Session 150 3/9/78

FORCES: We had planned to speak to you in the course of this day, but it was not profitable in many ways. All the Forces do extend their best for a new and prosperous birthday as a group consciousness. We find the time changing and testing all at the same level, but so as it is in life, the giving must be measured and mounted to be moved on. We have anticipated overall reactions and find some of them as a growing process that we all must experience. We are now ready for your questions.

BR: In Exodus in Chapter 23 it says Behold, I send an angel before thee to keep thee in the way and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.�? Who is this angel that’s mentioned?

FORCES: This would be identified as Metatron.

BR: Thank you. And the one that says, “And the angel of the Lord appeared unto Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of a burning bush.�? Which angel was this one?

FORCES: We would also identify this as Metatron.

BR: Thank you.

DD: Why does Levy represent Japan?

FORCES: That is because of the karmetic or …….. aspect and also because of the point of view in reference to face.

DD: Do the priests represent the sixth center?

FORCES: We would have it balancing that center out.

DD: Also, is that, is that connected with the 24 hour system?

FORCES: You would find that in this position.

DD: Thank you very much.

RU: In Jeremiah several times during… The book of Jeremiah, he says I am black. What meaning does that have when he says that?

FORCES: You would find this as in a consciousness from having faith.

RU: That his faith is shaken at those moments when he…

FORCES: That darkness has surrounded him and that the light of the spirit has left him.

RU: Thank you.

HI: Could you give me some advice please since my sister was planning to come now after my parents leave for 3 to 4 four weeks. Could you tell me how I should deal with her?

FORCES: Just point-blankly say you’d appreciate if you could combine your visits with mom and dad to save expenses and the cooperative spirit of my endeavors in my new home.

HI: Okay. Thank you.

FORCES: In a diplomatic way, but in short, that would be the sum total of what you are saying.

HI: All right. Thank you. Also, another question. I once received that, see in one time my lifetime that sister stood, ah, ah…prevented me from going to God. Could you give more on that, please?

FORCES: Repeat.

HI: At one point in one lifetime that sister, ah she prevented me from going to God. Could you give more on that, please?

FORCES: One moment. You would find this on a ship off the port of Spain near Basilla, Saint Cecille Basilla in which she was the owner of the particular ship. You happened to be a worker on the ship forcing you to stay on this ship in order to go to South America near Ecuador. You being…feeling to be in prison, rebelled against this particular treatment and tried to destroy certain aspects of the food quality on board to force the ship to return. In so doing, the mid-shipmen ah spotted your plot and spoiled it, and you from that point on in the journey had to spend your relationship with the priest on board. They wanted you to be ah thrown overboard. Ah this particular entity refused such and kept you alive until the certain time of docking in which your religious aspect became stronger. The entity refused to believe such, leaving a bitter feeling between you and the entity in which you were left behind on this particular island, which started a whole new conversion of thought and working with the natives in your spiritual endeavors.

HI: Thank you very much.

FORCES: This would have a tell-tale aspect of today, in which keeping you in one particular spot seems to bring out the feelings of being in prison or restrained, which led to a higher purpose in that particular life giving you a clear outlook on your future.

HI: Okay, thank you.

SN: Could you give ah Halina and I some advice at this time of change and a new course of action we should follow to come closer to the consciousness of the group?

FORCES: The only way you two should strive to become closer in consciousness with the particular group is by contributing in efforts and in belief to the spiritual purpose, as well as to the vital physical purposes that are making demands upon this particular group. We would expect or would hope that as you absorb yourself in the physical work in this particular building, a certain consciousness and aspect will come in and change particular yours and her lives, and then a new awareness would take over in which would give you answers to many patterns, ideas, and molds of styles. This could only come about with a certain amount of work contributed to this particular group and in endeavoring to contribute it, you would become, you would become more aware of the spiritual objectives more in alignment to your personal future.

SN: Would you explain the dream that I had on March 7th that I wrote down?

FORCES: This is a changing of force or changing field of encounters and thoughts of growth patterns, as well as discarding and getting rid of many heavy patterns of karma. It also is a representation of removing from the bonds and bounds of chains of thoughts, for you must relinquish a certain amount of characteristic pride and comfort ability that all is well in character, and in so doing, you will receive certain answers and revelations to your future working style as a personal growth together moving you both on the path and towards your evolution.

SN: Thank you.

HA: What does ah Dion Fortune… her books, what does it bring in?

FORCES: They bring… Excuse me.

HA: What does she represent?

FORCES: Let us try to explain there are many books on the occult and metaphysical level throughout the world which are helpful to a certain point. They indoctrinate,they introduce certain points of references and thoughts of growth patterns, but also, they must not be too much focused upon because the spirit is no longer on the earth, and things do change in the earth, representing an introduction to the spiritual level and getting people or souls or entities ready for other progresses and paths to come.

HA: Thank you. Should we, of the house should we finish it off and sell it?

FORCES: This is a question that seems to weigh heavily on the union and the cooperation of thought and power. It would be well if you remain and perhaps retain such dwellings until further chance in which certain commitments and progresses in this particular consciousness with the group is developed. At that point of time, then as we have said in the past, other feelings and forces would enter, and we would be able to reveal our other plans for you.

HA: Thank you.

FORCES: As far as the house that you have now, it would be wise to retain the dwellings of the property and the land and the house, and we would express a desire for answering more in detail a question in the future date.

