Session 90. 4/18/76

Greetings to all here present now. We have watched this past holiday with expression of thoughts and find it in great advancement towards a spiritual goal. It is interesting to note the strength in which these things of spirit are carried out. It is only through that purpose of faith and patience that we can achieve the many things to be accomplished. This particular group has be-fronted that in which will be met in years to come. Strengthening your positions and molding your attitudes must be achieved. This particular group, we have been scheduling you for many such trips to explore the inner depths of your own motivations. Be aware of these signals. And do not become numb to those feelings. As far as this year, we ask only a productive awareness of things that you will undertake. It will not be easy, but it is in the road that is before you. We are to watch and guide the things that will come. But most of all, you are the ones that will be making a situation out of nothing into something. This particular Session is a interestingly short one. But we might extend it if we see the motivation of learning is increasing. We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you explain the dream I had the other day that talked about I should look in the dictionary to look up the large words that you use in the Sessions?

Forces: These are the elements of personal change and development within a scheduled network of advancing into new fields of undertaking. As time progresses, there will be new thoughts to be put down and worked with. Just being receptive is what is needed. Question.

DD: Could you tell me what… what a cubit was at the time of Noah… Noah? That he used on the ark?

Forces: This is a measurement of space in which represents from one center to the other. Question.

DD: Was it… there wasn’t no like inches on a physical level? A number? A measurement?

Forces: It would equal a little bit more than inches. Question.

BH: I’m eating much more than I used to eat and I’m not gaining weight and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong?

Forces: Not eating enough.

DA: When we were discussing the other night about Paracelsus and the thing with herbs, were we on the right track?

Forces: Very close to the cure.

DA: Were the… were the herbs lobelia and golden seal, are they in the Bible?

Forces: You would find them if you would want to search for it.

DA: Under different names, right?

Forces: You would find them under completely different terminologies.

DA: Also, the herb hyssop is used in the Bible as…

Forces: This is a sleeping force. It has the tendency of awakening another spirit within man.

DA: Thank you.

NN: Would you tell us at this time how many other places besides Japan that Jesus manifested when he was crucified?

Forces: We would say a large amount of times over that of fifteen.

NN: Over that of fifteen? Thank you. Also, is there some… what is the thing with black-eyed peas and the New Year… what… is there something that we were talking about when we did the menus last week?

Forces: This represents the center of the eye from that which is dark, which represents the divine faith of that which will be to come. It is also a form that incorporates in the body strength of will.

NN: What? Strength of will? Thank you. Also is Easter more the right time to eat that than what we consider to be the New Year in January?

Forces: There is no problem.

NN: Thank you.

RU: Is there anything that could be given that would help me not to be so fighting to glorify myself in everything I do and more God?

Forces: That must be strived by your personal actions everyday.

RU: Thank you. Is there any prayer that would help me with that like during the day when cleaning the house and things when we’re here by myself working on things?


RU: Thank you.

GL: The dream that I had about migrating and there was a church there and then seeing the spaceship. And this is the same dream that (I) had two years ago. Could you tell us what that means?

Forces: Preparation for the landings.

GL: Is there any kind of music, or could you give specific types of music that would help mental disorders or emotional disorders? The composers and the works?

Forces: The music would be Gregorian chants, all versions, harpsichords, and organs.

GL: Are there any operas?

Forces: This is on a different scale all together.

GL: What do operas do for people?

Forces: Open up the… opening up… Opening that of the awareness centers.

BR: The dream that I had a while ago with Tommy in a cave and he was talking to me… to elders about love and there was a woman standing at the bottom of a water and she was flying up and down into the water and she represented the love. And it seemed like I was in the background watching it so that when everybody left, I was standing by the water. And I looked into the water and I was in the… I was that woman. And I started flying up and down into the water. And then the dream changed and it was the end of the earth and Tommy and me were gathering people to leave. Some people we couldn’t find so we… it seemed like we had to leave the earth or… could you tell me what that meant?

