Session 41-5/21/73

Greetings to all here present now. In this course of events that we speak to you, we find that there are some vibrations in this group that need to be chastised or disciplined. Remember that you are your own enemy. Whatever befalls you is brought on by your negativity. And that alone is the sum of why things are attracted to you. There is a time to come that all things that are strange and all things that have strong foundation will be toppled. Many things, objects, understandings, principles, will be turned upside-down. I don’t see why those here will not listen to what we said. Is it because it must be proven first before you give us a measurement of how much we are worth? Then it is to your defeat that you measure us. And to your own limited and stupid mind that you miss out on what we say. We have come to this course to guide and direct you during the years to come. We are not here as to prevent destruction, but only to bring in the will of God’s plan. Do not feel too secure and fat as pigs to believe that this means that you have a dome of protection over you. It is that this dome is only there when your faith is strong. When you are weak that force that is negative has all rights to come in. The things that are to become manifested in this period are those that will bring great fear among your people. Great amounts of distress and a decline in your standards of living. If there is not a group harmony and unity and strength, the outside corruption will come in and corrode what you have already. You must be a fortress to prevent that enemy of coming in. You are like unto a room when the Angel of Death passes over. Do not open the doors or else you will be stricken. There is again great amount of importance of this destruction and chaos to come this summer. In many forms, visible and invisible, that will take a period of two years to come forth and manifest. But as you can see, this group is not interested in two years, one year, six months. It is interested in the element of next day. For what say you think and believe that it must be manifested in that period as the next day. Don’t tell us what and when to do. We are the ones who are telling you. We are the ones who are telling you to listen and to make use of what has to be done. As far as the living quarters that you are now situated at, be careful of negligence and haphazardness as far as the flame or lights are concerned. For there is a laziness and disorder that now permanates the house and this should be corrected immediately. All those things that are lying around should be cleaned and put in proper places. We would also advise order in what would be called that basement where all that board or wood is, is a great amount of work that needs to be again placed in that lower basement. For there great destruction could happen if neglected. It is a representation of that of the kundalini force. If misapplied, or not taken care of. Everything in that house needs to be perfect in order. For this is the consciousness of the group, representing and manifested in the house level. Therefore we are the advisers or that which is cleanliness prevents disorder and for the forces of black to come in. As you can see what we have shown you is what would have happened to you if this place is not kept in order. There are things that have been taken away from you by your own force. Now we shall continue. Prepare for the worst in all things ever seen before to this country. It is now upon you all to feel a great sadness. This country is now being tested. All you who are lazy will die. There will be much blood in the river because of gratification of the physical. It is a wiping out of these or those who will not survive. Prepare yourselves. You have much to work with to get ready for this. Be not caught skin down when that hour comes. We have spoken many times about where we have come from and what we are doing. We have given you many lessons before on the evolution of man. We have given you instructions on the planes and rare levels, of vibrations, of death, of life. We will tell you now that we come from one of your very own planets that we reside on. That is the planet of Venus. The clouds covering over this particular planet is remarkable. Would you not agree? But so is the cloud covering over this planet. This is the way we operate, in this particular point. When the Higher Forces, which will be named the Highest, planned to create in this solar system spirit of life, it all started during that reign of the angel Lucifer-Satan and their rebellion against the plan of God. Now as has been given before, there are many hierarchies in our structures. As this entity has now undergone to understand certain principles of it, we come in to fill in and give light to things and clarification to others. In that beginning stage there was no force, physical as you know now, for they are all of the ethers of spirit forms and forces having no rebirth, no pain. None of such things exist. As we created out of this darkness, for everything around us was dark and void, and we began through the powers that our God has given us to create this solar system by our own thoughts. As is known by certain literatures that this entity has also trying to evolve with, it is correct that Saturn was our planet that we have created. Not the Saturn that you know of today, but the Saturn of a spirit ethereal form. And we had created this planet by our thoughts congregating together to form a place in the mass. But things were dark at this time, so we gathered our forces together and created what is the solar orb or the lunar or the solar orb, which is known to you as the sun. There were some forces at this time that were asleep. When they woke up it was no longer dark. Out of the mist of this sun, the waste material then became in the physical sense what we know today as Saturn. From this standpoint everything was well. Just as everything starts from the level and works on up, from the material back to the spirit, from the spirit back to the material…

