Session 212-1/18 to 1/19/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching different items involved with many categories (oceans?) developing around the area of government and governments and positions of corporations as well as personal and metal (—) workers and (—-). We see a lot of so called uneasiness (——), but which would become stronger as far as the structure in certain conditions. Certain Unions will have some toppling affects, which will also extend stabilizations of other characters. You are now entering into a new consciousness of diplomatic relationships and different personal handlings of ideas. It should be a very busy 6 months from this point on for in many different respects. As far as the work in this house is concerned it is moving along, we find many different creative ideas coming out into expression. As far as your weather is concerned, whether or not, weather, whether or not. It is doing just as we had prescribed it; the Midwest is getting its deservence and if you had noticed every other part of the country was in upheaval except the little precious ones from the top of the hill in Virginia. We sent you some warm weather from the Atlantic balmy, balmy Atlantic Ocean to melt the nasty snow. You will also be scheduled for some snow tomorrow but we see fit not to interfere with your normal work schedule in the city of Charlottesville (knowing) how complicated things are when snow hits the ground and try to hold it of the evening hour and get rid of it next day. A week to come should be almost the exact same as this (—) sometimes (—) in some respects. As far as your conscious awareness of the many different things we have given you that particular meat that you needed, had to make it the best of course, when we are doing something we like to try to make it first class doesn’t matter who doesn’t get the good quality meat yet in a different reaction, but eventually they’ll get a cow, what it needs is it is works out for the best, the best is the line as far as food surplus there are tremendous other bargains that we have worked out for you and our supermarket areas and ah our logistic personnel would be coming through with other nice tidbits.

Forces: We are ready for your questions as far as they need to be.

DD: In the pink bathroom does the commode wax seal need to be raised up or is it the tank that cause it to stop up?

Forces: Well it would need some working raising it might give it, its extra suction power ah also the position of the size of the toilet and the design has this ah complication added to it during certain times, it should be worked out in a convenient way.

DD: Should I raise the toilet then?

Forces: We would watch it for a while and then if need be to raise it a few inches.

DD: In the boiler room pipe that’s leaking should I just take that pipe apart and put the same pipe back together in a different way or should I get a little bit longer pipe?

Forces: Well your asking me a question of how to un-cook a cake that’s already been cooked. You can screw it a little bit longer and seal it if you want, but there is a certain other thing that you could do, by adding a certain joint or coupling in the middle of the pipe screwing it all the way to the left of one where the threads are versus to the right where the threads aren’t and inserting an extension in the middle.

DD: To leave the union and to put that in there to make it longer?

Forces: This could help.

DD: Is there any guidance you could give me now?

Forces: Of working with different aspects within the course of learning, each day is a certain test and lesson being given to you correctly, that the information to be taken from each day as you move on. Psalm 29 would be a good reference to lead you this month.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Cabinet in den kitchen?

Forces: It seems the cabinet is breathing beyond control ah certain temperature changes which affect the wood drastically, these changes can be added which would give you extra support but when you align the pieces of wood together in the direction that they are going you are putting it in a position where you are showing the certain stress factor becomes more obvious, the length of the wood the dimension of the wood, width of the wood is all characters in which makes it vulnerable to buckle and change, by putting braces underneath and on the sides this would have a good affect of strengthening it and bringing it to a focus point of resistance against resistance.

IS: Should we change the front and make the wood go a different way.

Forces: The way you have it could do well (—) other restrictive measurements of constant what would be called working pressures or designs of order in its structure is doing and shall do after you are finished. Do other little things here and there, but let us get the first thing done first and the others will follow (—).

IS: Drawers are ok?

Forces: Its not serving any possibility of storage and utilizing of that empty space.

IS: Thank you.

MK: The stone on top the vibration in it is that because it’s loose or too tight?

Forces: Well you have a combination of both qualities involved, it is not loose its not tight its movement through the wood structure itself.

MK: Is there any danger of it cracking if something heavy was put on top of it?

Forces: Well into what particular one do you want cracked the wood or the stone?

MK: The stone.

