Session 42-5/28/23

Greetings to all here present now. In this course of events we have noticed in many areas that understanding and discipline is needed. But as far as work is concerned we have informed many of the higher deities to take over individual undertones and outstanding work in the area as this group is concerned. This month as we have stated before and now interject once more is the month of weaning or taking away the old skin and removing it and restoring the new one. This should be a month of productivity as well as spiritual advancement. We are not going to get upset with your behavior for this is what is to be expected of you. In the future days to come we will develop and speak to you on this subject as productivity and which the group as such should be involved in. As far as the situation around you, this weather that you are all experiencing comes partially from the low vibrations of this group. Near this afternoon did you see any remnants of light coming forth, which represented that of light understanding? Again we are not going to upset you with negative thoughts from yourselves, but let it be sure that there are much what would be called negative thoughts for your own destruction and keeping you from your happiness and goal. There are many things once more we need to speak to you about, but in this area we do not speak on the material, for these things have been stressed enough for the moment. But we do speak now on that spiritual essence. Remember that this life is but a short one and your soul development is mostly dependent upon this particular lifetime. This is a life of complete reward or degradation in that, as said, if succeeded in this particular task you will develop twice as fast and upward. If brought down to your lowest level, then you will be afflicted with diseases that are only common to your own particular vibration and system. One aspect of the spiritual way of living is to have discipline over your physical and mental and spiritual bodies. In this case there should be much more discipline in that of the mental. To speak as much as you all do is in one degree good. But to withhold one from speaking in that tense as self-discipline is better and more perfect and congenial for spiritual development. In this case, we will not go any further with that of the evolutionary pattern of the earth plus the moon and other forces in the development of this earth. Because of your own vibrations, we will not teach this particular subject today, for it is better to come in the near future. As we have said the preparation for your leaving comes soon. And it is coming sooner than you all think. That is why this cooperation is needed. For that moment when you are given to leave this state, you must have some force behind you to get to where we are going to send you. At this moment we are ready for your particular questions.

JE: In one of the, in the session we were reviewing at home they said that, if I understood it right, you were infiltrating the Soviet Union, you were controlling them. Could you explain that? What you mean by infiltration?

Forces: Infiltration or infiltration is more the way one should say, is that of going into the land physically in that of the Siberian, as it is known, Desert, is one of our major headquarters of development in this particular Asian continent. We also have plans and scales in which we are bringing the feeling of cooperation and the spirit of understanding that was not in this country for at least fifty to sixty years. It is that of bringing them out of their own hatreds and developing them into a spiritual understanding of life. We also are developing into that of China in which for the period of twenty to thirty years they were also isolated in their own selfish and development areas. Now they are being infiltrated on a spiritual understanding of ideas and feelings. In this respect, we are infiltrating these particular countries along with other major countries of the world for the order and government that is to come by us.

JE: Thank you.

L: Last summer when a group of us were traveling to Boston and stopped to see spaceships, were these actual three-dimensional spaceships, or were they thought forms given to us?

Forces: At this particular question, it was asked before prior. In that case, we also gave the same answer that it was of our doing that you were made to see what and who we are.

L: Thank you.

DA: I have a particular characteristic of being sneaky and trying to cover my words and things. Could you give me some way that I can work on this or understand it?

Forces: Do you truly believe this?

DA: Yeah, yes.

Forces: Then why would you be said of as doing this?

DA: I don’t know.

Forces: Then if you said that you believe that you do this, there must be a reason. For one never does anything without a reason in back of it.

DA: I think maybe that’s, I don’t understand why I do it. Or…

Forces: Why would you want to do this?

DA: I don’t think I really want to do it. I mean, at the times when I think I… I’ve discovered myself doing it, it’s sort of like I discover myself in the middle of it.

