Session 315-5/13/80?

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: As we move through this portion we find items, conditions are moving along according to plan. Many different areas are experiencing hard weather alternates and changes and climatic conditions and to great forces and stresses not only within the earth but also in the outer stratosphere and the ionosphere. These layers have been more or less affected by different changes in the atmosphere causing a great deal of internal heat along with a subtropical and tropical climate manifesting in the belts ah 33 degrees latitude and you would find there ah certain troubled areas and to be more specific these areas of ocean internally and land externally are creating great disturbances. We have the 40 degree latitude and the longitude of a 104 (halved) and we have the ah latitude of 40, 44 ah latitude south longitude 82 more or less. This is for your own adjustments you do have in the Pacific area a great deal of ocean bed movement which will appear volcanoes, volcanic action from the ocean (—-) with volcanoes and eruptions will manifest. Great tremendous landslides along with a spreading of South America ah murders and bloodbaths are to happen in August and September ah even to the point of horrifying the world, ah not only in Bolivia but also in areas of Argentina, Peru and ah Guatemala. There is also parts of unrest in the province of China and in the areas of Chile. Israel will be under attack for many of its policies ah they have started a ball rolling of ah creating Jerusalem as their city their new city and this is the beginning of the prophecies when they unify the city or Jerusalem their problems will begin there are 10 ah covered market areas, ah the Pope in Rome is very charismatic and powerful. There is a relationship between West Germany and Russia that will shock the world and there is a great experience between the United States and China, which is also part of the prophecies. You also will have India going towards the Soviet Union and receiving a nuclear bomb the experiences from that. You would also have great friction between Ireland and England. And you would also have a Spanish uprising of (vampirism?) Empirism ah confronting the new imperialism of trying to maintain and control Europe and arguments between France and ah other countries too numerous to mention. So in the world sports arena it looks kind of bleak. The only thing we can maintain is our own (—–) situation of these feelings of quiet moment and trusting in the invisible Creator and will very shortly become visible of necessity. We would also find that there should be great cracking’s in the ocean floor in the Atlantic area and this should be a ah new discovery for blood diseases and there will be a great irritation in the Midwest and of course a great conflict of confrontation as far those areas of Texas.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

DL: Andrew would like advice on how he’s progressing?

Forces: We find his movement progressive and we will allow for that.

DL: Thank you.

BN: Could you describe a little bit about the conditions just before Lemuria sank that lead to its sinking?

Forces: Lemure was not like a normal landmass it was a spirit form of energy that souls would travel back and forth in the ethers and not get attached or caught into the earth. Our biggest problem is this attachment to things and as they moved back and forth they became more susceptible to grabbing hold of vegetables, minerals or ah animal form substances. The Lemorai Empire was a powerful Empire generally located where Australia is now to the Philippines. It was a large country of not of a land mass but of a force-field that became solidified and later on became a land mass ah the same structure as volcanoes and land appearances are bringing you all back to these prehistoric days in which ah the souls ah would be found. What is happening in the earth today is the land is being brought back to many millions of years ago and the environment the situation of land masses that are going to appear or these that are on the or above the ocean floor have been wasted and need to be brought back down into to be repaired. So as you can see even the earth dies and the earth is born this constant up and down situation is a eve tide evolution and has its force.

BN: Thank you very much.

LK: You said at certain times when there’s electrical storms it means there’s a battle going on in the heavens. Is the battle going on when the storm happens or does the battle go on and sometime later the storm happens?

