SESSION 421 2/16/83

Session 421

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and have seen how (—-) have taken their toll (—–).
Forces: We are ready for questions.
Forces: You mean that California is going to start now?
Forces: We keep hearing California and those who live there are just on (standby) and those who do.
Forces: We are in the area and now (——) certain movements.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: You talked before about the (rains) that they are going to stop(———-) California or other parts of the country also?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is California going to go down?
Forces: In time these things (—-)to California will have such a traumatic change that those who will stay are those (—-) need certain plans and electrical power.
IS: There is a reference that Jesus went to visit prisoners is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: We are watching(can’t understand the Forces).
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Should the entity Tom be brought back?
Forces: (Not for this one).
Forces: There are many different ways of taking care of (——————–. These things are being watched.
Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.
IS: How are the things that when we are sitting in a session that you are working on a subconscious mind different than when we are asleep?
Forces: When they come more slower in weight than the other.
IS: Slower Intake?
Forces: Intake and the projection of the (Heart center?) (—–).
IS: So when the whole group like this is together in a session is it specific things that are being worked on?
Forces: This is true.
IS: Could you give any of that?
IS: Some of the things is it possible to know?
Forces: It would not be in the best interest to recap that.
IS: Is it true for the last 2 years we didn’t move at all?
Forces: No we do not (—) find that.
IS: We moved somewhat?
Forces: There’s been had and was a conscious in many different directions.
IS: Did Jesus go visit the prisoners for some reason?
Forces: Yes.
IS: What was the reason?
Forces: To try to straighten their not only prisoners on an astral level but to set them free.
IS: They were prisoners on the astral level?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Not physical prisoners?
Forces: That was secondary.
IS: How was he allowed to get in?
Forces: More and more time moments of zones.
IS: What kind of zones?
Forces: Time zones.
IS: You mean in the third dimension in his own time he couldn’t visit them?
Forces: There is time zone that is in certain spots and those time zones allows the back and forth movement long before or after work has been done.
IS: So Jesus visits in prisons was just manifestations to the people in the prisons?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So he didn’t go to the warden of the prison to get permission?
Forces: No. He did try to stay in that area.
IS: Which area?
Forces: In that of the communication.
LK: Can you tell me any thing about the stone that Tom gave me last week and how it should be used?
Forces: Its a psychic (—–).
LK: Any specific way to use it?
Forces: Just leave it in areas where the eye can see it more than enough.
LK: Thank you.
NN: Why was sheep herding an abomination to the Egyptians in the time of Joseph?
Forces: Just because they couldn’t understand the cattle series and that it went against that they had the quality of eating low down to the ground the grass which they needed to make the bricks in Egypt. Had nothing to do with the pigs.
NN: Thank you.
BN: What is the metaphysical purpose of the sinuses in the skull?
Forces: This a force or a field in which is what would be called the nervous cap or the outlet pressure outlet.
HI: When nerves have been severely damaged does that mean that person is for that moment in time out of touch with that aspect of the soul that nerve is representative of?
Forces: The aspect of the body through words and the soul its not to get caught up in the physical body or the account abilities of the physical body it does not extend any unwelcome (—) when the body no longer has control of the physical operation but not to say that the spirit is stronger in individuals.
HI: Thank you.
JU: Is there a part of the Bible that I should read?
Forces: The general text of your discipline of reading is the best to do at this moment.
JU: Thank you.
DD: What are the purpose of the poles in the Ark any relation to the Weavers Beam?
Forces: Let us say they were used as balancing of the power.
JU: Is that related to the Weavers Beam?
Forces: No not (——-) directly.
JU: Thank you.
BH: What went on with Cain and Abel Cains offering wasn’t accepted?
Forces: General recognition of the Spirit versus that of the earth.
JB: Why is it that so many people are forgetting the (———) doesn’t seem to register with them what its all about?
Forces: Because there is a lot of alienation going on especially to the spiritual side of man.
JB: Thank you.
