Session 214-1/23/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been meeting situations and moments at hand looking over the area we see that you have received the lights (—) exactly the time specified. We try to keep your weekends quite filled, many different approaches you must admit we are quite interested in the setting arrangements of your environment now. We are projecting mainly something interesting again for you to keep your attention and exciting moments ahead the weekend would be the best time to do it. Now as far as the moments at hand in the house we have seen that you have your intercom system in the walls wires and the cuttings. Its very interesting that when we suggested it, it was not so long ago and we are happy to see that it is almost ready to be manifest. It is also interesting to see the rooms coming along that is moving forward and if all goes well you should be starting the tabernacle door rooms, room very soon along with other odds and ends but it is moving as best as you can and with all the details that need to be worked out. We also see that you have your cow and you have your tulips so all things considered you have everything on the agenda that was asked for. (Zikon whining) (Somebody yelling at him to stop) I’ll give you time to take care of him. Something from a horror movie. (Laughter) Reminds me of a customer who was in a grocery shop and picked up an egg and said to the person that it was bad, in the grocery shops speaking of them there will be quite a lot of strange happenings maybe their greed and all that or find that their pricing items are quite funny raising them beyond the normal percentage. We will try to get you the best of the produce as possible. And now looking at perspectives we see that things are going well and just try to keep in mind that if all of you strive to do your best then before long you can all move on upstairs to do your best.

Forces: Now we will be listening to your questions. Question.

RU: For HI is there a symbol that can be given for each of the guys?

Forces: Is there a person that is Ken in the group?

RU: Yes Larry Kenneth is his middle name.

Forces: Larry.

RU: That’s his first name Kenneth Larry.

Forces: Kenneth for him you will find that a pine tree with a dove on the sky would be his symbol.

Forces: And for Richard you would find a thunderbolt coming down on the sunrise.

Forces: Those two for the moment.

RU: Thanks very much.

Forces: Anytime.

JE: Can you tell us about any of the entities that studied with Jesus?

Forces: We can always expect from you questions that are various and (—) informative. There was many types of individuals that went along with Jesus’s as far as his initiations, you had the one that was called Little Benjamin or Aseniah (Azania) Lanett, Lenett (Linnet) in short what it is saying is little boy or little person or little man and (Zikon again) we’ll get you time to take care of him) Humm (background noise Isis says bad) we seldom find things humorous but this takes the cake, you cannot (—) the dogs.

Forces: (Isis comes back) you should get paid for your services.

Forces: Little Benjamin was (—-) a person who followed some of your technics of discipline and waking through in the Great Pyramids of Egypt. You had some tests that were quite interesting knowing that you are interested in what would have been gone through at that time. One test was the group of people would circle around you and call you all sorts of names and would also incite you to what would be called (—) total incompetence of the moment in such a situation there would be certain things said that would be enhanced by certain other things, the aspirant must in short walk on forward and to keep on walking as best as he can over a, a narrow line that if per chance he would fall into, he would fall into a vat, well lizards poisonous shipped especially from India in certain dark, dark places but then if he passed that he would go to a very dark, dark room and of course the passageway would be very narrow and he would have to come through that for his first rest, but hanging overhead would be all sorts of reptiles of, of , of certain types of snakes and they would be hanging from the ceiling with rope so they could only go a certain distance down but you would not know it so you would have to walk a certain way in one place of the room and a certain way in another place. That would give you some idea of what goes on there.

JE: Some of the entities that were with Jesus during this time can you tell us who they were later incarnations that we might know? And did any of them make it?

Forces: Repeat.

JE: Can you tell us the people that studied with Jesus or went through initiations with him and who they were in latter lives?

Forces: You would have Wilson the President and you would have Daniel The Prophet and you would have Lincoln the President that should give you some idea of the Presidents of certain of your countries that were involved with the Messiah.

IS: Was John the Baptist also a student in those schools?

Forces: He was.

IS: The school you described that’s the one in Egypt?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Why did the people feel that Jesus is a reincarnation of John the Baptist if John the Baptist lived the same time as Jesus?

Forces: Because certain people at this time believed that the spirit could enter into another body that is they believed that the spirit could enter into what would be called the presence of Jesus.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Do they have schools like that today anywhere.

Forces: It is more or less in the open, it is those who are working together, those who are working at producing and at developing and at moving along. Any of those, any of those who are a group of people in any particular area is working out a different aspect of these tests.

IS: Not a physical level?

