Session 87-1/31/76

[ed. Tape hard to hear sections in () paraphrased]

Forces: Greetings to all here present. We have been watching at a distance, finding conditions and situations at hand very sad and dangerous. It is a awakening on a spiritual level for those in the Flushing community. We have been waiting a long time for this thing to be coming out. It was a question of time. Only those who are perceptive to the spirit could put their finger on it, and have once more proven that those who are willing to follow their God regardless if it seems like they are forsaking God will stand up for that truth, Be it for God or for man, that truth and right will still be the strongest feeling. For the one who is named (I), we have not got thanks but a cooperative spirit of workmanship. It has been difficult, but her conviction and power regardless of who is right or wrong makes this individual a strong woman. We are pleased to have known her. We will try at this time to coincide with some of her demands that has been asked, and with a great gratitude and understanding for the physical factors of truth that we find in certain instances re-conceivable and instances inconceivable with the Forces. As far as the group in Flushing, it is a sad position and condition that they are in. That of looking at their true motives and seeing where their personal objectives lie, we have found it inconceivable for them to understand and to know themselves if they do not take a closer look at their individual actions. If they don’t, they shall not last too long. For when they go into or out of themselves it is a sad condition. If anyone seems to be going against or pulling down the others, they shouldn’t stay in the group for the safety of the group. That is, if anyone wants to survive, they must survive. It is not easy. It is, in fact, very difficult, like a drowning man. When a drowning man fights, he fights the one who is stable and is swimming out to the rescue. The drowning man has the tendency of pulling down the one who is stable. It is good for the group to be knocked out from fighting sanity like the drowning man. We ask that same principle of love, cooperation, and personal responsibility to take place in all aspects of your lives. If you feel that there are those who are shirking their responsibilities, then meet and bring it to their attention. if they refuse to see after confronting and working and bringing it to their attention the condition in question after a week, it would be best to look in to further actions to be taken…

[It is necessary for there to be a contributing effort of each to be responsible for each other. It is a new moment and new cycle of responsibility. For that respect and total recognition there are certain things to be acquired. God consciousness or power is beyond the scope of reasoning of the third dimensional force. We are not inconsiderate personal deities. We have the welfare of the soul and the etherical responsibility. We are not inhumane. We are not without feeling. Certain things have to be done to bring forth stronger fiber to protect. You choose between your comfortability and pleasure verses a deeper, more fine quality, which is the strength to stand on your own two feet. To bring this out is not easy. Question.]

RU: [Can I bring the mic closer?]

Forces: We see no reason why you cannot. What the entity demonstrated earlier was more than just humorous. [The entity takes mic and places it upon his chest.] What we have to do. But it is what would be deserved at this moment, those to strain to hear what has been said means a commitment.

RU: [What can I do to put myself on the right road again and fulfill more completely my responsibilities?]

Forces: We would advise you to put tacks throughout the house, and where you sit down, you will stand up. We will advise you to keep moving to the point of exhaustion. This will help your weight problem. We would advise you to put roller skates on your feet. This will help your feet problem. We would advise you to put gloves on your hands and scrub from morning till evening. This will help your calluses. You must move to the point of exhaustion, but move with the point of grace and hope for your future.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: To do it is thanking us.

GL: [Is there any guidance or help you can give me at this time?]

Forces: Review the sessions. Also, be active. Work hard. And keep your mind busy and off of yourself.

GL: [Is the method of studying the Cayce readings that (T) showed me good for reviewing the sessions?]

Forces: Did not (T) show it to you?

LK: [How can I do what I’m supposed to be doing?]

Forces: To become more involved with everything that goes on in the house is what you should do. To start to do it is to start to do it. You need to be conscious of everything that happens. You will take on responsibility for all those things around you, for that is your area of operations and concernment. To sit down and talk with the people around, around you, to experience their feelings, and to help to work them out.

LK: [How can I do that?]

Forces: An enema a week will do it. But remember, trust is your enema. There are those you have to trust. The only thing that is around you is those to help you. Trust them. Do not doubt in what they are. Do not doubt who we are. Remember, we did bring you to that part or point of relationship and understanding that whether to leave or to stay. But we had decided you to stay. Not by our own discretion, but by your own will and desire. Then by your own desire and faith you are chosen and remained here. Remember, do not desecrate your own convictions, or else you would be lost.

IS: [Have I understood what was said in the beginning?]

Forces: You have understood what we have said before and again tonight to be relatively close and accurate and definitely safe in understanding. For these are hard times that we go through. We do appreciate your conviction. For what you would consider a revolt to us is conviction. You did not earn this power by mistake. It was something that was embedded in you from the beginning of time. In whatever you go, in whatever planet or condition, no matter what the social order or condition, you will always come out with that which is the purest intent. To follow you is to follow the close proximity of what (I) in the beginning was while she walked the earth.

IS: [Do I understand what will happen that I have thought about the future?]

Forces: it will take a form and shape of consciousness and a form of evaluation. Be content and understand that we must speak to you on this as time goes on.

IS: [is there anything that can be given for the entity (T)?]

Forces: We would advise a hot bath. His nervous system seems to be tightened, and there is a knot in the bottom, which a hot bath would release. This would be nice for you with that of a bubble.

IS: [How about the La Guardia group? How are they doing?]

Forces: We will watch to see how they progress. They, too, have fallen short of the mark. And have taken things for granted.

IS: [Did I do the right thing?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [With the Flushing group?]

Forces: Perfectly correct. If it was not done by you, it would have been done by fire. This is the same condition that exploded that church as a person or persons in the group remember that melted it down to a cinder. In fact, you saved their lives. Therefore it manifested only in a small degree in the meditation room where it was supposed to happen again. But now it was put into perspective.

IS: [Why was it (BA)?]

Forces: It was put into perspective, it was released by the actions of truth.

IS: [How was it put into perspective? By people in the group?]

Forces: Partially, but by that one who saw that what had to be done.

IS: [Who was that? Somebody in the group?]

Forces: You.

IS: [I don’t understand. What did I do?]

Forces: They owe their lives to your concern, as difficult as it might seem for you to believe.

IS: [Is that because I could see both sides of what was happening? But then there weren’t really two sides?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [The thing about punishment, is that the analogy of the person that swims?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [But yet those candles should never be burned?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Can anything be given about (T)’s job?]

Forces: It is progressing smoothly. [(I) sneezes.]

OTHERS: God bless you.

Forces: ‘Ga-zionit-tu-yu’.

IS: [Thank you. Is that what we should say, when someone sneezes?]

Forces: If you would like to use that expression among you, it means the stars be with you or “the stardust to watch you. So, ‘Ga-zionite-tu-yu’. It sounds like “to you at the end, but it is not. Stardust.

IS: [Is that with a G?]

Forces: A 2

IS: [A C?]

RU: [Zionite?]

Forces: It would be better to listen than to question. You will hear it on the tape.

IS: [Now with (T)’s job and his bosses and…]

Forces: It will progress to the plan that we have.

IS: [What I said to (T) about you speaking or not speaking, is that correct?]

Forces: This is an interesting allegory of operation Skip-A-Rope.

IS: [Skip-a-rope?]

Forces: Yes, Skip-A-Rope. It is correct. Sometimes we find your consciousness a little bit enlightening.

IS: [Isn’t that you?]

Forces: It is what we give and what you receive. But remember, we will not speak.

IS: [How about (H) and (S)? And Vermont?]

Forces: It is-up to their own personal convictions and decisions. Remember, that which you said at first represented an idea and also a trap.

IS: [Are they there because we had to go there or did we go there because they were there and we went there to get them out?]

Forces: It is the second.

IS: [What about the predictions in the Cayce readings about Vermont?]

Forces: It had to be this.

IS: [So does that mean that destiny is already set?]

Forces: Destiny is always fixed.

IS: [Does that mean there is no free will, just a matter of time?]

Forces: The manifestation of destiny in the third dimension.

IS: [So that’s where time comes in, in the third dimension?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [What about the other plans on the physical?]

Forces: Everything is coming up roses. If will work according to the plan. Remember, be open to your intuitive feelings. That will be us working through you.

IS: [With the young man that was here earlier, should we continue to let him pay for the things rather than to give him anything?]

Forces: It is good that way, but keep it at a distance.

IS: [So don’t come too close?]

Forces: Correct.

RU: [Is there anything that can be given for the children?]

Forces: The music the dancing. Watch the food intake. If they eat, they eat. If they do not, they do not. Don’t allow it to become emotional upset because of their eating habits. They will pay through their stomachs. Also remember to walk around the block once with them a week. It will be a beautiful exercise of nature. Allow them to discover the elements, the fairies, the goblins, and the gooks… and we would watch out for that of the dog “doo. (HO) has a natural tendency of eating pookers. We would watch for any foreign bodies [that might be put into the mouth].

GL: [Can anything be given for the others in the Flushing group?]

Forces: We would suggest that they look very deeply into their thoughts and to come to the conviction if they would want to stay, they should stay. Tell them not to stay if they do not believe, make plans to leave. But if the believe in what is going on, not in themselves, but in what (T) and (I) represent, then they must take their convictions and change their path of action, when not only in the house, but when they go to work. It was not our plan, but going to work is an escape from the responsibilities of the house. It should have never been that way. That is a most important aspect. When you leave the house, you take the principles along with you. You are not doing anyone any thing by living completely different standards.

LK: [What happened the other night when I was going to tell what I thought was the truth to (BA) and it turned out not to be, how can I better be able to know what is the truth?]

Forces: Truth doesn’t necessarily always have to conform to man-made goodness. It is better to be mean and hard and disciplined than to be a marshmallow.

IS: [What is it that I see on the lid of the ark when it is opened?]

Forces: That is a feeling or force from another dimension. It is the manifestation of the physical ark and the spiritual.

IS: [If the house had burned, would the ark have burned?]

Forces: That is an interesting question. If it did, it represents that of the qualities and that of the beliefs of the people who are not capable of handling such a powerful instrument.

IS: [Should we bring the ark and the Torah here?]

Forces: It is only a responsibility. It is their goal and their ideal that they must aspire to. For this is the object that is before them ever. By removing it would be a defeating of the purpose and it would not benefit their growth.

IS: [Is my feeling about (R) and DA being the weakest ones at this moment correct?]

Forces: Those are the ones that need to be talked to and worked with. Remember, they feel they are right, and no one will change their minds any other way. They must come to the conclusion that they are being very arrogant.

IS: [Who should talk to them? (L)?]

Forces: In his own way.

RU: [What did the dream mean that I had the morning they left where the Devil from the Tarot cards grabbed me around the neck and I fought with him and threw him out the window and then started saying The Our Father?]

Forces: You should have not been sleeping so the devil can be near you, if you do not want him to grab your foot. Or one day you will not be able to throw him out the window, for it was only through the power of (T) coming to you that threw the devil out the window.

RU: [Thank you. And also the dream I had this morning where I was ironing (I) dress and someone tried to stop me but I wouldn’t let them and finished it?]

Forces: Do, do allow anyone in the house to stop that ideal of preventing and going through that process. These thoughts, feelings, and intuitive conditions will be corrected by (I). Those others is those within yourself.

GL: [Should we do a spring cleaning on the house?]

Forces: I would turn the whole house over to the board of deficits. Spring cleaning is not the word. I would say a mid-winter extermination.

GL: [Would that mean actual physical exterminators?]

Forces: This would be convenient. But it has already been given to paint the living room which would be a new change, or a new factor, or a new center.

GL: [What color should we paint it?]

Forces: This would be an orange or peach, more so a peach color.

IS: [What should I be working on at this moment?]

Forces: It would be good to take up that book once more.

IS: [Why do I have such difficulty with it?]

Forces: This is that the force or story comes in waves, once into it, you would attune yourself to that wave.

IS: [Why do I want to eat at certain times lately?]

Forces: Please, by all means do it. This is the energy force within you that is coming through with new ideas and powers. Your responsibility on a worldly is beyond comprehension. When it is necessary, the communication burns up this abundant energy to give you the ideas to be manifested.

IS: [Anything further for the entity (T)?]

Forces: There is nothing we can talk to him about. He is usually left alone. We do not say that in a sympathetic way. There are things that he will receive very soon. He will be guided.

RU: [Why is it that we have not said the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary up to this time?]

Forces: I think it would be nice.

RU: [Is that correct the way I said them today in the meditation room?]

Forces: It would be relatively right. The crowning of thorns, the scourging at the post. The scourging at the post, the crowning of the thorns, the carrying of the cross, the crucifixion, and the burial.

IS: [How is the situation with the people in the La Guardia group with the houses in the Poconos?]

Forces: Up and down. In and out. It shall be an experience for them. This it will work out. It will take time. It will bring other things into the.

IS: [How about (JO) and (RO)?]

Forces: They are in for the time of their lives. This would be an intuitive factor. Everything will workout according to plan.

IS: [Could you tell us anything about the painting (T) just did that seems to be some kind of bird?]

Forces: This is a bird. It is more like a phoenix.

IS: [Oh, so I was right.]

Forces: Correct. When are you not right? This intuition or intuition and the blessing of the cups that you have in your hands is inherited from other lifetimes. We cannot take your power away from you. We, in fact, give you homage to the power that you have. Use it wisely.

IS: [I don’t even know about these things.]

Forces: That is very nice. Rather not know you have it while you have it. Work with it while you have it will be very natural

IS: [What about the cups? What is their meaning?]

Forces: That will be given to you in time.

IS: [The program we saw about the circus and the people, is that correct?]

Forces: Amazing is it not? We are giving you quite a lot. Thank you. The circus represents the evolution of the souls from the very beginning of time. All souls who are in the circus will always be in the circus till the end of time. Life is a circus. Remember, you usually have three big tents in the circus, representing the three levels of consciousness. The main arena, or the three rings in the tents represent the centers of each , or that of the glands of the body. The poles in the circus represents the spine and the ropes represents the nerves. People or spectators represent the cells of consciousness exploring near exploring and exploring that of the cells in the arena that you will be performing. The animals represent those qualities that need to be trained, and those qualities that are caged up and need to be trained. The clowns represent that of the Christ spirit that need to be human and humble and yet carrying a message for all to see.

IS: [Then am I correct as to which Tarot card is the Forces? The Fool?]

Forces: Correct. We would have it no other way.

IS: [Which card represents (T)?]

Forces: The King of Cups, the spade or Ace.

IS: [Of Cups?]

Forces: This is more like correct.

IS: [And which one for me?]

Forces: Queen of Cups, Justice…

IS: [What about the woman standing between the two pillars with the Torah?]

Forces: We are not finished. We gave your word to you.

IS: [That word you gave us, Zionite-tu-yu, should we say that just when someone sneezes or whenever we want, or what?]

Forces: Say it anytime you want to, especially when someone sneezes.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: It can be worked and maneuvered, but we have plans that must be met.

IS: [lnaudible.]

Forces: You can do what has to be done…will take time.

IS: [Why didn’t Cayce find that oil that he went looking for?]

Forces: Whoever found that oil at that particular time would lose double.

IS: [Oh, so he was protected?]

Forces: It was better that Cayce did not find it. For he is protected, even though it might have not have seemed.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: We guided him on a spiritual adventure.

IS: [So why did Cayce go on that search for oil?]

Forces: There are spiritual cells within the body that needs to be spiritualized. If it was not done at that point, he would have wasted a part of his development. This particular time… [Inaudible.]

IS: [Does Cayce see what is happening with the A.R.E.?]

Forces: Totally disgusted.

IS: [How does he feel about it?]

Forces: Totally disgusted.

IS: [What about that new library at Virginia Beach?]

Forces: Ohhhhhh! We will wait and see. Seaweed all over the place! Do not plant your building too close to the ocean or else the mermaids will live in it.

IS: [If people receive punishment in this lifetime for something they did in another lifetime, how does it help if they don’t know they are being punished?]

Forces: Intuitively. Instinctively, with any punishment that is given with the answer beforehand.

IS: [But what about people who block away the intuition and instincts?]

Forces: There is no blocking. It is revealed through dreams and intuitive factors.