Forces: Changing and bringing forth a new way of expressing the spirit in the earth.

BR: Thank you.

JU: Can you give us some understanding of the significance or the things that took place in the walk with Tom on Friday and what they signify for us?

Forces: Meeting up on a spiritual level in order to spiritualize not only your own centers, but those of those around you.

JU: And the incident where the van had broken down?

Forces: Faith aspect and trust.

JU: And can you say anything about why all this heat? Why the change from the twenty-degree weather to the extreme heat this weekend? Or what is happening that is causing this?

Forces: This is a new awareness and changes to
bring forth the fruit in the earth at a faster pace.

RU: Could you tell me what the dream I had last night meant, finding the four-leaf clover, the rose and showing Tom?

Forces: This represents that aspect of faith through love trying to achieve that perfect love which would be given to you if properly looked for.

JE: Would you explain what the Holy Spirit is?

Forces: The Holy Spirit is the breath or the wind of life in which cannot be seen but surely is felt in everything.

JE: Thank you.

IS: This past holiday that there were certain people that were supposed to be here. They weren’t here and what does it all mean? (S) and (H), they came in and they were completely uncomfortable as if that they were the first time here… or I don’t know. People… there was a whole thing with outside people.

Forces: It is that the vibration is moving so fast and their responsibility or expression of keeping up is fallen so far short, that it is hard for them to move back into it.

IS: But yet (HI) and (JA), they were okay.

Forces: They have the basis of expressing that desire to keep up with it.

IS: And the other people that were supposed to be here that didn’t make it… or whatever?

Forces: They could have not made it this weekend.

IS: You didn’t let them, right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The thing with (RO) and (JO), is that it, that’s the end there?

Forces: You might hear once or twice. If the proper attitude could be changed, it might be a beneficial blessing to them. But all in all, it is something that is black consciousness to have us around so she can be pleased to continue her game of getting all the important things on a material level to impress those around her. That’s the…

IS: Will she be getting them?

Forces: This is undecided.

IS: And (SA) and (HA)?

Forces: There is a lot of work to be done here. (HA), who thought she could pull over certain things, now seems to realize that even that should be watched.

IS: Pull over the entity Tom? Pull over the…

Forces: This in respect, but also to treat the entity as though he was human in regards to personal traits that she perceives.

IS: I see.

Forces: In reality, she perceives limited things, thinking others also perceive what she does.

IS: So, if… when she is realizing it, is she willing to work with that? Or is she just hiding with it?

Forces: There is a great deal of hiding from it.

IS: And the… and (AB)?

Forces: Needs much more work but about to achieve a major decision.

IS: For good?

Forces: Of course.

IS: And the rest of the La Guardia… (PE), (MA), and Sa…

Forces: Much changes to come and tests.

IS: Test. For (PE)?

Forces: For all.

IS: So it’s not so good, not so hot?

Forces: It is not so easy.

IS: Is that dream that (DE) told me and obviously (MI) had it because she told him or maybe he didn’t, what should I make of that dream? It sounded like a true prophecy.

Forces: This is only to explain the complete change that will take place in the individual.

IS: From fears to…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: These items can materialize on a physical level if pondered on them too long.

IS: And another question about Pattie Hearst. It seems to… to me that it’s like I don’t know anymore. At one point maybe I thought she was more guilty than not guilty. Now I’m not so sure. It seems to me like the whole thing is being done for the parents, not for Pattie Hearst. What… could you tell us about it? And the karmic pattern that is being displayed there?

Forces: There is that desire for comfortability. For when a mother covers a child with lots of luxury, the child instinctively rebels. There is much work that needs to be done here; not only with the individual, but also with the system.

IS: And… but… is she guilty or you can’t say to me?

Forces: There is an element of guilt that is within her that has held that avenue of responsibility open for her to take that on.

