Session 213-1/21/79

Forces: Greetings to all present now. We have witnessed and the area quite (endeavored) with rain, water and the icicles and (ice cream). We find the area quite reflective of the stones and beings of many forms. We are hoping you are enjoying part of this in order for certain other things to manifest and to be taken away (in the next day) as far as the discomfort that it focuses we are trying to keep those things elements as much together in the new respects. We’ve witnessed the items of your progress today and also new endeavors to express and to give ideas an idea in their own balancing way.

Forces: We are now ready for you questions.

JU: Guidance for working with wood or (——)?

Forces: We would remove the dog (Zikon) from the area for the moment.

IS: One or two?

Forces: It will be all right for the moment. As far as your guidance for your own work area do the best you can and do as best as you can while you are there. Try to teach yourself that when you are not there that, that responsibility must be met by the one in charge. You must strive to learn how to bring not home the business but to leave it in a force behind so that you might move on and develop. The work there is always complicated and always will be complicated it is up to you to make it as smooth as possible by giving as much as possible human endeavor.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Does Noah’s ark represent like a measuring stick?

Forces: It would measure that of the human body.

DD: Is that what was used by initiates for building certain Temples and things?

Forces: It was used as such.

DD: How was it divided?

Forces: Different levels of consciousness.

DD: Was it divided into 36 portions?

Forces: It was divided in that particular portion for the base levels.

DD: Would it be useful now?

Forces: It would be the best possible way of making ships today.

DD: You said building Temples and things it would be useful?

Forces: It would have its own perspective, but you must admit that large buildings deserve large amounts of time and sums. Question.

DL: Two deaf people would like to find jobs?

Forces: Well at this particular moment it will take time to train them how to do certain tedious jobs, one would be good at the radio tube and electronic systems another would be good in handling and delivering and giving certain correspondence to certain other individuals.

DL: Thank you very much.

BH: Amenhotep the Fourth the one who changed his name, he tried to have them worship one god rather than many. Did he spiritually do what he had to do that lifetime? A lot of people got killed as a result of what he did?

Forces: He was the best for the moment.

BH: What about Nefertiti his wife was she dark forces?

Forces: She was not white.

IS: Should I take care of Zikon?

Forces: The next interference by him it can be done.

NN: Would it make any difference if I say the Rosary in Hebrew or English?

Forces: You could say it on your head if you want, does not really matter how you say it as long as you mean it.

NN: Thank you.

NN: How soon after the resurrection was Christmas celebrated?

Forces: This was a complicated item; Christmas could be in its own activities or workings some say around 74AD others say a little bit more into time, but as it would be understood Christmas was inaugurated to commemorate the Spirit of this Avent.

NN: What country was it?

Forces: You would be finding it basically in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

NN: And is that where Christmas Carols first appeared?

Forces: Ah it did not first appear that dramatic it took many, many centuries before that expressed itself.

NN: Was that in the European Countries?

Forces: You would have it in that and also the far west.

NN: What country in the far west?

Forces: Certain Indian tribes took it upon themselves to sing and chant.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: They say Christmas is winter solstice?

Forces: This is true too.

IS: Was that a pagan holiday?

Forces: Well at that particular time it was a Roman holiday of festivities.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could information about what the soul of Jesus went through before he entered into the earth?

Forces: More or less that of personal awareness and working with other challenges before entering into the earth.

GL: Was that on other planets in the galaxies?

Forces: Other expressions and levels also in this dimension.

GL: Would Jesus be considered a soul or would he be a Power or something like that?

Forces: Well let us say it is a Divine Spirit that is in the Spirit of creativity in the name of Jesus.

GL: In the book by Tolkien the Silmarillion they describe the creation is that from the point of view of the Archangels at that point?

Forces: It is more beyond that particular point.

GL: You mean earlier the first creation?

Forces: Well let us say the first manifestation of the thoughts of creation.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: More or less sticking to what you have to do and doing as best as you can for the moment.

GL: The ideas that I had for the spinal cord unit?

Forces: This would be interesting it will take a certain amount of knowhow and talent in order to manifest it.

GL: Can I do it?

Forces: You cannot do it by yourself.

GL: Thank you.

RH: How come from the moment that Isaac was born Isaac loved Esau, he was a Spiritual man and he wasn’t too old when Esau was born?

Forces: Jacob had a particular problem that his logical mind getting involved with the spiritual laws of doing things that on a logical level appeared or looked wrong.

