Session 419 2/11/83

SESSION 419 2/11/83

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in this area and are ready to see the different reactions to the snow and the effects of this. We have been watching conditions in the world situation and find that there are some light and heavy scenes in what would be called Africa and some crimes in Italy that would be recorded along with Belgium. We also see a new awareness of the Haley comet syndrome of weather affecting weather, personalities and feelings and many different people will come on the scene stating beliefs and feelings of new messiah-ships and kingdoms to come.
Forces: We are ready for your questions.
IS: In which countries will the messiah-ships be announced?
Forces: One to be in Israel and the other will be in England and some parts of Europe.
IS: The part in Europe to be Rome?
Forces: It can be yes.
IS: Is that then the following from Revelation?
Forces: No not yet.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Could you give a group reading?
Forces: This is the beginning of the pick up of the speed and energy and spirit which is a good sign.
IS: The rest of the year?
Forces: Let us say a beginning of signs that are very progressive.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Did I in any past life lose my life in violence and what kind and when and where and what brought it on spiritually?
Forces: We’ll just focus on a part in France where you had lost your head.
IS: The French Revolution.
Forces: (——) in the revolution in which you were about 83 years old.
IS: Male, Female?
Forces: We’ll this has nothing to do with it.
IS: And what brought it on spiritually?
Forces: The inability of people around you to perceive a progressive spirit.
IS: It was not my fault then?
Forces: No not that time.
IS: Is there any life that I lost my life to water?
Forces: In drowning of one sort or another but that happens to a lot of people.
IS: What is my fear of water?
Forces: From drowning.
IS: Could you give me any information on that?
Forces: You were off the island of Greece and fell off the cliffs down and at that point you drown.
IS: When was that?
Forces: About 400 BC.
LK: When IS described the thing which came out of DN could you tell us what that was and could we get information about demons we know Lucifer falling and the fallen angels but what exactly are the demons?
Forces: Well of course it is with the force of energy of power and how you use that power is the manifestations of the energy. The force of the demons is limited only to the amount you would allow it to take control that is why controls are necessary just to put this energy force into power.
LK: Was the things that came out of DN a demon?
Forces: Well possession of desires and creativity yes.
LK: Thank you.
IS: If he would have been creative and done work then that thing wouldn’t taken control?
Forces: If he would have been creative with a musical sense it would not have taken control.
IS: (—).
Forces: If he would have keep up his disciplines for the piano for the music then this demon would not have a quick entry of course work to at times had a direct interaction with it but more so his thinking process.
IS: So was that a possession then?
Forces: Yes you could call it that.
LK: Was it his own lack of discipline or the control that the demon had over him that kept him from the piano?
Forces: Not only the piano but a control over him as a person.
HI: Can you tell us when in certain cases the autoimmune system turns against a person what is the spiritual cause and what is the thought forms behind it?
Forces: More of a progression of negativity’s around the body and a over outpouring of fear.
HI: Thank you.
BH: Could you tell me with Maryann’s cervical disc its C5-6 and you told us each one of those the cervical ones are a spiritual quality?
Forces: It is the inability of sharing herself and serving.
BH: Thank you.
NN: In regard to the idol that Rachel stole from Laban. What did Laban use them for?
Forces: Strange as it is he would serve them for money, gold and silver, weights and barter. Also they had powers of ah the forces of the earth.
IS: Do those things still exist?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Was Rachel able to use it to ah—-?
Forces: For a while for her convenience yes.
NN: And that was one of the contributing things of why she was taken out?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Thank you.
IS: The people that are using those things today are they like a statue –?
Forces: A Voodoo doll.
IS: Thank you.
BN: Would there be anything special projects I should be focusing on at this time?
Forces: We have been thinking of the extension to the east wing to begin planning on it.
BN: Thank you.
JE: The other day in the paper they were talking about a cloud someone had discovered I think it was sulfuric acid and it was 5,000 miles long and 3 miles thick whats it from and whats it for?
Forces: From us and its for observation.
JE: Is it a good or negative quality?
Forces: A very good quality.
JE: Thank you.
Forces: We have been here a while and have talked to you in many different times. We know you have gone through a transition with many different levels. This transition is not of your own making but a transition that has to be done. Transitions are levels of consciousness in which the group moves when a member of the group refuses to move during levels of conscious training they become stagnated, many times become negative and defensive. The inability of members within the group to get along with other members is the inability to move spiritually, that is the first and foremost the other levels take secondary precedence. When individuals become certain characteristics of this entity or in those qualities of lack of movement its because of there inability to understand or see the spirit, spirit is a growing experience you do not know or understand totally the spirit, many people feel that the spirit they understand if it pleases their fancy then there appreciations then they know that it should be good. All the time things that pleases your senses of the body are not necessarily good for the soul. What we’re trying to say is that spirit is a funny creature that takes time to study and understand in the quietness of time can man understand the meaning of spirit. You can’t study spirit from a book but revelation of the spirit can be revealed if you sincerely seek for it. But members of this particular group had to be removed for the sake of the other people who are remaining so they can progress and of destructive powers or energy forces of that nature will not enter into the group.
Forces: Your next 10 year period deals with not only a physical development but more for of a mental development and a spiritual development at the end more of a mental physical development in regards to the elements of the powers of nature and the laws around you there are many conditions that we are working with each and every individual in this house to develop and move them into a progressive attitude of spiritual understanding. Each member in this house has a particular job that we are setting up and that they will be focused in individually, that job doesn’t necessarily mean physical things but jobs of a spiritual and mental nature. There are lots of other odds and ins that we are beginning to put into plans and into perspective. There are much to be done and much that can be done all this of course takes work in one direction or another. We are still focusing on Israel as protecting it from its own self and other countries around it. We are also aware of these changes within the group that are good and meant for its own progressive development and to enjoy these developments as seen fit.
Forces: At this particular time we will be leaving but we’ll speak to you again shortly and the next point of this weekend (—) by tomorrow.
Forces: Greeting to all those here present.
Group: Our Father.