[end of Side A]

There is much to be learned from your own particular planet. For when the war between the archangels for these were particular ones that were underneath us. And certain of these rebelled against our plan, we had to form a force to out-force their force. A war began and that what is known as today, the asteroid belt, was once a planet that this war took place on. You would find this between Jupiter and Mars. Then we exiled these forces of angels and archangels to the planet of the earth, remembering that was where they were forced to. For the earth was as just a star and of a light force that was not existing as the earth you know it today. Then there came the earth that was spit out from our force, from our work. Some forces at this time decided not to have any part of creating this earth in the physical sense, so they went and created what is known as Saturn in that area of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. And that is where they reside today. But we decided to create the planet of the earth, so we, through the forces of thought, again to the solar orb, dispersed into outer space and spit out the particle that was a hot, molten mass, a flaming ball of fire that represented the earth. This took many millions years of your time to cool. As it was doing such, remember that the Lucifer and the archangels that were thrown out gathered together on the heaviest side of the earth plane. And as it was cooling and revolving, that heavy side pulled away from the earth and created the feminine aspect called the moon. At this time the cooling of the surface began and the breaking of species on the earth into sex began. For there had to be different poles negative and positive before the sex was created. At this point the origin and breaking up of that physical being for male and female was manifested. And all those archangels and angels now reside on the moon. And there they waited until the earth was cooled enough for them to come in to the earth to experience the physical and lustful parts to the fullest. At this point we will end and as you begin to understand that chapter of Genesis apply this and much more to be given in the future and by other forces and sources that will come to you. Remember one thing, that as the forces on the earth solidified and the planets began to become as the oceans were a hot-bedded mass of flame and fire, now became of a liquid state much cooler. And the land became solidified. From the land became that which is Lemur or Lemur in state became into that area in which dinosaurs and reptiles and ferns and all that grew. From that came that of Lydiath or that spirit that was the embodiment of the first spirit form of what would be known as man today. But it was on the spiritual level that it existed. But that which is as man came from the sea, and his evolution was as of a person of a monster of ferns and dorsals from the sea. And this was called the Dorsinian Age or the Dortscan Age or the Pisces Age of Man. As man progressed upward and onward, then we came into the earth force to show and manifest through the cloud forces for there was much gas and much force that the sun did not exist at all. For there was nothing but darkness on the face of the earth. For it was gases all over the earth that existed through the hot molten lava and much more than that. For when we did come through, we broke through and showed ourselves in the form of a dragon force till they was that at that time manifested themselves too as a dragon. For we take upon ourselves as the etherical bodies to manifest into the earth. So at that point came the religious undertones of man and developed upward. For it had to become a miracle before man was to be developed. And that is one things that your scientists today will find much problems, for it was a miracle that you were created and not by a natural law. We again decide to tell you all this for you are not ready to understand more than that. For there is much more that we at this time will not give you. For if we do you will not even understand it or comprehend it. You haven’t come yet together in harmony to understand much more of the powers of God. How much can we give you if you do not gather together in harmony? If you still worry about your physical and gratification of this? Ah, children, of little faith. We speak on many levels, but you only hear one. Raise your consciousness that you might understand what has to be done. As far as this vehicle that is in your mind constantly, you will be retaining and receiving another one at a much harder and difficult earning power. But we will go into that in the next session. So that we will guide you and give you understanding toward this. It is again a sad situation that is coming upon this earth. Maybe it would be a wise idea to invest in a horse. But much more of the sadness in the next session. We are now ready for your particular questions.

JE: Can you tell me why I’m having stomach problems?