HA: Thank you.

MK: Why did John and Mark leave Paul at Perga?

FORCES: They were tired.

MK: That was the only reason? There was no dissension?

FORCES: They were tired of Paul.

MK: And Barnabas, too, Barnabas was on, was he on Paul’s side?

FORCES: As his own.

MK: What do the sons of thunder mean?

FORCES: They represent certain dwellings, certain forces within the centers of the body, certain patterns of force more in alignment, more alignment to the, the progressives of the solar plexus and moving forward into the material wor1d.

MK: Did thunder manifest on the physical?

FORCES: It could.

MK: Would that be two souls or those who have those qualities?

FORCES: Two centers. Certain connective centers.
Everyone has these sons of thunder within.

MK: Did they have them more so than others?

FORCES: Each one has enough to keep him.

MK: Thank you very much.

IS: What does it mean the forward and backward rotations of the ring?

FORCES: Rotations?

IS: It was heard in a session. Rotations of the ring.

FORCES: This represents the movement of what would be considered the physical body and the spirit within the physical body making evolutions within the physical body to become more aware and enlightened of the spirit. It also represents the space vehicle or ships flying through space and time moving forward and backwards in order to fulfill the ship.

IS: Does it have anything to do with the ring pass me not, pass not?

FORCES: This ring is a explicit sphere of barrier manecular, manicular, maniculae, moleculae force field and it is generally the same concept in which the solar system is moving through space. Our ships are just a rendition of the solar forcefield copied through space, for if we are to move through the space, we must move like space moves.

IS: Thank you. If the other Mary was the one that at her wedding Jesus came, then who is the other Mary the mother of Naomi, when Naomi was born when Jesus was a child?

FORCES: Who was the mother of Naomi?

IS: Yes, there are so many other Mary’s.

FORCES: Mother of Naomi?

IS: Yes.

FORCES: We would find this quite interesting, for there were seven Mary’s around the cross, each one having a different sound and name inversions. It would also represent the zodiac signs. Also would represent the teacher of Jesus.

IS: Judith?

FORCES: We would say Judith as one of the ether music fourth sound teachers.

IS: Which was a Mary also?

FORCES: Correct. More to the sound of May-im.

IS: Mary-im?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Not Miriam?

FORCES: May-im.

IS: May-im. Then she was the mother of Naomi?

FORCES: She would be found as such.

IS: I knew that teacher. So she was the music teacher for Jesus.

FORCES: A voice of the ethers.

IS: Thank you. Are there fairies and elves, and if so, why are they considered without soul or are God…Godly in many books, and are they immortal, or what is their lifespan?

FORCES: Correct. Your other question seemed to answer the first. They do exist. They are unitary souls of thoughts of the ethers of the earth coming about from another lifetime in which the evolution of man had once played a part in which the elves regenerated and moved into a smaller world because of the brutalities and the anguish of man on the earth.

IS: Are they without a soul?

FORCES: They are of a soul nature quality in which would be considered reactions of the elements.

IS: Are they…

FORCES: They would not be considered truly souls but creatures of a group consciousness near hair.

IS: Like animals?

FORCES: A little bit higher than such.

IS: Are they evil?

FORCES: It all depends upon how the one who receives their energies and information can use the knowledge.

IS: Why is it in most books that the priest exorcises them in the name of Jesus, in the name of God, and then they have to disappear?

FORCES: This is because they have a habit of planting onto items and circumstances and thoughts on people. Whether that circumcise…circumcising of the spirit is complete to decentralize them and take away the energy factor in which they live in.

IS: So what the matter is, is with the people that had used their energy — not with them per Se.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. What forces precede your coming into a session?

FORCES: Repeat.

IS: What forces precede your coming into a session?

FORCES: It is what would be called the balancing force or the wind effect.

IS: Which is an intelligent force?

FORCES: An enlightened prayer.

IS: But that comes…still comes out of you, right? It’s not an independent force?

FORCES: It is more like a chain reaction of us coming through.

IS: The qalhic forces in the clouds. Who are they and what is their relation to you?

FORCES: Cannot be given fully, but they are more like an elder brother.

IS: To you?

FORCES: Over a certain area of responsibility towards the universe.

IS: I see. Does it mean that in the older days, or what is to us older days, a few thousand years ago, I guess, in the Greek mythology and etcetera, were…was it you or maybe the gallic forces that took care of…

FORCES: Let us say it was our cousins.

IS: Now, what happened to them?

FORCES: They seemed to get too much involved.

IS: And so they were taken out?

FORCES: Had to be replaced.

IS: Thank you. Why was man not allowed to eat from the Tree of Knowledge to know good and evil, and if the knowledge of good and evil was not for man, for whom was it?

FORCES: It was for the wisdom and for the expression which man would develop. It is not for man to know good and evil. It is to know the peace above it all

IS: So it wasn’t for any value really to know the good and evil?

FORCES: It was not necessary just to obtain the peace. The analyzing and breaking that structure down, you have what is called good and evil.

IS: So in reality good and evil simply didn’t exist. It was a caution of man being allowed to eat from the Tree or not?

FORCES: This was the factor involved, but once it became in existence, then they had to sup off the Tree.

IS: So, that means the first people or souls that were trapped on the earth, they are the ones that created that Tree, and the ones that were supposed to come and help them out work out the means, I guess the Second Coming, of the l,000, they were supposed to come in as pure souls and they got trapped in it?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: How did Adam call out the names of animals? Does it mean that man already had speech?

