Session 253-8/28/79

SESSION 253 8/28/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching closely many developments and situations of different standards and find things moving along on schedule. There are those things items that will be met and the strengths of achieving will be strong. Of course you have new plans and ideas now coming into this consciousness and the new Breath of Creation about ready to turn on. With each passing turn this particular group makes it does do what would be considered major evolutions and turns to accomplish its directions. Each turn will make it a different expression or a different force of the spirit be expressed. This would make you stronger of worldly level or the things of basics of how to take proper care and use of these basic items. We are watching and protecting you all as best as we can from a lot of negative thoughts. (Find your soul) and bring it to you the spirit of progress and, and involvement for growth. We only can stress that in your own personal developments during this time you will find the one of commitments, as August is the month of prayer so is it a personal commitment to those prayers that one says.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Is everything moving along with the legal things?

Forces: We find everything moving according to plan with the strengths and endeavor and what you want to be doing (is an) accomplishment. We’re trying to keep track of the ah situation and intervene as best as we can during the situation (—-) as you move along. We have come to the strong points of meeting and accomplishing the appropriate goals.

DD: Thank you.

DD: I was reading the Egyptian Book of the Dead and it talks in their about some kind of a draught board some kind of a game they played could you explain what that was?

Forces: There are many different and particular types of games that were being played at that time that is properly interesting it was more like chess with some type of ah game the ah coyote or more of a howling wolf in which different moves on the board and different blockages and different ah strategies to ah check one or the other movements through this ah sinking. You have other types of boards which had a up and down type movement and this was more like your day of ping pong but it follows a different type of style with the individual playing it in itself. You have sticks, which also would be used so you have different variance of the board game and each one has a different purpose and principle in back of it all relating to some spiritual messages in the beginning but finally working down to the vary basics.

DD: How did they originate?

Forces: Messages of the spirit or the astral world communicating through certain games and these games ah could be related to the subconscious by playing.

DD: Before you talked about the measuring device they used to make ships and things is it possible to make that on the physical level?

Forces: It would be possible to make it certain conditions have to be at its (prime) and its best environment. This will take time for the time factor is very important before it can be absorbed into the third dimension again.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Is it correct that the entity Tom is going through one of his most difficult tests?

Forces: Well there are some inner trials and feelings of the love he had for the entity who left but it is also perceiving the future plans and course that now has to be in operation for he was given two courses to follow and if in case this particular member left then he would filter in on the second plan and subconsciously he is now receiving information about the days to come of the plans to follow which will alter from the original plans that were made.

IS: The second plan is for the whole group?

Forces: It is for the group as a consciousness like a ship sailing through the ocean now he’s just changing his star charts to a different constellation.

IS: How long will this process be going on?

Forces: Unstill he receives all the information acquires it and assumes it and puts it in its proper order.

IS: Is the change good or bad?

Forces: (—) be no ah bad changes it just means more information on what is to be accomplished.

IS: How can I help him in this moment?

Forces: Just be there and be receptive to your own intuition.

IS: Thank you.

IS: RH and mother?

Forces: You have many different depressions and conflicts and wanting to know the future and the state of what ones wants to do you have a back and forth of wanting to return versus wanting to stay and move on by herself and develop her own personal life as she wishes. This is a complex up and down pattern and eventually it will all come to a conclusion and go on to express the final outcome.

IS: Which will be?

Forces: Ever thing is now pointing to an individual expression of a personal pattern in the worldly level.

IS: Will she understand it?

Forces: Well we understand that she understands very little of understanding so we’re not hoping for much.

Forces: Previous questions we see some ups and downs but some direct or indirect transforming to be taken but we are going to try to get involved to clear this up as best as possible we can move on. Question.

NN: What’s the consciousness at Crutchfield and my Mother represent that I’m trying to work out.

Forces: A worldly power.

NN: Thank you.

NN: You mean desiring worldly power?

Forces: Ah eh the jet, ah well the clubbish type social worldly society.

NN: What is the best remedy for working that out of myself?

Forces: Keeping your Bible always near you.

NN: Thank you.

NN: In Psalm 86 is there something specifically that gives energy?

Forces: Is a rejuvenating Psalm.

NN: Thank you.

BH: What would be the difference in karma between somebody who gets a brain tumor and somebody who goes insane?

Forces: One is kept a little longer so he might understand what he has to do the other one just crosses over to the imaginary world.

BH: Thank you.

BH: What do frogs represent?

Forces: Frogs.

BH: Yes.

Forces: Frogs. Those frogs we’ve got frogs and peaches, (Laughter) or peaches and frogs. Frogs huh. Frogs they represent swampy ideas ah muddy thoughts ah yeah represent ah negative perceptions limitations short hops of course.

BH: Thank you.

RU: Who is the man in black that walks around in the new school building?