Forces: But the question is, but the stone cannot really crack per se without something uniquely put on at a certain pressure point within the makeup of the stone, the wood itself would have a certain amount of resistance. It is a structure that is uniquely designed, it just needs braces in order to hold certain of the weight factors in its position.

IS: Those L’s would do?

Forces: Wood braces could do also. Put your structures of braces across and that would be the purpose of lines around the frame or beams around the frame with braces underneath.

IS: Should we put plywood on the inside of this?

Forces: Well this could be done in order to give it extra support and strength of the wall factor this would enable for the strength and the weight from being centralized in one particular wood frame to others.

IS: Thank you very much and thank you very much for all the bounty that has descended upon us from everywhere.

Forces: We did tell you of these things coming.

IS: I didn’t know what you meant.

Forces: Well there are still more greater things coming but remember the things that are coming in there must also be a center service stream of going out as we had prescribed to you in other Sessions past.

IS: Are we doing it?

Forces: Well that is a self-analysis that individuals must make in themselves.

IS: The budget…?

Forces: The budgeting is being done all right.

IS: (—-)?

Forces: We understand what you’re saying.

IS: Thank you very much and (—-)?

Forces: What would you want us to tell you.

IS: What to get..?

Forces: Ah let us take our steps further whatever you have you will use and when you need more of a thing you will but it at the price at that time.

IS: There’s no storing up?

Forces: It is only a certain amount of space unless you want to buy another half of a cow.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Why do I have so much electricity inside of me?

Forces: This is an electrical charge of information and inspiration being given to you.

IS: More electricity now?

Forces: For the moment.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Dream I had?

Forces: Interpretation was correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Emale?

Forces: Something finally got through to her.

IS: Was she relating it to herself?

Forces: Certain information’s and facts finally got through her thick head.

IS: HI and JB any movement?

Forces: There is movement but not to get excited about.

IS: JB movement?

Forces: There is movement that needs to be done by both parties. More so on both party’s movement rather than just one movement.

IS: Towards the Spirit?

Forces: The more they get, she actually gets involved with running away from things the more other complications set in around her.

IS: NN father explained to mother..?

Forces: There is a certain amount of resentment but there is also a certain amount of at easement it sounds complicated, resentment of not having NN for her-self and at easement not to have her competing against her-self. The competition that is always there between both of these party’s sometimes became so fierce that it was un (—).

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: NN father has he seen the beauty of this house?

Forces: There is a lot of things he received a certain part of him is proud and other part is kind of envious.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Closet doors in the colonial maple stain?

Forces: Well sometimes its nice to have a different stain in the vicinity.

NN: So it would be right to leave them the color?

Forces: It would be an interesting affect.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also would the words “Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord Hosanna on the Highest” affect the Thyroid center the most?

Forces: More the Pineal gland.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Could you say what else (—-)?

Forces: Sometimes you have a good time (—————). The Pineal gland within the structure of the Pituitary.

NN: Thank you very much.

NN: The Divine Grace would that be more of a feminine force?

Forces: Sometime it takes on parties.

NN: Thank you very much.

LK: Is there any guidance you can give me for this coming week?

Forces: Just be receptive and you will receive what will be necessary.

LK: The Composer Vivaldi is there any information you can give about him?

Forces: He was working on a certain structure within his own philosophy that dealt with that of hearing and seeing an unseen world that he felt was always around him, physically and also astrally trying to compose this in some of his movements of the Emerald City you might call it was a very difficult task for his personal beliefs to be expressed outwardly but in one respect he was working on the solar plexus aspect.

LK: Was he an initiate?

Forces: Well there are certain points of development in his lifestyle that could be that.

LK: What’s the effect of listening and playing his music?

Forces: More of a construction of thought and working with the energies for creative ability.

LK: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell me the angel that appeared to Samson’s mother?

Forces: Well we have a combination of angels but it would be Gabriel’s purpose.

BH: What would Zuriel’s purpose be?

Forces: Well this was more of the Tree of, of Life or the Word of Life.

BH: Could you tell me what’s happening with Dr. S. how come he’s sick so much?

Forces: More of a major emotional change in his system and structure that is not too (—).

