Session 216-2/4/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present. We’ve watched your progress and movement through last week and find it very good. Each passing day, each moment in each (way) odds and ends of course needs to be worked on but we can always put the odds and ends in odds and ends. Now as far as movements we do ask that you are come aware of gentle moving habits in your house and generally a positive cooperative spirit in working with one another. Remember these are not just simply the kids on the streets that you are working with. These are a special band of people special in a sort of way that we chose them so when you come across one another work and cooperate with one another. As far as bananas you’ll find them in the fruit stands. Now lets see, weather, whether or not we speak of it whether or not but weather is always the top 10 talked about upon a persons content. The weather itself is not over yet we have a few more trips up our, up our (—) sleeves. Now the weather should become milder through some parts of the country but in the west and Midwest we will receive some turbulence and some altering changes. As far as your weather is concerned you would see it to become milder. We know what a rough time of year you had and we will only try to make it up to you in giving a milder climate now. Of course you’ll have your odds and ends in weather too but this is to make up for lost time. Now as far as situations everything at this moment is stationary it is accomplished certain things and we just have to simply move on. Don’t forget to economize this way you can and don’t forget to enjoy those moments that are blessings to you truly.

Forces: Now we are ready for your intelligent individual provocative questions. Not to say the least, interesting.

JE: Relocate Jaunt building?

Forces: You remind us of a, the turtle that runs a race and someone hooks on them a put-put motor and they say should we use it or shouldn’t we. Well you have no choice almost in the matter as far as any building that is given to you huh ah it is not a bad building its not the greatest its not the worst, but it is a political building none the less it is a building that would put you in center of attention to the publics eye. What you do we would stress if you would like to learn we will tell you.

JE: Yes please.

Forces: We’d thought you’d never ask. You must incorporate in your business not only the symbol we have given you, we know how interested you are to do that, but you also must incorporate a business atmosphere. Now what does that consist of that consists of simply regulations you must be regulated, also like a coffee pot you must perk at the right time. Now what you must do the first thing to regulate a business when you have employees, as many as you do that are vagabond drivers no slur intended of course but we would suggest that you would organize them. Now we don’t intend you to get a whip and beat them in the morning when they come through the door that would not be there’s a word but it wouldn’t be used now but it wouldn’t be proper. I heard some of your well-informed Youngers call it gosche but it’s not proper to beat people coming through the door you only beat them once there in (Laughter) and hard, no all kidding aside uniform them make them look in a uniform way and if you simply do this you would you would put into them a certain amount of pride it might be strange concept to understand but let them have a blue shirt and conveniently for some a bowtie (Laughter) in the winter long sleeves and in the summer short sleeves along with that a blue navy pants with cuffs (Laughter) to be wore with black shoes. Now what more could you want, yes you could want the people to put them on. As far as a overcoat a normal blazer would do or just normally a coat of blue quality. I know this is a tremendous financial undertaking but start them off first with everyone wearing blue shirts and then work on down. Then when you pop the bowtie we would like to be around. So you can see your building not your major problem.

JE: Thank you.

BH: Anna in the Temple when they brought Jesus in is that the same Anna that Edgar Cayce mentions is the High Priestess and the Sister Superior of the Essenes?

Forces: Yes.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell us who wrote Psalm 113?

Forces: Under the leadership of David of course.

BH: Thank you.

DL: Remedies for reactivating kidneys is castor oil packs good?

Forces: Did we not tell you the remedy.

DL: No. We must have a reason for that. Castor oil packs could help tremendously in the area but remember you have a tremendous karmetic drive within the soul that you are working with. There is a remedy of course for it but I don’t think anybody would strive to follow it but none the less there is a remedy to promote movements within the kidneys but then they would have to discipline there intake of food. To do the same at the same time for some could be quite complicated but nonetheless movement as far as outward and inward and then your next step would be the thought patterns of the individual and the thinking patterns as some of you well know even though can be sane to you but once thought and provoked and worked out and manifested in the earth is no longer sane but for them to perceive this takes a lot of years of work. So you’re speaking of healing the kidneys and were speaking of healing the cause. They’re both the same but one takes a longer time to manifest the healing of the kidneys properly.

DL: So hospitals of today can’t really heal people?

Forces: Well there are many things hospitals today cannot really do they more hinder the affect of the body rather than create a cure.

DL: Thank you very much.

IS: Person who’s helped or not helped in hospital but yet karmicly the person is not helped at all. Does that person keep coming back with kidney disease?

Forces: Well they still haven’t well would be called that they are worked with under the laws and is given to them in a different manner.

DL: Person goes on dialysis and that is the method that the law works on them even though there life is prolonged they still have to go through those hours of silence is it like that?

Forces: Similar cases like that yes.

DL: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me if I should leave Crutchfield and go to UVA?

Forces: Well this again we cannot promise fortunes in the sky as much as we would want to it is whether you have learned your share at Crutchfield. (sneeze) Bless you. Moving from Crutchfield to the University would be all right but staying at Crutchfield to learn would be all right. Either way it will still have the same course.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Did Mary have 33 lifetimes?

Forces: No.

NN: Could you tell me how many she had?

Forces: Well some say a few others say a few to many. Some say 13 some say 12 some say 28.

NN: Was she around in the lifetime of King David.

