Session 222-3/4/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We find the situations moving forward and expect many avenues of interest to open up at many different locations. We are happy to see some movements and also will be guiding the structure in the days to come. We do expect through these moments in time certain preparation and understanding of the spiritual essence of living rather than the total physical alliance of (—).

Forces: We are now ready for your questions

DD: Is the size of the pipe for the sink all right?

Forces: The size of the pipe will do.

DD: At the base where it goes off the main line would that have been a problem with water if I used a smaller pipe?

Forces: It would not.

DD: Can I use smaller pipe when I get up to the eves?

Forces: Well it would not be too bad but it would not matter.

DD: Thank you.

DL: Would driving a car be a good experience for KL and BL?

Forces: If you do the driving. Chances are they could use it but it will take a while before they can manifest it in their own daily living. Eventually this would be done.

DL: Something to motivate them?

Forces: The goals that they must work on that (–) with patience with themselves and cleanliness but also (–) every day working a little bit more with themselves with someone who does care.

DL: Thank you very much.

JU: Cabinet in the Master Bathroom ah would solid mahogany be best or another form that might be used?

Forces: Repeat.

JU: The cabinet Master Bathroom veneer solid mahogany?


RH: When reading about Joan of Arc did she complete her mission or was it supposed to be longer and she was martyred before it was finished?

Forces: It, she completed part of her mission it could have been a little longer to accomplish other things.

RH: Was she males in the Bible or a prophet?

Forces: Not a male prophet but it could possibly be.

RH: Thank you.

GL: Could anything be given for the entities stomach the problem that he’s been having lately?

Forces: This is just changing of his system from one to another section of elements moving through the system nothing much to be done but time.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me with problem today?

Forces: More or less the expression of movement approaching each situation as a new problem or new environment or new council new understanding and generally looking for insights in its mystery.

GL: Would there be any guidance in my relationship with RU at this time?

Forces: Just move on as best as you can and do your best with what you have and these situations have a tendency of its way out.

GL: Thank you very much.

BR: The mirror in the hallway could you tell us more about it?

Forces: It is a mirror that is in the hallway and it appears to be about 80 some odd years old.

BR: It does a whole thing when Tom walks by and you look in the mirror it seems like a whole something like a magical..

Forces: It does have its own magical qualities being how it is made and composed together and it is called a soft mirror it kind of have, has the compassion on you to show you how good you look.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Could you explain to us about how souls go to hell and are you given a certain number of lifetimes before you go there?

Forces: Well let us say if they’re bad they go there if they’re good they go not there, ah if they’re how many times ah well that’s very hard to say could be once or it could be 200 times each one is completely different to itself and each one has its different measurement.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Does the soul go to the category of the worst sin it committed that lifetime?

Forces: More or less the minority of feelings versus the majority of actions.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us what would have been the evolution of man if he hadn’t fallen into the earth?

Forces: He wouldn’t be here he would be in another part of the galaxy learning.

JE: The souls on earth now is that were they go when completed, they continue where they left off?

Forces: Those who have fulfilled their situation here.

JE: What part of the galaxy would they go to?

Forces: Ah any particular number of them.

JE: Thank you.

RU: Does Psalm 40 represent the law of karma and the law of grace?

Forces: It could relate to these factors nicely.

RU: Thank you.

HI: I had repeating dreams of my sister Margaret and how she and her husband came here again and all that and I never understood why those dreams came to me?

Forces: Maybe you had feelings of them trying to get back over here to stay.

HI: Thank you very much.

NN: Is there a special song for the removal of fear?

Forces: Well we have many different types of songs that could help you with fear but you must, we have a, a soft song of such can help this out the Amazing Grace song that you all know and also a the certain feelings of the musical instruments that could eradicate the fear or help you at least to dispel it.

NN: Also is it true that I won’t be able to see the light in meditation until a certain amount of it is removed?

Forces: Well more of a inner feeling must be acquired before it is expressed, the ability to be there and strive to be still and not be disturbed by the awkwardness and uncomfortability of the being still so that the peace can descend upon you and start opening up the light path.

NN: Thank you very much also what the entity Tom was saying last night about my Dad is everything all right there?

Forces: Well certain things on a higher level has been taken care of.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: Ceiling in the Covenant Room?

Forces: Well let us just move that one step at a time and we’ll show you as it happens.

IS: Plan?

Forces: You’ll see there is.

IS: Roof a beginning?

Forces: There is that.

IS: Physically am I all right?

Forces: You’ve moved through a major transition with the removal of a thorn having the entity of your Mother here, to remove that has affected you with your least understanding it on an astral level she was using certain of your energies on a negative construction.

