Session 215 1/29/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching your movements and finding them always interesting. We hope your likes the weekend and the particular evening in which you were given the white blanket next day it was taken away. I hope you like the characters of your Superman you would find him (—) and interesting at the same time. As far as the country is concerned it is moving along now away from some critical exponents but still it is a lot of work ahead. We find the Pope as you would know him doing some strange (—) of movement back and forth (–) should be now an interesting ah stage in which is being set. As far as movements and progressions we find that moving and pushing forward as best as you can, can help you a lot better and also by that same movement it does take you out into other forces of experiences.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

DD: What is the meaning Diamond Size of the Numbers inscribed on what would be the length of a round pole?

Forces: This would be the force of ah of the energy within the Pole that would be radiating from it.

DD: Is this like a Weavers Beam?

Forces: It can be.

DD: What would be the Diamond qualities in the numbers?

Forces: More of the qualities of the Truth and the aspects of preserving.

DD: In Genesis where it talks about the Serpent tempting Eve with the Tree of Knowledge. Was the Tree of Knowledge a Pyramid?

Forces: You would find it in that shape like unto same.

DD: In the physical was there an actual pyramid?

Forces: There was.

DD: Was it a pyramid or a tree?

Forces: More of a Diamond shaped tree.

DD: A tree like we know today?

Forces: Ah no.

DD: Was it a Temple like of people that represented that?

Forces: It was a group of people who represented this performance.

DD: Was it like the sons of Belial?

Forces: No.

DD: What sort of people formed this Tree of Knowledge?

Forces: More so those who believed and strived to undertake those who refuse to believe and striving to help them to see.

DD: What happened with Eve and how does that relate to the story in the Bible?

Forces: She was thrown out.

DD: What was she thrown out of?

Forces: If you read the Book you would find it.

DD: You mean thrown out of the Garden?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Movement slowly with each point of the day of interest guidance with the things you need to work with and for those who are in (—) the powers of movements. Question.

GL: Thank you.

DL: My relationship with deaf people in Moses time?

Forces: More or so as the guidance. This is all right finding the things you can help out with it must be developed and moved on trying to help those who cannot talk in order to express themselves in writing basically in the writing format.

JE: The initiations of Jesus and John the Baptist and other people in the Temples and things what about female entities how did they go through their initiations?

Forces: There was a certain other place for them in which they also developed and then at a certain point in time in their evolution they both went through it together.

IS: Was any one initiate attached to the other at any time?

Forces: Sometimes.

IS: So in that book where one of Jesus’s tests is described by bringing forth a female was she also an initiate?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now were these schools an accepted thing in society at that time?

Forces: Not to.

IS: The same as would be today?

Forces: Something similar.

IS: How then at that time did females leave the home to go into initiation?

Forces: Just simply movements from one place to another without possessions.

IS: So they were actually seekers. Those females had to be super special people or were there that kind of freedom that they could move without being stoned or anything like that?

Forces: It wasn’t the best of freedoms.

IS: Any of those females that matured into anything special that we would know from history?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Any of those females that matured into something very special that we would know from history? Or was Deborah The Prophetess someone who went through a school like that?

Forces: Correct.

IS: In her own time?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Judith?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So they would become accepted but they were all prophetess?

Forces: A different line of teaching was going to be given to them after a certain point.

IS: And what’s that?

Forces: This is more of receptivity to the physical world.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Can you explain some of the initiations they went through or did they vary much from the males?

Forces: Didn’t vary too much almost the same.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Did any of those females ever go into the little death?

Forces: We would say no.

IS: So it never happened that a female went into a little death?

Forces: Yes it can happen.

IS: But did it ever happen?

Forces: It did.

IS: Who would be that female?

Forces: Those who are not looking straight on the road during the test.

IS: So it was a bad thing the little death?

Forces: It wasn’t bad it could have been better.

IS: For three days in the sarcophagus and go astral traveling without coming back to the body until the end?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So that was done?

Forces: Yes.

IS: What could be better than that then?

Forces: Not too much.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: You must understand that there has been a lot of levels of initiations in which each entity would have to go through.

IS: You mean after each initiation the little death was present?

Forces: Partially yes.

IS: Did they have females that would go into meditation for days at a time?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Who are those females in history of today?

Forces: You had Joan of Arc, Madame Curie and Elizabeth Burton.

IS: Elizabeth Burton?

Forces: That is what her name is.

IS: The actress?

Forces: She didn’t go into a silence fully, she did try to ask some questions.

IS: So he is her true mate Burton?

Forces: There is still a lot to be worked out between both of them but there both in harmony with one another even though you wouldn’t believe it.

IS: Will they come back?

Forces: (—) wouldn’t be a bit surprised but it will take time for that to happen.

IS: Then is she an initiate a seeker?

Forces: She is a seeker but also an answerer to.

IS: She went into a meditation that was a long meditation?

Forces: It wasn’t long but there was a meditation she tapped in during a moment in her time. It is complicated when we speak of initiations but remember there are so many levels and so many statues and there are so many doors that do not have a door nob at the other end of it.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Thank you.

RH: Dream with two planets?

Forces: Receiving and receiving a new planet into our solar system soon.

RH: One planet was Pluto and the other one was something?

Forces: There shall be a new planet discovered in your solar system.

IS: What would be the name of that new planet?

Forces: It would be near to a common feeling more of a lets see (long pause) it is a word that is mentioned more or less (pause) more or less it sounds like something you would hear as Ryan’s planet or Roots or Rights planet coming in.