Forces: Then you do this as one of your temporal securities in which it is spitefully done so you would have what would be called on a worldly level, information to use without any discretion of right and wrong. Information to be used by your own accords so you can selfishly get what you want. It is basically a selfish pattern in which you are so insecure in many levels that you try to force a security, what would be called block of information, so if anything goes wrong with yours, then you have this as a last resort to stand and protect your case. It is a poor thing that you resort to such a barbaric situation and attitude, for in this attitude it is a refusal of growing in a spiritual development and also a general stagnation and repulsion for your own death. It is actually stopping all the growth that is within you and making sure that your own burial place is ready for your body. It is a development that must be broken out of and trusting in the spirit of God that has been given to you long ago, But yet you must trust first in him as you have never trust before. It comes first through this force and all these things turn in harmonious ways and in a great vibration of understanding and peace. You will only receive comfort to your physical body when you first trust in your God and try not to get all this security on a worldly level so that it means a guarantee of protection if things go wrong to you.

DA: Thank you,

P: Would it be beneficial for me at this time to like, pick one or two nights a week that, you know, nothing is really happening and do some volunteer work in order to like open myself to like the… you know the world outside this group?

Forces: Your volunteer work, if you would like, the one and two nights, there is so much to do in this group that if one begins to go outside in this group, it is a volunteerial act of leaving and depleting the group’s forces and source. If you would like to volunteer, I do not see any better group to help than this one.

P: Okay, thank you.

I: Was my dream interpretation of this morning correct?

Forces: In many parts we find a accurate display of intuitive powers that we find remarkable. Also we find that through patience and perseverance for all things come forth and into the light of things. But with this perseverance must come faith and patience that one might understand his or her own dream. In this case you have had the patience to bear with this particular dream in order for it to fulfill its true message, that is of a protective nature in which all things must be secure and all things perfect in the eyes of God before one goes forward to meet and do the will of God.

I: Thank you. And the interpretation of T’s dream last night?

Forces: He seems at least accurate to a state. That which is the destruction of those is that of the many souls that are on the earth that are traveling. It means a great destructive power on a military basis to innocent civilians or what would be known as a nation of innocent people will be destroyed. It means the coming of the great war. It means blood on the earth in which only one-third of what would be left of the population to be left to survive. Out of this great famine will come, but for those who do survive are those only on a spiritual path and way of living.

I: Thank you. Are we to go to Vermont?

Forces: It is a difficult situation that this area presents for it will one obstacle after another obstacle. It would a complete battle on a worldly level for power. That is, the power of the ego of saying great things. But if you go, it must be truth that goes with you. It must be that idea when in opposition to those who will meet you that you must speak an open and honest and frank mind in order to win.

I: You mean to say they going to have something to tell me the truth in?

Forces: Not that in that direct, for they are still in the game of the earth. This truth must come forth from you.

I: Oh. Thank you.

N: What vibrational force happens at three o’clock for our times that we chant or listen to the record that makes that a good… what particular thing happens at three as opposed to some other hour that makes that, you know, the time that we would use to break down our etheric bodies?

Forces: In short what are you saying? Is there not a better hour for you to meditate than three o’clock?

N: No, I don’t think I was. Maybe I was. I just wondered if, you know, what force there was then. Or what, you know, what particular…

Forces: From this point on, as this entity did have that thought form, in this, that your as a group, or you as a group who were meditating at this hour, will no longer meditate at this hour. For that now comes a period of individual wanting to meditate for those who would want to meditate at this hour, will continue by themselves or as a group formed together. But the idea is that from this point it is no longer mandatory for you as a group to go into the upper room at this hour to meditate.

N: Thank you. Also in the canning and preserving, to start out with, while we’re experimenting, is it all right to use the jars that we have, or is it necessary that we get something like Mason jars?

Forces: These Mason jars, make sure that they are properly squared, enforced. But the Mason jars are jars none the less. If you have jars, use them. For if you put one apple into a jar, it still remains an apple. If you put into a Mason jar, then you have an apple that is educated.

N: Thank you.

Forces: In fact, it is rather to do the thing first and worry about where to put it second. You have many holes in the floor this stuff can be poured into for that of proper cement. All talk and no action… in that force I’ve been watching that all this jellies or what you would name and preservations or preserves are still not even on the point of physical manifestation because you have nowhere to put them. Or at least the point of knowing not to do. That is, if you do not know what to do, don’t do it. If you know what to do, do it. But as you would see, you have nothing to stop you from doing it but self, but self. As you are doing the preservation and you have no jars, then open the window.