IS: So I’ll become better?

Forces: There is a point of becoming and evolving in a better frame of mind and spirit now.

IS: Thank you very much for removing her and the way it was done.

Forces: The time was ready for it to happen.

IS: So did she achieve something on a spiritual level?

Forces: Just made her commitment to where she wants to be.

IS: So that’s it then for her?

Forces: Well it’s for the moment through this particular harsh segment it should be.

IS: I don’t have a responsibility any more right her calling?

Forces: We think you have settled that question literally ah the responsibility is upon her own head now.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Is MK physically all right?

Forces: We would again keep his hand elevated and drink some water and general keeping the liquids going this should do the trick.

IS: Thank you.

IS: When God kicked Cain out into the earth Cain started crying and said But now everybody is going to see me and kill me. So God said he would put a mark on Cain and anybody that touches you I shall take it up with him?

Forces: This is more of a contract within himself rather than outside of himself.

IS: What kind of contract?

Forces: That the argument of getting back to God over a period of time must be accomplished.

IS: The descendants of Cain have a harder time but they have to get back to God and they know it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Could you discuss the books that we read?

Forces: We are ready to.

IS: Virgil was he a magician?

Forces: He would be apparently the sorcerer or that of absorbing the energies creation to him or through his personality.

IS: He’s a scientist sort of?

Forces: Well in this present moment we could label him the scientist feeling ah knowledge and that should cover that area.

IS: He didn’t go by faith he went by certain knowledge?

Forces: Logical powers.

IS: Was there such a mirror as he constructed?

Forces: Well there was a, a reflective in which that could scan certain parts of the earth yes.

IS: Can it still be done?

Forces: Well not directly any longer.

IS: A lot of these magical powers have been the power to repeat many of those alchemists tools has been or is no longer here on the earth is that on purpose?

Forces: It’s more of the evolution for new things and new ideas and new conclusions to be drawn.

IS: So there’s no more room for that kind of magic or alchemy?

Forces: Well there is but not as a great demand.

IS: These are all earth powers right?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Can the earth still produce them?

Forces: Ah they would have difficulties.

IS: Because now is the time for Godly powers?

Forces: Right.

IS: Now the trees that are people, mandrakes now did the mandrakes exist?

Forces: They had their existence.

IS: Do they still exist?

Forces: Some places they do.

IS: Do they exist as mandrakes?

Forces: Well not as much as power is concerned.

IS: Are they still people that are roots?

Forces: You would find some essence like this.

IS: Did they mingle themselves in with the human race?

Forces: More so of the emotional feelings within the human being.

IS: They left the physical and entered the emotional state without the physical body?

Forces: Something similar to that yes.

IS: But yet it would have been so easy for them to mingle in with the human race?

Forces: It would be but it was not allowed.

IS: Who are they are they of the black force?

Forces: There is that element involved with them yes.

IS: Now when Virgil is holding a little one and yet the mandrakes in the first book are human size or even larger. Is that how much blood or how much that thing can suck out of a person or of his surroundings?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Where are these things?

Forces: As far as what.

IS: Those mandrakes still on the earth?

Forces: In emotional beings and attitudes and struggles through each particular day.

IS: So there is no more physically?

Forces: Well they do manifest physically after they take over the body.

IS: Is that like the Blob?

Forces: A little bit more complicated.

DL: Like the alcoholic vampires?

Forces: Something similar yes.

IS: When they take over a body you mean physically it manifests on that person?

Forces: Well not immediately but in time.

IS: What would it give off as what?

Forces: More of a coloration of brown and more of a wrinkles of certain types and some types of odor and some types of mental attitudes.

IS: Thank you very much.

LK: The Voyager satellite near Jupiter they’ve discovered bands around Jupiter?

Forces: Well some believe it’s the planets that have broken up in the past years.

LK: Surrounding Ganymede is like an electrical charged donut shape made of sulphur particles following the planet?

Forces: More of its electrical field of the planet.

LK: Scientist don’t understand how the amount of electricity is generated?

Forces: More or less from the revolution of the planet, also from the great storms on the face of the planet.

LK: Why do these storms happen?

Forces: More or less the explosion of hot gasses that are really ice crystals.

LK: Can any type of physical life, as we know it exist on the outer planets?

Forces: Well there’s a great deal of existence on the planet itself.

LK: In a physical sense that we know of?

Forces: Well certain things that do happen without your visual eyes seeing it on the physical level, that’s the importance of it, there is a lot more on the earth than what you creatures can realize with your three dimensional eyes.

LK: So the life on other planets happens in other dimensions?

