Session 417 1/9/83


Forces: Greetings to all here present now we are here and have been watching.
Forces: There are many things (—) must be done moving on in the development of the Spirit (—–) in many different parts. There should be (–) and cooperation (—–) it will be put into focus (—–).
Forces: We are now ready for your questions

IS: What do you mean things will be put into focus?
Forces: Different countries different nations different cities will be under different focus for a spirit movement many cities will begin to develop a contribution type idea more than taxes where people will contribute to things rather than to raise their taxes (—-).
IS: And will that be acceptable by the government?
Forces: It is being worked out not they’ll have a remarkable effect the whole concept of course is ah synagogues and churches now put into operation in larger cities.
IS: Before we move people into the Persian Room stay there or the Persian Room?
Forces: Yes its good the way it is.
IS: I want to thank you for the miracle of the New Year. Is there any reason it happened on the 1st?
Forces: That the Glory of God might be manifested.
LK: What exactly was the thing that Tom saw in the accident and it has been seen at other times is it a physical thing or is it something else that overtakes the physical body and goes out in front or what exactly is it?
Forces: It was on a physical level a large dog black in color, on a spiritual level it was more of a satanic force that was trying to interfere or divert a passage of the spirit.
LK: Is there anything at that particular location that sends that particular force or is it that force could have happened anywhere on the road?
Forces: Let us say we are watching the situation.
Forces: Something similar yes.
NN: Thank you.
HI: In chapter 57 of Isaiah God is saying to the wicked among the smooth stones of the stream shall be appointed?
Forces: Little things shall be left for them to have.
HI: Thank you.
JB: Any guidance for me at this time?
Forces: In what particular field.
JB: Something I could be reading or–?
Forces: Working with what would be considered principles of natural growth and elements of the sun might be of good prospects for the future.
BH: The other day (—) mentioned that the wrath of God was going to come upon a lot of people after (–) the accident happening?
Forces: More or less a changing of vibrations, new consciousness of God happening and a wrath of God meaning a conscious changes in people ah the wrath of God sometimes in order to create new situations or patterns does not necessarily mean the effects are negative but the affects are meant to be a positive construction. More or less the overturn of things that would not move versus the things that can move and bringing new awareness’s to creative ability in mans civilization.
BH: Thank you.
DD: (—–) on January the fifth we tried many cards to come up (—)?
Forces: Simply the interpretation of different aspects of development must be had at different times. Thing’s are never completely on a pattern that determines the exact flow of things. It is never really a blueprint to follow to get to heaven only the Spirit can guide you.
JE: Can you explain exactly what happened in the accident and your intervention?
Forces: More or less the staying away from a animal that appeared suddenly and disappeared just as quickly. The removal of certain conditions negative forces that would be destructive and protection of certain other areas in the vicinity for positive notes.
JE: Thank you.
(–(: In chapter 29 of Numbers what is the meaning of the pattern of the sacrifices as the day increases the sacrifices decrease until the 7th day there are 7 bullocks offered and what was happening on the 7th day?
Forces: It was what you would call a internal consecration or the internal Revelation Spirit within man.
(?): Thank you.
JU: Burning incense since the accident does that accomplish anything?
Forces: Of course it affects on the Etheric level and physically to.
JU: Thank you.
DN: People at our works?
Forces: People in Virginia along with other particular States in your Country or Nation have positive and negative it is up to the individuals to focus on positive everyone has attitudes that one way or the other happen but its up to the individual to focus on a positive overture Virginia being in a field of great advantage of bringing a spiritual message must go through the process first of other major or minor States.
DN: Thank you.
IS: Thats why things are happening to us in Virginia that never happened in Flushing?
Forces: Well we would say yes to that on some levels and no to that on other levels but predominately a yes would stand (_).
IS: It cannot happen otherwise to anybody just like any Prophet in the Bible had to actually do physical things to show a certain prophecy rather than to just say the prophecy
Forces: Yes you could say that.
Forces: We find that we will be leaving but we will speak to you again.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.