Forces: They are some (part missed).

IS: From adventure bound Ken (—-) to anybody?

Forces: There is a questionable doubt but it will have to be as an answer that there is damage.

IS: Is it to the entity I’m thinking about?

Forces: To a certain extent.

IS: His mother?

Forces: Partially.

IS: Thank you.

IS: All those kids at all adventure bound schools what kind of souls are they?

Forces: These are those souls who refused any type of authority over them, who would not listen to the laws and who are constantly running from regulations of control.

IS: In past lives?

Forces: A large majority of them were during the crusader period and half of them were found in the time of Moses section.

IS: As the crusaders themselves?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So in reality they didn’t do so good the crusaders?

Forces: Some did not.

IS: On the whole was the mission a correct one?

Forces: It started out to be a good idea until what would be considered business got involved.

IS: They went to conquer the Holy Land?

Forces: More or less to take back the relics.

IS: Wasn’t to conquer the Holy Land?

Forces: They had that as a secondary thing.

IS: Started out like a..?

Forces: An escapade.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Petit Godin Wood Stove where should it be?

Forces: You could put it in to the Master Bedroom take some work.

IS: What’s the best spot?

Forces: There would be several spots open for you near the west side of the wall would be the best.

IS: Where the door is?

Forces: Yes. We would also find maybe some use for it on the third floor.

IS: Which section?

Forces: More or less to the blue bedroom.

IS: Where the kids are now?

Forces: Correct. Or you simply can leave it in the music room.

IS: Utilize it the best?

Forces: The heat also could be generated into this particular area.

IS: The den?

Forces: Correct.

IS: How’s that?

Forces: Opening the hallway doors can do it.

IS: Music Room hallway doors?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Heat from hallway to here?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Too hot?

Forces: It might.

IS: Master Bedroom outer doorway another room?

Forces: You could do something like that.

IS: What purpose?

Forces: Let us wait and see, as time moves on we’ll guide you to several good spots for it.

IS: No rush for wood stove?

Forces: Not at this moment yet.

IS: But it is in good condition?

Forces: Oh yes.

IS: West ground floor bedroom style?

Forces: You can make it Victorian.

IS: Can I utilize the furnishings I have in mind?

Forces: You could try to make it a Victorian room with drapes of certain types and try to make it with the furniture that you already have.

IS: Furniture I have already?

Forces: If not then making into that room what (went) comes forth. What ever the spirit is at that moment that will manifest in that room you are dealing with spirits in the room the spirit of the room comes forth beyond your control.

IS: To enhance whatever is in that room?

Forces: Well that is the meaning of the spirit the spirit takes control over the expression and comes forth.

IS: Utilize the bed part (—) dresser eliminate?

Forces: This could be done.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Army surplus generator?

Forces: That with some difficulties but the place that you had investigated the first time would help you out.

IS: Better than an army place.

Forces: Well they are both the same motors in one way or the other.

IS: Would we have to add on a room for that?

Forces: You wouldn’t be needing another room for it, but it could be done a room outside to put this into a small room enough to fit and insert it in.

IS: Best place for room?

Forces: The moment you come out of the house to the to your right under the porch.

IS: The grotto?

Forces: This could be a perfect place for a generator but this one we perceive you have other plans for that.

IS: Yes.

Forces: The place to put the generator is where you plan to put your patio in the future, putting a small room to your left of it.

IS: By the stairs.

Forces: This could be the best spot.

IS: Through that little window?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Emergency water supply?

Forces: The only thing you can do is your own stream.

IS: There is a way to do it?

Forces: Utilizing the water there it can be done.

IS: Electric pump?

Forces: There are other facilities open for you.

IS: It will be given in time right?

Forces: Yes when we are going through that avenue.

IS: SA and SA reaction to conversation?

Forces: They were happy and wanting also to make a move in that direction of course reevaluating themselves and a (—) thankful that the door had been opened.

IS: Didn’t come over?

Forces: More or less not for the point of coming or not coming but for the point of their own comfortability where they were at.

IS: Emale?

Forces: There is not a direct connection, even though there will be indirect reactions.

IS: They couldn’t face her?

Forces: Its what would be considered a indirect reactions.

IS: Open pipes in den?

Forces: The amount of heat could be done into the room by doing that, but the amount supplied would not be tremendous.

IS: Not worth it?

Forces: Considering what would have to go through and how much to be get from the output be better just to have people around.

IS: Have I won the battle?

Forces: There is not a question of winning or losing but more or less the question of being receptive and of course the receptivity has been opened and certain things are being given.

IS: Anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: Just the movement forward and perceiving as best as possible through the things involved.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Anything for HP sleepiness?

Forces: Well this is something that he through time has to work on just reminding him of the things that he is doing might be some benefit to his conscious mind. Letting him know that he’s being watched and hoping that he can come from that.

BR: Thank you.

RH: Any guidance for me?

Forces: Just keep yourself together, positive attitude as mentioned before moving forward as best as you can and keeping your receptive qualities open for inspiration and intuition.

RH: Thank you.

GL: Would it be economically feasible to run this house and the garage on solar electric panels as they have them now or will have in the future?

Forces: Would not be feasible, as you would know it at this moment.

GL: Is there..

Forces: It is not impossible but would not be inexpensively that is what you were thinking would contain a certain amount of expense in its operation.

GL: Not the best for us?

Forces: It will not be the best it would not be the worst, in fact we are favorable to solar heating but as far as designing it to help you this here would sometimes be too much of the expense equaling that versus electricity.

GL: In the long run would it pay for itself?

Forces: A constant maintenance of it would have its beneficial factors and other negative factors but in time we will speak to you again about solar heating and try to get you the best system possible.

GL: Thank you very much.

JH: The blackout that just occurred what happened during it?

Forces: Just to give them a drill to show them how to put the wires back on again.

IS: It hit a lot of people supermarkets lost food?

Forces: Some of them did lose a certain percentage of produce.

IS: You said prices would go up?

Forces: This would have the affect of it.

IS: Other reasons?

Forces: Just to show the area (that’s so quite as large?) that the power and the safety of people depended upon certain things and be taken away in the silence of the night.

JU: WD the odor is he dying?

Forces: You would think he was by the smell he projects from himself, there is also a certain amount of decay of power of mind that is happening and there is also an element of sickness in the blood that is happening.

JH: Anything to help?

Forces: To do your best at trying to cope with the situations there is more involved here than what could be helped from us.

JU: Thank you.

NN: Is forgiveness faith in Gods Justice?

Forces: Forgiveness is total receptive to Gods Laws, forgiveness is putting it into Gods Power.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Any guidance at Crutchfields?

Forces: Doing your job as best as you can is always right to say and remain positive.

NN: Thank you very much.

BH: Can anything be given to help me with the attachment thing at my job?

Forces: Again the best thing you can do is to turn your thoughts to the Creator of all things around you, think on this of the power of the Creator and the immensity of His will in your life.

BH: Thank you.

DL: Kenneth or Billy for messenger job?

Forces: We find Billy to be the best.

DL: Kenneth for electricity?

Forces: We would find his hands different from the other in this regards.

DL: Thank you very much.

DL: Why are they so terrified of people?

Forces: That they’re (aren’t?) accustomed to personalities.

DL: Thank you very much.

Forces: Also they’re not accustomed to relating to people openly as much as they have met in the hospital.

LK: My right hand middle finger swollen?

Forces: You would find a infection inside a part of piece of glass had entered into it and lodged in there, opening it up will more or so soaking it in the Epson salt solution could loosen it out.

LK: There’s no opening?

Forces: Chances are the soaking process could help along with soaking it in the apple cider vinegar.

LK: How long?

Forces: 15 to 20 minutes a day.

LK: Thank you.

IS: In each solution?

Forces: 15 to 20 minutes together 10 minutes in one and 10 minutes in the other or it is first the first and lukewarm the second.

LK: Epson salt first?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Colonial bedroom glass design meaning?

Forces: This is more of a fan of the higher centers more of a fan consciousness of truth and the egg of life.

LK: Thank you.

MK: Fixing the sagging in the guest bedroom floor without removing the colonial kitchen ceiling?

Forces: Well we are looking it over and we find that if you don’t want to remove the ceiling under the only thing you can do, sometimes if you are going to lay the carpet down on this particular floor that this will take care of that function of the squeaking up to the point of not hearing by putting rubber filings between the floor boards other than that we could suggest soaking them down with the linseed oil and letting that soak into them this will cause a swelling affect in the wood that could stop some amount of the noise of movement other than that the opening of the ceiling would be the next step.

IS: Is the floor safe?

Forces: There is a safe quality about it but as far as wanting to be truly safe well we find it safe in some respects.

MK: Thank you.

IS: MK mother she was in opposition to the group?