RH: Jacob had this problem?

Forces: You would find it in such for his consciousness.

RH: Isaac saw that Jacob had a problem so he wanted Esau?

Forces: It wasn’t Isaac that saw it, Isaac is the spiritual being of the mind, Isaac had all rights to the spiritual foundation; Esau was only the physical manifestation of this particular birthright as you would call it. It is the war between the spiritual mind and the physical body it is a point where the physical body has to succumb to the spiritual thought in man. It is the spiritual being that has power and must be recognized that it is the first-born, the true first-born only then giving precedence to the physical body first knowing that in the end the spiritual factor will have dominion.

RH: Thank you.13.42

IS: Isaac did not know that he just happened to like Esau more than Jacob, because Esau was stronger or manlier or whatever?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Isaac did not understand all that or else how come he did like Esau above Jacob. Maybe Jacob was a mommas boy or a weakling but whatever the case he liked Esau above Jacob?

Forces: Whatever the case might be on a worldly level the fact still remains the spiritual faculty has dominion over the physical.

IS: What would have happened if Rebekah didn’t cheat?

Forces: Again the logical mind says that Rebekah cheated, Rebekah did not cheat as per se she is the factor in which the spiritual being is given incentive to move on. It is the factor which enlightens the spiritual being within the consciousness of mans body which is inspiration and intuition that brings the spiritual manifestation into being.

IS: I don’t quite understand, she was supposed to do what she did?

Forces: She followed through on the course that was to be followed it was not really necessary that she took upon herself the forcing of her elder to her younger, the younger to the elder it was her insecurity that pushed it forward none the less the blessing went upon the son that was given the rightful heir seeing the error done then the second blessing was given but this must be disguised you must understand the spiritual factor must be disguised over the desires of the body for if the desires of the body knew that the spiritual factors are going to win out it would be not in harmony or not possible for the spiritual being to come through.

DD: Does Isaac represent the physical mind then?

Forces: Isaac does not represent the physical mind as per se Isaac represents the logical thinking of power in the earth versus the spiritual true power in the earth.

DD: Thank you.

IS: So if Rebekah didn’t push it would have still happened in a different way?

Forces: Let us say this that the elder son would have never gotten back with the food.

IS: And then Isaac would have been forced to give the blessing to Jacob?

Forces: Well seeing that the father was hungry it would have made this possible. But it was the way it was because it is telling the course in which man follows through the earth that the logical mind gives credence to strength and power on a physical level and that the spiritual mind the spiritual essence takes control in the end over the physical power.

RH: Isaac being the logical mind on the earth is that why Abraham was going to offer him up on the stone?

Forces: One must offer up on the stone a sacrifice, the logical mind.

RH: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us about Jesus’s childhood?

Forces: His childhood was a busy one trying to develop certain qualities around and within and without along with developing with other personalities he was meeting with.

JE: From the last mention of Jesus in the Bible until he returned what happened in the next 5 years and what age did he leave?

Forces: Repeat.

JE: From the last mention of Jesus as a child what happened in the next 5 years or where he went or how it was all arranged and what age did he leave?

Forces: There is a point of where he left at the age of 13 to travel into Egypt for his initiations and tests and working possibilities moving on further into Persia and then into India from India he went to Tibet and from Tibet he went to what would be considered Japan and then further on over to the Americas.

JE: Thank you.

HI: How should I schedule my days?

Forces: The schedule is only a reaction of the commitment within self ah more so analyze what you would want to do rather than what you would want to schedule. Look to see what your motivation is to the things you want to do then the schedule itself will fall into line.

HI: Thank you.

IS: A better way to insulate than getting storm windows?

Forces: The insulation in front of the windows of the house.

IS: Windows and doors?

Forces: One could make what would be considered a clear glass design in front of the window with a stripping around making it what would be considered encased within the window it self which could be moved if you needed to be moved during the summer time. This encasement of course will be made to form into in front of the window itself from the outside be it put into different sections and be it attached by rubber mold or rubber hooks or rubber prongs that would be inserted to one mold or one section into another section forming a sealed pattern around the window. The other way to do it would be the best in many different conditions or different environments this way as or getting that particular storm window in front. There is also a way in which you could have plastic in front of each door or window that is in the house only to be removed in the spring and ah folded up and put away. This has a temporary affect you would also have a very heavy weight curtain in front of each window this curtain being drawn or closed can also act as a sealant so that the heat factor does not escape through the window.