Forces: This is brought upon yourself as an awakening and a negative attitude of not moving. You have become like unto stone. And be not surprised if you do not have stones forming at this very moment.

JE: Could you tell me how I can correct this?

Forces: Application of what you have already received and application of doing, producing, developing, and contribution.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Don’t thank us. You should thank yourself. For you will be needing it.

IS: The gift I have bought for the entity T, is this the correct thing?

Forces: It would suffice for the moment. The gift that would buy him is to do the will of God. And this cannot be bought other than by hard labor and sacrifice.

IS. The dream I had this morning, what does it mean?

Forces: This represents what we have been speaking about… the disruption and destruction of many solid and secure foundations.

IS: Are you the Seraphim?

Forces: We operate from a direct force from this. We are the Principalities.

IS: Should we go to my sister’s house?

Forces: It would be advisable to create harmony into this structure. In the next session we will reveal what would be done while you are there if this is to be manifested.

IS: Should I go out looking to get a job?

Forces: For what purpose?

IS: By the dream…

Forces: There is no job for you…

IS: That’s what the dream said then?

_Forces_:… on the physical level.

IS: Thank you. All the holy wars that have happened in the name of God, they were wrong. How come then the Pinhas the grandson of Aaron was recommended for killing in the name of God? It says that vengeance is God’s. Then when do you do what?

Forces: Do you understand what you have just said? Or was it your own laziness that you failed to understand what situation was involved there? Did you look into it?

IS: I guess not enough.

Forces: It represents the manifestation of justice through the hands of God through certain entities.

IS: But there is no such a thing as a holy war In the name of God. It never is in the name of God.

Forces: These holy wars are the holy wars of raising the consciousness of those around,

IS: So it is right?

Forces: This war is not right, but everything that happens on this earth is to raise a certain amount of consciousness to the souls on it. War is wrong, but after that is a reaction to what has happened.

IS: Thank you. I’m understanding it a little bit. Could you about changes of the box to fit the changes of the group? What do you mean by that?

Forces: It represents in the force that this box will bring to the group a manifestation of strength and power. As the group has progressed, the group must progress this force or box changes. Is only a beginning of several ones to come.

IS: In the lower basement…

Forces: If it is not constructed before this is out, great harm will come and protection will not be given.

IS: If what will not be constructed…

Forces: This so-called box.

IS: But what is that box?

Forces: First construct it, and then…

IS: Who is to construct that box? Is it a physical box? Or, that you’re…

Forces: It will manifest as such?

IS: Is this the sarcophagus?

Forces: This is not that. But it applies to what you have said indirectly. It begins first with that of the scrolls and the higher forces will come through it. Then it manifests to other things. But we cannot do anything until this is done first.

IS: Thank you. So it’s the box for the scrolls.

Forces: This would be a good gift.

IS: In the basement, the section that has been… the room with the materials that we worked on this weekend, is there a specific purpose in?

Forces: This would be used as an expression of love and understanding between one and another for communication values.

IS: Could it not be done anywhere?

Forces: This is correct, but at this moment the seeds grow.

IS: Thank you.

LY: In the beginning when the silver cord was created, did the higher self rise up to join God or, out of the earth, or come down from God to join the soul in the earth?

Forces: Your question, you do not even understand it. The higher self was part of God. It does not join up to God, for God is with everyone. There is no need for the higher self to join with God for he is already with God. Do not go down into the earth, but sent one into the earth to be controlled and to learn from it. Of course he stayed on the same plane level that this higher self as you call was created.

LY: Thank you. I don’t think I understand, or really I don’t understand the question.

Forces: In short the higher self stays where it is and sends into the earth projections that it might learn.

LY: Thank you.

R: The dream that I had, the last part of the dream that I had this morning about the boy that was dead and, and they came and made him arise, what does that mean?

Forces: It represents the male spectrum being put into balance within you. Also the spirit of Christ that was once there dead now made manifest to be alive. It means the chance to become of service and not of an attitude.

R: Thank you. How can I begin to correct the negative feelings that I have towards things that I associate with or that are associated with womanhood?

