Session 418 2/6/83


Forces: (——-) receive what you would have us to know. Amen.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and there are many things we are doing there are different changes in California that are to come soon, different landscapes altered and (—) hot and cold climates affecting (—-) for that of the (——). In these understandings and (—) of rainy of sunshine of the most gloomeous nature can always be (—-). There are those moments in which we are (—–) to and (——-). But speaking to one who had left here earlier (——) we would say that it would be better if he can just have an (———-).
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Could you explain to us (——)?
Forces: Let us say more of a (———).
IS: Could I understand more you said about the (—-).
Forces: (——) with you would all have to see that the (—–) in that (—) can work out. Also there are those who like to see (—-) and new blood to come in to take your place.
IS: I have not understood any thing that I have just said?
Forces: Sometimes we do say things that kinda oddball-ish let us go on.
IS: What really happened with those 3 men that were thrown into the fiery furnace in the times of Daniel?
Forces: The entity was riding in front of them just before it happened.
IS: This entity was riding in front?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Was he the fourth one that was seen in the furnace?
IS: Can I do something—–?
Forces: We are now ready for your next question.
IS: Can we ask questions?
Forces: It can be done now.
IS: Is more time needed?
Forces: Its ok.
Forces: Still working out of other things in their (——-).
Forces: Question.
IS: Should we ask questions (——-)?
Forces: (———–)
IS: What was the thing you said at the beginning of the session?
Forces: A rebuilding and a receiving on a calculation of different plans to come.
IS: For this group?
Forces: For this group.
IS: Are they good things?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Can we understand a little bit more of the entity Daniel?
Forces: This is good.
IS: Is Daniel a manic depressive?
Forces: It comes off on that root.
IS: What are the causes?
Forces: Wanting things your own way and seeing things and wanting the control.
IS: There’s nothing wrong physically that causes it?
Forces: No.
IS: Its really a sickness as far as the world goes but in truth this could have been cured here in the house?
Forces: This is true.
IS: Any others coming close to that?
Forces: Not at the moment no.
Forces: At this moment we will go on.
LK: Could you tell me how to distinguish between things I should take seriously and things I shouldn’t?
Forces: Just by relying upon inner discretion and most of all when in doubt place it on the Alter for the spirit to answer.
LK: As it is now everything I take seriously?
Forces: Begin this way of taking things serious as time goes on you will get a (—) nature of things that are.
Luke: Thank you.
GL: Psalm 18 is that describing a spaceship and David being brought up into that?
Forces: More or less yes.
GL: Thank you.
BH: Any guidance for me at this time?
Forces: Keeping things clean and in its perfect shape.
BH: Thank you.
NN: There were some words that I kept saying over and over to myself before I fell asleep what was it about saying those words over and over?
Forces: You were saying Little Jack Corner sat in a corner eating his curds and whey along came a spider sat down by his side.
Forces: You’re entitled to another bracelet and locks you (on) away.
NN: Thank you very much.
Forces: And of course the bracelets would be also one each to the entity of HI and ES this is there 6 month bracelet you should not receive another bracelet until Christmas. If they want more bracelets they must go out and buy it.
IS: You said another bracelet and up she goes?
Forces: Along came a spider and sat down beside her what a good girl she was (—) a boy he was. (——–) along shes not going anywhere you can keep the bracelet in the house at the same time.
(?) OK thank you.
Forces: Question.
JE: The Bible passage I received for this year what does it do?
Forces: Turns in and receives for a psychic revelation of self.
JE: Thank you.
DD: Any guidance for me (——)?
Forces: I would read the Bible what would be called Deuteronomy and Exodus and just review it. That would be a step by step performance.
DD: Anything else on that?
Forces: That will help you as a beginning.
DD: (—-) being bad?
Forces: Well you start being good.
DD: Thank you.
ES: Thank you for the bracelet and the discussion that IS and I had about going back to the Bible?
Forces: This would help you but remember your conversations are more valuable with the entity than anything else.
Forces: At this point we will have to be leaving speak to you again soon.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.