BH: Thank you.

IS: Sneezing several times.

Forces: Bless you.

IS: Thank you.

BR: The black specks on the front and back porch every morning, is that caused from the chimney?

Forces: This is true.

BR: What could be done about that?

Forces: It needs to be cleaned.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Was it good or bad the Pope stopped people from writing music for Mass.

Forces: It was not a good thing it was a negative thing.

IS: That was a moment you brought in that specific thing for many generations to come right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So when there is a flow of anything it should never be stopped?

Forces: No not really it should not be stopped; creative ability should always be expressed but sometimes santanic force tries to divert it.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Lamp in corridor (——-) things that Tom said (—–)?

Forces: This could be for purposes of design it would have a (——-).

IS: Upside down or the way it is?

Forces: Leaving it the way it is would be good.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The Star Lamps in upstairs bathroom?

Forces: These things could be used there.

IS: (——)?

Forces: Certain things can be worked out with it.

IS: Color change?

Forces: There would be a change but it will work itself out.

IS: (—-)?

Forces: (——).

IS: Thank you.

IS: Jehu and his job?

Forces: Is more of a pressure within himself more of a anticipation anxiety and wanting to conquer it. He’ll just have to perceive what he is doing and analyze it and try to give him some constructive opinions on it, rather not to get so much involved per se because if this is the case there would be no what would be said letting up. He must make overtures of disciplines and structures to follow himself or else he would be so much involved that there would be no getting out of him. It’s like the trap he gets more and more involved and heavier and heavier. There must be a personal agreement of limitations to certain percentages, to measurements involved would produce a certain factor in the development at this place.

IS: He thinks his bosses don’t like him?

Forces: It is more of a political thing that is going on rather than per se him.

IS: So he’s really not involved? They just move him around?

Forces: Something to that (—).

IS: My singing my voice I can barely sing?

Forces: That the vocal cords do have a tendency of becoming a little bit shorter as time goes on therefore producing less of a notes the sounds heard at the beginning of life. Sometimes it goes in and out circle and cycles, sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t.

IS: Is it through any spiritual fault of mine?

Forces: This is not associated to a spiritual faculty.

IS: Singer (—–) that sang into her 80’s?

Forces: Well that was because she practiced about 4 hours a day.

IS: Thank you very much.

JE: Could you tell us what miracles or things that Jesus related to his Apostles or disciples that were not recorded in the Bible?

Forces: Well there have been some miracles that happened not recorded in the Bible, the ah making the stone get up and take on human form and becoming a, a personality, also the flames in a fire taking on a form of age past souls communicating with them at night and also the bringing down of stars in the sky commands, by saying certain words. This is a few things that would be done fresh.

IS: Was all that witnessed?

Forces: Oh yes. Question.

JE: Could you tell us what things or guidance he gave the Apostles?

Forces: To love one another was the biggest message. To share and to experience cooperation between them.

JE: Thank you very much.

IS: Obadiah the Prophet was he the same Obadiah as was the entity that was in the time of Rehoboam with Elijah?

Forces: We would associate the same as such.

IS: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell me why my eyes have been burning and twitching all day long especially the right one?

Forces: Some of it is the condition of the certain dust in the area and some of the germs in the area within self, also negative thoughts affect the eyes.

RH: Is there anything I can do about it or it will go away?

Forces: The attitudes must be looked, laziness must be worked out and pushing forward must be developed. Washing with salt water a light percentage of that with warm would do it.

RH: Thank you.

IS: MAR and HOP where did he get that money that he said was from a friend?

Forces: Well let’s say it was given to him but not the way he said.

IS: Before that time?

Forces: Well in a direct and indirect way yes.

IS: Ways to prevent their situation?

Forces: There will be many ways.

IS: Will they take them?

Forces: With a certain amount of focus and instructions they will take it if watched and directed they would.

IS: To give up the house and live in restaurant?

Forces: That could be one of the instructions but at this point they will not take that.

IS: Would I have done it?

Forces: You would.

IS: What other ways?

Forces: Well we have ways of doing it.

IS: Thank you for all the bounty I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole entire life.