FORCES: Man telepathically spoke to the animals.

IS: Was the woman made literally from one of Adam’s ribs?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: If so, how many ribs did man have?

FORCES: We would say somewhere around the neighborhood of 13 or l4.

IS: Why the rib? What quality does the rib have?

FORCES: The encasement of the breath.

IS: Oh, I see, so it’s the soul coming through.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What is meant by naked in relation to Noah?

FORCES: This would be a consciousness of Noah’s soul past and present.

IS: Noah’s soul past and present. Then he wasn’t literally physically naked?

FORCES: This would be semi.

IS: Does it mean that his son had relations with him?

FORCES: It could be interpreted in many ways, shapes, and forms, but it would mean the taking away of vital energy from the father in the psychic field.

IS: Oh, I see. Did the story of Adam and Eve happen on the physical level as it is written?

FORCES: It happened not as it was Written, but in generally…in general, to make it short, that’s how it happened on the physical level.

IS: But it wasn’t just Adam and Eve. There were 144,000…

FORCES: It was a combination of many areas and reactions.

IS: But there wasn’t one family that a son killed another son?

FORCES: Correct. It was a generation of families. It was a group of consciousness of workers who were envious of another group.

IS: Oh, so it’s not just one to one. It’s a group of people.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: The serpent appearing to God as one knowing the difference between good and evil, and the first effect of the effort was by them getting dressed, how did they perceive God walking in the garden? As dressed?

FORCES: The soul did not have the flesh upon it as heavily as it was. It was a pure spirit shining forth. When they became aware of what would be called their mental minds, good and evil, logical minds. Remember, it started with the mental, logical mind from the very beginning of time. Then their skin became hardened, then their temperature became more apparent, and then they became more earthly, instead of the spiritual aspect taking over.

IS: Yet, how did they… it’s saying they were ashamed so they put on clothing…

FORCES: They became aware of their defects that should not have been there, but was there when they became to analyzing with their logical mind.

IS: Now, did they perceive God then as…did God appear to them somehow also as dressed…

FORCES: God was a force of power that was within them that had no form or shape that they had taken on later. God was more for them and should be a spirit feeling within them.

IS: Thank you. The curse of the serpent, what is meant by “I will put enmity between thee and the woman�??

FORCES: This would be the desires of man and woman together for many ambitions and goals that separate them from having their faith in the spiritual objective.

IS: Between man and the woman?

FORCES: Between the force of the man and woman.

IS: You mean the serpent being the kundalini where all power comes from that separated where man became superior in whatever level they took on over the female? Unti1 then even physically they were the same?

FORCES: More in alignment than a ego, pride, superiority condition.

IS: I see, but nothing to do with their physical self.

FORCES: Their physical self came in only after the breaking of the laws.

IS: Which this was after the breaking.

FORCES: It was, but not that much after.

IS: After the curse on Adam, did the weather change?

FORCES: Everything in consciousness became more dense.

IS: So, the weather, too, started happening what?

FORCES: Became more of a solid nature, rather than a gaseous nature.

IS: That’s when it started cold, hot, and all that?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. In Chapter 1, God gives to Adam food and says, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed…” etcetera. Now, in Chapter 3 in the curse he says to him “and thou shalt eat the herb of the field�?. Is the difference in the work for it or in the earth?

FORCES: Is the difference in the…

IS: In the work for it, that Adam had to work for it afterwards, or is it in the, in the earth from which it came?

FORCES: It is more from the mind or the thought process in which this particular entity was going through.

IS: But it’s the same herb before the curse and after the curse, or is it the same herb?

FORCES: It takes on a denser quality after the consciousness is opened.

IS: But it wasn’t something that beforehand he wouldn’t have had to work for it?

FORCES: It was more or less. When the spirit was purely in touch with the Higher Forces, then it came in, in a direct and indirect way, but when doubt and the fear came into it, it became more solid and more difficult for the herbs to reach.

IS: Except it didn’t seem like there was a big punishment there or anything like that because this is what he was eating before, and this is what he’s going to eat after.

FORCES: The punishment was no longer the effect on the physical body the way it had in the beginning.

IS: Oh, I see.

FORCES: Eating and drinking of the herbs gave more food than just the health practice today.

IS: Thank you.

BR: The dream that Tom had the other night, it was a…it was about a magical king that was crucified the day before Jesus. Could you tell us what that was about?

FORCES: This represented the king and virtuous aspect of Christ in bringing love and magic of faith into the earth.

BR: Thank you. Between Moses and Christ was 2,000 years, and 4,000 no, within the year 2,000, within the year 2,000 it, will there be another Christ cycle?

FORCES: You are going through at the very moment.

BR: Would that go into Mark’s dream about Tom being the highest of the high?

FORCES: Let us say it would go along to some avenues. Question.

BR: Okay. Could other lifetimes of King David be given?

FORCES: King David was a major navigator in a Mediterranean sea for an Italian government. He also was a navigator for England, an excavator, and a watchmaker.

BR: Was he another…other people in the Bible?

FORCES: You would find him in sundry characters, but nothing to mention.

BR: Was he around Jesus?

FORCES: He was at a distance in an indirect way.

BR: Who was he at the time of Jesus?

FORCES: Let us say a distant person.

