Session 227-4/1/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are with you and watching movements in many different areas. We find that there will be tremendous what would be called instant reactions around the world for many political and mental levels. We find these conditions quite interesting. The idea of movement through space is that you must realize your own movements and acquire them into perfection. We find that there still could be a cold front coming to certain parts of the states. We ah see for Virginia to be affected by this cold. We will do our best to alter the pattern. We also find that there are several governments in the world that we will remove this week personally.

Forces: Ready for your questions.

DD: In the Thomas Covenant books it talks about the people who handle the wood and people who handle the stone are there people like that?

Forces: Those who do handle wood become of a certain force and those who handle stone become of a certain force correct.

DD: Was there among the tribes was there like a tribe that handled wood and one that handled stone?

Forces: This would be not as a tribe but as a personage.

DD: Also the Forrestal is there an entity like that?

Forces: You would find such an energy force.

DD: Thank you very much.

DL: Could you tell me why exactly Beethoven had to go deaf?

Forces: So that he would begin to tap to his inner source rather than depend upon the mental learned knowledge.

DL: Was he successful?

Forces: Well he accomplished what he had to come into the earth to accomplish.

Forces: Half the things that we do when we come into the earth is to accomplish the things we have set ourselves before we came into the earth to accomplish even though they are kind a difficult at first they do become simpler as time goes on. Question.

DL: Does that mean it wasn’t karmetic but he chose?

Forces: It had to be done in order for him to learn the certain sequences of events that do take its course so that the individuals or individual might learn this needed process of development.

DL: Thank you.

DL: Piece that he wrote (—-) what portion of the Bible does that correspond to?

Forces: Yeah um.

DL: The piece that he wrote Fur Elise what portion of the Bible does that correspond to?

Forces: He, he didn’t write that.

DL: He didn’t?

Forces: No he had help with that anyone knew that.

DL: Who wrote it?

Forces: Who wrote it, Jack Swartz. (Laughter)

Forces: Who wrote it well it was more of a, well he designed it but he didn’t have the original idea, well it was given to him by, it was the 14th Chapter of Psalms 14th verse. 14th Psalm you’ll find it there.

DL: Thank you very much.

Forces: Any time.

JU: Did ah—?

Forces: No.

JU: Can you give us some insight into ah Handel?

Forces: Yes you just have a black handle it was only to a pot you pick up the pot with it. Handel was a more of a neurotic at times and sometimes very demanding around those who were around him. He also was very impetuous you’d be (—) with some of the things he did. We find that he demanded and his extension of doing materials of which was (un) horrible. I am I must say that he works pretty harsh, pretty hard at what he was doing he would not relinquish the point of stopping, he always repeated some of his nonsense. Question.

JU: Was the Messiah guided by you?

Forces: Of course he wouldn’t do such a piece by himself.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Could you give a description of the initiation schools at the time of Joseph in Egypt subjects taught and how taught?

Forces: Initiation schools as far as the point in which Joseph reigned was usually undertaken in desert some parts within Egypt itself. There was a particular school that was called out of the mountains in Mount Horab, Hooo-rab; Horab in this particular Mountain you would find that each particular dwelling spot was made out of the stone in which it was carved from. Each particular stone had a certain level in which no one could really climb up to it, but more so you had to climb down to it. Then within this particular structure you would have sounds and tones in which one would (Forces make a funny cough) develop. In this development you would find that they would shred or shed (funny cough) (Laughter) part of their outer garments then develop in the inner structure of the cellular, cellular clockwork the cellular clockwork was a more than likely the, the balancing factor and the tri, tri, (funny cough) trispect of development and most important the, the, e logic, it was the 4 stone corners in which the development took its place (———-).

GL: Could you give us guidelines on how to go about interpreting dreams?

Forces: Yeah remember them (funny cough) (Laughter) your first, is your first guideline in which it would help an individual if he would remember in remembering the diagnoste. Question.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Should we open a door or a window?

Forces: (—) we are perfectly all right here unless you feel like you want to open up a door or window.

MK: The Governments you said were going to be removed can you tell us who they are?

Forces: Ah who, we haven’t decided yet it, (Laughter) whoever doesn’t please our fancy they say huh. There are several different factors involved we cannot reveal everything to you I mean yes were here to answer questions but you know (Laughter) we can’t answer every one of them. (Laughter)

MK: Thank you.

Forces: (—-) there’s such a thing as credentials you know and confidential material and secret and our for eyes-only. Question.

BR: Can a prayer or Psalm be given to me for the times when I feel like I’m being tested, to bring me closer to God?

Forces: You mean when things are going quite bad for you.

BR: Yeah. (Laughter)

Forces: Well would start off with Psalm 42 you would then go on to 44, 45, 46, 47, and then I would jump to 54. If you finish reading all these Psalms you would forget about your problem. (Laughter) Question.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: Yes of course, you are.

BH: The 12 Holy Women and the 12 Apostles?

Forces: You still on that. (Laughter)

BH: Is there a relationship between those two groups?

Forces: Yes of course they were always together they moved and had their being together, they had a, they had a purpose of moving through the countryside together.

BH: Would they be soul counterparts or soul mates as a group?

Forces: Oh they were people we don’t know if they were soul counterparts. (Laughter) Yes some were maybe two or three gathered together four or five but somewhat just generally their poor natural slobish selves.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Was Josie’s real name Josie?

Forces: Would you find that very unusual if I said yes. (Laughter)

BH: Thank you.

NN: Are all of the Laws contained in the Shema?

Forces: You would find, yes you would find that to be correct.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me what subtlety on the spiritual level means?

Forces: Subtlety (funny cough) excuse me I was ah, ah subtlety of spirit. We would find that the subtleness of the spirit can gently moves through the ethers that would explain it.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: (Sneeze) excuse me. Question come on, come on.

RH: Is there a way to practice physically or mentally how to have mind speech or telepathy between ah like between us in the group or is that something that happens without physically trying?

Forces: Do you want a four-course lesson?

RH: Yes.

Forces: Yes, yes (Laughter) that comes with time my dear you don’t get that with a course or lesson you get that through sacrifice. I hope you understand that you don’t get babies just by taking a course.

RH: Thank you.

RH: Is what I do with the kids—?

Forces: That is your business what you do with your kids.

RH: Is it silly or is it—?

Forces: Is it silly, nothing on this earth is silly; the only thing that’s silly is someone who’s asking a question whether it is silly. There’s a purpose in back of everything we do on the earth, even though to us it might seem to be silly, silly has a purpose. Go ahead with your question I’m listening.

RH: Could you tell me what a five-pointed star on someone’s palm represents?

Forces: Yes he has a 5-pointed star on his hand. It represents the wisdom of the east, I’m glad you like that do go ahead.

RH: Thank you.

IS: Now the books that you gave us to read.

Forces: Yes ah did you like them.

IS: Yes but I couldn’t find the major link?

Forces: Where the who we don’t have a book the major link. (Laughter)

IS: Between them.

Forces: Oh (—-) to say what you mean and mean what you say.

IS: What is the link?

Forces: Yes it’s the avenue and of the Spirit. You’ll find different levels of degradation and along with the upliftment of the spirit in different evolutions and cycles and signs in which manifesting at this moment the spirit and the age in which you are at is coming to be. Question.

IS: False wall in living room?

Forces: Yes I think you should do that.

IS: (—).

Forces: If you want to make the false wall in the living room you could make it also a storage place for goodies you know safe, you know what I mean just a little, little platform here and there just make your false wall you put little things inside that you want to keep in a safe position.

IS: It will look like a false wall?

Forces: Yes of course we know you catch on awfully fast.

IS: Not with a door?

Forces: Well as you can do a such a door in such (tape turned over some lost)

IS: What happened to the entity Tom the first time we went to listen to a concert?