N: Thank you.

RH: Is there some kind of mental discipline or an affirmation or something that when a negative attitude or emotion comes up that you can stop it before it gets…

Forces: It is wise to speak out this negative attitude than to suppress it. If you have such an attitude, yell it at the top of your lungs.

RH: But doesn’t that create disharmony… I mean…

Forces: It will only do one or two things. Correct the situation around you or to correct the situation within you.

RH: Thank you.

D: Could you help me understand the dream I had this morning. I’m not sure that I understand it. I have… I have an understanding but I’m not sure whether it’s right or not.

Forces: In this particular dream, it is a development of five of your centers that are played into five characters. Also it is a development of what is faith within you. The fear that has been worked upon you as of yesterday as you have pointed out by this entity was a replacement of one of your centers. When this entity touches any part of the physical body, it is us who is trying to work through many forces and through the electrical influence of that power in which we are contacting that sphere or that sphere of influence into the spiritual glands. It is a development of that gland. There are many in this group that have had this job worked on them in which their spiritual glands were developed into such a vibration that they were speeded up in order for them to remain in this group. That is why it is of essence or that value that at certain times each one must be developed and prepared as far as their spiritual glands are concerned. When this happens, dreams happen to tell and inform these entities what did actually take place on the physical force. But if it is misused, misused maliciously, then it would be a destructive way to destroy arid weigh you down completely.

D: How could this be misused?

Forces: Misapplication of thought and what the vibrations that have been presute or what would be known, transmuted to you informs this misapplication of knowledge for selfish reasons.

D: Does the… when I opened the Bible this morning, is it… you say this.. is it part of the same thing?

Forces: If you heard what I said, it would apply accurately to what it said.

D: You mean this energy from the gonads to the solar plexus, mis… misuse of that?

Forces: This would be more accurate, yes.

D: Then the solar plexus is magnified?

Forces: It had been magnified negatively until yesterday in which it was transmuted to a positive basis.

D: Thank you.

JE: During the flood, it was said that… that Noah took all the animals in the ark. Did it…

Forces: It was a happy party.

JE: But I’ve read that at times, like… that y’all have taken the animals like, like during the floods or things… like taken them completely away from the earth and then put them back on. Could you sort of like clear that… clarify that?

Forces: If you would like to believe that we have taken all the animals from the earth, but remember we have complete stock, of whatever is on the earth where we are at. What you would call a zoo, we also have one too.

JE: Well then during the flood did… did Noah really have like every single animal in the earth in the ship?

Forces: It would be closely as accurate as possible to that as statement.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Hard to believe. But I tell you that it is hard to believe the situation that you are in… that is you group, or the group of people or souls on this earth. There are ignorant souls on the earth, completely ignorant to the laws of God. That is, for us, so hard to believe that they believe they are the only ones in the universe. We just shake our heads and look down on them with pity and say to ourselves, ‘What a mess they are in’. Yet you find it difficult to believe a couple of animals put into a storage room for forty days. It would be difficult for you to believe that. But I would say look around you and see the corruption and the misdirection of the spirit of God that is more difficult for you to believe. Believe that, for you see it physically manifested in front of you. And Noah and the ark you do not see anymore. So all I can say is have faith in that for you. But now believe in the greater destruction that is about to come upon you all. We are at this moment getting ready for that force of destroying much of this land in America.

L: Can you give me anything that would help me deal with my self-righteousness? How to correct it and how to keep it from, you know, happening?

Forces: Do you believe this is a particular problem with you?

L: Yes.

Forces: Why?

