Session 224-3/23/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have (doubted?) movements in most directions we find that the progress (important) with each passing you would be able to receive many items and things that are to come. We here have many interesting events in the, in your days to come each with its own merits. We ask that certain forces of black and yellow be merged together and moved to a completion.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

LK: What is meant by forces of black and yellow?

Forces: This is more the general pattern of the planets as they stand in this force field.

LK: Which planet would be represented by black?

Forces: Its more of a statement of condition representing within the structural system of the nervous system which makes it if, if understood susceptible to many items. The yellow represents the nervous system and the black represents the peace and quite.

LK: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell us the best thing to do in September to prepare ourselves?

Forces: I would say that each and everything you will be taking is what’s needed and it will have its own development (to say).

IS: Now would the black and yellow represent by any chance the beginning of understanding?

Forces: It represents the beginning of understanding in a strange sort of way.

IS: Thank you.

IS: My dreams last week strange and out of the ordinary. First were black and white bulls the black bull coming at me but not hurting me. Then the white bull charged out as the black bull went away. What would that mean?

Forces: Question.

IS: The question about my dream.

Forces: This represents a transition within self to develop the strength and fortitude to move on. Also storage of different properties will be revealed as you move on.

IS: The Indians?

Forces: This would represent a certain particular lifetime about 300 years by.

IS: 300 years ago?

Forces: More or less.

IS: I was an Indian?

Forces: Yes.

IS: The Indians were running in front of the black bull.

Forces: Uh huh.

IS: Another dream I see a house, which I’ve seen 3 times in a dream, I always recognize it and I go to it. What is this house and what is happening? Is it a White Brotherhood house?

Forces: The force of magnetism there shall be a wave during certain parts of this day that each and everyone would take command that particular force. Question.

IS: Did HI receive an answer?

Forces: A partial one.

IS: So the answer is not yet to be given but to be found?

Forces: You can see these changes (—-).

IS: So things will be given in the right time?

Forces: At a certain amount of compassion the last one to be had. More or less the things that are ready to be given out for we have watched and storage of many things still lay on the appointments of movements and these things shall come to pass.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The house in my dreams what is that house?

Forces: More or less the subconscious state of the forces of your outer (—).

IS: Outer what?

Forces: Heaven.

IS: Heaven?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Well the last time I was in that house ah they were all very busy and I was almost like an intruder is that correct?

Forces: But the discussion for many new ideas and items shall be coming your way to help with the preparation of this house.

IS: To me?

Forces: (—–).

IS: Preparation with this outer heaven house?

Forces: Correct.

IS: I do not understand physical or astral level?

Forces: You would find it first on the monetary level but then on a astral level it is necessary.

IS: Is it a White Brotherhood house outer heaven?

Forces: This would apply more than the average interest.

IS: Is everything all right with this session?

Forces: More or less we are filtering in and giving of certain things that you will take from here and utilize this week.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now the dream people, two women with almost cloven feet, what is that?

Forces: More or less again the atmosphere of the earth before the, the coming together of the body as you know it, there were many different creatures and live functional theories and practices of beastly kind that had to be eliminated in Atlantis and they appeared the same simple way in that of the foot or the shoe or the shape of it. More or less the misshape of it.

IS: Why did I have it in this dream?

Forces: This was showing the awareness of getting rid of that which is of that moment, questionable.

IS: Then is that for my own development?

Forces: More or less.

IS: Then does it show my kind of principles at one time or another?

Forces: This does come across very nicely.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Am I rid of it?

Forces: A slight tinge of the fever.

IS: Is that why I had problems with my feet?

Forces: This comes about with a lot of tension and pressure of the cement pounding constantly through the shoe into the arch, dispersing of the power does take time but it does have its ah affects.

IS: Was I at one time with those kinds of feet?

Forces: Well it is known that it, it was true.

IS: Was that time that I had those kinds of feet ah a spiritual misfortune?

Forces: It wasn’t. We find it in different periods and sections.

IS: For me personally?

Forces: More or less that of Moses.

IS: In Moses time?

Forces: Correct.

IS: I had feet like that in Moses time?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: I also had this dream two times with fighting with these people and it was said I don’t want to completely destroy you therefore you shall be called the Graceless Knights.

Forces: You would find them have a , a earthly function.

IS: Thank you.

NN: The Knowing that was spoken of the other day in the discussion in the mediation room about the inner loyalty. Could you tell us more of what was meant by the Knowing?

Forces: The difference between the outer and inner and the fine balance to maintain the same.

NN: Does it have to do with understanding about the illusions?

Forces: This you could utilize for about of that aspect two percent.

NN: Could you tell me of my weakness the one that’s the biggest obstacle to keep me from the Knowing?

Forces: Certain aspects of comfortability and a wanting for the moment.

NN: Wanting?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Is there a connection between that knowing and also the Veil that’s in front of the Ark, to be able to see beyond that veil?

Forces: We would find these conditions especially set aside for the systems of the blood. Question.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also that thing that I do with those certain words is that ok is it a real thing?

Forces: You would find them to be real.

NN: Is it all right the way I use it?

Forces: You would.

NN: Thank you very much.

MK: Can you tell us any more about St. Germaine, did he manifest the way it’s written in the ‘Secret Teachings of all Ages’ this he did manifest into many different personalities, situated and found to be all rolled into one sardine.

MK: Was he born in the flesh or did he just manifest from another plane?

Forces: They say he was born of the flesh but would find it to be a very strange individual to begin with, more or less a visitor from the ships.

MK: Thank you very much.

JE: What was Jesus biggest test?

Forces: His biggest test was his Mother. (Laughter)

Forces: We here have been working on a different level with this particular group more or less on a subconscious level talking and working with you and your own programs. We find it that we are setting up a electric field around the house that it will receive many strange aspects and interesting conditions. We ah wouldn’t mind if you experienced what they call the CB radio in your own band this way you might be able to keep track of one another by sending a message rather than phone you could call on the wire and ask for things, it would save a heck of a lot of problems. Set up a channel in your house to the van, which is a good idea and we know we love to spend the money.

Forces: We also must say that with the many forms and different ways of movement you are going into the semester of meeting those people far and wide who will come to the house for spiritual enlightenment progress and unfoldment. Of course you know it is a spiritual hospital and school and the grounds will represent such in time to come as an oasis for the soul needing help.

Forces: We will try to give certain other gifts in many different ways to make it a lot more easier for you and the movements of construction and building will go to that degree. We also would say that expecting visitors who are very influential could come your way and be patient and be positive in their approaching to show and share as best as you can. Keep your mind attentive to the work at hand where you are at in the house and know that there is a lesson and law and condition in back of what you are doing.

Forces: We will speak to you again, preferably (probably) maybe tomorrow at the hour of 10:00.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.