Session 89-3/10/76

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have found the conditions and positions of this entity as has been given in the understanding of thoughts. We must stress that your thoughts as the day goes on must be watched. Anytime that negative thought comes into your being, it must be changed into a more positive approach as has been given. It is better to approach one with strongs facts of that of love and discipline than to approach one with only emotions. We must obtain a certain percentage of work, also understanding of ingredients is important to that of cleaning the soul. For in such a thought there lies a creation that must stand between man and the great abyss. Then and only then shall we understand the mysteries above us.








We are now ready for your questions.

RU: The headaches that Gabriel has had in the last two, couple of weeks, could you give us some information of that or what we might do to help relieve that?

Forces: These headaches are a combination of mental stress and anxiety brought about by an ego of pride to do his job and the rights of others seem to be second. In which, yet in all relationships the most positive aspect must be created. Even though we see what is to be done. Our Australian friends will not allow it to happen. For such is the case when man’s determination decides the destiny of his stomach and. heart. Do not determine things, but have that time. But also it means responsibilities of the male-female aspect, that it cannot run away from its responsibilities, no matter how much it appears to volunteer, running away until it is a headache that is very chaotic. In this case, we have the third section of this entity, finding it repulsive and rigid, very rigid. In this section we find the dorsal and the vertebral section of the fourth, name would be sac or cartilage muscle called the sciatic or calling that which is the systematic whole or regions on the lower lumbar and pelvic conditions. All this and the matter of intake is swelling up a slight cholear’ or coccyar’ on the point of the brain, pointing this into the center regions of the gray force. This is the center for the so-called pressure. To relieve such would mean a relaxing of attitudes and trusting more in God. Also stress factor over those small trivials, or items that need not to be pressurized or concentrated on. When we say small, we mean those aspects that could be handled by the entity without too much fanfare. Those aspects that need one-two decisions to move on. When this is not done, then it could enforce that feeling of others to get it accomplished, in this case, passing on that responsibility and need, failing to meet the responsibility when at hand. Also that of a hot bath occasionally could reduce this pressure. But remember, the pressure is only built up from hostile, negative thoughts and that of not wanting to be understood or need to be understand. Question.

RU: Thank you.

BR: Is there another name for soapstone? And is it… is it in the Bible?

Forces: You could use it as a name lygonite (lignite?) it is found in the building of Solomon’s temple. Question.

BR: Thank you.

BH: The tentacles that (I) described to us, that move, that she can see, that move in our… our brains, can you tell us anything about that?

Forces: This is more portrayed by that entity (I). It is a communiqué of desires, conditions, and worlds, leaving the physical body at the mercy of the conditions around it. This is where discipline comes in. Be cautious and aware of everything that should manifest. Question.

BH: Thank you.

DA: The stone in the meditation room, would it be okay, or should it be started from the beginning?

Forces: It is still functionable.

DA: Thank you.

NN: The dream I had a couple of weeks ago of night-mares one, about the reflection of the little boy in the desk and (BA) and I were in your office? I looked back and saw that reflection? Could you tell me, please, what it means?

Forces: This is an aspect again of fear and not relying upon your God to help you in your particular field.

NN: Thank you. Also is commitment part of the will center?

Forces: This can appear as such.

NN: Is there a set of Psalms besides the one One-twenty through One-twenty-six that would be like just for the will or like would work on the thing of commitment a group of Psalms?

Forces: In one aspect it would be such. In others not such.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Could you give some information about the purpose of the Masons today and maybe what we might be meeting concerning the Masons?

Forces: It is not what you will learn from them. It’s what you will take from them. Be polite and courteous, but also aloof.

LK: Thank you.

JE: Was the Garden of Eden in Atlantis?

Forces: The Garden of Eden should be known near Ethiopia. It would be in alignment with the forty-fifth degree, thirty-fifth; thirty-five longitude, forty-five latitude.

JE: Thank you. Could you describe what was the society or the life like outside of the Garden of Eden at the time that Adam and Eve were still in the Garden?

Forces: Repeat question.

JE: At the time that Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, what was the society and the people that were outside the Garden? What was their life and what was the world like outside the Garden?

Forces: Question Book on the BEGINNING, Four-Five-Two-One. In that which is called the beginning of time or the space of illusions or the creation of creations, in that which would be called the beginning of essence or the measurement of time or the measurement of light, in that which would be called the measurement of sounds or the measurement of bodily pressures incarcerated flesh, in that what would be called the spirit forming into the earth and the molecules around, in that what would be called the creation of the sixth day finished, all these aspects taken into consideration, is only one part of the aspect of Eden. Eden was a place protected and surrounded by a force-field, twenty by a thirty-four cubic inch high, fifty-five to fifty-four thousand seconds of the watt. All that aspect in which was encompassed within this Eden was known to man to be beneficial and productive in his development. When man transpired, when man entered into the world, he began to incarcerate that of meat, disposing of the flesh and assuming that quality. In the beginning of time, man would eat an element and became that element and took upon that quality of that element physically, in which that was the battle that went on. Man tried to fight or force his way out of this. In that aspect you will find that there were the suns of suns, planets of planets, and that of numbers. The numbers were against the suns of suns. The suns of suns were against nothing. And the planets of planets were against the suns of suns, and the measurement of numbers. In this the existence began and was begotten. And that of man came to walk. As he walked in consciousness, he would revert back to that of the other field of development. With the greed for material success and the greed for recognition by man’s superior deeds, there was a gradual decline in morale and general structure of workmanship. In this, such a case, was the enemies of Satan exposed everyday, that everyday should be that mark or that re-establishment from the Higher Forces, creating, working, delivering the aspect of the woman, and all phases to develop her and preserve her interest in that life. In this respect, it would be better for discipline more before taking into the hands that of a dangerous weapon. Question.

RU: Would it be all right and safe for (HO) to be on the second floor?

Forces: Question. In this respect, we find it safe, in one aspect. But when the parents begin lack of control, then we will say the children pick up the same lack of control, leaving them with the warrant to do the exact same act.

RU: Could you tell me what the dream I had just recently about (L) and (VR)… what that meant?

Forces: This was an insight between you and that other aspect. This is an insight between yourself that needs to be developed and worked with and guided. It is a force that needs to be watched, and a force that needs guidance. Question.

DD: Could you tell what… what the Hebrew letters are and where they came from?

Forces: [Sneeze.] That is how it was developed. By the breath of God, they exploded into the atmosphere and the sound became the drive and the power became the Word. Each sound was the expression of the Gods.

DD: Thank you. Are the Elohim… have to do with the… with the alphabet?

Forces: It is said it has to do with the creation of the physical body, from the toe to the knee, and the knee to the head.

DD: Could you tell me in the Bible, when you have a book of the Bible is a certain number of chapters and you have another book in the Bible with the same number of chapters does one interpret the other?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: When you have a book in… a certain book in the Bible with a certain number of chapters and you have another different book with the same number of chapters, does one interpret the other?

Forces: It is more that the lesson is still being taught of the same.

DD: The same lesson?

Forces: In one respect with different comments. Question.

DD: Could you tell me what the number Pi means?

Forces: Pi is the center of the universe. Pi is the silent voice. Pi is the speed of humility. Pi is not the aggressor but the receiver. Question.

IS: The arrangements that we are making for the house in Virginia, the plans, are they correct?

Forces: We are making. Correct.

IS: Thank you. The dream I had this morning with (L) in it, could I have some understanding of it?

Forces: This is again the aspect of conscious evaluation and workmanship and development to future aspects, of working and bringing into manifestation the qualities that needs to be developed.

IS: In me or the entity?

Forces: In situations and environment of what you will be meeting. And in situations and environments as a general consciousness group.

IS: So in that case that part that… the dream that (L) had and I interpreted, that is then? But it’s not just for him?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. At (T)’s work, is it going according to plan?

Forces: Exactly to plan.

IS: And is there anything that could be said for him?

Forces: Nothing to be said, for he is picking out what we are saying through him.

IS: Is it now better the pick-up for him from you?

Forces: It is workable, but the slowing force is needed because of the solar explosions.

IS: Solar explosions?

Forces: On that of the sun.

IS: That right now?

Forces: During a course of a period of time. The time is at three, fifteen to three, forty-five in that area to be seen northeast, there shall be another sign given to man in the morning of this night; for all to see the sign of change and the sign of re-evaluation. So, if the sky permits, which would not be the case, but if it happens, then you will see that light and it will declare a change to come.

IS: And this is something that is strictly connected with that period of time that the entity (T) is going through?

Forces: It is the question of interference by this particular object passing through space.

IS: I see, but, for that thing that is passing tonight, it will, it takes maybe months of effect here on the earth?

Forces: Correct.

IS: How much longer will that effect the…

Forces: For a period of time. Question.

IS: The tentacles that you have said something, could I have a little bit more understanding, because I myself, I did not understand what…

Forces: In reviewing you will have enough… to find the answer in self. Question.

IS: For (H) and (S), is there any understanding on that?

Forces: They are being guided. It is interesting to see how one feels they will run away from that which they left, only to find it again. But they will be guided and worked with, for they seem to have an instinctive tendency to go to the black side first. Worldly recognition or worldly opinions. Interesting how fast they forget. It is their insecurities that they trust in man’s regulations first. Question.

IS: Negativity and positivity… how then is the difference for… when I explain something or when I say something or… how do I know that I’m not being negative?

Forces: You must be sure that it comes from the love aspect. You must be sure you mean no harm. Question.

IS: Thank you. For (RO) and (HA) is there anything?

Forces: We will work with them on their levels.

IS: The example that we spoke, (T) and me, on the bus coming here about Israel and America…

Forces: Correct.

IS: And that it applies also for the entity (T) and me?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Then will you… are you work…

Forces: When you will.

IS: The age thirty-three for me, what does it… does it mean anything special for me?

Forces: Correct. It means that you are thirty-three years old as far as the earth calendar is concerned. It also means the centers are in proper alignment.

IS: Is it for what I’m thinking?

Forces: For reception and receiving of thoughts that are of a psychic nature. Question.

IS: Is there anything for (T)’s parents that we should…

Forces: More of a closer evaluation and atmospheric relationship of a state or source of sharing; gradually doing this would help the souls develop in their own darkness.

IS: Thank you. Humility and patience and all of these that we call attributes, are they then actual entities?

Forces: They are forces in themselves if properly used.

IS: But are there not just in man but in the heavens they are individual?

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Is there any understanding that could be given for (HO)’s behavior? And is it just a stage he’s in? Or…

Forces: What is his behavior?

RU: His energy, he can’t control himself, he’s not patient, he has… flies off the handle if things don’t go his way, he thinks he’s being unjustly treated. All of my things.

Forces: You are only re-iterating the exact thought forms and patterns of both parties of the child. Remember, the child is only a reflection at this age of the parent, resembling thought forms of the parent. The child is only resembling your thought forms. It is not old enough to produce its own thought forms, or capable of sustaining a logical or powerful thought form to manifest a personality. This comes within the child at five and six years old.

RU: Thank you.

BR: Was Adam… was Adam the ark or was he placed in the ark?

Forces: It is of both.

BR: Could you tell us more about the mountain that Adam, or the… or generations after Adam which they lived on in the cave?

Forces: This is that of the Higher Forces coming down to work with man. You will still find remnants of our presence in the earth in these caves. Question.

BR: Where are the caves of Adam?

Forces: On the earth.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

BH: Any guidance to be given me at this time?

Forces: Take a (—-) that will be, take that element and see slowly the things around you. Look within yourself first and approach those qualities of fear and conquer them first within yourself. Then you will be able to approach others around you with no fear. Question.

BH: Thank you.

DA: is there an herb that would give or compare or give the same beneficial results as antibiotics that the doctors prescribe?

Forces: We have the one best herb that would be of a congressional force or that of a congress of energy or bacteria or anti-biotic. This is what you are looking for?

DA: I’m… I’m looking for… don’t really understand your answer. I’m looking for an herb…

Forces: Question. Are you looking for an antibiotic?

DA: Something that we could either make or obtain without a prescription that can only be written by a doctor that would achieve the same results as… or the same healing effect as something you would be given by the doctors.

Forces: You would find it in the simple drug of Golden Seal. You will also find it in the complicated form of Lobelia, this taken very slight. One-half of a half a gram. But as slight, as can be. The Golden Seal being a simple form of herb mixed with carrot root should be adequate for your service.

DA: Thank you. In the meditation and rosary just before (T) and (I) left, what was the golden light that was filling the room?

Forces: That is the field or the form or the force of illumination.

DA: Thank you. And the purple light tonight?

Forces: The force of healing.

DA: Is there any truth to what I wrote in my papers about desires?

Forces: This would be an aspect to be reviewed and analyzed by an honest thought or form. All things are manifestations of items or objects that we no longer need. Question.

JU: Is there any guidance on what I should be doing in terms of my job situation right now?

Forces: As has been indicated, produce and do the best the entity can in producing harmony and cooperation with those around you.

JU: Thank you.

LK: Is there a prayer that I could use like a chant that would help to strengthen my conviction?

Forces: Yang-Yang-Yahng. Sounds like a Chinese boat. Yadah-Yang-Yadah or Ya-MiNa-Yadah. Ya-Mi-Na-Yadah. Ya-Mi-Na-Yadah. Ya-Mi-Na-Yadah. Yah-Ha-Me-Na-Yadah. Grace of light within. Ya-Mi -Na-Yadah.

LK: Thank you.

JE: Could you give us any information about the Temple of Isis?

Forces: The Temple of Isis… interesting collections of hobbies. It is a reformation, re-evaluation, re-education of the animal species that were caught in the earth. And then great pain and hard work, for this is the same force that is found today, transporting something that is very cruel into that which is fine. It is also that of the Temple in which many forms of worship resided and discussions to save the church when the mass rose the structure of the people. There were times when fifteen hundred thousand people were gathered around the Temple of Isis to pay homage to the true God within them, healing as they went on with sunlight food proper, and sleep. Question.

RU: Is there anything that could be given to me now?

Forces: We would advise that constant watch of your thoughts and an act of understanding with those around would prove profitable in your development. Question.

RU: Thank you.

DD: Is Revelation… are the chapters marked off correctly as they are now?

Forces: We would find them adequate for the moment.

DD: Do they go along with the Tarot cards from One to Twenty-two?

Forces: This is an aspect that would be added to the aspect of that of developing fast products. It would develop the One-to-Twenty-two-aspect but under a different light field. Question.

DD: Can you tell us about the cave under the house?

Forces: It is a cave under the house. There are times when such questions can be asked. But, this is not the time for this secret. Question.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Mary’s statue that, the one that is in the meditation room, a little bit that one that is here in the living room, is it my imagination the things that I…

Forces: It is not. It is a force-field of prayer, falling upon it, giving it the workable energy of requesting what you pray for with a sincere act of love and humility. Question.

IS: So she really appears?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the other thing with the tentacles and things, that’s not my imagination?

Forces: It is a workable explanation of the situations in the world today.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything that I can do to get closer to God?

Forces: By tending the thoughts and the forms of religious service and also to watch your thoughts and the discipline areas in your life.

IS: Am I… my headaches that I have, that I get them three days, is that still the same thing of not writing?

Forces: It is an aspect, but not the whole area of problem.

IS: Is it… can you tell me?

Forces: This is a problem of stress and also a problem of personal development with others around.

IS: Am I thinking correctly? Am I…

Forces: Partially. But this thoughts will be manifested in good call and good timing. We are finished for this moment, considering the hour. We will discuss more with you as time elapses and moves on. We will leave and begin and start off. Greetings to all of you here. But remember, discipline your thoughts, do not recognize the negative, and do not think you are the smarter one by coming up with a logical explanation. For this is the detriment of your powers and that of the devil to force you lower down from your attitude of God in heaven and that which was sent here tonight: consciousness of these aspects. We send you our greetings and our wishes for a fine, fine birthday. We hope everything was to your liking. The snow cost us a little bit more than we expected, but we move it around where we need it. One day in the future your scientists will find a way to move the snow like we have. Then surely we’ll be in the business of tit-for-tat, or moving from one to the other. They will move it here. We will move it there. They will move it back. We will move it back. It gets kind of crazy. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…