L: Because I don’t know that I’m being self-righteous until I’m being that way. And I… you know, how to, you know, see it in the beginning and know what causes…

Forces: As we have given you that answer prior, it would be only wise as a group that you would understand what we have said to you before and apply it rather that beat your head against the wall so many times. We did tell you when this period does come upon you, that you must return quite fast to your wife; that you must cling and understand and give her the love that she is missing. This is something that is needed to balance out your male and female aspect in you. You cannot be completely independent for you do have that woman that is next to you. And you must not sever yourself and become independent from her. It is that feeling of independence that caused this self-righteous arrogance of strength and fortified ego. It is a weak thing for it is the most time when you are the scaredest or thus would be said, fearful. It is only when you are afraid that you put this air on, for there is no reason for you to have it, for it causes nothing but disharmony and that which is called understanding the things around you with love and bowing down with meekness, we become strong. Not by bringing yourself up in a falsified bubble that it will break and leave nothing but hot air. It is when you do bow down and become meek will you only become strong.

L: Thank you.

G: In one session you told me to chastise my thoughts with purity, could you explain how I could go about doing this?

Forces: That is to first love yourself and everything you have done up to this point, knowing that it is for your own development and progress to your higher development of soul level. The second thing is to go forth and be of service to others around you. And the third is to send love to those near you and those who are very close to help you. Allow them to help you and not to show and throw them away from you.

J: Can you give me any advice on how I might… how to control my desires, my physical desires?

Forces: Do you feel that this is a particular problem with you?

J: Yes.

Forces: Then to control these desires means first of all, what are they? Why do you have this particular desire? If it is for your own ego sense that this desire manifest and security, then you must understand that you are walking a path of death, that you are walking and that you are growing old. And you must admit this factor to yourself that the age has come upon you, and you are no longer as young as you thought. No matter how much you perceive this as young mind or thoughts that are young, or thoughts that make brought back into a relationship to your age when you were young. This type of development would only bring uneasiness and disharmony into you. This type of thinking brings that desire for sexual fulfillment in order to prove that you are not growing old and that things are still working in order. But in your own mishap, the day will come when the thing that you do work with will be out of order and maybe to the point of removal. Into this factor we shed light that if you do not develop as far as service to others and that of getting involved into things and helping others around you, and most of all the important factor for this to be developed, for this to be in constructive and for this to work and for this to be, as we have repeated ourselves, you must love yourself for the whole sum total of what you are and what you have done. If you have any neglect or any fear of not loving yourself or part of yourself for your past actions, do not worry, for it is already forgiven you. And it is not your worry that you worry that God forgives you. But you are worried that man will have something on you. For you in your past life loved to have other things in France on other men, in which you developed and threatened them. Now the same quality comes forth once more, but this time that same threat that you blackmailed those men with, is lying on you. And therefore, would you wish to blackmail others now. You cannot, for your life is but full of potholes in which you would love to smooth out to become self-righteous once more. But we will not give you that opportunity to do this. So the last resort is again the spiritual resort, in which you must love yourself for what you are and all things you have done up to this point. Second, you must go forth to be of service to others and to understand by through this service will you develop your desires to be of a higher nature. And third, you must understand you are no longer young, but you are growing old. Now how do you grow old? But is up to you. You can grow old and die, but you can grow old and die in the grace of God. One is better than the other. The other leaves you worthless.

J: Thank you.

DA: Could you explain some of the nature of the childhood diseases? Were they real disease or disharmony or perhaps some sort of immunization? And would all children have to go through them?

Forces: Disease is sin. In your case it was part of karma in your other lifetimes where you mischievously and maliciously used people in the courts and in what would be known as those in that of the land and territorial of small communities. Also it is of what would be said as not as a protective nature but of your own fears and desires and that of your own hatreds and lust and anger to those that you were jealous with.

DA: Would this be similar… would similar things be true for everyone that goes through the childhood diseases?

Forces: It is to your own case what I have said. Point your finger not to others, but allow that finger to point only one way, and that is, into yourself.

DA: Thank you. Also, could you maybe give a little explanation of the differences between the terms such as soul, astral body, higher self?

Forces: If you would have understood what I have just given you a few minutes ago, this question would have been hold off until the circle was completed. So, therefore, I would hold off and understand what we have just given you. For if you understand it, it means a secret to your life. But up to this point, it is not understood. It is just a mere question that has an answer to that will be understood at a later date. This is a weak part in you, which is a fallacy within your own parts trying to say, ‘I understand.’ If you understood, then it was a critical answer to you, and not to go on with other questions.