Forces: The battle is as had been going on today all day the black forces had tried to make their approach and their mark and it manifested as the evening ah lead into ah we were allowed to release some of the Spiritual forces before the battle approached so it would have enough force and energy to confront it and ah maintain a balance. There is a great deal of disharmony within the angelic force world and a great deal of disturbances in this ah force field that the angelic forces or angels are having their battles it has not manifested on the earthly level or worldly level yet and we are trying to maintain that so it would not manifest in a war but there are things happening that cannot be changed, prophecy and evolution must move on. As far as Mt. St. Helena is concerned there is a cooling process that is going on. We have said that it will not erupt again but we have watched a situation that became even more decadent in the California area. The mountain itself or the volcano is now considered by us out of our control. What we are trying to say is, it is virtually a uncontrolled force that is literally out of our control ah we will not take a control over it for it is in virtue of its very fact and nature struck to the core or entering into the core of a pivot into the earth which would be an extreme amount of lava and gas and hot ah gases that will come from the core ah the next explosion should produce a great deal of lava and hot molten masses. We would advise people to move out of the area at least 300 miles from the mountain so they would not stay in the area ah but again lava and molten masses of forces are at this moment converging in a point in which it would affix a certain amount of explosion and release ah the volcano is setting itself up for this ah we will try to control not only the angelic forces surrounding this mountain but the force of the major triumph of the west coast that is up in arms with the peoples thoughts and vibrations and the feelings of their lifestyles and this is the major problem of their rebellion against their own energy field that has manifested these conditions. Of course you have the internal eruptions underneath the ocean crust floor that has been due for time and now is time to be born causing the volcanoes to happen in its own resonant and (system a reaction). Now as far as the movements and the tidbits of time this would come to an understanding that there is a war or confrontation before any major conditions in a natural way. Your weather is only the angelic forces working to or for or fro with the elements of power and energy around putting those elements into harmony. If there was not this angelic force around you then there would be total chaos and destruction incapable to hold the soul in the earth in a human body form.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Would (——) rosary at this time or should I use the one I’ve been using?

Forces: The new rosary affirmation is “ With the Lord or with the Spirit of God all things are possible”

NN: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell us anything about the group that Isaiah had around him?

Forces: More or less they had their origin in the time of Atlantis and chose to stay together throughout all lifetimes.

BH: Were they the same as the Essenes incarnation?

Forces: You could associate them as such.

BH: Thank you.

JE: Where did the people of Lemuria go after it changed?

Forces: A large percentage of them believe it or not left the planet earth and went into another existence altogether and a large percentage of them were even further into the earth going into what would be Atlantis and what would be called Africa or the South American areas.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: South America was much larger than what it is today and cannot be considered South America today.

JE: Thank you.

GL: Viruses that are on the earth today are they remnants from genetic experiments that took place in Atlantis and are they real life forms or just creations from that time?

Forces: A large percentage of viruses that are found in the earth today are the affects of mans thoughts on his environment and the conditions he has made into his environment and there are those in violence that causes a great deal of virus conditions of breakdown. You will have a atomic virus that will be a strange virus that has not been found ah because of the atomic energy that’s in the air and the waste that is in the air this would affect the virus that would produce mutants and all sorts of strange creatures totally bizarre in their conditions and structure ah which of course cannot survive to long under these conditions. But if time and space is allowed to continue man would be in a indirect way making monsters back on the earth.

GL: Thank you.

BR: Would that be the Pacific Ocean that will crack and what will cause the Ocean to crack and what will happen?

Forces: The area of the Pacific Ocean is now under what we call stress ah digital factor the stress stressed to the point factor which causes a great deal of land to go into the Ocean while new land appears.

BR: Thank you.

ES: Could you explain to me my dream about Pope John Paul ll?

Forces: There are those factors that would be coming into play in your personal life which would consider not only a major change but also minor changes in structures and attitudes and ah accomplishments of the laws and approaches of situations in your life.

ES: Thank you.

Forces: Strange as it is in this particular dream the Pope would represent your own higher Law that would be manifested in the earth plane.

JU: Are the names that we have been reading about in these books are they a recreation of Atlantean form or some other era can you tell us something about them?

Forces: The large percentage of (other domains?) (the names?) would be found from the Atlantean age.

JU: As the Kingdoms in Atlantis?

Forces: The five major Kingdoms yes.

JU: Thank you.

Q: What is the most important thing for me to remember at this time of my life?

Forces: The most important thing to remember at this time of your life is the moment of now.

IS: What is missing out of the jigsaw puzzle of the world situation as it stands as far as Revelation?

Forces: There are three factors that are still missing 1. Austria will have a control over certain Communist countries, Australia will make its mark for superiority and a certain amount of the Philippines will take control of the of (all) the islands.

IS: And in that line?