Forces: This question was asked by you many times. All we’re saying is to love yourself for what you are and stop demanding what man wants you to be, but what God wants you to be. And if you want, then God wants. If you don’t want, you force yourself to be put into a high bracket in man’s society, which causes complications to your development.

R: Thank you. The resonance that I experienced those two times for the period of two days, could you explain what that is?

Forces: Pigheadedness.

R: Thank you. How did Lucifer-Satan get the idea to go against God when he was an angel without free will?

Forces: The point that all archangels were created by us to do the work as down the scale. They seeing that they had to do and what they could manifest in thought forms, they did not go against God. They only did what they wanted to do with the power that God gave them. They did not create according to our plan for harmony, but they created according to the plans of experiencing everything, which in turn sets off the whole plan that was first started. So now we have to go through this way before we can continue with the original plan.

R: Thank you.

IS: Did you create life on any other planets, too?

Forces: The other planets are inhabited by spirits that were created by the thoughtforms of the archangels, the archise as was named by this entity and by the angel forces on this earth that was who you work with.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We create by our thought forms just as you create by your thought forms. As the angel has fallen away from the plan he is forced to go once back more to his original self. He must again climb upward, but this time with man. He must climb upward with man and must experience the pain that man experiences, even more so.

IS: But not all the angels fell down, or did all of them? I mean Lucifer and Satan.

Forces: And there were a majority of angels too.

IS: That came along with Satan and Lucifer.

Forces: Exactly.

IS: Are those the ones that took over Saturn?

Forces: Those are the ones that took over the earth.

IS: But the ones you said that took over Saturn, you didn’t explain who they were.

Forces: They were archangels, no. They were our what would be called comrades that decided not to have any part of creating the earth…

[End of Side B]

… the other planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and that which is one more outside of that range.

IS: But those planets have no entities on them.

Forces: I’m sorry to disagree with you.

IS: They do.

Forces: There is your answer.

IS: But in this… in the… in the… are they visible physical entities? Or are they not?

Forces: To us they are very visible.

IS: I guess we’ll find out another day all the planets which ones had life or which ones had…

Forces: Every one of them.

DA: In my meditation recently I had flashes of a dream that was one of three dreams that I had when I was a child that occurred over and over and over. Was there a significance in that?

Forces: It is a warning.

DA: What kind of a warning?

Forces: To straighten up. Or prepare for a slaughtering.

DA: And the three dreams that I had when I was a child, could you explain those?

Forces: They are the guidelines to what has to be done in this lifetime. And they are your patterns that you follow.

IS: Say thank you.

DA: Thank you.

Forces: Say, ‘You’re welcome’. You’re welcome.

DA: You’re welcome.

J: Is my understanding of the three dreams I had last week, are they correct? Or am I on the right track?

Forces: If you were on the right track, we wouldn’t try to divert you. They should be looked into once more and reanalyzed again by your own doing,

J: Could you give me any guidance or advice on the events that occurred at my job last week?

Forces: Work with it and cultivate your weaknesses that these situations bring up.

J: Thank you. And in the session we were listening to at the house, what was meant by, “in death your astral is one with us again”?

Forces: The union of yourself, of your higher self, of all the properties it represents.

J: Thank you.

N: Would you explain the kundalini force?

Forces: Would you like that in five hundred thousand dollar bills, in two hundred thousand dollar bills? Would you like that into singles or pennies? The kundalini force-should I do an essay on it for you? Or should it be my term paper? Ahhhhh, you earthlings come up with questions that you sit there like pompous little chickens. One of these days you are going to lay an egg. My dear, if you want to know what the kundalini force is, you find out. Don’t bother me.

N: Thank you. Also…

Forces: Thank you.

N: The dream that I had a couple of weeks…

Forces: Would you believe it?

N: Was it of more, the one about the death and destruction, the one that was really frightening, is it a warning to me about my own self-destruction if I don’t straighten up? Is that what that particular dream means?