DA: Thank you.

I: Is the interpretation of Job so far correct? Mainly the name interpretation?

Forces: It is very accurate. And we would agree and also wish that you would continue with this particular book on that of that would be known near Tuesday.

I: Who are these fifteen trillion entities incarnated into the earth that travel to other galaxies in their sleep? Are these specific entities, well, you said fifteen trillions?

Forces: You should do well to remind yourself what we actually did say. But in the force, if and when you get the accurate number, it is those souls that do travel from here to the fourth dimension.

I: Fifteen trillion. That’s not the amount of people on the earth, is it?

Forces: That is not even near the amount.

I: So…

Forces: It is not even close to that amount, for there are those on the earth that you see, and there are those on earth that you do not see.

I: And they all travel to the fourth dimension?

Forces: They travel to that degree to get to higher dimensions, but the fourth dimension is the only thing you are to be involved with at this moment.

I: Does… does this include what we consider ghosts?

Forces: What we know as ghosts have many understandings. One, the apparition of the soul body. Two, the ethical body that is left behind and finally dissolves into the spirit of nothingness. And the third one is that of that which is the material body but refuses to become the soul body.

I: Thank you. What or who are the forces, which are called ‘object mind… knights’? And what is their function?

Forces: This is the preparation of insight and intuition.

I: So those are actually your forces?

Forces: Using into this particular area.

I: Are these like entities? I mean actual…

Forces: These are different souls that are evolved under different scales of evolution. They are not like you would known as angels.

I: And they reside here in the fourth… the third and fourth dimension?

Forces: That would be near as accurate.

I: You said that these entities traveling are created by their electrical components the history and form of that particular solar system. Which solar system and what history? Is it of the future?

Forces: It is the solar system of now, for we have created this solar system by our own thought forms. It is of this moment now for where you are all at this.

I: So were you talking about yourself in this particular thing?

Forces: Not only ourselves, but all those that would apply to this area or category.

I: You mean to say that there are entities on this earth, the third dimension, that are open enough to your thought forms? Therefore they can help to create the solar system with you together?

Forces: No, to that degree the solar system is already created. It is only through the evolutionary scale that you help to develop it.

I: What are the stains… I don’t know if I’m saying it right… in our blood circulation?

Forces: What are the what?

I: Stains… steags…

Forces: I would wonder where you received this word from?

I: I thought I heard it from you, but I must have heard it and I cannot probably say it. It’s something in the blood circulation that consumes and makes electricity or something.

Forces: When we said this word it represents that which conducts the spirit essence through the blood system.

I: What?

Forces: That which conducts the spirit essence through the blood system through the centers of spirit.

I: So what are they consuming?

Forces: They are not only consuming, but receiving light and food from the spiritual world.

[Part II]

I: … maybe that will be. The fifteen trillion seconds or galaxies travel time, is this the speed of our blood circulation in our bodies? Also matching the amount of galaxies we pass with our mind per second depending on our motivations will determine what kind of galaxy we enter and what influence we pick up and that what happens in unclean blood?

Forces: There are many forces, but blood is a very precious and a very noble reaction to that of black forces and white forces. There are some that react when the black force are so strong that it is only through the blood system that their protection is developed and through this blood system the protection is developed to fight off the invading black forces. In this case there is a outer and inner war going on in which the blood system must be conquering and would devour that way of the black forces. It would also cherish that what is within is without. When one is to say what you have just said, it would be near as accurate, but must be repeated on your own physical level. We develop through the consciousness of the galaxies by our own consciousness that we are at and at the moment when we terminate.

I: I don’t think I understood that.

Forces: That the blood circulatorial system does not determine fully the quality or…

I: Oh, yes. Thank you. If this is as you said, you know, almost correct, then is there a reason for the amount of blood in each body?

Forces: The amount of blood as you know is eight quarts, near to it But it is perfect balance and the amount of blood is relative to that of the amount of spirit within the physical body or that which is spirit in a higher form.

I: By the amount of blood in our body that’s the amount of spirit?

Forces: By the amount of blood in the physical body represents the amount of spirit in the spiritual body to make up one entity or that of the spiritual body. This typical question will not be understood at this moment. It will be neat to understandable but will take some time to understand it fully.

I: Thank you. Can I continue on that level of… of the blood question?

Forces: If you are hung up on blood.

I: No, but since this is the blood… and the spirit so connected. What about those who are anemic?

Forces: That is a development of spiritual ideas that are straining to come forth.

I: Straining to come forth. What about those who have hemophilia?

Forces: That is also a karmetic deed and also a could point out to a deed of self-disefiction in which one volunteers to allow this to happen to him. But the majority of cases of those who receive this have shed blood many a times in other lives.

I: Thank you. Thank you very much.

N: You said that the amount… did you say that the amount of blood in the physical body and … and, you know, relating to the spirit, does that mean that people who are very ignorant of God’s laws and… and… you know… does… and are not spiritually developed at all… ?

Forces: Those who are ignorant to God’s laws are not spiritually developed at all.

N: But, so what does that mean about their blood?

Forces: That their blood is thick.

N: Thank you. When holding people in the light… let’s say when you want to hold someone in the light, is it necessary to picture the physical person or just simply to think about the person and…

Forces: It would be well to think the feeling while around this person.

N: To think of holding them in the light when in the physical presence of that person?

Forces: It would be well to think of the feeling around this person.

N: Oh. To think of them feeling the light?

Forces: It would be well to think of them around this person. To think of their vibrations around this person. The feeling that you think when you are around this person.

N: Thank you.

RH: Could you explain to me what happened Friday in my room one afternoon when I… right before I went to sleep?

Forces: It would be called the flash or the light of understanding to your own development. It is also a warning signal in which to wake up and be prepared and not to be lazy.

RH: When we have these… these feelings in meditation or something else, how… how can you fall so far away from it? I mean I know how, but…

Forces: Repeat your question.

RH: How can I keep more the feeling and vibrations, the happiness then throughout the whole day with me?

Forces: By repeating of that of meditation. Repetition of it.

RH: Thank you. Uh… thank you.

D: Could you explain what the dream I had last night, what Rh meant?

Forces: It represents spiritual course of contribution and what you call receptivity on the level of new ideas coming forth to you.

JE: My parents suggested that I… that I come home to visit for my brother’s graduation the next week or so. I’d kind of like to, but I’m not really sure, you know, what’s the best thing to do. Could you suggest something on that?

Forces: I, yes, would have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

JE: Thank you.

G: Could you explain how the imagination works and the way that… I’ve noticed that at times I get sudden flashed and imagine terrible things happening, or, or, like…

Forces: I could see that this question was asked by you before.

G: In one sense relating to selfishness, but what I’m thinking of is the act of… before certain… certain… clumbsiness things happen and all of a sudden I imagine something happening then it happens. Like a…

Forces: It’s only playing out what you fear the most. You live by fear, not by love. You are a tree that is withering because of your own selfishness. And fear is your fruit.

G: How… how can I correct this?

Forces: It is up to you.

G: Thank you.

DA: In a musical piece that’s I written, is there a particular characteristic or emotion or something that each of the different keys that a musical piece can be written in? Does it…

Forces: Each key represents an emotion and color from vibration of same.

DA: And also, would each note in a scale represent also maybe a color and emotion?

Forces: Each key is a note in the scale that represents a color and vibration upon the centers of the body.

DA: As example, for instance, the key of C, could you give maybe the characteristics of that key?

Forces: The key of C would be near to that of the thymus center vibrating around it. And there is a color what would be known as red or sometimes violet. This color is also changeable according to the area in which the other notes around it come closer to or in contact with.

DA: Thank you.

P: In this life history that we’re supposed to write, is there anything that we can do that would help us like remember the past more clearly?

Forces: By shutting up your mouth and writing it.

P: Thank you.

I: Is there still the chance of not having the third world war?

Forces: This group could prevent it if they only understood.

