Session 287-2/28/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have seen the quality of movement around and find the world’s situations pick up steam once again it’s a great deal of changing back and forth. The Iranian situation looks still up in the air in fact the whole country is up there. Some days you’ll be able to get the hostages out and other days it looks farther away it’s a back and forth relationship. But as far as the other areas in the world there should be some ah minor major happenings. (Attacks?) on this country is as far as the prestige and ah the political theater. Also would look to certain places of South America and Africa going through their turmoil’s and troubles. As far as you are all concerned the best thing is to keep in a positive atmosphere and receive as best as you can the perceptivities of channelings that are in front of you, these guidance’s will be taken and consider and your movement on would be done.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Would the mystical language of the Druids be what we call today Celtic Art and combine that with musical notes?

Forces: Yes you could describe it as that also stones and minerals and shapes were involved in that.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: In Revelation they describe the animal forms that certain countries will take like the Bear, the Dragon does that correspond exactly to what we think of today as those animals like Russia the Bear, China the Dragon?

Forces: Yes they seem to fit very nicely.

IS: So it is the exact same thing?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

BH: Could you give me some guidance for when I harden my heart?

Forces: Well peperoni is good (Laughter) we would say the best thing for you during those times is to have a pizza. (Laughter) Treat yourself to something like a snack or a donut or then your heart will relax.

BH: Thank you.

NN: The dream that Isis had (—-)?

Forces: More or less it deals with your internal thinking and to keep your house clean and receptive to the spirit.

NN: Thank you.

IS: A warning (—-)?

Forces: Just to be acceptable and receptive to the forces and the messages rather than the worldly conditions.

IS: For both of us?

Forces: Yes.

IS: More cheese (—–)?

Forces: Cheese is good for him um huh.

IS: Thank you.

GL: I was going to sleep and I had a dream and praying in the dream woke up it was like being in two places at once?

Forces: More or less entering into a prayer state or a mood of protection against mental attacks ah the prayer states also work out on a subconscious level, which is a tremendous defense for the enemy ah (—–) signaled yourself to pray and which has its affects tremendously.

GL: Thank you.

JE: The boy that has epilepsy is there anything that can be given?

Forces: Strange as it is he needs a certain amount of love and music also will help him and if he eats certain amount of vegetables and, and or taking of the Vitamin C conditions this would help him out a lot green vegetables and vegetables of red color and to stay away from the sugars as much as possible.

JE: Thank you.

BR: Psalm 104 talks about seas and ships on those seas, could you tell us what those ships are?

Forces: These are messages from the other side of the world telling people things, souls.

BR: Thank you.

BN: When I meditate sometimes I shake all over?

Forces: Just let it happen these are called the shakes. (Laughter)

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Your welcome.

JU: How can I move and become more productive?

Forces: Just listen to your voice inside and not turn it off.

JU: (——)?

Forces: Yes the voice will tell you what you need to do.

JU: Thank you.

DD: The Weavers carried something similar to a harp like the Druids?

Forces: More or less it was in the form of a half a C and the hand could hold it.

DD: What would be the dimensions of it and how many strings?

Forces: About the size of the hand four strings.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Can the tribes be counted as 14 if you add Manasseh and Ephraim?

Forces: Yes if you want um huh.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Could any more be givens on the centers?

Forces: We left you with the solar plexus and we’re still there aren’t we.

BH: Yes.

Forces: The best thing for the solar plexus is the receiving of certain forces, they say that if you place a ah well protection of these centers is good ah placing sometimes a silk handkerchief rejuvenates this section ah all these centers do take time in there own ah growing of energy and we would just suggest that the solar plexus constantly gives and silk handkerchief sometimes rejuvenates them.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: We talk more to you on the centers as we go on.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Dream that I had in van going to New York and Isis was sleeping in back of van and other things happened could an interpretation be given at this time?

Forces: We have to see your dream so we can understand it.

GL: In the dream we were traveling and Isis was lying down in the back like she was in this level and she woke up and said she had a dream with three women in it and third woman was deaf and terrible really bad a really bad dream like a nightmare and I turned around and I started to pray and a white bird came down and something struck me in the middle of the forehead. Then Isis said no, no don’t drag him into this he’s got enough to handle without that as well and it was like we have to climb up out of it and I turn around (—) I think I can understand that and then it seemed like we were traveling through the city at that point and then ah, during the time of the prayer it seemed as though I could feel a ship there or something.

Forces: This is more of your evolution from a, a lower level to a higher level and leaving a transition from one state of consciousness of thinking into a brand new understanding of the spirit revelation around you.

GL: That’s the whole dream?

Forces: That gives you the understanding of your movement now into other levels of consciousness and understanding.

IS: That woman?

Forces: Transition of the receptive part in him.

GL: Thank you.

BN: What will Haley’s Comet bring when it comes?

Forces: Is it due in 84.

BN: I think so.

Forces: Um huh it always brings some type of ah eruption and governmental revolutions.

BN: Any particular countries?

Forces: Oh everything.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: China, Russia, Turkey, India ah Europe, Africa (—) South America everything.

BN: Thank you.

JU: Picture on cover of book about the Gestapo and it always bothers me could you tell me why?

Forces: Its good to read about that so you (tape ends) concentration camps will allow certain feelings and understandings of the human behavior and how man can fall into such a pit and to prevent man from doing that again.