Forces: It is more accurate than you realize.

N: Thank you.

G: The dream that I had this morning in which I was told that I was connected up with G, the angel G. Could you explain this?

Forces: You are connected up to the angel G, by your lower end. You have certain forces if you have the ability to understand what G represents. These are your abilities that you are connected with. But I take it that you don’t even know that. Would you like me to tell you?

G: Yes.

Forces: Sorry. Do it yourself.

G: Thank you.

L: If the angels and archangels are servants of God…

Forces: And angels. And serabims. And parasims. Principalities, virtue, understanding. Diadems, archise, virtues, of course-go ahead. Martyrs, faithful. Everyone is the servant of God.

L: Well, if you’re the ones that created the angels, what does that make you?

Forces: It makes me better.

L: Yeah? When you’re talking about the cloud cover, how did you mean that you use the cloud, the earth’s cloud cover to operate through?

Forces: We use it as a form of vibrations and electronical wavelengths in order to make ourselves physically felt.

L: Also in a previous session we were given something about that when you come here, you travel the space of something like ten billion light years and you do it in…

IS: Hundred-fifty million.

L: hundred fifty million light years and then in this one you said that you reside on Venus. How… what’s the relation between these… ?

Forces: Are you trying to catch us?

L: No, I’m just trying to understand?

Forces: Understand the contradictions?

L: No, I was thinking maybe the first.

Forces: I don’t want to hear you. Maybe the first one, maybe the second one. Remember one thing, my friend. There’s a far greater distance from here to Venus than you realize. Also, it does not represent that Venus is our home planet. But I don’t think you have enough sense to understand that. So we will tell you. Venus is where we stay at. It is our hotel.

L: Thank you.

Forces: You are most welcome. These questions No sooner did we say you will lay an egg, you seem to be hatching. Understand your questions, my dear friends and scholars. You don’t know who you come up to to ask them with. I feel like I’m playing that word tiddlywinks with a bunch of apes. And you’re taking the sticks away to eat them. Do not make the situation that you are in to ask question just for the sake of a pompous, “I asked the most important question.” And to go away self-satisfied. You are like a fat hen. One of these days your questions will butcher you. Utilize your questions for the benefit of the group and for the benefit of the advancement of the future years to come. Don’t ask questions that you can find out yourselves. Oh thank God you don’t want us to tuck you in at night. In fact, we practically do that anyway. In fact, we do it. Some of you when you go to meditate make it a convenient place to sleep a little bit. How well the entity whose name is G knows the way he sleeps. He has his own private bed up there. One of these days we’ll take care of it for him. New question.

JE: Why is it that like all my life like violence and like bloodshed like has really freaked me out? I’ve always shied away from it.

Forces: Because in one lifetime you were eaten alive by vultures.

JE: Thank you.

IS: How did the Kabala come into light and who received it and when?

Forces: The Kabala comes into light by those who are ready to listen to us and when, when they become attuned to what we say. You haven’t even reached that point.

IS: I’m afraid the question, when did it manifest on the physical, written?

Forces: The moment Adam was created.

IS: What does it mean “Aleph with all and all with aleph and beth and gimel”? This is from the Zohar.

Forces: All the light is in that which is of the center of the flame. For all is one and all are three. The forces of that of God is of all three forces. Female, male, and higher self of God or the sonship but all are the oneship. So there are many phases in which God comes into, but they all go back to God.

IS: What does it mean “monetarial subjects”?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: I… I think maybe I can understand it in light what you have said today. So maybe I won’t ask this question.

Forces: Did you say monitarial?

IS: Yeah.

Forces: Subjects?

IS: Yes.

Forces: Those that are monitarial. Dealing with the substance of material. Dealing with that of the earthly.

IS: Does the moon control all the satellites and the solar systems?

Forces: Does the moon?

IS: Well, in another session you have said something about the moon controlling it and you control the moon through, through the moon you control certain things. Something like that.

Forces: There is the most important answer. It is through us we control the satellites. It is through the moon that we control other aspects that we call satellites within the physical body.