BR: Okay, thank you. This morning Tom had read, had read about Elisha putting the staff or skins on the staff to put it on the boy. What is this staff?

FORCES: This was the magical force of the electric or the astral power from the Higher Forces coming through as in a session.

BR: Is this Moses’ staff?

FORCES: It was the communication channel. The staff that was open and passed down from generation to generation.

BR: Was it with Adam?

FORCES: It was.

BR: Where is the staff now?

FORCES: The staff is in the communication or in the force of relation of the Higher Forces to the vehicle who receives.

BR: What is a voice of the ethers?

FORCES: This represents the intuitive and receptive and learning process of creation.

BR: A number of times it speaks about groves in the Bible. Most of the times it says they provoke the Lord to anger. What are the, what are the groves?

FORCES: This would be the rebellion or the going against the laws of harmony.

BR: Thank you. In Proverbs it says “when a righteous man do rejoice, there is a great glory, but when the wicked rise, a man is hidden�?. What does that mean?

FORCES: Simply the turning away and the growing within, and at the same time, the destroying and breaking down.

BR: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me what the other center was? You said the solar plexus was one of the sons of thunder…

FORCES: You would also find it in the head.

DD: The pineal, the sixth center?

FORCES: This could be more correct.

DD: How can the rectangle be used? There’s five rectangles. Do they represent the five centers respectively?

FORCES: You would find that to be true.

DD: Is there any way of using those consciously in building or to work with them, planning with them?

FORCES: It would be used in many forms and designs and colors, books, and also photographic analogies.

DD: In Revelation they talk about the new song in Chapter 14, can you tell me what that song is?

FORCES: That is the awareness of the spirit consciousness once again.

DD: Is there an actual sound?

FORCES: There is that hovers over such who receive that consciousness.

DD: Thank you.

RU: Once a person has greed, how can it he gotten rid of, and could you give me something to help me get rid of the greed that I have?

FORCES: By giving and not demanding, by the humbleness of attitude, not the arrogant attitude. But finish off by the moving forward and building as strong as you possibly can for the glory and the usefulness of people and servants around you.

RU: Thank you. A lot of times I think of things to do for people that I think are a manner of service, but if I look deeper, they are, they have a big price tag on them. How can I become more aware of that and stop it?

FORCES: By depending upon the spirit rather than the material things for your security.

RU: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell us please if it is possible or destined at all for the women of this group to have childbirth by immaculate conception?

FORCES: It is possible and probable, but there are so many other aspects that need to be worked out first before children come walking through the walls.

HI: Thank you. Also, the entity Tom being one of the three masters, could you tell us which part of the earth he carries?

FORCES: We would say the ether of air or the ethers of the space consciousness of the unseen.

HI: On the physical realm in the countries, would that include Russia and China, too?

FORCES: It could.

HI: Could you also tell us where the other two masters are located, in which part of the world?

FORCES: You would find one north and the other one would be found in the south.

HI: Thank you. Also, when one speaks, what does he create?

FORCES: A thought form vibration center circle power station.

HI: If one speaks the wrong thing, what must one do to annihilate that which he has created?

FORCES: To speak the wrong thing is twofold. One who speaks and claims to be the wrong thing but says a certain thought in his or her head, then speaks it does not register. One who speaks the wrong thing out of emotion and says not the wrong is wrong, must bring that word back into perspective by the positive flow of the word and tongue.

HI: Thank you very much. Also, the sweetness… In Proverbs it says the “sweetness of the lips increaseth in learning�?. Could you explain more on that, please?

FORCES: Repeat please.

HI: In Proverbs it says the “sweetness of the lips increaseth in learning�?.

FORCES: Represents the words and the power of truth.

HI: Thank you very much.

SN: The curiosity that my co-workers have expressed concerning my religious beliefs, how…would you help me, give me some advice on how to handle this for the best spiritual development?

FORCES: Striving to be as honest and yet honest with self, for remember, you, too, are developing in this belief. Little do you know their needs and purposes and their desires in asking to you the questions. Simply testify to the effects it has on your personal life.

SN: Thank you. The house in North Garden, are there any aspects of it that ah, that need attention which we have not already thought about or we are not already planning to do something about?

FORCES: Just to re-affirm the outside foundation around the area where the building meets the land, the looking over of exposed wires, and the sealing up of windows of the foundational part facing the exterior side. Other than that, all of this will fall into line.

SN: The windows…the foundational windows facing the exterior side, are those the windows in the basement?

FORCES: You would find them near the basement.

SIMON: The vent holes in the foundation?

FORCES: This could be considered weak points and strong points. We would find it near what would be considered the back.

SN: I understand. Thank you.

HA: Glory Be To Thee, what does that do when we sing it?

FORCES: It would raise the channel of worship and bring down a force in a “V�? shape for power to be given.

HA: What is ego? Where does it come from?

FORCES: It comes from you. It is man’s best enemy.

HA: What is a good formula to obliterate it?

FORCES: Repeat.

HA: What is something to be used against it?

FORCES: Truth, love, patience, and moving with the faith.

HA: Thank you. The angel in Revelation Chapter 10, is that Raphael or is that Michael?

FORCES: You would find it as Raphael

HA: Thank you.

FORCES: You would also find it without a meaning or purpose like a blank stare.

HA: Could you tell me some…any connection or some… is there anything to work out between me and Joshua?