JE: In the course of evolution how would we have evolved if Adam had not eaten the apple?
Forces: If Adam had not eaten the apple but Adam did.
JE: Thank you.
IS: I have the feeling its ok to visit New York and to stay at the entities parents is that so and if so why?
Forces: There has been a tremendous acceptance and recognition of the strength of the group. Also the ability for the group to function and to keep moving without individuals being (—–) to change that is a necessary individual in the group does not develop that they have no strings to destroy the group for the group continues without them. This quality alone makes the group very powerful.
IS: So my feeling is correct?
Forces: We find them so.
IS: So we pretty soon should be able to?
Forces: All the doors are open.
IS: How will the entity on a worldly level feel the entity BR?
Forces: There are parts in her that would like to straiten up she understands her weakness and there are lots of correcting to do. Of course this would have nothing to do with you.
IS: How would it be about JU and being there?
Forces: No different from people who had been divorced and meet each other.
IS: Would it be than advisable for JU not to stay there?
Forces: No————–.
IS: With the singing group Kiss they are saying that they are devil worshipers and they do devil worship on the stage?
Forces: Well they are definitely trying to bring that animal-listic quality in and the records from the music.
IS: So it is correct?
Forces: We find them to be freaks and not to soon until they would be about (—–).
IS: Is there a group that is on the white side the way the Beatles were?
Forces: Well let us say no.
IS: Thank you.
NN: What could be given about that melody that IS received that day that we went to Washington?
Forces: That it was nice traveling music.
NN: Thank you.
IS: I did hear the fairies and—–.
Forces: You received the music direct from their (household?).
IS: It makes me feel bad then I found out that somebody wrote it already.
Forces: Not really you are receiving the spirit of life and your doorway to music has now been opened.
IS: Why was it closed?
Forces: More for protection.
IS: Thank you very much.
BN: The huge wall of fire that is happening Australia now why is that happening and what does it mean?
Forces: Tremendous amount of earth changes and the fires of the lack of rain and the sun kindling up total changing of weather.
BN: Is there something specific about Australia that needs it?
Forces: It is (a shame?) that its happening but they are going through tough times.
BN: Thank you.
IS: In other wards it is a testing
Forces: Its a purifying.
IS: So that means you have good plans for Australia?
Forces: Yes. The Higher Forces to make that part of a home base.
IS: Thank you.
JU: Could you tell me what I can do with my back?
Forces: Remember you must create a new body a new image a new spirit within yourself your back is giving you trouble because it no longer serves you as far as the old ideas of ideals are concerned it must be rejuvenated or else there will be different complications and complaints continually until you are just one big ball of complaints and bandages.
JU: Thank you.
IS: If he does not change the cells in his thinking hes obliged to live for another 7 years and another 7 years with the old cells.
Forces: And bandages yes.
BH: In what form did God appear to Abram?
Forces: Well first of all his secretary wrote a letter (Laughter) after completing a letter of introduction then there was a direct meeting at about 10:00 PM in which God sat behind a glass wall that could not be seen outwardly to see both ways and God saw Abraham but Abraham did not see God but God saw Abraham and Abraham did not see God. God could talk to Abraham but Abraham could not talk back to God the way he thought. After the meeting with them they all went out to lunch. Then they had cocktails. Remember the meeting of God was within Adam. The Illumination and Revelation of Joy nobody made any appointments not even his secretary God. That appointment was made by Abraham by opening up his heart. This is all you must open up your heart for God to come in. Course the bill had to be paid.
JB: Could you help me understand the dream military people at a banquet I wasn’t in uniform but working in the kitchen people were coming in they were greeting them and they were greeting me?
Forces: Stick to basics don’t get involved with important issues.
JB: Thank you.
JE: In the Bible it refers to people who meet God or talk to God like you were explaining. Does it mean the Higher Self, does it mean our concept of God, does it mean you. What does it mean?
Forces: That’s for the individual to experience when it happens.
Forces: At this time we will be leaving but we’ll speak to you again soon and we will be with you during this week.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.