IS: You mean like aspects of people? Moods and things like that?

Forces: Correct

IS: Oh.

Forces: Oh. If you only understood what we say. We cannot spoon-feed you. You must work for your knowledge. That is why you’re here.

IS: Those rhymes that were given in one session, have I understood them to any degree at all?

Forces: It would be understood if you give it and have everyone to understand them together. You are getting close, and very close, but you still have much more to learn and apply with it.

IS: So we should sit together and have it like into reading or…

Forces: In time, correct.

IS: Thank you.

LY: Can you tell me about moonstones? The properties and powers?

Forces: The moonstones are moonstones and the properties and powers will be found in any metaphysical undertaking occult-level books on rocks and their values. Please. You have much more important questions to ask me than moonstones. Moonstones are the most valuable object for a human being to have around his neck. They forsake and do away with garlic.

LY: Thank you. Can you tell me more about the names you’ve given us and how they effect us individually and as a group?

Forces: The names are the vibrations that you are all aspiring into and the understanding of it in a conscious metaphysical level.

LY: Thank you. I had, I had a recurring dream about an infant and also in meditation I had a picture, a very clear picture of S holding a little baby. What does that mean?

Forces: Would you believe a baby?

LY: Yeah, but what… ?

Forces: Oh that is not me who will do it to you.

LY: Thank you.

Forces: It is the spirit of understanding. It is the child spirit of the Christ. It could represent that spirit of Christ coming into your younger son through you through the aspect of that sonship within you. It is the child of the spirit that is manifesting.

LY: Thank you.

R: Does each of the spiritualized a hundred and forty-four thousand cells in the body have a higher self?

Forces: This would be termed as near to possible an understanding as maybe.

R: Thank you. What is the significance of the nineteen weeks which have been added to the year since the time of the entity Jesus?

Forces: As you would understand, nineteen is the completion of humanity, a completion and evolutionary cycle of development to another stage of spiritual understanding.

R: Does that mean that in the period of this Christ that the year will also be lengthened after his era?

Forces: As the earth revolves around the sun the course in which its evolution is patterned gets larger. Someday it will go the other way and get smaller.

R: Thank you. Is the Milky Way a cluster of galaxies, solar systems, or what?

Forces: It is a cluster of clustering as you would call of us.

IS Cluster of you?

Forces: Of our forces and our productions and us.

IS: Your spaceships?

Forces: It is, it is us.

R: Thank you. When you said that there was a reunion of the higher self and all the properties it represents, is the astral form necessarily aware of that reunion?

Forces: What is the astral form you speak of? The astral form is only used as a form in which it goes from the earth physical three dimension to the fourth dimension. The astral form is not the soul, but the soul is greater than the astral form.

R: Then when a person passes over from the third dimension to the fourth dimension, if that person wasn’t aware of the existence of you, the higher forces in the third dimension, then would he be aware in the fourth dimension?

Forces: What would you say?

R: I thought no.

Forces: Then why ask the question?

R: Cause I wasn’t sure that was right.

Forces: If I come with a needle and prick you with it, what would happen?

R: I’d have a hole in my skin.

Forces: Then if you walk from this room to the next room will you still have the hole in your skin?

R: Yes.

Forces: Then it is better that you have found your answer.

R: Thank you.

Forces: More like a hole in your head.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Questions are ridiculous! It is striking me strange that I just don’t throw a thunderbolt in front of you to scare you up. But it is not needed. I’m here to baby-sit with you. Your questions must be developed. After a year together your questions are becoming retarded. You know the answer to your questions. Some of them are very simple. As a tree falls, it lies. You know that. There are many things that are reasonable with common sense, understandable. Common sense is one of the virtues that God has given you. Don’t become backward like baboons without common sense. Utilize it in your questions. Does the sun have light? No, it has water. Common sense tells you immediately the sun does not have water and there’s not a drop of water in the sun. Question.

J: Is there any advice that you can give me about my noon meditations, or maybe a different affirmation?