I: Has Moses ever been back on the earth since Exodus or will come back?

Forces: Moses is back.

I: Am I thinking correctly?

Forces: There are many flowers in the field. This time you must pick your own.

I: Were the slaves in Atlantis created to do work on the physical level? What for if the soul… souls that created them created them by thought? Then… they could have done the work by thought. Or did the slaves have also the power to create by thought before their misuse? Why did they need slaves altogether? Did these slaves have a soul?

Forces: Would you like this in five hundred thousand dollar bills or hundred thousand dollar bills or twenty-five cents each? It is that when the soul does come into the earth, as it did then, it progressed through the evolutionary scales. As it developed, it was very close to spiritual development. At this time through, their own development, they projected thought forms, what would be known as mutations today to be slaves and do the will and work of these people. As they developed, their materialism became worse and worse through the years and these things or slaves that they developed became monsters of the earth and became uncontrollable to the point in which they were willing to destroy them. Yes, there were no souls as would be known souls in this degree, for they were developed through their thought forms But as they grew through evolutionary scales they became impacted with a divine soul but not a divine soul. They became impacted with an earthly mechanical soul that is on other levels of this species developed into and within them. For there are many levels of soul beings and when these slaves were created they were not developed according to the plan as what was given, but were given souls that were on random left over.

I: Thank you, but why did they need slaves altogether?

Forces: As they became involved into the material, they lost their powers. But at that point the materiality or that which is the spirit that they had created as slaves, became more into their jurisdiction.

I: So they had like enough power to create the slaves before they lost completely their power?

Forces: This is correct.

I: Thank you.

N: As far as being able to help prevent the destruction of two thirds of the population, that… is the main way to do that prayer, or do… first I guess we have to all develop ourselves?

Forces: The only way to do that is prayer and cooperation with your own principles and systems. You must believe of the reason why you have gathered together. And you must believe it fully. And doubt none of it. For at this point will you stop the third war.

N: How… how can people… how can it be forgotten so much on the earth where… where we all come from? I mean how can such a situation develop as it has now? And has it ever… have we ever gotten so far away as we are now?

Forces: You have gotten far away at the very beginning. We have gotten into the situation not that we have forgotten, but that we are too proud to admit our mistakes.

N: Thank you.

RH: From last… last evening was the Search For God meeting and what we did that evening, was that good?

Forces: Anything you do for God with a right mind and spirit is good.

RH: Was it done the right way?

Forces: It would have to be up to your own imagination or what would be called by your own thoughts of right and wrong. What will you have said that evening, did you do it out of the kindness of your heart or for selfish reasons?

RH: Thank you.

L: Is there a trade or handicraft that I should get into and start developing in?

Forces: If you can get developed into making what would be known as stained glasses or glassware, it would be well.

L: Thank you.

Forces: But you will not progress anywhere until you begin to become humble and to love those near you.

L: Thank you.

I: What is the spiritual level? Is it something like to the astral or where is it? On the earth? Above the earth?

Forces: The spiritual level is everywhere.

I: So it’s only the attitude then?

Forces: Correct.

I: You said in Virginia Beach that you will take certain things back from them. What are these things? And will the people there understand what is happening and why?

Forces: These entities at the moment will not understand, only when it is too late.

I: Like for instance Marshalls and the place falling to pieces, is that one of the things you are taking back?

Forces: That is part of the things. Where there is no cooperation, there is corruption, and corruption breeds destruction.

I: You said that the land, do you mean the land that belongs now to A.R.E. is going to be taken away?

Forces: That is under plan.

I: You said that the wall of Jericho came down on the invisible level and that it will happen soon…on the visible level. What will happen in Virginia Beach?

Forces: This will be when the ocean that will take away what it was once theirs.

I: All power and all understanding is in God’s hands to give or not to give. Why then is power given to scientists, to politi… to political powers? Can we have some understanding of the world… of the world’s situation’s pattern of such? Why is… why is it given to them if they don’t have the spiritual understanding to cope with such power?

Forces: This is not true. There are some scientists who have developed and who have taken the spiritual way. But there are others who have developed just as man who are material and believe they are the only thing. This is a misapplication and to bless them or curse them is up to their own particular karma. No matter what station in life one is at, they always will have presented in front of them a God or spirit force.

I: So actually when a tool is given, a tool is never given in the hands of somebody that is not capable of handling it. It’s only his decision how to handle it, the tool.

Forces: Correct.

I: Is my understanding correct about the people here in America with the drug situation and the farms that we were discussing…

Forces: It would be good if they put this into operation.

I: Is something like this going to happen?

Forces: Near the future.

I: What happened to the tablets of the Ten Commandments?

Forces: They were stored until they were buried.

I: In Israel?

Forces: In the mountains.

I: So they are still there?

Forces: They will be found for they are there, yes.

I: Mount Sinai?

Forces: There are those that are remaining in that of the Sphinx.

I: In the Sphinx?

Forces: Correct.

I: How did they get back there?

Forces: By the priesthood that followed Moses.

I: So they went back to Egypt and buried the stones? Thank you.

DA: So the pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt were like great initiation places except during the period of Moses the Egyptians were misusing it, right?

Forces: This would be near as correct.

DA: And the priests of Moses knew that this was a great storehouse of all records for like the initiation?

Forces: This they created.

DA: Thank you.

I: Is there anything that I should know to tell the entity T?

Forces: That things greater than realized will manifest soon.

I: Thank you. Should he stay on his present worldly job?

Forces: Until we give the moment of movement.

I: Thank you. We have no more questions.

Forces: We have given you much over the months. Now comes the most important part for your own development, the part of decision whether to serve us or to serve yourselves. Part of cooperation with one another and the part of giving that others might receive. This should be your motto. To do for others first, then for your self second. We prepare such great tests for you and if you fail, then your whole thing falls down. But back on joy and an understanding that your life is protected and that there are many things that you must take care of. Be not like sheep that are hiding from the mange. But go forth to get your hair shaved. Be not like that which hides from destruction, for destruction eventually falls on all of us. But go forth as proud as can be that your light may be lit for the kingdom of the world to come. Remember if you die honorably, your soul progresses. But if you die like a snake, then there is no progression, only to return back one more time. Death is in every part in us. There should be no fear of death for death only lasts a second. It is how one goes to his own particular death. If he goes afraid and scared all his life, then he is a coward till the day he dies. But if he goes for the spirit of light and truth, and gives up his physical body for God, then he is manifested more beautifully and becomes greater in the eyes of his own spirit and success for the spirit on the earth. There are many here that will be tempted. They must be in patience and forbearance not to give in to their temptations. There are many here who will be tempted. They must not give in to their temptations. They must go forth in the spirit of Light that they might do the will of God through their life and through this particular life that is the most important one of all their lives that they have spent on this earth. Remember, this is a classroom, and out of this is the progression of all souls into the initiation of the solar. There are much more things to be spoke about, or there are much more things to speak about. But at this level of your own consciousness of fighting within your own turmoiled self that you must come to a decision. You must come to a decision before the decision is placed upon you. Our next session will come with many answers and many more answers to be answered. We give you only this understanding: Do not bite off the tail that feeds you. Do not bite off that which is good, do not dissolve that which is. Do not bring forth down destruction on your own heads, for this is not a worthy cause that selfishness should round into your own beings, but to give up yourself for your whole life the possibilities in which God might come through to you and work through you. But remember once more, do not drop your bone into the mirage of the bigger bone in the water. For when this is done you have nothing left and then you will have to start over again. I give you the peace that is remaining with you to guide you. Our next session to speak more on this and others will be on what would be known as the second or near to the third of what would be known of June. Greetings to you.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens…

Forces: Remember, it is the time that we come forth fully now not to leave you, but to stay with you, and not to have this entity speak to you in his own childish ways. For now is the time when either you are strong enough to stand forth for the convictions. For if you fall down, you fall down on your own accords. We will now from this point on speak through this entity in the very moment that you least expect it.

GROUP: Glory be to the Father…

Forces: You think it is finished. Be not surprised when you hear that it is only just begun.