IS: Is that a planet that wasn’t there before?

Forces: It was always there man hasn’t discovered it yet. Interesting to as we set here man is going to discover new colors that he has never seen before they will come into his awareness and a few more sounds to.

IS: As of when?

Forces: Soon, soon.

IS: Our lifetime?

Forces: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

IS: Thank you.

RH: What would the new planet be bringing in and is it a good thing?

Forces: It is two planets my dear in one almost it will bring in what would be considered the centers above mans head.

RH: Thank you.

Forces: You all thought you had it all sewed up didn’t you.

IS: Where in Revelation does it go above the seven centers?

Forces: It is not really going above the seven centers it’s incorporated into the Lamb.

IS: The Lamb is above the seven candlesticks?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But wouldn’t it mean that Revelation has to happen before that other centers above the seven come I to being?

Forces: Well it is happening on other levels to.

IS: And before it can really be..

Forces: Truly felt then maybe major things must happen.

IS: So Revelation has to happen first?

Forces: In an indirect way.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Can any information..

Forces: We are going to wait for your recitation at this moment.

RU: Recites Psalm 19.

Forces: Very good you have the next one.

RU: Not yet.

Forces: Your question.

RU: In regard to the passing of Joe T to the other side?

Forces: More or less there was a slight childish mood that he was going into feeling sorry for himself that no one really understands him and of course getting even with life by moving his mind through space faster than it should be which was the receiving of his passageway into the other side.

RU: Thank you.

IS: What did you mean by “which was his receiving way on the other side”?

Forces: Receiving of his passageway his ticket to the other side.

RU: Is this connected in the events that happened this weekend today in this country there were two places where snipers were shooting people?

Forces: Ah one in California the other one I think was here in Virginia what happened in the cosmos that made this all start happening?

Forces: More of a inner turmoil, it is Mars passing through a certain phase with Uranus the underground.

RU: Does that happen frequently?

Forces: Well it is happening.

RU: Was there a force that was hurled into the Universe from the opposite side?

Forces: It is just the force of the planets affecting man that man must be the control of the planets.

RU: Thank you very much.

IS: Was it this mans time?

Forces: He could have still had some time it was a suicide aspect.

IS: So he will go where suicides go?

Forces: Yes.

IS: What’s the affect on Bill?

Forces: Just as we would say it, just as we had said the depression and the ultimate of feeling alone.

IS: Isn’t that what he must feel?

Forces: These things he has to go through in order to experience his God.

IS: Will he turn to God?

Forces: There might be some other things that will be going on, he will be doing lots of inward thinking.

IS: Is he relating all the prophecies to what has been..

Forces: He is receiving them, he is receiving them.

IS: He remembers?

Forces: He will when he should.

IS: Relying on..?

Forces: More so on his own independent God like image inside that he can get in tune with it to bring it out.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Is this the shoot gun wedding that the entity Tom spoke of?

Forces: More or less that meeting by force.

RU: Thank you.

MK: The new colors that you said would be discovered would are these colors within the range of color that we know now or is it a higher frequency?

Forces: You will see them on the ultraviolet purple but even more purple and more bluish color more of a blue purplish color that’s higher than blue purple that turns yellow very strange color isn’t it now yes.

IS: Does it also mean that the skies will become bluer to our eyes?

Forces: Well certain revelations will begin to happen and certain and certain scales within mans eyes will begin to fall away.

IS: Thank you.

MK: Thank you.

BH: Mary Mother of Jesus did she have any immaculate births before that lifetime?

Forces: Well let us leave her with this one.

BH: Could any other lifetime of hers be given other than Eve and Rachel?

Forces: We have them but are not allowed to give them at the moment.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Psalms for me to read?

Forces: Forty-six.

JU: Excuse me?

Forces: Four Six.

JU: Thank you.

BR: Did Jonathan write any Psalms?

Forces: Nothing seagull. (Laughter) He was too busy running in the fields after his own empires he really didn’t write to many famous Psalms.

BR: Is there any Psalms in the Bible that he did write?

Forces: He had a few.

BR: Could they be given?

Forces: More or less he had some helping with that of 13 and of 62 a helper.

BR: Thank you. Question.

LK: In the astrological book that the entity Toms been reading there are also several other books by this author is his information correct?

Forces: His information is refreshing at times but there are those changes that are about his information would be as accurate for the moment as possible but along with the enlightenment of other aspects to be placed in different categories.

LK: Thank you.

NN: When you said about the Pope going back and forth does that mean there’s still a decision on his part he’s making?

Forces: He is he’s making his commitment we are watching it closely; he might be turning the tide to the white forces.

NN: Its still possible for him to go white?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Did I understand the lesson about causes?

Forces: We think you understand it.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving we’ll come to speak to you again this week we have lots more to share and to give with you. There shall be a wide epidemic happening its already taking place, as you all know this is a more or less a plague of pestilence that must be into check and put into harmony. Strange occurrences in the North Pole and you would also have the little visitors from the other planets happening to spring up over Iceland and also our famous place of Newfoundland and we will also be active in certain areas off the Atlantic. As far as the entity is concerned he is to start his beginning of his fast until the, the end or the evening of Saturday and ah allow to eat the Saturday evening and Sunday and will get back to the beginning of the program to receive these yearly things.

Forces: Greetings to all, all here present now.

Group: Our Father.