Session 146 2/7/78

Greetings to all here present now. We are here and have been extremely busy with the East Coast and many
interesting flights and encounters. The seasons…it’s interesting as we go on. We are here to strive to bring into understanding the will of man, through the power of the Higher Forces, for all nature is a reflection of man’s thoughts. The coldness of the weather is also the spirit is being frozen in man. He is no longer relating with one to another. He is being cold and aloof and protected and secure with his physical rights, causing the weather to reflect his thoughts. Question.

IS: Could you give us a solution to HI’s dilemma at this point?

FORCES: Find the entity torn between service and what would be called reflection of physical securities. This element will have to be put into perspective if the entity is to be moving forward, for if its not one item, it will be another item. If it’s not one desire, it will be another desire. Therefore, the sincerity of putting these aspects into correction would take time, would take a moment. It would be wise to bring into a force of either here or there. It cannot be two ways. It is wrong to be at one place and to be here. Either you are here 100 percent and putting everything into it, or you are not. You cannot be there and here. Going there is when you are pleasing the desires, and your own qualities will get worse and worse, and the fight and the battle will get more and more. And finally, it will manifest into other items and things. Either the decision is made, stay here or stay there, not both. Question.

IS: Thank you.

HA: Any guidance for me and SN and JS?

FORCES: For you? To be on the path of disciplines, of humility, of moving forward in service, ever to be careful of your pride aspect, but to seek or to filter in and capture you on the purpose set and goals set before you. For the house, other than repairing it and putting it into a condition where an entity or entities can live. JS: the child is moving according to plan. Once again, the ability of spirit has entered in and correcting the inability of spirit. The house should not be a main interest. The house within should be put in order. Question.

HA: Any particular colors that would help (?)?

FORCES: Blue and pink, yellow and green. Question.

HA: Thank you.

DD: Have you any guidance you can give me at this time?

FORCES: Intuitive ideas and intuition could be made manifest and tied in the well being of everyday living. Other than that, it would be moving forward to the spiritual destinies ahead. Question.

DD: Could you tell me about Halaliel with the angel I thought was Ariel?

FORCES: What is the meaning of it?

DD: Why was Halaliel fighting with Ariel?

FORCES: One represents the physical thought versus the higher aspect of spiritual law.

DD: Ariel represents the physical?

FORCES: This would represent materiality and the foundation of solid movement.

DD: Did Halaliel represent a certain…like it was said in the Kabala?

FORCES: Could, very capable of.

DD: What would be a symbol of Halaliel…that we would recognize?

FORCES: The half crescent moon with a star. Question.

DD: Thank you.

MK: Are the times of the day and the seasons of the year, can they be more powerful sometimes or more beneficial for the spirit for any one individual?

FORCES: Correct. Each season, each time of the day is different from the other point.

MK: For different individuals?

FORCES: Correct.

MK: Does that have to do with planetary influences or the sun?

FORCES: A lot of items involved.

MK: What would be my strongest time of year and time of (?) way?

FORCES: The strongest time of the year is when you’re doing God’s work, and the time of day is when you are serving your other people around.

MK: Thank you.

FORCES: Otherwise, walk down the block at 4 p.m., at 3 in the morning and be there at the same time.

MK: 4 p.m. and 3 in the morning? Thank you.

FORCES: This is only stating the question to be a split In the middle. You cannot do two things at once. You cannot be there at 4 p.m. and 3 in the morning at the same time, nor can you pinpoint the exact time of day when you smell the nicest. Question.

BR: In Psalm 148 they say that…what do they mean when they say the waters above the heavens…?

FORCES: It represents the thoughts of (?) of principles of the subconscious mind, thoughts in which need to be expressed through faith waiting to be manifested, what is below the earth, on the earth, what is above and below. The lower represents on a conscious level (?) that need to be done. Question.

BR: Thank you. The souls that came in at the time of Jesus and were slaughtered, what type of souls were they that they came in to be killed?

FORCES: Souls that had their life ended in another lifetime by accidents or by their own hand, and they had to come back and live the allotted time prescribed for that particular life. Question.

BR: Thank you.

RU: The entity that was Elizabeth the First of England is that entity in this group?