Forces: Your noon meditations are good. Different affirmation: “Lord, here I am. Help me.” Boy, do you need it.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Is that all the questions you have for us? You are very developed.

J: I was going to ask if there were any guidelines that you could give us at this point in terms of not overdoing food, or how we should plan menus and eat so we don’t eat the wrong things or things that will interfere with our development.

Forces: You should know that much better than anyone. You eat until you are as full as a house. Eat very little. Eat the minimum. Eat that you might leave the table still hungry. That is the guideline. Don’t stay there to eat until you are full; eat until you are still hungry.

J: And is there any usefulness to that ultraviolet machine that I brought to the house? Or…

Forces: It would be understandable in certain areas, but at this point not now. But in the future it would be developed into a good system.

J: Thank you.

N: Why did I have the reaction I did when I heard about the suicide of that guy in my friend’s letter? Was it just my own selfishness?

Forces: To degrees it would be. It represents shock that these things still happen.

N: Thank you.

[End of Side C]

… I know that I’ve made a mess of things at my job.

Forces: That is very nice.

N: Do you, should I, do you want me to stay there to keep… ?

Forces: To make a more mess of it?

N: No, to correct, to try and see.

Forces: I don’t see why not. But is that what I want you to do? Is it what maybe you might have to do?

N: It’s what I want to do.

Forces: That is corrects

N: Also, itch that kind of stiffens down the left side of my back the past couple of months or so, what does that mean?

Forces: This would be near to a pinched nerve or near to upsetment and nervous and anxieties. Hot baths would be good for you.

N: Thank you.

G: Why do I become so stupid and clumsy at times?

Forces: Selfishness and self-consciousness. If you would show love, then you will have not these qualities. But you show avarice and hatred to cover up these qualities. You become vicious thinking that this will make you more disciplined, more strong. This is wrong.

G: I’ve got a question about the last few days I, I had the feeling that the feeling of love in my heart. But then so may times it would just fall down. It was like, just, it was a start and then that… that feeling just fell down and then, I, I kept trying to bring it back up like with the words and all.

Forces: If it fell down, it fell down because of your own self. If that love is there it should be given not to us but to God.

G: Thank you.

L: In our Bible… Bible studies in the Book of Job and in the Book of Daniel in the text of the Bible there’s an actual story and then also there’s the metaphysical meaning for the story and the way we can relate it to our own lives and our own experiences. Is there some sort of guideline for Genesis that we could use to relate the Genesis information to our own lives?

Forces: To understand your own creation of your soul. That is applying it to your own lives. The meaning of who you are and what you are, your beginning. If that is not applying, don’t ask me what else is.

L: Is there any way to help make the abstract ideas of the creation seem more easy for us to understand?

Forces: If you understood what I’ve said this evening, you would understand the idea of Genesis.

L: Thank you.

D: Could you give me some understanding about just being myself, like the anxiety lately? I went through an experience where I came near to understanding the peace, then I seem to go away again.

Forces: Then go back to understanding it.

D: What is this pattern though. I… I’m going away. I mean how can I…

Forces: Why not speak it to your friends who are with you. They will help you with it. You are interested only what man would say for you, qualities of things, goods. All you are looking for is what man will think of you. You haven’t yet thought of what God thinks of you. The one who is called RE, you are so silent like a turtle. Are you in your shell? Or did we force you?

RE: I don’t know. I’ll try and, I’ll try to discuss. How can I break the cycles that I keep going into? And also along with that…

Forces: By service and by not becoming self-righteous.

RE: That was the next, if sometimes I know to do a thing, that it’s right but it’s a fight inside because it’s like…

Forces: You are still looking for importance and the role of importance. You are still looking for the gratification of man and not for God. You are a forceful group trying to do what you want to do in the most sneaky and cunning ways. as has been pointed to you. You know what has to be done, but you refuse to do it. And that is not bad, but you cover up, trying to fake what you are not doing. Service to others is the way out. Through your heart.