Forces: Well let us say yes.

IS: Is that why she changed her..

Forces: It has affected her viewpoints.

IS: You’ve just answered me right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it is sincere as far as that goes?

Forces: There is a certain amount of sincerity and striving to learn.

IS: Thank you.

DD: On Noah’s Ark again one of the floors of the three is the 36 scale do the other two stories represent different scales of measurement?

Forces: Different forces of learning in the body you would find them to be correct also.

DD: If that was made into a measuring stick how would that be made in three layers?

Forces: Three diamond size.

DD: Diamond size?

Forces: Correct.

DD: The shape is not diamond though?

Forces: The shape would not be diamond.

DD: How do you mean diamond size?

Forces: The diamond size of the numbers prescribed on what would be considered the length of a round pole.

DD: Is that on one layer?

DD: You would find it on one complete layer.

DD: And then what on the other layer?

Forces: This would be considered the diamond qualities of the numbers.

DD: And the bottoms layer the physical layer would be the 36?

Forces: This would be more so the flat substance.

DD: If it would be made out of wood?

Forces: What type would be best?

Forces: There is three types that might be that of the cedar that of the birch and that of what would be called the oak.

DD: Which one physical mental and spiritual.

Forces: You would find them in such.

DD: What would oak be spiritual?

Forces: Well the oak would be considered the highest and then the pine tree would be considered, so the oak would be the first or the physical the birch would be the mental and the pine tree would be the spiritual.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The Mennonites this last exchange?

Forces: Total disruption and dissatisfaction, confusion and frustration but none the less all ending in shambles.

IS: Are they beginning to realize we are a separate entity?

Forces: They are definitely realizing the magnitude of each member and the strength each member has.

IS: They don’t think I’m the one who maneuvers everybody?

Forces: They have a certain perception that you have a psychic gift that isn’t mentioned.

IS: What do they think Tom is?

Forces: More or less caught in the middle.

IS: In the middle between me and?

Forces: Well let us leave it like that.

IS: Should we continue with them?

Forces: It is no definite problem because they will definitely get the message and learn from the experience.

IS: Their daughter’s experience?

Forces: It’s more of a revelation for her attitude down in the den here.

IS: She was here?

Forces: No not her the one you speak of but of Fanny.

IS: What revelation?

Forces: That she did want to control her daughter.

IS: The daughter what she’s going through?

Forces: She’s more seeking another way.

IS: Is Fanny realizing that?

Forces: She does.

IS: Why did she tell us?

Forces: Because this other way might be right up the way we think.

IS: Was she(—)?

Forces: You must remember Fanny does not know everything about you so she thinks her daughters thinking might be in alignment to the way we think.

IS: What is that?

Forces: To her mind it would be confusion she’s just thinking that our avenue of expression is the same as her daughters striving for.

IS: She must understand then that this is more?

Forces: There is that possibility that will come through.

IS: Do they know they have less knowledge in the Bible than we do?

Forces: They have their great information of that knowledge when they speak to you yes. They understand that you know more.

IS: They think they can teach us.

Forces: That is now a misconception they no longer think this.

IS: And they resent that?

Forces: That is found inside them.

IS: About King Solomon’s Temple statement?

Forces: That had a pointed and exact affect upon their reasoning powers.

IS: They had to take into consideration?

Forces: Of course.

IS: Bullock and her house what will happen to move them?

Forces: Well we’ll let time work with that one now.

IS: What are her feelings with the entity Tom?

Forces: There is more of a wanting to cooperate and wanting to receive as much positiveness of being receptive and trying to understand our ways or your ways more or less trying to listen.

IS: That’s good?

Forces: It is good but keep it in a distance for the moment.

IS: What’s the matter with the son?

Forces: More of an insecurity and frighteness of the unknown and the future.

IS: Not of us?

Forces: Not particularly. We would say the death of his father had caused this reaction.

IS: Towards the group?

Forces: More of a distance rather not to be pulled into but keeping his own identity.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Wiring on the intercom the transformer being in the attic is that ok?

Forces: You could do it that way.

GL: The ground wire to a water pipe is that sufficient?

Forces: That could be done to.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Would there be a Bible chapter or Psalm that I could study?

Forces: 46.

Forces: At this time we will be leaving. We will guide your work this week. Be perceptive to inspirations this week and above all watch the thoughts and the creative abilities within that you might manifest that receptive quality that will be yours.

Forces: Greetings to all present here.

Group: Our Father.