-pattern that I have… or the pattern that I’m in right now where I feel like I’m not getting any closer to God and that my relationship is definitely not what it should be?

Forces: Your relationship is on a mental level. To be closer to God means to be humble. In your respect, humility is part of pride.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: And you must learn to love yourself, not to be so hard on those around you.

RU: Thank you.

J: Can you explain maybe the reason why there’s such a strange feeling in that church there that some of us go to at lunch? Or what type of thing is there?

Forces: This is a spiritual center of the Leyden center.

J: So that there it affects our Leyden center each time we go there?

Forces: Correct. Question.

N: What are the positive aspects of the number seventeen?

Forces: Positive aspect of number seventeen. ONE: Unity, SEVEN: Perfection. Unity in perfection.

N: Thank you.

IS: So we can only have a good day on seventeen when we achieve the meaning of that number?

Forces: Correct.

DA: What can I do about the situation at my office? Should I speak out? Should I keep totally quiet?

Forces: Prayer is necessary. You cannot change their outer minds, but you can change their inner thoughts by actions of kindness and love. Prayer is the direction in that in which they will listen in a higher level.

DA: With my neck, would there anything?

Forces: Stop reading other people’s letters and mail on the subway. And to keep your eyes where they belong. Your neck is that of strength. Do not misuse it. The head and neck exercise could be adequate for it and warm compresses on the rights side.

DA: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me, is the well at the bottom of the pyramid, is that the same as the story of Joseph being thrown into the well?

Forces: This was used as a center for the spiritual refinement of a physical body. It also represented the initiation of the cliffs.

DD: Was someone thrown down in it or…

Forces: If the initiate lost its balance in this particular approach, they would just fall to the pit.

DD: What was in the pit?

Forces: Skeletons of other bodies.

DD: What was in the lower… the lowest pit? The Great Pyramid slants down at an angle, all the way down.

Forces: This was a refinement of that of the inner depths of fear in nature and of self.

DD: Was there anything inside there, like snakes or something?

Forces: More of the fourth dimensional forms than could be realized.

IS: Meaning they would become visible to the initiate?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it’s like the Phoenix Bird, facing one’s own self?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Does the five books summarize the five races of man?

Forces: People, do not be of fear, but to keep on moving. Do not pout and resent progress. And do not demand things for self. Keep productive. Keep in prayer. And keep your eye centered on God. For there are many changes to come. But let us not forget who we are and where we are going. Produce and work and keep on manifesting that spirit in us and bringing it to the outside. We cannot have things easy. It is part of destiny. It is up to everyone here to take his destiny and do the best from it. Question.

IS: You didn’t mean karma. You said destiny. That’s different.

Forces: Correct.

IS: So destiny will include what one has come to achieve, to do?

Forces: To overcome-to do that which was given as one lives.

IS: In reference… can I ask about this… whether… is this sort of an answer to the conversation that the entity and me had upstairs, in spite… including everything, everybody else of course?

Forces: It is an answer to everyone, of course. But it is also to stress to you the great responsibility, but also the great reward. For remember your preparation in other lives to reach this critical moment in this one.

IS: Thank you. Can I ask again… or I shouldn’t about my body, whether there is anything that I should do that I’m not doing or… it’s obviously not a physical… not physical. But I can’t understand it. Is there anything?

Forces: As it has to be. In times things will change. But allow to accept and do not rush. Certain centers need that energy field. In time it will change, for it’s only in changing that we proceed to the highest.

IS: What is keeping the body from losing weight?

Forces: Low metabolism at times. There should be a high surface of that sweat. But because of that element, your surface is to be still until it is used as pressure points. The pressure points were used to re-instate the spirit world around these two that they should be closer, one-two together. And as time progresses they shall be together.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: You’re welcome. For remember, as the years pass by, we too congratulate you. How well it has been. But as you have said, disciplines and pains for the most, but your reward is greater still.

J: With all the people at work that keep coming to me with dreams, is there any way that I can begin to work so… so I can begin to help people with them or understand them better or…

Forces: To research the meaning of dreams and
allow the one Isis to help you with some of the definitions of dreams. If you were doing your homework for the past three and a half years you would have had a Knowledge ability’ of the make-up and functions of dreams. Question.

DA: Should we do anything to induce perspiration in the entity Isis?

Forces: This could be done by a hot bath. Other than that there is no reason for this now.

RU: In the beginning when you mentioned the gas that was being released. What area is that in?

Forces: Over the countryside’s and places of industrial waste that will fall and cause great distress. People, as time goes on, so does the problems of the city. But truth of it is that you must remain light and above in that of the height, and not come down where those are small, and chattering of the teeth are made. Stay where you are and give us time to show you what we can do. Greetings to all of your here, ones with faith and ones who are growing strong in faith. We offer our blessings upon your marriage. We offer our blessings and interest upon this day. Be strong. Remember, in the test is your reward, if succeeding, you shall see the reason for the test. If failed, you shall repeat the test. Have a good evening.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…