RE: What happens if I fail?

Forces: You will come back again.

RE: So I should just…

Forces: So you should just, just because you are coining back again? You mean you are making bargains? Well, there is no hell, so I might as well. The idea is that you should try to strive to find your God, not to make bargains of what would be the best thing or an advantage for you to do. To find your God. Question.

JE: Was man ever destined to like travel through the universe? Like in space travel?

Forces: He sleeps and does it.

JE: No I mean like, I know that, but I mean like physical man, like, or did you have anything to do with like the space station? Like the trouble they were having with it right now?

Forces: Oh do we have to do with it. We are like little mice running around tapping here and there and everywhere, showing man how stupid he is. Sending little box up there to find out! Oh, what we will show him.

IS: Am I correct about emesh, my understanding and how does it connect with Genesis, meaning aleph, elohim, mim, maim…

Forces: All these are the letters of the alphabet of the understanding of the letters and numbers of the words of God. Each one represents a number one to nine. Each one, each number represents a series of many things that is from one to nine and also to twelve and thirteen. Each one represents the evolution and thought patterns behind that particular number. It is the evolution and secret of the will of God. From the principalities elonim, from that which is the what would be called which would be new to all of you, the serabims and the seraphims, what would be as would be called serabin, and what would be known closer to carabims and the ice or near to what would be virtues, what would be truth, what would be not virtue and not understanding the thrones. As had been spoken by this entity. This is your new system, your scale of authority from the higher to the lower.

IS: Am I doing everything I’m supposed to be doing?

Forces: You are progressing. Still work to be done.

IS: In my meditation, am I supposed to do that or am I doing wrong?

Forces: You are doing okay for the moment.

IS: Thank you. Did the apostles of Jesus actually see or come abroad of any of your ships?

Forces: Once during the Transfiguration. And the Ascension.

IS: They came up?

Forces: Not to come up but they have seen, did not comprehend what they did see.

IS: Did they know of the higher forces?

Forces: They had an understanding vaguely about it. They were too busy seeing who was the most important one.

IS: Were they instructed not to say anything?

Forces: Until the Master left.

IS: But even then there is nothing in the Bible said about it.

Forces: It was taken out.

IS: Oh, was it called the chariots of God?

Forces: It was called the spaceships of God. And the return of the spaceships.

IS:… was foretold.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was there foretold anything about this group?

Forces: That you are not ready for

IS: I don’t understand some of the things in the Bible with Paul, it’s not that, maybe I understand, maybe I don’t. I…

Forces: Paul represents the truth and also his ego verses the truth.

IS: Paul?

Forces: Correct.

IS: His ego?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And all these books that were added on to the Bible. Was it supposed to be added on?

Forces: Correct. Ego verses truth.

IS: And that’s the books of the apostles verses the rest of the books?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. I don’t know now which part… what… if that question is valid, but which fund should we first start? The Torah or the eight thousand dollars but now used on other things, so I really don’t know?

Forces: What is the other thing?

IS: The car or the situation coming faster than, in the outside. I really don’t know. Which fund should be first?

Forces: You will always get a miniature Torah, but the land of eight thousand should be started.

IS: That’s what I mean. Thank you.

Forces: We are now finished with your questions. We again repeat to you get together in harmony and unity. For there is so much that has to be done. We speak to you through many forces, many ways, many understandings, and many forms in that way. But if you do not apply what you are learning, then you are stones, heavy. Be not caught when it is too late. Apply it now when you have time, for the season is coming when it will be too late. Apply it now. Produce. Do it when there is peace now. When destruction comes, you cannot produce or make that which you do not know of. Get to understand. For everyone of you must have a particular trade creating in it. Everyone of you must produce for the future in order for this group to survive. The next session that we will speak to you again will be more so on that which is the twenty-seventh and also maybe near the twenty-eighth. One or the other. Until then, we can only say to you to love one another and to come closer. For in short, this is all you have, your own survival and for your future evolution and happiness. Produce. Peace I leave you.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens…