Session 245. 7/23/97

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We come to see and observe certain items will be manifested in days to come. We have changes on many worldly levels and many (alteration and changes) that are to bring into manifestation of the spiritual essence. This ah year along with the years (you all?) concentrating is what would be considered the groundwork or foundational work to the higher structure. It does take X amount of years to manifest these items nonetheless each has its own purpose and principle (evolved?) for the entity. We find these things will be organized and directed according to the scheduled plan and purpose involved. It is for the evolution in the brain of thinking and process of evolution (—-). All is following as scheduled.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

DD: They speak of (28?) inches for a sacred cube is that the same inches as today?

Forces: When you speak of the 28 it is also the steps of (the entity?) within the soul to manifest into the earth many of its different qualities and lessons learned. The Ark is comprised of these dimensions of initiations, tests which is considered Minus. All the others could be built on top these structures. So you would consider it not a yes but a structure to it.

DD: So it is the same inch?

Forces: It wouldn’t be considered an inch, again it represents those qualities within this earth that (move about?) In a dimension rather that would be double the size of the inch.

DD: Is this the same as what you were talking about in Noah’s Ark, the same measurement represented as the same length?

Forces: You would find it as such.

DD: If I wanted to make a measuring stick to understand parts of the Pyramid, it couldn’t be done on a physical level as a linear measurement?

Forces: You would find some difficulty but not that much it could be done.

DD: So that would mean 56 inches you said double that.

Forces: We find it to work in this perspective.

DD: Is this all right to study these things?

Forces: Its all right to find your balance not to be desperate about finding it, right to find (—) these things.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Were all the apostles living together male and female like a commune?

Forces: You would find it as such.

IS: And the females were invited at that point?

Forces: Some of them were.

IS: John had his own house is that where they all lived?

Forces: Some of them did. No different from the communal structures that you have nowadays.

IS: Just like communal structures today?

Forces: Well similar.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Why are my headaches continuing?

Forces: There is a certain closeness of the sun and also the moon qualities during this month presses on a stress factors involved with this the mothers presence and her anxiety which you do pick up. It should be removed shortly.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: You also have an energy field around that needs to be inverted (—-). (Zikon whining)

IS: I have to do something with an energy field?

Forces: The energy field around the area is being inverted at the moment this has tendencies of creating headaches in individuals.

IS: Is it in all individuals?

Forces: You would find three out of four in the group here have carried headaches this week.

IS: For a period of time or?

Forces: Some for two days others for a day others for three others for four yours being the longest because of the receptive quality of being sensitive.

IS: It will pass away?

Forces: We’ll take care of that immediately.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: The last stained glass panel is it correct?

Forces: We would find it correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Have we done all we can for SUP?

Forces: You had allowed her to go through her own cleansing period only there will be other things to be worked out but remember there’s lots of lessons for her to learn before any development could be had on this end.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: Could you help me understand the other feeling today?

Forces: It is a struggle to but remember the weekend had a certain amount of relaxed period sections its always difficult to get moving on the stroke of things (—-) on a great celebration like that which causes inner struggles within to get back to work which cause a certain tenseness and feeling of inoperative communication with others around you. It’s a quality that needs to be kicked.

DL: About communication?

Forces: Communications with individuals that you do meet, being receptive, being understanding, being aware and most of all allowing your intuitive factors to operate that is knowing that in the intuitive factors you have your creative abilities.

DL: Thank you very much.

BN: What should I be directing my attention towards?

Forces: Spiritual growth we would say things definitely around moving and growing slowly and progressively and a gradual growth on a spiritual level and also (—) be taken on the physical level.

BN: Thank you.

JU: The months as we know them often you’ll say the month of August before the month begins?

Forces: We just gave you a (pre–) warning some months do begin at a certain point of the moon but nonetheless the months that you do know is what we speak of not the other cycles.

JU: A personality like Maimonides was he also a personality in the Bible, someone that reached a spiritual level in one lifetime did he appear in the Bible as anyone we would know?

Forces: Minor characters maybe one major character a large percentage minor roles throughout the Bible.

JU: Thank you.

MK: Is there an Angel or a Force or a Saint for the hours between midnight and noon for each hour?

Forces: Yes you would have an Angel Force for each hour of the day and night.

MK: Could they be given I mean 12 different forces or?

Forces: There is a change within them as time and years and cycles vary, this would indicate instead of giving you an Angel force or Archangel force to a particular hour, is that the Archangel force would be into an alignment of months quality that is during the months from 12 to 1 in the morning we have Raphael and from I to 2 in the morning we have (Zaphkiel?) and from 2 to 3 we have Oriel and from 3 to 4 (stars) Gabriel and 4 to 5 we have (Lafkiel?) 6, 5 to 6 it’s the Michael hour 6 to 7 its what would be considered the changing of the switches and that is readjustment or transposing what was at 12 would be started again for a certain cycle until you complete it again. Then in the evening moments it just reverses itself for that day which would find this to be on a Sunday the hours for this particular moment. So it is for this month on Sunday these hours Monday does change along and so on each month changes having a certain Archangel governing that particular month.

IS: Isn’t that originally why we have 12 months, 12 hours because there are 12 Archangels?

Forces: This is, we have more Archangels but you have 12 major Archangels governing the factors.

IS: So that’s the reason isn’t it?

Forces: Well the major reason is the 12 centers within man for each to be developed in the Ages of mans consciousness represents the months.

IS: So the Archangels are after the centers?

Forces: Governing the centers.

IS: So the Archangel sprang forth as an effect after the centers came into being?

Forces: The Archangels govern that particular center after the center became into being Archangels existed before the center.

IS: Thank you.

MK: Thank you very much.

GL: Could something be given about the history of the Archangels?

Forces: They were the governors or the leaders of the Laws of creative forces that had different Laws in their command.

GL: Thank you.

BH: Is Psalm 132 for the thyroid and pituitary?

Forces: Uh huh.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Is that diet that the obesity clinic gives out with just the protein nutrition drink for 2 months and any other non-caloric drinks, they call it a fast. Is that all right?

Forces: They can work.

BH: Thank you.

RH: Is there any guidance that can be given to me at this time?

Forces: Would suggest that try to do what you must do around the house and not to become timid or shy or put into a thinking process of cans and cans, just getting involved in it and doing it this would help everything around you much better.

RH: Thank you very much.

JE: In the level of the Hierarchy what is right under the Seraphim and Cherubim?

Forces: You have the Seraphim and Cherubim’s and then you have the Thrones and the Principalities. This does change as the evolution of man develops.

IS: Are the Thrones a separate thing from the Principalities?

Forces: They are.

IS: So second is the Thrones?

Forces: There was a time when Principalities was there and Thrones was after.

IS: Why did it change?

Forces: The consciousness of man changed therefore they had to change to help mans development.

IS: So they had to come down?

Forces: Yes.

Forces: (noise in background) I suggest you close the door.

IS: Was it voluntary?

Forces: Yes different cycles or centers or Arcs change to help out for the purpose of the whole.

IS: Was that a very sad change for the Principalities?

Forces: No each one had to do work and out what they could adjust themselves to.

IS: What did the Thrones feel.

Forces: This deals more or less with the elusiveness of man, the spirit of man in its essence.

IS: Thank you.

JE: What are the Thrones?

Forces: The people with big throats (laughter).

JE: Thank you.

BR: Years ago Tom talked about where the Masters go to be taught and for each planet there’s a Christ and he mentioned that there were Castles and men on earth at that moment in time had picked up and had built these castles. Where do they exist and can anything else be given on this place.

Forces: Some exist in Newfoundland others exist in Greenland others exist in the South American countries and others exist in Israel and what would be considered Jordan.

IS: Are some black and some white forces?

Forces: Some would be considered of a black force nature.

IS: Are some white?

Forces: Majority of them are white.

IS: Thank you

BR: Thank you.

NN: What does Psalm 150 by itself do?

Forces: It stands alone, deals with the eyes the nose the ears and the esophagus.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving. We are still checking, just to check to see how you are doing knowing that the future days to come will be very creative and very fulfilling.

IS: Thank you for allowing that expression of the stained glass to come forth for all of us in that place.

Forces: Its truly as we had said an interesting display of the spirit you all will be very popular throughout Charlottesville.

IS: Will it affect (—-)?

Forces: Well some will know it consciously others will know it subconsciously it should become a theme of the whole restaurant. They had built the restaurant for the stained glass and the stained glass for the restaurant.

Forces: The entity is going on a fast it should be completed till the 28th of July but liquids is acceptable solids are not.

IS: Till when?

Forces: The 28th of July.

IS: Should we buy a new water heater and washer and dryer?

Forces: The apparatuses would eventually need repairing again and again also its about due time to bring in a certain factor (—-) in the development with the old just generally shedding their skins in fact for the new. Be all right to go ahead we would suggest such a deal.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We would speak to you again this week coming up.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.