IS: Plexiglas?

Forces: It could be used its possibility of doing the particular job of conserving heat can be done.

IS: Glass is better?

Forces: Well we would suggest that a purple glass would be used this purple has the qualities and capabilities as black glass that would retain the heat from the sun.

IS: That will block the light?

Forces: It would shield the light of its true color but if it was put in a certain way some parts of the light could come in.

IS: What happened with RU last night?

Forces: We find a certain awareness has finally settled in to her thinking process there is more of a willingness for the first time to work out these problems of attachments but it had to come at a full scale so that she would perceive the seriousness of what she was doing.

IS: The motivation?

Forces: Up to that particular point in time it never really entered into her mind completely that she, that she was totally responsible it was others who were the responsible factor but at that particular time as yesterday she finally became aware that this was her undoing to the situation.

IS: And what happened to me today?

Forces: This particular incident (part missed) that had to be worked out without visible eyes knowing or understanding what was being done.

IS: Anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: There is a certain predestiny that is going to be worked out. There is also a certain receptive channel that will be given for what would be called signals in which preceiving certain elements will give him a guidance to certain reactions to handle these future problems with individuals. We also would suggest that the receptive element within him be geared to receiving ah messages of certain forms or waves through certain time periods of the day this will be given to him in the later part of this week. We also would stress that there is a tremendous ah what would be called interference link throughout the United States on more of a receptive level, which causes certain reactions throughout the country this is affecting a lot of the receptive qualities that need to be done in the near future as it is there is great change to come and there is a great receptive channel system being worked out. All these things and elements will have to take time and a certain amount of patience.

IS: Is that for the entity Tom?

Forces: Let us say it is for the receptivity of both you and him.

IS: Something about the future?

Forces: There will be certain guidelines and what would be considered inspirational insight to the ultimate end of a particular problem.

IS: Is there a gag that you have control over?

Forces: Let us say there is such a thing.

IS: You have control?

Forces: We have a large percentage of a control over that.

IS: Did I understand what happened with Mona?

Forces: Let us say that this entity was being guided for certain psychic revelations but then the entity decided to take upon herself the willingness and what would be considered the self-centeredness of the power.

IS: Did I bring it forth?

Forces: Again we must say that you have inside of you a crystal tuning device that brings out the psychic awareness and perception of individuals around you and this tuning devoiced tunes into each particular channel or station that that particular person has tubes or radio centers that must be ready and fixed and made in its proper freqence in order for receptivity to be brought into the earth.

IS: Crystal fixes radios in other people?

Forces: Its kind of a curse in itself for it has a tremendous responsibility and it also has a tremendous reactor in all that you meet.

IS: My insight comes from that?

Forces: Let us say your insight is a totally different element altogether.

IS: When I come near a person and fixing their radio that’s when they get upset?

Forces: It is not sometimes getting upset there are those who are being worked with without them knowing it. It is just the avenues of the high-tension periods that must be watched and worked with in different strands and sequences.

IS: From me?

Forces: Correct.

IS: With MAR and HOP should we help them with money?

Forces: There was a time we would say yes but at this moment in time we must say no.

IS: Are they finishing?

Forces: It is not quiet done yet.

IS: Was your interest in them for Ron?

Forces: Well let us say yes.

IS: Never was for MAR and HOP?

Forces: Not in a direct fashion no.

IS: Can Ron still be helped somehow?

Forces: Then there are different channels and stages that he is going through it could be done.

IS: If restaurant falls apart?

Forces: Even if.

IS: Is trying to get MAR out?

Forces: This would be a remarkable reaction to the whole problem. We also find that the sons attract certain dissidence.

IS: It was known that she couldn’t make it?

Forces: And never did. The record of her successes were very few and limited even to the point of her (—).

IS: What?

Forces: Of her admitting it. The reason why she broke down and cried that night was that you were approaching her and she realized her weakness and her inability to make it.

IS: If she had accepted it she would have made it?

Forces: There is that last chance that is about ready to draw to an end but hopefully, hopefully she might pull up and grab ahold of that answer.

IS: (—–) alcoholic?

Forces: She had tendencies of gravitating to that avenue and certain times falling into it.

IS: Mrs. SR an Alcoholic?

Forces: Yes.

IS: She knows that?

Forces: Of course not she feels something but she will not openly admit.

IS: Are SR successful in anything?

Forces: Yes in failing.