IS: [Why aren’t people punished in the lifetime they commit the act in?]

Forces: Sometimes the souls cannot pay back the debt that lifetime. Compared to all else it has piled up, it would destroy itself.

Rather to do that, we allow another life to pay for it, knowing and understanding what has happened.

IS: [Is that why some people seem to be going through life enjoying themselves and having a good time?]

Forces: This is a slow thread to thy God.

IS: [And why is that?]

Forces: For the sake of the soul that it would not destroy itself completely.

IS: [Is that why the fire didn’t catch onto the one I am thinking of?]

Forces: We understand what you are saying. But it would totally destroy (R). She would have not survived it. She would have caught on. Negativity is what fire burns on.

IS: [Could you tell me anything about this cold that I seem to have?]

Forces: It is a spiritualization and changing of cellular molecules. It is not really a cold.

IS: [Then what is it?]

Forces: It is a new conscious level or consciousness.

IS: [Oh, so I’m right about getting sick every time you jump to a new level?]

Forces: Correct. What appears to be sick.

IS: [Is there anything that can be given for (E)?]

Forces: She had had a great time here. It would help her cells tremendously. This entity has an aspect of giving life and joy to the body and leaving many, many days to be added to her body. In fact, it was through this entity that her life has been extended.

IS: [You mean she is already past her time?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [How about my father? Did he die when he was supposed to?]

Forces: With a positive aspect was to surround him, he would still been here at this moment.

IS: [Was I a part of that negativity?]

Forces: We would not say part of them. But we would say a positive aspect that was trying to be positive and not too weak.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Again, do not seek for worldly recognition of what is good.

IS: [What about leaving the coat in the corridor?]

Forces: It had to be done this way.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [What caused it then?]

Forces: It was a dangerous situation that brought this aspect on. In fact, what might seem most was the household environment of harmony.

IS: [What was that?]

Forces: The living conditions where the entity resided.

IS: [What was that?]

Forces: There were some aspects to be wrong.

IS: [Are those aspects still there?]

Forces: The aspects are gone.

IS: [Oh, so it was the cats?]

Forces: This is a nice aspect.

IS: [Was my father an intuitive person?]

Forces: In fact, your father worked on instincts. He was a spiritual person.

IS: [Is he aware of what is happening now?]

Forces: Yes. Consciously aware of everything.

IS: [Of this, too?]

Forces: Consciously aware of everything. Today he looked on with a pleasing smile. Consciously aware of today. Very happy.

IS: [Could you tell me anything about any of his other lifetimes?]

Forces: A very close aspect to Caesar. A good Caesar. In the Roman Empire in the beginning.

IS: [Did you say he was a Caesar or close to a Caesar?]

Forces: We will reserve this right, but was a Caesar.

IS: [Was I with him then?]

Forces: As a daughter.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: It was a working condition.

IS: [Why was he so afraid at the last?]

Forces: It was not of that aspect. More of others he knew.

IS: [How is he adjusting to the other side?]

Forces: Very well. He finds it not difficult at all.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: [Inaudible.]

IS: [Am I correct about why Crowley was the way he was, his mother?]

Forces: Partially.

IS: [Should I finish reading that book?]

Forces: If you want to. We would rather not recommend it…

LK: [Ever since Wednesday or Thursday I’ve been having the feeling like I wanted to try to pick back up the relationship with (BA). Is this a true feeling that I’m having or is this just another kind of a game that I play?]

Forces: It could be that aspect. But remember, don’t rush it.

GL: [Do understand why saw that apartment that I was in tonight?]

Forces: Correct. You needed some ‘enlightment’.

GL: [Is there anything that I can work on?]

Forces: Stop taking things for granted around you. Self-pity is your worst enemy.

GL: [What do I get that feeling in the stomach? Is that ego?]

Forces: Sometimes a hungry stomach. Sometimes your personality is in your stomach.

IS: [Why do I get that ringing in my ears? Is that to be careful?]

Forces: Correct.

GL: [Inaudible.]

Forces: If they are, they will be shown to you.

IS: [With the Tarot cards, am I correct that I should write the book that I am thinking of?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Your angel happens to be Auriel.

IS: [Auriel? Not Michael?]

Forces: Michael is a superior one that works through. Auriel is a side.

IS: [Is that Auriel or Uriel?]

Forces: You say it your way; we say it our way.

IS: [That’s the one (T) and I were talking about this afternoon?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Can I ask some more questions?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Did Mary have a regular birth with regular pains and all?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [What happened to the other girls that were on the steps with Mary when she was chosen?]

Forces: Each was used according to their measure.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: She is also psychic.

IS: [(VR)?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: She will plunder in correctly. Remember, leave them where they are at. Do not, what would be said, do not attract thyself to them, for they are to develop in their sphere of influence.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: That is the purpose of this incident.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: It would be well at this moment to allow the commitment to be made by others.

IS: [Did I understand correctly the passage with David and Saul?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [That David is going to conquer?]

Forces: Positive.

IS: [In the Cayce Readings it says, “…that body that he could take it up again, even when those fluids of the body had been drained away is it harder without the fluids?

Forces: It is harder with the fluids in the body.

IS: [Why was this so?]

Forces: It was evident the fluids were not there.

IS: [So then those who saw could not say there was anyway he could have faked death?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Could you tell us anything about any of the world leaders of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries? Their other lifetimes?]

Forces: Lincoln was that of an apostle. He was that of the apostle… we would say this moment, one of the seventy-two that he sent out by Jesus.

IS: [What about Woodrow Wilson? Was he an apostle?]

Forces: Woodrow Wilson? Of course.

IS: [Who was he? Close to Jesus?]

Forces: Correct. We would say a close friend, ally, and brother.

IS: [Which one? James?]

Forces: We will not say names.

IS: [The younger one? Jude?]

Forces: Yes. Jude is more like it.

IS: [Was John Kennedy Abraham Lincoln?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Why did he come in and go through the assassination again?]

Forces: It was a factor that cannot be revealed at this moment. There are certain aspects that must be met.

IS: [Was Jacqueline Kennedy Mary Todd Lincoln?]

Forces: Jacqueline Kennedy was that wife. She has been the reason and the abomination and the desecration for the assassination. And she will have to meet it. It was for this reason that Kennedy or Lincoln, known as Kennedy in fact, tried to bring her to a consciousness.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: In fact, she is in it, but the public does not know.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: She has an expensive bill. And it has, what would be called, been many times on the verge of bankruptcy.

IS: [Is that why she married Onassis for the blackmail money?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [What about his mother, Rose Kennedy? Does she know?]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Is my feeling about her correct?]

Forces: The mother of Kennedy also holds cups.

IS: [She is a very spiritual lady, no?]

Forces: Correct. And you have known her, too, in your past.

IS: [Why is it that two people who were close are in a lifetime where one is very famous and well-known and the other not?]

Forces: It could also be one of picking up from the mire.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: This would be good.

IS: [What about Nixon?]

Forces: We cannot say at this moment. He (is?) not a good interesting aspect.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Consciousness of the people.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Consciousness of the people.

IS: [What about Chapter 13 of Revelation?]

Forces: So much work needs to he done on that chapter.

IS: [Did understand correctly about the anti-Christ?]

Forces: There is much more than this that happened on the physical. This is the changing of the ears, eyes, nose, and teeth. It is also that of the instruments of operations…medicine.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: It is something that needs to be definitely spiritualized once and for all.

IS: [Inaudible.]

Forces: Correct.

IS: [What about Eisenhower?]

Forces: MacArthur is more important than Eisenhower. Roosevelt is more important than Truman. Grant is less important. But Lee is more important than Grant. McKinley was interesting and more important than Taft. If you look through the Presidents, you will see a consciousness of seven-seven-seven. We are finished at this moment. We enjoyed it; talking to you and seeing you work upon yourselves. As you work on yourselves, the sessions will progress and become more involved. As you work less on yourselves, you will find the sessions becoming to a bare minimum. As you develop, we will come with you. As you retrogress, we will disappear. The world is in a very sad condition. It takes strength to keep on moving. Greetings to all of you. With a pleasant good-bye we served to you…

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…