Forces: Well with the God all things are possible but we are just trying to emphasize that every member should remain positive under all conditions. Its good to be nice when things are going well and you believe in the things you believe in but when you are tested and things are not going so well are you so fast to through them away. All things in the world do not always go well but we are trying our best to help you out so try your best to be as positive as you can in sharing the bounty so that more can become reality.

IS: In sharing the bounty do you mean..?

Forces: Do it wisely.

IS: Do I understand?

Forces: You have an understanding.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Did I see smoke coming out of your hands a couple of minutes ago?

Forces: Well more of an expression of extra energy being released.

IS: Thank you.

DL: JA a reading?

Forces: You have this rat condition. He definitely needs at least two to three weeks’ recuperation. His normal flow of energy is to be put back into a normalcy, but if he is to live any sort of a decent life he must finally make a decision to live on his own or to make some plans with some understanding of living on his own. Would recommend it very severely to try to communicate a friendship relationship between his parents but on the same level to command a certain amount of his own identity with his lifestyle. Also many different emotional setbacks that are coming up his way, but if he would only try to discipline some of his eating habits instead of eating through nervousness but relaxing and trying to wait with patience the elements will soon pass away and give him more revolutional ideas to the things to be done.

DL: Should he take a vacation?

Forces: Well more on the mind also physically we would like to see him take a leave from the pressures. But more of the mind and the mixture of the apple cider vinegar and water and that element should be taken in. Also to try an apple diet for a while that would calm certain aspects within in and staying away from spicy foods for the moment.

DL: Could you give me a prayer?

Forces: Why, ah ‘Why Oh Lord am I so uneasy with the things around me, why oh Lord do I question and doubt the things that I cannot understand, why oh Lord am I not patient with the things you put in front of me and be receptive to what you would have me to do rather the things that I want to do”.

RU: The relic of the Cross that is in the Vatican is that part of the actual Cross?

Forces: This is true.

RU: The other fragments that were supposedly lost or destroyed are they some place?

Forces: They are spread around different parts of the world.

RU: Do the people that have them know what they are?

Forces: They do.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Could you give me the meaning of when I cut myself the other day?

Forces: We were hoping it would convey to you that you do not have full grip on your own attitudes, motor nerves, that is your lack of attention or giving attention to things around you, this must be developed assuming that you already have things in order and yet not disciplining yourself to pay attention to the small details of things, might happen that your small little thumb might just be a trivial detail missing.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: To contain the energy that is within you takes time and takes patience, which you must work on.

RU: Thank you.

RU: HP problems are they indelible and would they be better if I got myself in order?

Forces: Nothing is really indelible unless you want it to be. There’s always constant change and improvement for the better in the future.

RU: The conversation with JU regarding patience? In the last session you said I should repeat Psalm 19 again in this Session making sure to mention gold and not silver?

Forces: I guess we are up to it.

RU: RU recites Psalm 19.

Forces: Pretty good we find this to be appropriate to study and to put into your life every day and every single time there is a Session this particular Psalm should be reviewed and read. Question.

RU: Thank you.

IS: HI and the cards am inaccuracy or I detecting a slowing down?

Forces: There is a slowing down process and a boredom process her mind is not concentrating to the things that are to be coming through, though this will be taken care of in time.

IS: I never felt I was a card reader?

Forces: There is no reason why you cannot read it, it just takes time.

IS: Sometimes I can?

Forces: Sometimes you can and there are sometimes you can’t you must be receptive to the times you can’t.

IS: Thank you.

IS: My Psalm do I understand what its doing?

Forces: You do.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Besides the cards is there any other things I don’t feel up to?

Forces: It is more being receptive to that power than to being up to it. Psychic ability is not like a water in the faucet you just turn on.

IS: Now when I’m not receptive is that a different force than the Higher Forces?

Forces: Well let us say it’s more of a voidness that comes in rather than a force.

IS: Card reading is from the subconscious or..?

Forces: Sometimes it is yes.

IS: Rather from within sort of?

Forces: Sometimes yes.

Forces: At this point we must leave we will watch you closely and speak to you before this weekend is out.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.