JU: Thank you.

IS: My last headache attack?

Forces: More of a mental attack of black forces.

IS: Was it because of the victory of this past—?

Forces: Yes. Um huh.

IS: Is it from specific people?

Forces: Sometimes envious people who wish they could have gone along or other sections without them realizing it.

IS: How can I protect myself from something like that?

Forces: When we say envious people were not only implying on the physical level but there are also those that you had met in New York City who that projected some ah attacks on you this is what you were going through to. Turquoise also should help you a lot for to ward this off.

IS: After the headache I can put on Turquoise?

Forces: Turquoise to prevent the taking on of the attack.

IS: Once I have it can I do anything?

Forces: What you did was the best thing for it.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: You said a silk scarf around the solar plexus around the waist area would be protection?

Forces: Right.

NN: Directly underneath the clothes?

Forces: Yes um huh.

NN: Could you say more about that?

Forces: That’s enough for the moment.

NN: Thank you.

LK: With the Sherlock Holmes stories why do I find them so fascinating now?

Forces: Well your consciousness is expanding and your beginning to look for the little details.

IS: He was involved in the spiritual things right?

Forces: Yes.

BH: The healers in the temple at the time of Jesus were they under the direction of Jesus?

Forces: Some of them were yes and other Masters.

BH: Thank you.

JE: I seem to have problems with my eyes lately is there something I can do?

Forces: What is the matter.

JE: They’re hurting and bloodshot and one is starting to swell up again.

Forces: The ah resting of the eyes warm compresses ah what would be considered almond oil or aura glow would help you out also castor oil packs would help the eye a lot.

IS: How about teabags?

Forces: Teabags of course is excellent.

JE: Thank you.

BN: When I was working with the acupuncture points with Isis are there better ways to work with it, stick with a few points or rotate around needle or finger pressure or?

Forces: Each and every one is handled very nicely different times different things.

IS: Why did it have such an affect on me?

Forces: Cause there was a tremendous amount of tension that was going through the hand.

IS: So for me it couldn’t be used at that point?

Forces: Sometimes it could it just needs to go in a little slower.

BN: Thank you.

JU: Could you tell us the origin of the three that we know of symbols of the music staffs where those shapes came from?

Forces: Land of Mu they call it.

JU: What were they there?

Forces: More of the Mother symbols and the child symbol.

JU: Did they ever take the physical form of a staff that?

Forces: Energy pure e-thic, etheric energy.

JU: And they affect the notes that are played under them?

Forces: Of course yes.

JU: Govern it?

Forces: Um hum.

JU: Thank you.

DD: The Druids are said to worship Noah and the 8 people in the Ark is this related to the Cube and the Octagon at the center?

Forces: Well let us say they worshiped the, the Laws and the Spirit it was given during that time and that was the working is of the Octagon and also the land of ah information and resources were given. Ah interesting there is a, a, a instrument that was derived from this ah it was from the ah, ah Mohamedism 600 area ah where they had Astronomy involved this was a course of the Celtic information and handed down in such a way that it found itself in this scope in which they have a, a triad of the stars on a flat surface giving the scales giving the scales and the numbers of each constellation and this was handed down from not only Greece and Latin ah no not Latin but Greek ah Histories and what was handed down through the Celtics who were involved a lot with Astronomy.

DD: Thank you.

IS: The land of Tyre where was it located?

Forces: Read the text where you had come from it or where did you find the name Tyre.

IS: Ezekiel is speaking about it (Hebrew) but—?

Forces: We find it ah near that section near the Arab, Saudi Arabia is the name.

IS: It was surrounded by water.

Forces: There is a portion of it surrounded by water which goes all the way up from Saudi Arabia and on into ah what would be considered the, into Spain and that would be the whole section which would be the Mediterranean Sea and the ah Atlantic Ocean.

IS: And they had all these fine things in their Empire that people came from all over the world to buy from them?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Also you had that same Empire that was located in Aus., Australia.

IS: What finally overthrew that whole Empire?

Forces: Ah more of a self-destruction within the codes of living.

IS: So they just dissipated?

Forces: They married within the same family structure, which caused blood diseases, but not to the way we understood it, they’re more of a spirit disease.

IS: And finally just dies out?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That must have taken thousands of years?

Forces: And calamities here and there.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Are there any people left from that today?

Forces: Not really.

IS: Did they have any specific kind of—?

Forces: You have some in the north part of Africa.

IS: You mean black people today.

Forces: Some of them.

IS: Did they have anything specific that they excelled in?

Forces: The science and the clothing and the music aspect.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Can anything be given for DL?

Forces: (—-) plenty of liquids of course and ah he understands some of the conditions that he had opened up with the area of sickness and plenty of liquids and the rest and ah and soups would do good.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving ah for those who are on your fast ah tonight you can come off of it and have a ah whatever you feel you need to have and a sandwich we would advise and then you can go back on it ah, ah later on ah in the morning and ah we would suggest you all come off of it for tonight a second and go back on it.

Forces: Wondering yes.

IS: Should BR be on a fast?

Forces: If it feels her well it should be all right we wouldn’t advise to do it too often but there’s no danger.

IS: Anybody else from the girls that are doing it?

Forces: Just as long as they feel well in it they should be ok.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.