Forces: Ohh it’s spooky. Repeat the question.

RU: Who is the man in black that walks around in our new school building that used to be a church?

Forces: Ohh I don’t know ah if I was you I wouldn’t bother him anybody in black not normally a good guy ah could have been the priest who ran the school many years got caught up in it and refused to go on to the other side.

RU: Are any of those places possessed?

Forces: Yes.

RU: How can that be dealt with?

Forces: Ohh, ohhh (Laughter) wash it down with apple cider vinegar and 4 bay leaves, plus one pinch of thyme and then take holy water from Lourdes and sprinkle it on the forces.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Speaking of Lourdes you will all be half of you some of you will making a trip to Lourdes in France coming up soon.

IS: How come?

Forces: Certain force fields that are going to accumulate there in that area. Anyhow we’re in the mood for a trip.

IS: The whole group?

Forces: No, no. Half of the group but this won’t come for a while so lets move on. Question.

RU: In regard to the—?

Forces: He must learn how to come up with disciplines to save money and to recognize that they should save money, it happened because of the waste and there financial output in the months past which this is part of the reaping of it, if they only would have respected the saving process they would have not the difficulty.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Any help—?

Forces: Just remind them to analyze the saving process and certain things will manifest and come their way.

RU: (—–) cutting?

Forces: It has to be done.

RU: Thank you.

DL: Guidance at this time?

Forces: Well you do good to read the Hobbit again and the trilogy of that sequel, also to look under different colors for the office where you work the best color for the urine analysis is the blue Buckingham blue of course you all know of the blue is the best color because it makes a person go wee-wee, it makes it cleaner and fresher and you have blue and white then to affect the nervous system ands ah as strange as it is blue white and a tint of green affects the kidneys. Blue stained glass is the perfect element for clearing up the kidneys. Someday a person can be put under a high ultra light of blue and they won’t need a machine just focus on the kidney area.

DL: Thank you.

IS: Visitors to house—?

Forces: It’s not wrong it has to be we are showing some spiritual sides and this is helping them with their positive thinking and creating in their own lives.

IS: About Emale and her apartment?

Forces: Well let a day or so pass by and bring it up again looking for it but not buying it is one good thing for her system but patience should be had in this case.

IS: Best thing is the other apartment?

Forces: Well the best thing is for her to be patient then other things can work itself out.

IS: Thank you.

BN: Is there an elective—?

Forces: Hum neurosurgery not that your going to be a cutter but bones and, and brains are the best.

BN: Would out patient neurology and the other in medical neurology (tape ends)

BN: In the development of the embryo is it the electromagnetic field that guides the cells migrations?

Forces: The astral world that guides the vibration.

BN: Does this work; does this use the electromagnetic field as an intermediary in the physical planes?

Forces: As a counter reaction of the system.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Here are the places we have chartered for you to visit in time you shall go to Ireland, England then Lourdes in Ireland you shall go to Limerick, Dublin and County Kork and County Klaire then you shall go to England and mess around (—) you shall make a trip to the Stonehenge the you shall go to Scotland a few days and then go over to France to Lourdes and then back home. This is part of the schedule we’re trying to plan out for you in the years to come. And you shall take a trip to Spain and Portugal and to Italy and then to some other places.

IS: How about Israel?

Forces: Then you shall take one trip to Israel and Athens and then if everything goes well the countries still alive you shall go to China. So these are the different places that will be visited but in time we have to work on it to get you there we might pick you up one day, save carfare.

IS: Is that really possible to be done?

Forces: Anything’s possible no one has to know how you got there.

IS: Right even if I told them they wouldn’t believe it.

Forces: These are some of the plans. Question.

BR: Was there a tribe assigned to carry the body of Joseph out of Egypt?

Forces: Benjamin had the task of doing this.

BR: Thank you.

MK: The recent explosions on the sun are they affecting the weather and what other influences do they have?

Forces: This is the psychic explosion, it is a war between the black and the white, the evil and the good but it’s a major confrontation on the spiritual side versus the santanic side.

JE: What should be done to my eye?

Forces: You could soak it or you can withdraw it from the area and time is the factor with the eye it is healing but does take time. Potato peel they say is good too and time and just patience but you can remove it with a optical utensil.

JE: Which is the best?

Forces: Either one whatever you choose.

JE: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell me what’s been happening at work?

Forces: You need to get back.

JB: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We just say that move along and be patience and many things will open up for you and the new horizons will be limitless to express this knowledge and about these qualities on worldly and physical level. You got a chance to express the spiritual side through it.

Forces: At this time we’ll be leaving ah we will watch the situations involved with and try to get involved directly to help it along. There’s going to be some good happenings in different areas. We will try to again get involved with it directly and get it underway. We will not leave the area we will stay around and be here the overcast is our presence we have been here for a while. Just be positive and we will send some good news your way to help you along.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.