Session 92-5/13/76

[ed. This session was not recorded, and the following is from (BA)’s shorthand notes.]

Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching this area and find it interesting. For as the days pass by, so does the new meaning of awareness. It is not that difficult to understand that all things are in a master plan or as the birds of the sky fly high, so is it with a man who sees his vision passing by. But let us take hold of what we have, bear in mind, and understand for all these things are worth in gold to understand man’s task. We shall see that the shores of the land and the mountains shall meet once more and bring in abundance according to the plan of old. We have spoken many times in the past of many subjects. Some elements of awareness are brought into… As we move along, we must meet that element of refining and disciplining ourselves, but if we are to be successful, then we must in our own actions watch and correct and guide and develop ourselves. There shall be many a place to meet, to eat. There shall be many places to eat. The cars and the motors and trains move fast and bombs and explosions and in bus terminals shall be interesting… Then all these changes come about in order and against one mass. As this mass becomes strong, so does the reaction of that place around. America at this moment is going through the great uneasiness of spiritual development. America is looking for a leader to lead them in strength, in unity, and in spirit, a noble quality that would be strong to fulfill the purpose of this land. But how can we have this ideal if we fail our own master plan? Each one of us must be responsible to everything that we do as it measures up to one laziness and perfectness well done. Then there shall be declines of the stock market never seen before. Oceans, eruptions in the ground, changes in climates, corruptions of officials, disruptions in the colleges. This keep watching on in time, but as we sit here tonight, we sit with peace in mind, but it is so hard to see a man carrying a book and that a number and page of the book. Lights of the city of London shall be in trouble. Book shall be open to all those who look in that area. We would advise that frankfurter meat is not so good. Oscar Meyer is the best. The house in Virginia of the smaller nature has poltergeists in it. It is the doctor who had terminated there and had moved things around according to his wishes. If you would check into it, you would find this happening to Mr. and Mrs. Sperry when they resided there. Strange things do happen. As far as the child of Sarah, youngest. It is a moment of rebellion of spirit but all not reality. It is that in which her back and spinal from the base of the spine to the neck should be sufficient in rejuvenating and reactivating centers clogged. This particular land in Pennsylvania a test of… but it is more. We are now ready for your questions.

I: [somebody getting strong]

Forces: This is that which gives into luxuries that capture a raise for those who want to give another person without discipline limiting those souls.

I: As it stands now Anti-Christ becoming strong?

Forces: Correct.

I: The land in Virginia. Why were the doors closed?

Forces: Doors closed through fear.

I: Fear that we would take something?

Forces: That was only a second thought. It was fear, general fear of not sharing.

I: [on purpose?]

Forces: For this particular person reacts on the spur of the moment to emotional thoughts.

I: Why did his son…

Forces: General fear was instilled by that of self-centered thoughts. In respect, it gave a proper distraction for those around and not that of getting lost in the house. He wanted the attention and not the house to have it.

N: [What does the 13,000 mean?]

Forces: We cannot reveal that at this time. It does represent major company, major financial and spiritual sections in this country.

N: What did the dream mean where I went down in a secret passage in an elevator that was in (J)’s closet with (I) the other night?

Forces: That is exactly what happened.

AB: Will the land pass the perk test?

Forces: We prefer Maxwell House. As far as the test, let it be known that all parcels of land are heavy. In all respects, needs wanting, needs a desire to be more of a developed nature. The land area of which you speak of (SA) and (AB), it can pass with no problems, but we must be in respect to that of 15 feet below the land in which it gave it a rock substance. In all reality, the land should be firm and according to time, it is in good condition. Question.

MA: Do you see my daughter getting married? (DE).

Forces: Let us put it this way. Thoughts are real and bearing is strong across the bridge she will walk, and there producing all along children of hers in the future. It will take time, but because of her development and her consciousness there are 50,000 prints in her favor of getting married. In short, there should be no problem on a physical level, mental level, spiritual level. There is courses of development in which she must follow, and these evolutions must be taken into consideration, but when they are met in time, then she will get married.

PE: [Statement from experiences of last couple of days. Do realize I was put to a test by God and that failed a shade, not all the way but a shade, but when I realized this is God’s will and picked myself up with the help of these beautiful people and my confidence restored 100-fold and I’m standing taller. If God wants us to have the land for His purpose, nothing will stop me.]

Forces: With that fact comes a responsibility in which we will back you with much… help and develop. But remember these feelings, these areas of operation must be dedicated for spiritual undertakings. Each and everyone must re-evaluate his own thoughts and dedicate the land to God’s service. When this is done, you will see all start rolling and fulfill and manifest plan from above.