IS: But the… did she do those things willingly or did she do them semi-willingly or…

Forces: There is a point also that she had done them willingly.

IS: And the parents, do they know that? Or do they still…

Forces: They have a comprehension of it.

IS: But yet the whole thing is really being worked out like as a karmic thing for the parents also. Like they are the ones…

Forces: Correct.

IS: It’s something like within the Kennedy family or something. The sins of the father shall come upon the children? Does that still hold?

Forces: This here is changing with a new evolution.

IS: The movie that we saw with Charles Manson, at one point where he spoke that speech that he made, it sounded as… as if what he had said, doesn’t mean it’s good, it just means it sounded true. Sounded like it was…

Forces: There are those who will be led by the simple of that which is complicated talk. They will be led only because they perceive not that which is real. There is nothing that could be said on this particular case other than pure selfishness was involved.

IS: Thank you. In the Virginia house, are the two extra rooms in the kitchen down in the lower floor, are they correct, or are they not correct?

Forces: They are partially correct. The majority of them are correct.

IS: You can’t tell me which…

Forces: As time goes on it will be revealed to you.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Do I understand that a cubit is just a fraction over an inch at that time?

Forces: Correct.

DD: How much would that be over an inch?

Forces: Two points.

DD: So that would be one point two?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Is it also correct that Adam was twenty-six feet tall?

Forces: We would say near to twenty-six, twenty-five.

DD: Between twenty-five and twenty-six?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So that was the size of the ark?

Forces: The size of the ark was much bigger and not the size of the ships of today.

IS: But did they go into the fourth dimension once they entered it? Or did they stay in the third dimension?

Forces: There is a third-dimensional scale in operation.

IS: So they didn’t go to the fourth dimension.

DD: But if the ark is three hundred cubits so that each cubit is only an inch, one point two, that would make it about twenty-five, twenty-six of our feet.

Forces: Therefore…

DD: Is that what it was?

Forces: It is near to something on that line. If we give you all the answers tonight, then it would reveal a certain aspect.

DD: Thank you.

BH: What do corns and calluses on the feet represent?

Forces: Determination to continue with the application of a principle.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: There are other times that it could represent a stiffness in application of the principles. There are other times it represents you should just simply change your shoes.

BH: Thank you.

DA: The herbs lobelia and golden seal in the Bible, would they be even listed as herbs or plants or under something completely different?

Forces: You would find them under that of plants.

DA: Would there be a particular chapter, or section?

Forces: You will take your finger and find your particular chapter.

DA: Is it true…

Forces: So diplomatic you find your answer. How nice we are led down the path of the wise one.

DA: Is it true that it’s not necessary, for instance, to have all the herbs in those books and things, but rather only, say, twelve?

Forces: This is a great number.

DA: But this… in other words, in any sort of disease, as far as a physical remedy, it’s not necessary to be so complicated with different mixtures and things. Is that correct?

Forces: The simpler, the better.

DA: Thank you.

RU: What time did Jesus, as we know in the Bible, resurrect?

Forces: More like three to four. Or more like one to two.

RU: Is that in the morning? Or on Saturday night? I mean early Sunday morning or…

Forces: One to two. Three to four. Correct.

RU: Thank you.

NN: With that brother in Texas, the one named (DI), is there anything else, or do I need to say anything else or do I need to communicate with him at this moment, or should I just let things be for the time being?

Forces: It would be beneficial if you would let them be.

NN: Thank you. Also, in Saint Thomas’s Church, that round circular speaker’s platform, does that… that has the circular top… does it work under the same principle as the gazebo that we were discussing that time?

Forces: Similarly.

NN: And so it could like have a really strange effect on the speaker, depending on what he’s thinking?

Forces: The force within the speaker is generalized in which it becomes stronger without him realizing it.

NN: Is that reverend there… is he a good man, the one…

Forces: He will pass.

NN: Thank you. Also, one time when it was said about raising the hands and receiving certain things, is that like with the right hand or the left hand or both or…

Forces: The right hand.

