Session 288 2/29/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching the things that are going on as far as the government’s movements should be a very busy year all the way around one item following another. We have been watching the world conditions a lot for this year would dictate the Soviet conditions of ah movements. Of course in their own sphere they are ah waning a little bit they are having a tremendous amount of opposition that they thought was impossible now is manifesting to the point where they are thinking twice before taking this land area over. There is a tremendous amount of help coming from their neighbor of Afghanistan ah Pakistan and this seems to have them frustrated to some degree. As far as you are all concerned we only ask the strength and movement and spiritual faith that will give you that movement and cooperative quality will gain much control and grounds in the days to come.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you explain what the Caldron of Ceridwen is what the Druids used to receive inspiration through?

Forces: Well there were many caldrons you would call it some were for a chair or a open center into the hole in the earth in which someone would receive messages from or sit on or suspend themselves over, others would bow upside down to extend themselves in to receive some sort of revelation. You have all sorts of different ah experiences that were going on and you have also the flute type ah, ah trumpet that people would hear or listen into to receive messages. So these would give some explanation of that (—-).

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Could more be given about the number 14 being the Universal number of creation?

Forces: Well you have your 14 generations at ah looking at the Bible you’ll see the linage of Jesus 14 generations from one point to the other point, 14 generations from David to another point then 14 generations from one Abraham to one point and on and on and then 14 generations from that point to Jesus so 14 is a Creative number and also is a Universal number of foundation and, and strength.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Last night you gave me a formula for oil for my hands and one of the ingredients was Hibiscus oil where can I find this or is there a substitute ingredient?

Forces: Have you found the oil of needles pine needles.

LK: Pine oil I can get.

Forces: Ump well, well if you could find Rose oil or better with ah (long silence). Ahh lets see peanut oil would do good for you along with oil of Almond if you could get that.

LK: That I found

Forces: Well then that should be sufficient.

LK: So its peanut oil, almond oil, and the pine oil?

Forces: Yes.

LK: And they go in salt water?

Forces: No, no, no, no salt waters a private solution you just put fingers in for about 3 to 4 minutes and then you put your hands in the other oil solution.

LK: Thank you.

BH: With the silk handkerchief that was given last night could you tell us where it’s to be worn and the color?

Forces: A white, white and just placed around the thymus center for a few moments a half an hour to a hour.

IS: Does it have to be pure silk?

Forces: Yes it that helps.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Can you continue on with your talk on St. Germaine?

Forces: Ah we’ll do that for you at the next Session.

JE: Thank you.

BN: On Tuesday I had a distinct feeling of being attacked by some spirit in the hallway in the hospital. Is there something that opened me up to that and —-?

Forces: Yes the amount of energy that you are receiving and being given to prepare for your evolution and development onward.

BN: Did I do the right thing in terms of warding it off?

Forces: Well you had been affected but you did the right thing.

BN: Thank you.

BR: Who was the person from Jesus’s time, the 14th generation from Jesus?

Forces: He was the person to the person to the person onward ump. (Long silence)

Forces: We think we’re being taped into. (Laughter)

IS: Are we.

Forces: Who was the person of the person. Lets say the one who was ah Ben-Gurion had a certain linage with that of what would be called Jesus without him knowing it ah there are those linages of the brothers and sisters of Jesus you’re speaking about too and they are major inputs throughout the ah throughout the world. Ah this ah does itself its own protection and prospers in its course ah you have certain individuals who are just nobodies in the world. So all and all this ah is irrelevant for the moment.

BR: Thank you.

JB: Any guidance for the Lent season?

Forces: The chapters of the Psalms and Proverbs do help out a lot during the lent season along with a, a book called the, see if you could find it its called A Celtic Ring or The Magic of, (—-) just Celtic. The ah there’s a book called the Last Stand this too would have some interesting ah thoughts into it if you can find it (—) on the market yet ah we would advise you to read it.

JB: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me please what the ideal role of a woman in America should be today?