FORCES: Dominant power.

HA: Thank you.

MK: Once in a dream IS had told me that I used my voice for God. Could you explain further on that?

FORCES: In the Egyptian side of the temple to heal the physical body by certain chants.

MK: In Egypt. Thank you.

IS: What is meant by “So he drove out the man: and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life�??

FORCES: This represents the very difficult path in which man must once again find the secrets within him through many tests and trials and tribulations that once man finds this inner side, this power, it could either be used for good or evil. That is why it is protected so carefully.

IS: So are there people that have passed through that and then used it for evil?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: If they would reach the sixth center, would they still be able to use it for evil?

FORCES: It would destroy them at that point.

IS: So they really couldn’t use it for evil?

FORCES: Once they leave to that point, they have left the point of protection. Then the destruction takes on the process after that point.

IS: That means that the cherubim and the flaming sword are the will center?

FORCES: More so to the pineal center.

IS: Isn’t that the sixth center?

FORCES: You would find that this defense mechanism is there to protect the will and the power of decisions rightly, but if used wrongly, it s a destructive measure.

IS: Oh, I see. So that’s the cherubim and that’s the flaming sword?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: That power to destroy actually.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What protects… The protective mechanism is not for the person. It’s a protective mechanism for the Garden of Eden?

FORCES: For the consciousness of spirit.

IS: Does it mean that anybody before he reaches that thing, he can go ahead and do evil and he will not be destroyed by the evil he is doing?

FORCES: Incorrect.

IS: Not the same lifetime. I mean, yes, karma, but it won’t destroy in the same life?

FORCES: Yes and no. It would have the same effect.

IS: You mean in the long run?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What is a cherubim?

FORCES: It is a force field of power and also a protective element in the atom or chemical world around. It is also what would be considered strength mechanism.

IS: The cherubim…strength…so that would also represent the sun then, the cherubim?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And the seraphim?

FORCES: This would be a male/female aspect.

IS: Do they have form the way man describes it in paintings?

FORCES: It is more electric than a form, but when standing, it would take this form on.

IS: Of a little baby?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: In Chapter 1 on the sixth day man was created male and female. Were they one body? And in Chapter 2 God creates man again, does this refer to the l44,000 souls?

FORCES: It was one body, one spirit, and the second one was the creation and finalizing of the physical or bringing it to a physical consciousness.

IS: So when it was one body, it still didn’t have any flesh, it was still just spirit?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. In Chapter 2 God puts Adam in the Garden of Eden to work in and keep it. What was the work?

FORCES: The work was what would be considered a spiritual awareness of God the Father.

IS: Praying?

FORCES: Which kept the Garden of Eden.

IS: Is it more like the gardener in that (End of Side 1)

IS: The first souls were in the image of God made male and female and the second were not?

FORCES: Second was the dividing of that nature.

IS: Physical division.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: But then, is God male and female?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Where was the Tree of Knowledge? When the serpents… when the serpent asks the woman if they are allowed to eat from the trees of the garden, she says that they are allowed to eat from the fruits of that of the garden, but not of the fruits in the garden. What is meant? The fruits of the garden, but not in the garden. What is meant?

FORCES: It is similar “be of the world, but not in the world�?.

IS: What did she see that the tree is good to eat from if she has not… if she has not eaten of it yet and had no knowledge and was blind to, to these things.

FORCES: The tree had a particular scent that was different from all other trees of consciousness around that gave off a feeling of doubts, of fears, of good, of evil, sweetness and sour. It was the five (5) senses that were coming from this particular tree that the physical body did not have, in general, did not need.

IS: So actually she ate from it…

FORCES: And received the five senses.

IS: That tree attracted them because of boredom?

FORCES: It attracted them because of curiosity. They had everything going for them and a revelation of constant power to do whatever they had to do, but this particular tree would bring them down from that power, and yet, because it was segregated from all other trees, they wanted the five senses also.

IS: Just to experience it?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Was it an actual tree?

FORCES: It was a growth in a tree form of life.

IS: But there was actual trees, as we can understand it?

FORCES: Each tree on a spiritual level represents a consciousness and fruit to be given.

IS: Are your ships the Garden of Eden or surrounding the Garden of Eden?


IS: Which one? Both?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And when Cain was sent out to the earth from a different dimension, was he one of you? Was it in space?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: So actually he was just dumped on the earth.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What is the mark of Cain? Is it still feasible?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Is it feasible on a physical level?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What is it?

FORCES: The mark of Cain was in the forehead in which was a number printed by the civilizations in which he was expelled from.

IS: I see. So those civilizations which were the Garden of Eden which is you, you do not punish. Is that correct? That’s the only punishment?

FORCES: We cannot annihilate, He will be placed in prison.

IS: Which is the earth.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Now when he comes down to the earth, does he retain the consciousness of where he came from?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Now the generations that came from him, do they also carry the number?

FORCES: It would be carried for a point in time. Then it would become evident through the genes, chromosomes, and hereditary factors.

IS: What would those be?

FORCES: Certain characteristics in the race corporation.

IS: Could you tell us what those characteristics would be?

FORCES: You would find them dominant in the race of the Caucasian to be vaguely huge bones, six (6) foot three (3), six (6) foot two (2), Amazons, stubby fingers, a brow Homo-sapien type feelings, species designed and passed down to the Caucasianal races, some type of feeling of evil, freckles or patches of skin discoloration, variance of skin tones, and pigmentation.