NN: The right hand? Could you tell us like what happens or… or what…

Forces: A new creation is produced.

NN: Thank you.

GL: Can you tell me, in the meditation room sometimes when we say the rosary, I feel a presence after a certain point. It feels like a spring cool water. What… who is… who… what is this presence?

Forces: The presence is a guide over the rosary.

GL: Is that Mary?

Forces: It is some aspect of Andrew.

GL: Andrew?

Forces: Correct. Question.

GL: Thank you.

JU: In our reading as a group of the Book of Leviticus, is there some guidelines or help that you can give us so we can get more meaning out of it?

Forces: Slow it down and realize what you are saying.

JU: Is there a code or a pattern in each… each of the different sacrifices that we might be able to discern?

Forces: This pattern is a code and it will be, be discerned as time goes on for all. Most important things that we are stressing here tonight is patience in what you are doing. To guide yourself and not to take things as frantic. To keep watching all those items that need to be taken care of. Question.

JU: Is there any guidance you can give me in terms of the… my job? Is there anything’s I should deal with? Or should I…

Forces: You have received guidance. In retrospect, you were told what would be done and should be done. Discipline and more discipline in this aspect.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

LK: After the Resurrection why did Mary mistake Jesus for the gardener?

Forces: Because Jesus did not want to be seen.

LK: Thank you.

IS: The Sperry’s in Virginia Beach, in Virginia…

Forces: Jesus was acting like he was cutting tulips.

IS: Is it possible he also had a change on himself? A change of looks? That he himself…

Forces: Correct.

IS: That he himself, though, made?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The Sperry’s in Virginia, are… are they going to give us any way trouble or…

Forces: They cannot afford to.

IS: That’s what I’m afraid of. Does it mean that they need something from us like more time and things like that?

Forces: They cannot afford that either.

IS: Oh. Will they…

Forces: You will see as the time moves on.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: There are things within the Sperry’s that have turned their whole life upside down.

IS: Did it begin with money?

Forces: Part of it. The other parts with the spiritual disciplines that we are involved with.

IS: It is to sort of show them that spiritual disciplines can also make one bundle of thirty-three thousand for young people and thousand dollar a month. Is that it?

Forces: More than just that, but correct.

IS: That’s what sort of opened the door. With (R)’s mother, is the change… is there really a charge? Or is it something that…

Forces: I would be cautious. For this change is only a trying to please. It will be guided by other many changes or other changes within her personal structure. Do not take it for granted that she’s changed. But going through another expression of her personalities.

IS: I felt sort of that they sort of aren’t making her important in the other place and so she… It’s like the old lover kicks her so she is looking for a new lover or something.

Forces: Partly correct.

IS: And how can I help (R)?

Forces: Is it that (R) must be able to receive your comments without feeling that you are against her. Or that you are attacking her.

IS: I just don’t want to see her weak.

Forces: Question.

DD: In the Book of Leviticus, is that having twenty-seven chapters, is that the pyramid?

Forces: It is construction of the pyramid.

DD: And there… would there be a man inscribed within it?

Forces: In the center of the pyramid.

DD: So then… so it’s a man in meditation?

Forces: In the chamber of the pyramid. Question.

DD: Also, the Book of Deuteronomy in the Zohar, they don’t go into the Book of Deuteronomy. I wondered why.

Forces: It is protection of the system in which it is created the laws around it. To measure out the laws would take a long time. And therefore, the numbers in themselves would be complicated into no purpose. People, all we are saying is to discipline and prepare yourselves for that which will come. Guide your thoughts and gather together to work hard and sacrifice. We will come again soon. But only seeing how it has been preparation to your attitudes will the Sessions become longer and more; so that at that point we can give you information to do and guide as time goes on. Do not take offence when we talk to you or try to work with you. We are only trying to build you up. Watch your thoughts and create only that which is good. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…