Forces: There is a question about that yes there is a possibility.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Why do you say, some say some others say. Who are those others and who are those some say?

Forces: Well the affects of the soul in the earth without coming in versus the soul coming in completely.

IS: Some lifetimes the soul just hovers over somebody?

Forces: Like a guide yes.

IS: And that is counted partially for being down on the earth?

Forces: It is counted yes.

NN: Some lifetimes she hovered over certain entities?

Forces: Yes. Could we know the ones she hovered over?

Forces: It’s not necessary.

NN: There wouldn’t be any limit to how many she hovered over would there?

Forces: Huh ha you can only put so many eggs in a box.

NN: Would it be limited to one or two or three?

Forces: Well let us say it wouldn’t be one, two, or three it could be many more than just that.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Than Catholicism as is all praying to Mary and all thinking Mary is with them what is the force that they do acquire?

Forces: This is a linkage with the soul.

IS: You mean like emanations projections of Mary?

Forces: Something like that.

IS: Without her being aware of it but things that go out of her?

Forces: Constantly, correct.

IS: The ripples?

Forces: Yes.

IS: That is enough to help all these people?

Forces: Oh yes.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell us about some of the lifetimes of Liberace?

Forces: We definitely find him King Louis the 14th feeling but more like there is that association with King Louis the 14th or was it the 15th, or could have been the 16th (Laughter) well its one of those jokers (Laughter) but none the less one of these or them in which he was very involved in, in twined to the 14th. That’s when everything was going good.

IS: Did he hold a strong position?

Forces: Yeah I think he did he held Chancellor of something. Its, its really how you swing the damn thing. (Laughter)

IS: What brought him in this lifetime gay though?

Forces: Well he’s not really that way it is just that certain things had to be manifested and certain other things had to be worked out and certain other, other, other things had to be brought into line and well its ah its kind of a payment back of the times when he laughed at those in the court.

IS: He has such a sense of ah beauty does that come just from the Louis 14th court?

Forces: Well also because of a, of a great spirit of receiving from other lifetimes artistic power.

IS: Was he around at the time of Jesus?

Forces: Yes we would see him but.

IS: Which side was he on?

Forces: He wasn’t on a bad side, wasn’t on a good side he was in the middle.

IS: How?

Forces: He was there but over here. (Tape Stopped before end)

Forces: The 18th of February.

IS: What’s going to happen on the 18th of February?

Forces: We just mentioned the 18th of February.

IS: Is there any personal guidance for me?

Forces: We would invite Bill as you would name him over for a dinner even though he does not like it on a Saturday. This would be the best for him as far as his astrological belt (Laughter) We would also invite MAR and HOP over for dinner this would be up to them what date, but there astrological belt would be the best. We would suggest, we would suggest on a Sunday, but remember this is to try to help them as best as they can. As far as everything else is concerned we will do our utmost to help you all to achieve and to gain and to work. As far as your lamps are concerned we can open up the gates to have orders come through but we will try to give you what you need. Work hard keep together keep yourself disciplined and the weather should prove interesting. Any other questions.

IS: Bill doesn’t like the food?

Forces: Ah it’s not the point, the point is he wants to get information and food is only a deterrent from his questions. But this is the way we would set it up.

RU: Should we include Darcy?

Forces: Why you do not particularly like her.

RU: She’s never made it here.

Forces: Well then let it work itself out.

IS: Personal guidance for me?

Forces: One step at a time and the book you are reading should take care of you for a while.

IS: Thank you there’s nothing warped in me that I have a fascination for that is there?

Forces: Nor is there anything warped in us for talking about it. This information is necessary for us understanding that there is a place in the Universe that this does exist.

IS: Thank you.

DL: You mentioned February the 18th is that going to be ok for JA to come down?

Forces: Isn’t that interesting.

RU: Youth group (—)?

Forces: It will work itself out.

Forces: Any other questions.

NN: Was Hitler around at the time of Jesus?

Forces: No.

IS: That’s what’s wrong with most of those people that set themselves up as Messiahs right somebody like Jim Jones problem wasn’t there either?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And they say well what’s the difference?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Its pure jealousy.

Forces: Correct.

Forces: Any other questions.

JU: Can you tell us who the Prophet Daniel was at the time of the American Revolution?

Forces: Well we can.

JU: Will you?

Forces: Hamilton.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Inner earth the way like in Etidorpha or what you talked about lower earth That’s two different things Etidorpha and the people that actually live in the core of the earth. Is that two different things?

Forces: Right.

IS: Etidorpha would that be a mild form of hell?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Would that be considered like one of those satellites?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Because at the end of it somehow there is no more physical life the way we know it.

Forces: Yes.

IS: What happens to the people in the core of the earth when they die are they governed by our laws here?

Forces: In the same way.

IS: Now is that correct that 10 ft. entities came down in a space ship?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And who are they?

Forces: 10 ft. entities. They aren’t, they are more like robots in one respect to allow, analyze avenues or areas or messengers.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving ah we will speak to you again soon. As far as the entities diet is concerned we (you?) have show concern, he would have a sandwich if you want this big.

IS: Today?

Forces: Just this evening.

IS: The prospects for tomorrow anybody going to go to work or not?

Forces: Well it is up to them. We’ll see how tomorrow will bring us now won’t we but some could make it. We still not finished with the weather you know.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.