IS: And what?

FORCES: Pigmentation.

IS: That is in the white race.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Each race has different…

FORCES: The characteristics of the subtopics would continue in each particular race of the five (5).

IS: Thank you. Now it was a group then of Cains that came down that was sent out. Correct? Or was it just one?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Besides exiling, do you also…you mark that person for which purpose — so he’s recognized here on earth by you his problems?

FORCES: That he should never forget his origin and his pitfalls. Also for our purposes.

IS: Do you have entities that are marked but not on this earth walking around with original marks as they are being marked? Is that a form of punishment?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: In more evolved galaxies?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: The mark of a thin or slender person in the species would be considered grotesque.

IS: In which species?

FORCES: In these galaxies we would consider that and very long hair, as you would call hair.

IS: Grotesque?

FORCES: Marked.

IS: Those are the marks of punishment?

FORCES: They are the beginning of the marks.

IS: Very skinny and long hair.

FORCES: The other mark in your species…not needed.

IS: The skinny and the long hair, that’s another mark of Cain, that’s the beginning of that?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. Does the speech of Lamech refer to Cain’s killing or something else?

FORCES: The annihilation of species on the earth (……..)

IS: The annihilation of species on earth?

FORCES: (…….) Yes.

IS: Who were the other sons and daughters and were they all from Eve?

FORCES: The other sons and daughters, majority of them were from Eve. The others were from a higher field.

IS: Were these children by thought forms or partially by thought forms or not at all?

FORCES: Some were, some weren’t.

IS: The ones from the higher field were thought forms?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And the others were regular birth, the way we are today?

FORCES: Not the way it is today.

IS: How many children did Eve have altogether?

FORCES: Over 400.

IS: How many years did she leave…did she live?

FORCES: How many years did she need? She needed all that she could get. You would consider her years to be 180 (one hundred and eighty).

IS: How did she have 400 children?

FORCES: Each month she took something. You would say her years to be 180 to 160 to 150.

IS: Was birth less than nine months.

FORCES: Some was more like immediately.

IS: OOOOOOOOH. Were they all part of Adam, too?

FORCES: Yes and no. Satan.

IS: How many of good kids were out of those 400?

FORCES: A hundred and fifty (150).

IS: Now since she had another 250 children by Satan, did she live by Lucifer?

FORCES: Star of the morning star.

IS: Now how was she going to take care of all of that?

FORCES: She didn’t. It is a Satanic woman who loves to have children and gives it to others to take care of. It is the characteristics of the marked race.

IS: How did she ever redeem herself?

FORCES: We do not know.

IS: But she did redeem herself?

FORCES: In respect to having Seth. Let us say she redeemed herself through the consciousness of Mary.

IS: Yes, that’s what I mean. She reached that point of being Mary.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: How did she reach that point?

FORCES: Through a lot of suffering and awareness that was to be made.

IS: Then were all women at that point in the same situation?

FORCES: Yes and no. Some of the births were of thoughts forms. Some of the births became physical, and the births that became physical…

IS: Were 250.

FORCES: For the births of the 150 (hundred and fifty) that became physical were more or less 255 (two fifty-five). The births of the ones that became physical the ones 250 (two fifty).

IS: So all the black forces were born physically? Some of the white forces were born physically?

FORCES: All the black forces were born either mutants or very charming. All the white forces were born with a lot of strength and what would be considered a passiveness.

BR: It says in Proverbs to do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice, does that mean to judge and correct the things within self?

FORCES: Repeat.

BR: It says in Proverbs to do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice…

FORCES: Correct.

BR: That means to judge and correct the things within self, correct (>>>>)? The blind man that Jesus healed that fell down and worshipped him, did he have other lifetimes mentioned in the Bible?

FORCES: He would be associated around the time of Noah.

BR: One of his sons?

FORCES: Correct.

BR: Which one?


BR: Thank you. How is Lobsang Rampa doing?

FORCES: In every direction.
BR. (……..)
Forces As well as he could be expected.

BR: He’s still kicking. Thank you. Anything be given for Hotep?

FORCES: Certain disciplines of learning and developing of his mind in the right way.

BR: Thank you. A long time ago Gabriel had asked about the religious services in Atlantis, and it was said that more information would be given at a later date. Could anything else be given about Atlantis?

FORCES: The particular services carried on some for several days in which the power was raised to such a point that photos and pictures of other galaxies appeared to those who were worshipping. Also the effects of the building and atmosphere came into manifestation after a period of seven what would be called cycles. This is when they were in the proper focus of services.

BR: What would be the proper focus?

FORCES: Sincerity of heart and faith and belief in the service.

BR: Thank you.

DD: What does “FsH�? with a small “s’ represent?

FORCES: Repeat.

DD: “FsH’,’ with a small “s�?. The formula Tom wrote down.

FORCES: It is only the signal of major, major ships coming into the earth that we use.

DD: How should an oven for alchemy be constructed?

FORCES: Well built.

DD: Any special dimensions or…

FORCES: Small enough to put bottles in it, not large enough to put a bowl

DD: That’s very small.

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Tom talked to us once about how the ships ran and said they had very small pin holes, and there was unequal pressure between the inside and the outside, and he drew a diagram of it showing different lines of, I guess, pipes and air holes. Could you explain how that works?