Forces: Then we would say things would be about ready to set the green light to go and that green light will only start when they begin to build the Temple in Jerusalem.

IS: Are they already building it?

Forces: There are plans at this very moment to start the building process under the pretense of building a new city.

IS: This Pope can you give us anything?

Forces: At this point he is going under a tremendous amount of trials and wanting to do his best.

IS: Thank you.

DD: I got two books at the library both by a man William Jackson and ah one a document of retribution and one is ah Celestial (——-) I wondered which one was the right one?

Forces: They both will have its own force ah the Doctrine of Retribution would be good.

DD: Thank you very much.

BN: What would be the best ah way of treating radiation disease?

Forces: Not to be around it. The best way to treat radiation disease, strange, as it is it is the most bizarre and most destructive force in the earth. Almonds have a tremendous power internally organ. Ah almond oil also can affect but a strange amount of ah lemon, lemons have a strange affect on radioactivity.

BN: Thank you.

LK: You had said that West Germany would have a shocking relationship with Russia and not too long age there was the instance where the government person from West Germany went to Russia and all but told them off to their faces. Is that the type of relationship or is West Germany going to form an allegiance with Russia.

Forces: There is an internal conflict that is going on in Germany, West Germany there are those who do not trust the Soviets but there is this point that is coming across the Soviets are luring the West Germans to believe that they mean good.

LK: Thank you.

NN: Why (———————)?

Forces: Cause you need to.

JE: You said when the people left Lemuria or the entities they left the earth where did they go to?

Forces: Some went into Venus, some also went into Mercury and others went to other Galaxies.

JE: Do they have a choice?

Forces: Some did, some didn’t ah, ah Venus is a very strange planet ah its ah its, the vegetation’s have been of different forms but its a very dry sort of state and a very strange sort of state, more of a glowing mass at times. There is a, a avenue of thought that they too have structures of volcanic or mountain areas that would signify water on the planet and would signify a great deal of internal construction going on.

JE: Thank you.

GL: Which countries will be on the side of the light?

Forces: Those countries that choose to serve the sons of God.

GL: Can any names be given?

Forces: We cannot give you the names because it is a daily experience to choose. Each country can fall into the, the, the sons of darkness at any time. There is no special guarantee that one country’s safe from destruction.

BR: You said in the Session that the angelic force is in a battle. Why are they battling are they battling within themselves?

Forces: The battles of the forces of darkness taking over the positions of man and their positions of their bodies, their minds and trying to control and diminish the Spirit and the workings of the Spirit in the earth.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell me what Psalm 109 represents?

Forces: This is a fast moving locomotive speed.

BH: Thank you.

DD: In Sherlock Holmes it seems like he studied some sort of occult teachings?

Forces: Your getting the picture.

DD: Excuse me?

Forces: Your getting the idea.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Is their any vegetable mineral or anything else on the earth right now that is a leftover still with a soul trapped in it from those days?

Forces: Oh there are those things that do get trapped yes.

IS: Into these kind of…?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: Could you tell us?

Forces: Well the Venus flytrap you have is a example of a soul getting caught into the vegetable world and they’re almost human in its fullest but we wouldn’t degrade the human to a flower. You ah have certain many; many strange ah cell animals that you cannot even see that have a tremendous amount of force in them.

IS: Will the earth ever be cleaned out of that?

Forces: Of course in time.

IS: Thank you. Is this some part of disappearing species also?

Forces: There are many disappearing and appearing species there will be many different species found that are frozen that can come back to life.

IS: Are any of them souls trapped?

Forces: Well not to often but there are thought forms that are trapped.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Is there a section of the Bible or something I should be reading now to help me?

Forces: Malachi would do you good.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we will speak to you again. There are many things that (—–) take place in the world and there is always everyday the (—-) conditions. We find that ah credit is still must not be used loosely and the disciplines of the economy with the people must be put into hand.

Forces: Go ahead.

IS: Those dreams we have been having so far 3 people in the last week about RU, MK and I think RH partially majority RU and MK?

Forces: A general changes and decline in many statues and many different tests that are being placed upon them.

IS: So the dreams are correct?

Forces: There are a large percent of accuracy.

Forces: At this point we will speak to you again.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.