Forces: He well he was totally beyond himself he, he was picking up notes and the notes manifested within his physical form you heard of reading notes he acted the notes out.

IS: So it wasn’t the composers?

Forces: No, no, no, no, no it was the notes, the notes themselves manifested in his body. Its horrible (—) notes.

IS: (—-) Emale, Simon——Halina?

Forces: Well I thought it was the best thing that could have happened in a long time it was alright don’t worry about it.

IS: Emale back to New York?

Forces: It might be easy but you don’t think that will be the end of your.

IS: No.

Forces: Of course not she’ll be back on the next bus.

IS: Best thing is to settle her?

Forces: Yes put her down into the place and then visit her every week and help her out, that’s all you just have to get her adjusted to the new environment, she’ll be all right she’s a good girl wild but good.

IS: Tom and my walk in the woods and the things felt there was I really picking up?

Forces: Yes, yes, yes.

IS: The bridges?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: So what is an ocean on this side what would it be on the other side, which dimension are we talking?

Forces: I don’t know which one your talking about.

IS: The one I can’t see?

Forces: Well then why talk about it.

IS: In which dimension is our spring an ocean?

Forces: The fourth dimension.

IS: Then what would our ocean be in the 4th dimension?

Forces: Ah a spring.

IS: Really?

Forces: Of course.

IS: Oh so everything is like reversed.

Forces: Well something sort of like that but not completely but you’ll see that the spring is the ocean here the oceans the spring here everything balances out.

IS: How to help HOP and MAR?

Forces: Some type of encouragement and some type of advice but this will have to be given in time.

IS: She will leave him?

Forces: Oh she’s contemplate the thought of it yes.

IS: Can it be stopped?

Forces: It might be able to be stopped if we only shifted the interest into some other field it, get her involved she’ll be all right if that happens.

IS: And HOP?

Forces: Well I don’t think he could do too much, if he just refreshes himself and puts on a positive, moves he’ll be doing half the battle if he just meets each day and, and not allow his body to stand still.

IS: Help with red problem?

Forces: Yeah we are trying to work with you on that.

IS: What is really happening with the other thing, my own thing?

Forces: Oh this is more of a changing of the cycles and changing of the force field around you.

IS: Pressure lets up when other thing is missing?

Forces: More the less the alleviation and the elevation of certain factors.

IS: Its all right?

Forces: It will work out.

IS: Are you the same force that speaks to us normally?

Forces: No not, not tonight it’s a little different.

IS: Is that for something special?

Forces: Yeah just a special.

IS: Thank you very much.

LK: When someone pops into your head for no reason, you knew years before what does it mean?

Forces: Sometimes just bringing their light around you and trying to hope for the best for them and bringing the light around them and sometimes they are thinking of you at the same time.

LK: Having problems with this (—-) for healing?

Forces: You do have a tendency of not healing to readily; you have also some type of quality, which is a low blood count some time, which comes along with you in cycles. Sometimes when the sun is too close the earth at a certain latitude it affects the clotting of your blood and healing factors.

LK: Anything missing in my body?

Forces: Well you could take on a little bit more iron, a little bit more potassium.

LK: Potassium?

Forces: Yes you find it down the block over to your left.

LK: Was Ralph Vaughn Williams ever a composer in a previous life?

Forces: Yes he was.

LK: Which one was he?

Forces: Anyone you pick your guess I’ll, I’ll see to it that he gets it. Well we find him more or less in what would be Liszt or even further back.

LK: Ralph Vaughn Williams was Liszt.

Forces: Well had that quality around this particular composer.

LK: An associate of Liszt or his pupil or something like that?

Forces: Well let us go and say this. Question.

LK: Thank you.

IS: LA and the children?

Forces: Not at this time next time.

IS: Should LK take vinegar?

Forces: Yeah take vinegar.

Forces: At this time we’re going to have to get going.

Forces: The entity here will be going on a fast for Sunday and Monday and relieving of Tuesday evening.

Forces: Greet, greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.