FORCES: It matters not whether the entity is here or not. What matters is that one becomes strong for God and service to that.

RU: Thank you. We were discussing how…

FORCES: Quiet.

(A few moments of silence)

FORCES: Question.

IS: The bathroom…

FORCES: Continue with your particular question.

RU: We were discussing how Queen Elizabeth…what she did when she gave the order for Mary Queen of Scots to be beheaded. What she did was right for her country and right for that moment, and yet ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is one of the Ten Commandments. When situations like that arise, what effect does it have on the soul of the person who kills or gives the order to be killed?

FORCES: It is more of a persona karmetic pattern that has to be paid off. Question.

RU: Will the person who gave the order to be killed or was killed will that be like a karma that then they’ll have to work out again?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Was Elizabeth a good queen, a spiritual queen?

FORCES: She represented a strong faculty of the body.

IS: For God?

FORCES: Let us say striving for.

IS: Thank you. The bathrooms downstairs the way I have it, is that correct?

FORCES: It is correct.

IS: Thank you. Now, HP and EJ, what is the matter with HP? What does he need?

FORCES: He needs to express and activate the energies that have been raised up within him.

IS: Why does he have that desire of violence or some sort of violence?

FORCES: It is what would be called pleasing and satisfying to his taste. It’s attention, and the energy is not really being utilized and expressed perfectly.

IS: Has he taken on a black aspect then?

FORCES: More of a wild quality that needs to be tamed.

IS: And EJ?

FORCES: Just a quality that needs to be worked with in the periods of time. More of responsibilities of the parents and less of them going into childish attitudes and emotional tantrums themselves. It is total disregard for their responsibilities as parents that the children turned to this condition.

IS: Thank you. Why was it wrong at the time of Ezra and Nehemiah to marry the native women that were not of the Jewish faith?

FORCES: Because of a certain abomination in the tribes.

IS: In the Jewish tribes or in the natives?

FORCES: Native tribes.

IS: Do they still exist today that law?

FORCES: You would find it in certain areas.

IS: What I mean is…the abomination?

FORCES: Certain consciousness of approach.

IS: Then, does this law still stand today?

FORCES: It would stand in an indirect manner, no
longer or, a physical, but on a mental and disciplinary level.

IS: Thank you. Where and when did the Sons of Jacob die physically?

FORCES: This has been spread throughout that the sons of Jacob were spread throughout the lands, planting seeds for future civilizations and empires Question.

IS: Have you answered my question?

FORCES: No and yes.

IS: Is it my inability to understand it?

FORCES: No and yes.

IS: Those brothers that did not throw out the natives…we know that Judah threw out everybody and then conquered Jerusalem, but I believe other than Judah, nobody else…

FORCES: That is why they are weaker today.

IS: So they should have thrown them out?

FORCES: The qualities within their consciousness.

IS: So Judah acted correctly?

FORCES, Correct.

IS: And that’s why those other sons or tribes throughout the nations are not strong?

FORCES: That unto the point in which that quality has to be conquered.

IS: Thank you very much.

HI: When I woke up the other morning I remembered part of a dream, and the voice was saying, not until then will the trailer house be set up. Could you tell me please what the condition was?

FORCES: The condition is this: that you totally subject your will to the Higher Forces, relinquish all desires for physical gains, and inspire your thoughts to receive revelation and inspiration of expression. When these qualities begin to manifest, then the things you want the most will be given to you.

HI: Thank you. Another question: IS had a dream about my parents that they were moving into a kibbutz in Israel. Could you tell me what that meant?

FORCES: Your parents are entering into a consciousness wider and broader than they have ever entered before.

HI: Will that mean that they will be very happy to see what will be happening here in this house?

FORCES: They will understand it. Complications will only set in when you allow them to set in, or else if you nave accepted it and believe in it, they will be proud.

HI: Thank you.

HA: The family of Mary, the mother of Jesus, are we direct descendants of it?

FORCES: Let us say it is possible.

HA: Any guidance for Simon at this time?

FORCES: More of a self-evaluation or a spiritual level and truth of himself in expressing his love for his God, rather than for his image for men.

DD: Was Robin Hood a real person?


DD: What sort of a group did he have with him, a spiritual group?