Forces: Well they do happen they also happen in the third dimension.

LK: Thank you.

DD: In the book the Wizard of Lemuria it talks about Hyperborea. I read before that the first existence of man was called the White Island is that true?

Forces: Well the symbolic feelings of it is true.

DD: What was that like?

Forces: More or less calm or calmness or the evolution and progression of each passing day.

DD: Was there actually a Sacred Island?

Forces: More or less.

DD: Then the next stage was Hyperborea what aspect was that?

Forces: This is more of the reality on the physical level things to come.

DD: Is Hyperborea like the Second Day in Genesis?

Forces: Something similar to it yes.

DD: The black forces were created then on Hyperborea?

Forces: Well partially, partially that.

DD: It talks about the Dragon Kings was that accurate?

Forces: You would find some truth in it.

DD: Could more be given about the Dragon Kings?

Forces: Well they do have powers within the ice and within the volcanic, volcano fields and riverbeds and waterways of certain types.

DD: They still exist then within the earth?

Forces: Let us say there form has changed, but they can still exist.

IS: What is their form now?

Forces: More or less that of different strange creatures within the ocean.

IS: Do they have intelligence?

Forces: They have a minimum amount ah they’re just there to give themselves for procreation and movement to complete the cycles.

DD: They used to have more intelligence?

Forces: They had some type of intelligence at the beginning.

DL: When you were speaking about things happening on a third dimension but we just couldn’t see is that like having a TV set but antennae not tall enough?

Forces: There is a lot going on before your eyes and if you would perceive what was happening you would be all in some type of ah shock.

DL: Is it like we used to not see certain colors that we now see?

Forces: This is correct.

DL: Can you compare the big Baptist Movement to any group?

Forces: Repeat.

DL: This Baptist movement that happens here and all over the world, is this a particular group that we would recognize from history?

Forces: Well your have more of the emotionalism in man that is spreading and cannot really pinpoint a particular section, spectrum of it more or less those of the crusader periods could be followed partially in suit not fully.

DL: And the Crusader time would be the ah European troops or the?

Forces: We would gravitate into that area yes.

DL: Thank you very much.

RH: Could you tell us what happened to the mermaids?

Forces: Well some did die off others merged into being fish and still others merged into being females.

RH: Are dolphins with their high intelligence?

Forces: Dolphins were the fish aspect of in certain respects of this linage.

RH: Thank you very much.

IS: Why did those that merged with the fish merge with the fish and why did those that merged—-?

Forces: Because of the thought patterns within.

IS: Which one was a more perfect thing for them to do?

Forces: They merged to the female would be the more perfect thing.

IS: The Dolphin represents a good fish?

Forces: Of course.

IS: So really mermaids—?

Forces: Weren’t so bad they just loved to fool around. So do porcupines.

IS: Now those females that were fish what does it mean?

Forces: All these gravitated into a different evolution and had stayed in that particular family. The lack of making a decision one-way or the other.

IS: Is their mark?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Why is that?

Forces: This is because of the thought patterns at that time, which was very important and the thought patterns had the power of creation that was so intense that it happened.

IS: Why is it difficult for them to make a decision?

Forces: Certain amount of wanting both ends against the middle.

IS: Thank you.

GL: The spiritual significance of my last dream being that it was Cain and does it mean that I’m in any way related to the Cain in the Bible?

Forces: There was a tendency in which your family had relationships to this struggling aspect. Being that you had entered into this particular consciousness you had removed the mark and had moved under the progression of what was meant to be from the beginning.

GL: Thank you very much.

HI: I feel like the door is closed for me to get a job outside is that intuition or am I setting it up?

Forces: Let us say half of it is your setting it up for yourself and the other half you are intuitively correct.

HI: Sometimes I get a glimpse of the creatures that are before our eyes and see the house full of creatures like half human are they really there?

Forces: Well these are the ones that are kept at bay they aren’t really coming in strongly some do come in, others are kept at a distance.

HI: Are they elementals?

Forces: Well they are elements of certain forces, being that the entity did go over and had a service there that time he had put a ring around the house to protect it.

HI: Thank you very much.

RU: When Bill was here the things he was given will he make the right decision?

Forces: Well his decision-making is very slow it might take 4 years, his right decision all depends upon his attitude and concepts of not running away but none the less whatever decision he makes at this point in time will be the right decision.

RU: When someone is given the exposure to the spirit that he was given and then makes an incorrect decision is his—?

Forces: He will feel it.

RU: Is it worse than if you were never exposed –?

Forces: It will be.

Forces: At this point we’ll be leaving but we’ll come back to you to talk to you soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.