FORCES: It works more on the pressure of steam with your radiators. When you hear it knocking, you know the steam is coming up. In such, there’s pressure forcing heat. It is not the steam and the heat, it is the after effect of heat raising in the air. The same is the same in our spaceship. It is that steam heat that affects the outside of the air that is controlled by the inner walls that raises the ship.

DD: Thank you.

RU: The people that have… Oh.

DD: New Jerusalem, the diagram I . . .the diagrams that I drew, are they correct? Like the cube becomes a rectangle or goes through a series of rectangles when the ship’s activate.?

FORCES: We would find it correct.

DD: Also the diagram I drew of the octagon with Adam at the top and Jesus…

FORCES: We would find that correct. We would make it a little hit larger at the top.

DD: Larger?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: How would that be?

FORCES: It would he fine if you were to do it. Three degrees by four.

DD: Three degrees by four?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Is that three, four o’clock?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Thank you very much.

RU: The group of souls along with Cain that send and carry the mark of Cain, is it possible for those souls ever to move from the law of karma into the law of grace?

FORCES: It would be if they would relinquish their reasoning faculties of using their mental powers for material progress. It is possible that they can break from the chain into a state of grace, for this is the purpose that you are all here on the earth to accomplish.

RU: Thank you. If that happens are they, will they always and forever be part of the group of Cain?

FORCES: It would have to he this way.

RU: So won’t they always be less than those that are not of that group?

FORCES: I think that is the test.

RU: Thank you. With the jeep, should we look into repairing it mechanically? Should we file a claim and have that cover it? What should be done with this vehicle at this time?

FORCES: It should have not have been done in the first place. Now we are asked what should be done. You could file a claim. You could get it repaired. We could set up a force in which the jeep could be repaired in less than two (2) weeks. You could contact what would be considered certain repair places. You might turn to one who is considered to be called Bill’s, but more so to Marshall, if there is such a place, but this might be your leading… There are other individuals who could be made ready immediately to take over and fix the minor and major aspects.

RU: Thank you.

FORCES: It is more rather that the person within should have fixed those aspects, rather than have a material destruction because of the arrogance and the refusal to believe and the sticking and trying to correct it through your mental mind and the stalemate that you have set up and the neglecting of recognizing, there was a continuum of reactions and responses that had to be met. As long as the block was there, the amount of water that was rushing through had to be let out one way or the other.

RU: A few days prior to the…my turning the jeep over, I had written a thought sheet in which I said I felt like
a cancer that should be wiped out because of how my presence infected things and people that I’ve associated with, did any of that happen, or…

FORCES: We will go on to other questions.

RU: Thank you.

HI: As you were explaining earlier about the mark of Cain being skinny and having long hair, would that include me as being marked also?

FORCES: Repeat.

HI: As you were explaining earlier about the mark of Cain being skinny and having long hair that is grotesque, would that include me also as being marked?

FORCES: Let us say, do you have long hair?

HI: Yes.

FORCES: Are you skinny?

HI: Yes.

FORCES: We do not find you as a marked creature.

HI: The other day…

FORCES: But we do find you as a potential marked creature. Here’s how it is operating. If you with the strength turn towards the force of doing the will, then you do not go underneath the power of the marked, but if you go into the desires of beast the earth, then you have no choice but go into the power of the marked. You were set up from the beginning to have been marked, but your future definitely has been changed to be unmarked.

HI: Thank you. Did that happen a long time ago that my destiny was changed?

FORCES: Seven years.

HI: Thank you. The other day I was…I fell into a short trance, and then I saw myself in a spaceship, and we were lifting off earth. Was that spaceship this house in fact?

FORCES: A portion of same.

HI: Thank you. If one leaves the path, how many cycles would it take for one to have another chance?

FORCES: 8 cycles.

HI: And those are 2,000-year cycles?

FORCES: Some 2, some shorter.

HI: Thank you. One other question. The feelings of being hungry that are happening, that are happening sometimes in this house, is that most often a sign of slothfulness?

FORCES: A telltale sign of such.

HI: Thank you.

FORCES: Other sign of centers changing. Must be open and receptive to new ways and new ideas of doing. If one is into an old pattern, there is more danger there than eating.

HI: Thank you.

SN: Would you give us some advice on how to…what to do with my parents when they visit us towards the end of this month. What should we…bring them in contact with this household?

FORCES: If they are ready for it, if they are developed enough to be what would be considered they are worthy enough.

SN: I sense that my mother is, but my father would… would…his skepticism would create a great many problems. Is that so?

FORCES: What particular skepticism does he have, other than that of his steak being well done or rare. You might find a very shocking experience to yourself rather than for your parents.

SN: Would you describe previous incarnations that Hl and I have had together that would help us with our karma in this lifetime?

FORCES: Let us say you were in the crusade period, and she was the lucky one to be left behind with you know what.

SN: With children?

FORCES: Excuse me? She was not left behind with children. She was left without the access to the ability to have children, which stems to her desire to have relations in a most emphatic way, a little bit too much.

SN: Could you give any others?

FORCES: I think that one would be just enough to handle.

SN: Thank you.

FORCES: The sad part about it is you never came back. So, therefore, certain locks had to be redone. We can only say that it was a pleasant life for both parties, but it left one a little bit more discouraged than the other. Question.

SN: I never came back in that lifetime. By choice or by some action? Why didn’t I come back to (——)?