FORCES: It was a group that strived for harmony.

DD: Once I saw Friar Tuck in the meditation room, and it said he was the human aspect. Now, if he survived as an entity, does that mean they were into spiritual things?

FORCES: It was of a nature that would be possible.

DD: When you spoke through Edgar Cayce, he used the term pineal gland (the way people understood it then) for the sixth center. I don’t know if that’s what you meant…

FORCES: Let us say both glands are inseparable.

DD: So that was the misunderstanding at the time?

FORCES: Incorrect. It was understood correctly.

DD: But it was said the pineal was the sixth center, and the pituitary was the higher center?

FORCES: That is correct.

DD: But you said later that the seventh center was the pineal gland?

FORCES: That is correct.

DD: Why did you say to him that the pineal deals with the sixth? They are inseparable, I understand, but why…

FORCES: Each section of time moves forward giving dominion over one center versus another. This is what you would call a revolving center.

DD: Oh, I see, they change around?

FORCES: They revolve according to their condition to be experienced. As it was said by the Master Jesus, there is none greater than your Heavenly Father, and no man knoweth what position you shall take but the Father who is in Heaven.

DD: Then the Father and the Son are inseparable?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Whenever you spoke of the pineal gland, whenever you mentioned the word, that’s the sixth center?

FORCES: Not necessarily. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

MK: The dreams I had last night, very confusing, lots of images, but there was a happy feeling in it, is there anything I can understand from there? Was there a message there that I’m not seeing?

FORCES: Try not to eat too heavily before going to bed.

MK: Thank you.

BR: The weather, is that the mission that was spoken about a couple of sessions ago, that’s happening now’?

FORCES: Partially.

BR: Is it finished yet, the mission?

FORCES: Partially.

BR: Okay. Thank you.

IS: Regarding the weather, is there a law that goes in at the time, the way we know it, is there a law in operator that nobody can really touch it to become worse or milder without the influence of the Forces, the Higher Forces, hut other than that, it’s a law, is that correct?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Then, there is no other forces but you that can influence the weather to a degree for that time?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Then what have you done? You’ve allowed the vibrations of the places of the earth to sort of, to take over, is that it?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Now, most of those winds that come with the weather, before snow, after snow, doesn’t even…has nothing to do with what, I feel personally, the weather at all. Those things are strictly your ships, is that correct?

FORCES: It is a force of expression coming in that is needed for the straight path and for re-entering each horizon, and there are many other things. It is a world in itself, the wind. Question.

IS: Is it an entity?

FORCES: It is a world that is within.

IS: Thank you. Now, any advice for Tom at this point?

FORCES: Would be advisable for an interesting attention for the spheres around where he is at. Remember, cutting the channel of the giving flow has a chain reactor. Once this flowing stops, it is stagnant waters. Question.

IS: Should there be more than their regular allowance?

FORCES: Not particularly, no.

IS: You’re speaking to me now, correct?

FORCES: As the systems overall, not particularly for you.

IS: But am I doing correct with the money that…

FORCES: You are utilizing the best you can.

IS: But you’re not talking about that money, is that right?

FORCES: I am talking about the money in general, the source of expressions.

IS: Thank you. And now, it seems the weather, the conditions are the way they are, should there be anything that we should put up here, bring in. or prepare as an emergency?

FORCES: Certain stockpiling of foods, as has been prescribed earlier, certain amount of medical supplies utilizing 4cr’ the area. There is more, but at this moment, it is enough.

IS: Now, the food, would you say to get it from the (?) the way we once did?

FORCES: It should work out.

IS: Thank you. Is there any advice for plumbing or anything else that we are involved in?

FORCES: That would be discovered as you move forward.

IS: Thank you. Any advice for MM while she is here?

FORCES: Just to be active in what is being done around her. We only strive to ask a more conscious effort of moving forward. The world situation is not the best. The present earthly situation is about ready to manifest on strong conditions in California, in the West, which then will have repercussions in the East. The time is now. It is said. The clock ticks. The manifestation of many years begins to have its point of reference. It is not a time to relax. It is a critical time to prepare. It is a time to rejoice for those who are on the spiritual path. It is also a time of preparation. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father who art in the Heavens, hallowed be Thy name…