Forces: Well (—-) the ideal woman in America should develop her spiritual centers more of a nun (huh) and servers and dedication in a order rather than just being a wife.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: This is a very difficult concept for the liberated Americans to understand but each woman must dedicate themselves to a particular order and if in America they had the Orders strong it would be a very powerful country.

HI: Thank you.

JU: The movement to break down the barriers of incest?

Forces: Well this is again the liberated movement ah it is the same aspect of ah females when things don’t go right for them they get up and run ah the same weak structure of the society and government that we are under without the spiritual disciplines or sacrifice. Ah it deals with trying to ah bring in a certain amount of corruption in the social structure of living and decadence. More or less that of a in our previous conversation where timing is (—-) Soviet Union has been affected in getting through to the Liberate (Liberals) people of America.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: It’s not easy to stand up for what you believe and especially when everyone thinks you’re crazy. The old sad item is that people want to be accepted, in order to be accepted they have to go to the fashion of the day and the fashion of the day is not always necessarily right. So to be accepted one has to be doing the fashion of the day and to do what is right one has to be looked upon as ridiculous.

GL: Can something be given that would help me with my sleep to be more receptive and protection when I do sleep?

Forces: Well you center yourselves on the fact that when you do sleep that you will say some thoughts or prayers to yourself that you are going to sleep, that you would wake up at a certain time and ah the rosary of course helps for a great deal of protection (if) you have them near or around you and ah just generally your own progression and thoughts into the astral world of their own protection that should be around you.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain the Cube with the Octagon how the Druids thought of it and used it with the 14 items in the middle?

Forces: More of a concentration focus and building, building aspect ah there were many ah Revelations received by concentrating on the Center of this object during those times and they had certain ah ways of focusing in on it. These are all private ah sections of the Druids that could not really be focused in on because they were private and separate from the world and the world could not understand them almost the same with this particular group is going through, there’s no way you can prove yourself to the world as far as system and styles and it cannot really be done as much as you would like to have the world accept the world can never really accept movement and truth and progress because there is always that forerunner of, of ideas that are not readily acceptable at the moment.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: In Joshua’s day they had a device by which they could detect if someone was guilty or not? It is not mentioned after Joshua in the Bible. And later in the dedication of the Temple, Solomon is asking for the Temple to serve the same function as this device. What happened to that tool?

Forces: Kind of broke down it was no longer used it was kind of put out of existence.

IS: Right after the time of Joshua?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So there was nobody left anymore to repair it or —?

Forces: Well the tool wasn’t repairable it took a certain perceptive seer to use the tool.

IS: And where did the tool itself disappear?

Forces: Within the man within the body.

IS: Within the body of which man Joshua?

Forces: Those who could use the gift.

IS: You mean to say they put it into their own body?

Forces: The gift itself or the tool itself was not only physical but it was also on an astral level to, on a, a 4th dimensional level. The tool itself and its components were simple items put together but no longer were useful with these items.

IS: And from that time on there’s never been anybody that could use it —?

Forces: Oh its been used privately but not openly because it would cause too much of a shock.

IS: King Solomon?

Forces: Yes and no.

IS: When you say privately is there anybody in our time that has it?

Forces: Some might have it but do not know that they have it.

IS: Does it have anything to do with Judah the actual son of Jacob being still alive at that time with Joshua?

Forces: It could yes.

IS: Did he take something with him when he left or—?

Forces: Yes uh huh.

IS: At that point he was already about 5 to 600 years old?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could it be given what Psalms 63 through 69 what miracle they would be the foundation for?

Forces: More or less to build up the spiritual attachments, you must always concentrate on the spiritual side or we don’t have anyone to help us with that. We are so caught up in the material and drossness of it all that we must realize that our main work is the spiritual we must loose ourselves from the physical and drossness and elevate ourselves into the spiritual fibers so we can receive and clear the channels in order that receiving could be made possible.

Forces: At this time we will be leaving and will speak to you again later on.

Forces: Greetings to all here present.

Group: Our Father.