FORCES: Ah-ha. We were hoping you wouldn’t ask… ask that question.

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

FORCES: You didn’t come back because you found it a little bit more interesting in Persia.

SN: More interesting where?

FORCES: In Persia.

SN: What was it that made it more interesting in Persia?

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

FORCES: It wasn’t horses.

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

FORCES: You had a certain amount of desires. You became blind to certain aspects where these people pleased your ego, and you decided to stay the remainder of your years in the tents and had lots of females around you.

(Long pause)

FORCES: You asked. It wasn’t such a bad life.

SN: I don’t understand how it wasn’t such a bad life, It sounds pretty…?

FORCES: You must remember that to have as a custom in that time lots of females wasn’t that memorable. We shall put it this way: When you ever have anyone pleasing your ego and your pride, that you lose perspective of the spiritual objective, then we become in trouble, now don’t we?

SN: Hm-hmm.

FORCES: You might have left someone in back of you with a urn…hunky on.

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

FORCES: We wouldn’t worry a little bit that the young lady knocked the damn thing off her anyhow.

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

FORCES: At a considerable price to the ah, the smiths. Very embarrassing situation.

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

FORCES: But he made lots of money when these people never came back. The lines of the females were cursing and snarking and dnarking and…

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

FORCES: They had to get into such a stupid position to get doctored. Question.

SN: I have no more questions.

FORCES: We did not expect any more from you.

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

HA: Do I have a problem with sex now?

FORCES: It is up to you. You could have one if you want one.

HA: But I don’t really have any real problem now, do I?

FORCES: It is up to you. Whatever you want your desires, your imagination to center on, then that is where it will go to.

HA: What am I and who am I?

FORCES: You are a female, and you are the daughter of a seamstress and a tailor.

HA: How about more than that?

FORCES: You are the daughter of God if you would like to be.

HA: Do I have any mark on me?

FORCES: You would have to turn over and we will take a look.

THE GROUP: (Laughter)

HA: The mark of Cain or something like that?

FORCES: Everyone has a certain quality of the mark of Cain in them. It is whether they allow it to come forth or not.

HA: Could you give me a reincarnation from the past that would be helpful now?

FORCES: We have just finished one.

HA: Thank you.

IS: The name Elias in the Bible, does that refer to Elisha?

FORCES: We would have one as the same.

IS: So he also appears in different names — Ehias, Elihu, and stuff like that?

FORCES: Stuff like that.

IS: Thank you. Does Rephaim mean giants or something else?

FORCES: Idiots.

IS: Idiots?

FORCES: Walking…walking tall. Giants.

IS: It’s referring to Chapter 6 Verse 4 where the people of the earth are described. (>>>>)

FORCES: They are giants.

IS: None of them are existing today?

FORCES: Yes and no.

IS: Does that go back to Cain?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Did the ark go into another dimension? The original ark?

FORCES: Let us say in hiding.

IS: What do the animals that Noah took in represent? And why 7 (seven) pairs of the clean and 1 (one) pair of the unclean?

FORCES: Represents the qualities within your body.

IS: The elements of things in us to work with – the 7 clean, one for each center? The one unclean the gonads that we have to work with? Is that…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What does it mean ‘…and the Lord shut him in�?? Noah, after entering the ark?

FORCES: He was sealed from outside.

IS: By you?

FORCES: By a ray of tar.

IS: A ray of tar?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Physical tar?

FORCES: It is considered a ray of tar.

IS: By the Higher Forces?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What does it mean “…flesh with the life thereof… shall ye not eat�? Noah after coming out receiving the laws?

FORCES: There were certain things…of animals that were not able to be eaten.

IS: It means it would ah poison them?

FORCES: It would bring back the old race.

IS: Today, too?

FORCES: Today it is a different story. At that time, it just so happened to preserve that because there were races in the animals that carried over the genes and the problems of the other generations.

IS: You mean to say even after the flood there were still animals on the earth…animals that Noah did not take in?

FORCES: In the ark.

IS: Oh, in the ark. Then why were they preserved if they had that potential danger in them?

FORCES: It had to be this way.

IS: For the future?

FORCES: All the animals were potentially good
It was then that it was decided upon that bad quality could come back not by their doing, but by man’s doing.

IS: Then that goes along with the animals that are kosher and non-kosher?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: It says… “at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man�?. Then how come later on you said “an eye for an eye�?, or is that Noah…or is the eye for an eye only in the case of pregnant women?

FORCES: The law of karma is what we speak about. What you do to others will be done to you exactly.

IS: So actually the commandment of Jesus was given already in the time of Noah?

FORCES: Correct. We here must intervene and allow you a certain point. If you decide to speak to us again later on, we shall return. We must reiterate that there have been many changes to come upon you have been met, but keep your eyes and your mind open for the good changes to come with positiveness through hard work and not giving up. You must move on and strongly. The work in the house must be speeded up by those involved. It would be good if Simon would join hands in this crisis and join in and develop on a spiritual level. But remember the disciplines and desires come first of disciplining them and also a thought of which one must move forward with a positive and receptive attitude to doing and expressing what is received. The majority of you were involved with building the great pyramids and the temples in Atlantis. A lot of you were involved with the building of the temple in Jerusalem. Therefore, this over-tail or over-sought or over-stay or over-over came through and still is expressing itself. Keep your mind centered on the ideal of the purpose, and new items will be manifested. Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens…