Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have just arrived in a fashionable style. (Thundering in background) (Any laughing to do here) we thought we would speak to you (Laughing) of our couple of surprises up our sleeves one of them being me. As far as your situation today is concerned we only say be conscious and work hard and get moving in many other respects of building and construction. You all have taken the slower turn lately, if we have to spark you up we will. The thing is watch your work habits just give it an honest effort and it should not fail you. And although those things seen and heard these are the most impressive sites to be (Tremendous Thunder) (group laughs) Now do we have to couch you any more. Work habits to be watched. It will be a beneficial lesson if you just do what you have to do and before long it will be an item of joy and not of pain. (Someone sneezes) Forces say God Bless you) then your welcome. There shall be great changes coming for everyone no exceptions. Everyone is in it the world the country the cities the counties everyone will have to make the final commitments and it shall shake a couple of cities beyond belief but as we have said before if you make your commitments and keep them no matter how much no matter what the drain is keep it strong and it shall pay off in the end. Weaknesses are always within self there is always the weakness the body wants to rest constantly you give into that and you soon shall lose your toes and your body shall become less and less active and more and more inactive. So for your own life’s sake and your life’s expectancy one must be active in producing for the sake of living. It shall protect you and guide you as best as it can it only asks that your work habits just be looked at. We shall be there when you need us and shall show the signs when you call upon us we cannot leave you alone or forsaken even in the darkest hours. Now with our speedy entrance we only reassure you that the days ahead will be that of trials and a (—-) test for those who cannot sacrifice or refuse to give up their personal freedoms or better yet their personal luxuries. The time is growing short all around we must take advantage of the most we have so we can manifest and finish the work ahead and the items given to you to accomplish.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you help me understand in the middle ear where the crystals are formed and how it relates to a ship?

Forces: This forms so-called crystals are in the frequencies of receptivity and communication from the other world.

DD: Is this the same crystal you talked about in the ship?

Forces: The power within the ship (traveling) across many dimensions at the speed of sound and time and light creating within its wake a great deal of speed and movement. Unfortunately many a time we have created thunderstorms by our speed and the lightning has inter-reacted with those sectors that are overwhelmed with the week (weak?). Along with those qualities of (food) must be put in its proper perspective not food fit for a king but that food should just be a ample supply of course but at the same time (—) enough. (—) are ready for these changes to come but remember the changes within self must be accomplished first. Question.

IS: The repeat dream on that house and showing me the building from the foundation on and the sphinx that wouldn’t allow me to get in. What is that?

Forces: This is a preparatory dream of the future and events that could and should be manifest as times goes on.

IS: So that house exists on the physical level to?

Forces: It does not exist per se but it does exist at the same time.

IS: Why am I being shown it all these different things happening?

Forces: Certain signs and awareness and principles are being revealed to you at the moment when you can most ah mostly use it.

IS: What does the sphinx represent?

Forces: Silence and victory, victory of silence.

IS: And him coming to life (light?)?

Forces: This is a natural Presence in which the Son of Life (Light?) has the power in the New Age to enter into manifestation of caution (—-).

IS: So is it showing me something I have to conquer?

Forces: In one respect it is the schedule and the items ahead that are stored not that the qualities need to be changed but items of patience and waiting until the building is made and completed by the higher sphere so we can return it to you in its proper guidance.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything to help DD to get him out of this semi catatonic state?

Forces: More or less movement of thoughts and power. The ability to understand that all things around him is implied for a direct relationship with a growing knowledge and wisdom of the secrets.

IS: Will that happen for him?

Forces: It will if the entity chooses to tune on to the proper (—-) and frequency.

IS: Understood what’s wrong with RU?

Forces: A certain understanding of it yeah composition and complements of different variance generally it would find its principles in such.

IS: Now in Deuteronomy Chapter 12 verse 15 they speak about any clean or unclean beast may be eaten except the blood, is it for the person or the beast?

Forces: It is the beast that we speak about.

IS: You are bringing in the time after Jesus?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Moses says a prophet that comes to you even with miracles and they come true do not believe him. So he closed the door at that point.

Forces: There is a certain point of reference here (yes?), the people were lead directly astray by there own thoughts and desires and there only desperate hope or chance or guiding and correcting this energy was to levy such a ah statement upon the congregation.

IS: Was that the major reason why Jesus was not accepted?

Forces: Not really because at that particular time of Jesus many of the Jews did not follow ah the Jewish religion coherently only the fanatics and the religious rich.

IS: So if you want to believe you believe if not you don’t believe?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Thank you.

IS: You said last Session about things that need to be gotten for this future time could you tell me what are those things?

Forces: You have acquired some of the blankets that are necessary ah linens and bandages and first aid equipment could be supplied ah seeds ah we also have some amounts of what would be considered certain maps of certain areas and opening up and looking into acquiring a well for yourselves.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Will the lights be out for long.

Forces: We will see to it that it won’t be out to long we’ll work on it in a hippity hop and get it smart and put it back in order like a light bulb should be.

IS: It shows the inefficiency of ah—?

Forces: You just have to hit the right wires in order to get a Session?

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: Could you help me understand the electrocution dream that I had please?

Forces: This is a final warning to rejuvenate the spirit and get it moving in the right direction before the blob takes over again.

DL: Thank you very much.

DL: Also 3 factors L brothers?

Forces: (—) social worker, absence of the (—) and the Mother doesn’t make a difference.

DL: Mother (—).

Forces: No the Mother does not make a difference.

DL: Therapist does?

Forces: Yes of course.

DL: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell me —?

Forces: Repeat that again.

GL: What’s the spiritual or karmetic cause of rheumatoid arthritis?

Forces: Selfish greed.

GL: Is that the same thing with Lupus?

Forces: Evil thoughts and selfish greed and not always thinking of others but selfish thoughts, others being wrong.

GL: Thank you.

GL: What would be the spiritual treatment of this kind of disease?

Forces: Baths waters lights baths waters sand ocean ah and also removement of the patterns of thinking processes.

GL: How would that be applied?

Forces: Ah very slowly.

GL: Would the lights help that kind of thing?

Forces: First you got to get the thoughts out of the head. You could turn all the lights on in Christendom and the lights on Broadway and the person will still think the way that person wants to think.

GL: Remember it’s your thinking process people that cause all your problems look at your thinking process and you can eliminate half your problems. Remember thinking process creates our own problems.

GL: Thank you.

BR: Could it be given who Moses was before he was Moses?

Forces: Moses was a piece of dirt.

BR: After that?

Forces: Before what.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Before his incarnation as Moses did he have any incarnations that we would recognize?

Forces: You would recognize him in many different avenues but nothing ah exceptionally major in the Old Testament.

IS: When a personality reaches a certain point of that kind of greatness as Moses achieved ah even though he erred that personality detaches itself and becomes one unto itself is that correct?

Forces: This would be correct.

IS: Thank you.

RH: Could you tell me what the dream I had with the children and the monster that I tried to push them out of the way and Zikon jumping in saved me?

Forces: More or less ah the ah initial response of ah creating protection around the child Christ consciousness and the faithfulness of obedience without question.

RH: Thank you and that same night the—?

Forces: The biggest problem we have is our questioning mind ah if we could only get through without questioning and just put faith there we would make tremendous strides half the problems that we are meeting is that our faith is not strong and we question with our logical mind everything therefore movement does not exist it is only a continuation of one stagnant situation after the other.

RH: Was that dream good?

Forces: It was not ending good it was just another warning for preparation of self.

RH: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain the situation I encountered late this afternoon what I should do about it?

Forces: We find the situation a combination of impatience and also reading too much into it we would stress that you just work it out through the regulations and laws and being what would be considered righteously right and kind and accurately impressed with the rules of good showmanship.

JE: So nothing will come of it?

Forces: It’s not a major or minor it’s the point that ah if it is major you must make it minor, if its minor you must make major its depending upon how you receive it you must receive it in the right perspective and it will work itself out.

JE: How did I handle it?

Forces: You handled it ah all right we find other avenues that could have been ironed here and there but it ah needs a little bit more plane old detail, experience will teach you how to handle that.

JE: Thank you very much.

JU: Is there some guidance you can give me at this time?

Forces: We would just advise that you would take a close look at yourself and try to shore up other parts that are very weak and try not to always feel defensive and react with words or expressions of defense but rather to see the message that is being given to you ah one can only help himself if he knows he needs help which in your case you have to understand that you need help.

JU: Thank you very much.

BH: Can anymore be given on the laser method—?

Forces: The laser method can be used its, its adequately featured in many catalogues up here (laughter) but ah its kind of outmoded in, in, in time and space. There’s nothing really great about the laser beam its just another toy for the big ah mind physicians to play around with and realize that that 20 years from now its not really healthy to bother with it.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean in proverbs the 7 abominations in the heart?

Forces: These are the 7 trials and tribulations and 7 tests that man must go through and put under dominion.

NN: Do they have specific names that could be given at this point?

Forces: Well take a look at all the things that you need to correct within self and you will find the names.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Could anything be given about Wendy?

Forces: (—–) we wouldn’t have her work for us but she’s not a bad girl. Any other question.

LK: What’s with the re-animation centers being opened in Russia?

Forces: Oh just trying to take important people and extending their life cycles ah by replanting other body members within.

LK: Reviving people who have died of heart attacks is that a positive thing or negative?

Forces: Well remember the heart attack was there for a reason or whatever ailment breaking down, remember the breaking down is going to happen again because it is in your thinking process.

LK: So it’s not positive or negative they’ll try to do it but it won’t work?

Forces: Well its like blowing a tire you run over a nail you can change all the tires you want but ever certain time you take off and run over that single nail its going to blow a tire its you know—.

LK: What does it do to the soul?

Forces: I thought you were going to ask what does it do to the tire (laughter) kind of makes it exhausted ever try to get into a ah highway system and the feeding lane and you only have X amount of room and every single time you do creep into it you have another car blocking you and pushing you back out while eventually that feeding lane ends now doesn’t it.

LK: Why is this whole thing such a big happening now?

Forces: Well why, why, why mans mind wanting to be king of the mountain man wants eternal youth its not just happening its always been in mans creepy character.

LK: Thank you.

MK: Can you tell us what a healing with the voice ceremony was like in the Temples in Egypt?

Forces: Who told you about that.

MK: You mentioned it in another Session.

Forces: Well we can tell you about it but we just don’t want to (laughter).

MK: Thank you.

Forces: The healing of the voice is a very strange ceremony its happens in different levels especially when you here us speak to you it’s a different ceremony that goes on we can sing, say, talk, walk, chalk, eat anything we want to do and that force that comes through the Lullaby of Broadway and all that it goes into your system and turns, turns yearns, hearns, burns and into your blood and then we just work out the yinktles.

MK: That happens here but in Egypt?

Forces: Shure does happen here.

MK: Were the common people allowed to attend?

Forces: Common people I haven’t seen an uncommon person yet.

MK: Did you—?

Forces: Did we ever.

MK: Specialty—?

Forces: I just answered it.

MK: Thank you.

Forces: Your welcome.

Forces: Sometimes we wonder where they dug you up from. (Laughter)

BN: Is there a particular type of karmic pattern that leads to the various—?

Forces: You better believe it.

BN: Could it be given at this time?

Forces: Anytime it can be given. (Laughter) This is a pattern in which the thoughts enter into evil or into hate affecting the blood then running in to the nervous system causing a blacklash. I did not say backlash I said blacklash. We’re not prejudice mind you it just happens to be a blacklash. (Laughter)

BN: Thank you.

BN: Also in the —?

Forces: Do you know what a blacklash is. You care to find out what it is.

BN: What’s a blacklash?

Forces: We thought you’d never ask. (Laughter) Blacklash is when the, the ah electronic system to the medulla oblongata or the (macromonic) system shuts down causing what would be called a jumping of messages throughout the gray matter of the brain which cause a short circuit to the heart system now doesn’t that sound interesting.

BN: Yes.

BN: What kind of thoughts should these people focus on?

Forces: You wouldn’t believe it but if you give them nursery rhymes to read it will help them tremendously. You notice how we got everything quiet out there.

Forces: We are finished at the moment we are busy we must move on we’ll speak to you again ah we’ll get everything in operating order before you know it ah remember patience, movement work order, discipline schedule, remember your schedules are very important get yourselves a schedule people and stick to it don’t deviate from it tradition is very important and your schedule that will be your saving grace remember get a system and stick by it come hell or high water more so the later than the first.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.