BA: [Could you tell us what it means that the protective shield has been removed that Tom told us?]

Forces: It is removed by our wishes, but in respect, it was replaced in a different form. What we are saying is that not to punish you but to… but only to remind you what is happening outside. Only to remind you that with God you are protected, and with God He does not misuse or hurt. It appears He inflicts pain, but He instills… not to physical body to soul essence. People like those who make physical body comfortable, but those who make physical body difficult to live with them, society does not look with favor on these instances. In order for a group to move on in spirit, we must develop continually to the spirit. One day we do this, and tomorrow we will do a greater thing. There should be no trouble as long as fear is eradicated and replaced with trust and love.

RU: [Could you tell me what the dream meant where (I) was instructing me?]

Forces: That is the consciousness of development in which you will be going through. This should be applied to the many courses that needs to be learned.

RE: [Could you give me some help with (MI) at this time?]

Forces: Joy and laughter and sharing that of your life. We would advise the reading of that of getting outside to one half hour to hour during the day and getting them involved in… once more.

RE: [Could you give me something that could help me personally in learning that aspect of trust and faith?]

Forces: That has to be built up by the individual as each day passes by. Help thou my unbelief but remembering only to be of a stronger nature. Keep your mind centered on spiritual thoughts and analyze those other items of thoughts that take individual away from its purpose.

LU: In the beginning you spoke of when mountains meet the seashores. Does this mean major earth changes to happen from 20-25 years from the point that we are in now? [What signs should we look for?]

Forces: [Very smart of you.] While birds flying in air [without nowhere]. Dramatic changes in the climate. Fall and winter to appear… Food prices going that way and this way. Letters being expensive. That of a contagious disease spreading throughout the land being worked with. Financing a group organization in Africa. Watching a king argue or fight with the people. Seeing Italy change powers and a pope. Watching the World Series in a stadium that is near. Holding out a candle for the blind people to see once more. There are many signs to be given. Long and short [skirts]. White and orange and gray and green. All these are our colors to come that would be the style for this year.

JE: Can you tell us about the cave beneath our land in Virginia?

Forces: Deep, stretching far beyond to approximately 70 to 80 kilometers.

JE: [What’s in it?]

Forces: Dirt, rocks, artifacts, storage, Atlantis, taxes, apples. It was a storage of items to be created. Items of flight, it of science, items of many and physical wealth. Items stored by those who migrated to the Yucatan. But do not be excited to find the cave. It will not be there until it is ready to be revealed. There is only one way it can be revealed, and that is perfect harmony with this group. When this is accomplished, then the cave will be revealed.

D: [Can you give me any guidance at this time?]

Forces: We advise you not to feel that we have forgotten you, and there shall be great powers fallen to your household in the future to come and years to come. There shall be that of preparing for a foundation that will be an inheritance beyond your dreams. Do not lose sight of your objective that was chosen by you for God, and therefore the Higher Forces have chosen certain individuals to follow a pattern to join into operation a sign to the earth.

GA: Can you tell us why Saint Andrew is the guide over the rosary?

Forces: Because the road forms and the basic beliefs of this strong individual affects a… of all kinds.

DA: [The dream I had about the Christ herb…if there is a specific one, could 1 know it…a crown for a head within itself.]

Forces: There is a particular herb that could be called the name, but it must be joined with one or 2 others that would take awhile to do. There is a combination to meet in such a form that through peace and harmony, this master can take its form.

DA: [About spoken word instead of treatment?]

Forces: Heal through nervous system and optic nerve through eyes. Spoken words go through both centers and if of a healing nature, it goes through both centers in body.

SA: Is there any chance of the LaGuardia group moving to Virginia?

Forces: We would say that there are interesting things on its way, as there is great possibility. But remember, with all those items that you will be moving over all the country, so therefore prepare your bag and get ready to start moving not for self, but for God’s purpose. You will be stationed here for a long while, but mind and thoughts and activity will be moving, and the spirit of God will take over and lead certain individuals into their purpose and share of life.

I: [Reason how come those 3 pieces of land that were blessed were rejected.]

Forces: What the builder rejects shall be the cornerstone of God’s house. This is the way God works. He takes those who were rejected and makes them ready for God’s service.

I: Is that land going to be used by you?

Forces: It will be used. How and why and where it will be used is a second story. Greetings to all here present now. Put joy in your heart for the fruits are about to follow. Peace be unto you.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…