IS: They are realizing they can’t make it?

Forces: There is sometimes when things look around them and they get that impression.

IS: They have enough to keep up that they don’t have to face she’s an alcoholic?

IS: If she had no money she would find out fast.

Forces: Right there is a certain amount of awareness coming into the existence.

IS: Lack of money?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What the entity told me about the Higher Forces and the visitation and the reasoning that is not correct right?

Forces: There is other qualities correct.

IS: Ron?

Forces: More of the fame.

IS: HOP demanding from the entity Tom, he believes we got it and don’t want to give it or
that we don’t have it and will find it or that the entity is stupid if he just gives him a good buy he’ll do it?

Forces: In reality it is a combination of all three but there is a tremendous amount being that this particular person understands the sensitivity of the entity we speak through that he taking advantage of the moment and allowing the entity to feel guilty of this particular incident that has happened to him therefore in a sick sort of way the entity that we speak through believes that he is responsible for the predicament that they are going through causing a certain amount of inner depression and a short circuit of responsibility.

IS: If the entity is told that he’ll drop it?

Forces: If he is informed of what we are trying to say and removes the guilt then a heavy particular cross would be taken off his mind.

IS: Who is at fault with the business?

Forces: They are both guilty.

IS: Mishandling the money?

Forces: Let us say it more so comes from both parties but more so from the inability of HOP to discipline his kitchen. His biggest fault was when he hired the entity Barbara in which he has never recovered from.

IS: Neither has MAR?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Other restaurant and also nobody comes in?

Forces: This is more of a tax loss for these people but they’ll make something out of it.

IS: But they have now Barbara?

Forces: Of course.

IS: And.

Forces: Well when the crayon writes on the paper its still black.

IS: Whoever touches her is?

Forces: Experience her.

IS: Bad luck?

Forces: There is a certain amount of that around her.

IS: Will she..?

Forces: She is receiving her fair share.

DD: In Genesis when it talks about the Voice of the Lord walking in the Garden could that be associated with the Tarot card the Hierophant?

Forces: It could.

DD: Is the Hebrew letters as is assigned to the Trump Cards the way I understand it is that correct?

Forces: You could apply it to that.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: My insecurity and thoughts about the incident?

Forces: This you must understand comes from a broader perspective of awareness, receptivity and handling situations but also remembering that responsibility also lies within self.

IS: Power must lie with the Spirit of God?

Forces: This is true there is nothing that is given without a purpose and nothing can be given without a reason or without the authority. There is that protection over you from this insecurity that will be there and will guide you.

IS: But it wasn’t something that would be considered a right action.

Forces: Let us say it is a reaction from different actions. It wouldn’t be considered right nor would it be considered wrong.

IS: Be better if reaction does not exist?

Forces: Let us say reaction always exists the form it takes is what you are speaking about. In this particular case the form was expressed but it could of been expressed but then there were elements involved that were quite different from the norm in which created the reaction but all these things will be explained on a later date.

IS: The appearance of one would be on a larger scale would the reaction have taken place?

Forces: The reaction would have been similar.

IS: Not the same form?

Forces: It would have expressed itself in its fullness it might have not taken the ultimate form but nonetheless in the course of time over that period of time would have expressed the same.

IS: Thank you.

BH: My work and becoming unattached to cats, how will I know?

Forces: When you no longer feel distaste for the doctors and for the reason being there.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Ideas for spinal cord unit where I’m working?

Forces: They are good ideas but they will have to take time to manifest and develop.

GL: Were the ideas inspiration from the spirit or my own..?

Forces: It is an inspiration there but again you must be patient with its fulfillment.

GL: Thank you very much.

IS: As far as the singing or bringing forth of melody?

Forces: There would be certain things of melody or singing that must be done but the receptivity and the bringing forth of melody comes in spurts and cycles, it is normal it is not abnormal to feel in, what would be called uninspired for it is during the uninspired moments are you really inspired.

NN: Is the main aspect that I am working out at Crutchfield attachment to my parents?

Forces: There is that alignment to your parents through him.

Forces: At this moment we will have to be leaving but we will be speaking to you again we’ll be guiding you and for the understanding that you need there will be much more to be done in the future and much more evolution to be had. As far as the entity Isis is concerned we will give certain revelations and protections of the Forces in which she will receive answers of the many complicated problems structurally and physically mentally and spiritual factors involved as one moves forward then the awareness must move forward in each perspective client.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.