Session 40

Greetings to all here present now. It is the evening for many advances in your course of study. There has come over this group a certain amount of faltering away. We here as for an example gave you the insignificant amount that you are worth. In short, this session, if it is to be accomplished, you all must make some effort in reviewing what we say. As then, we will not give a session tonight until you have met with your part of the bargain. We give you a date that we will have a session, meaning to talk, to speak with you. And these talks have always been punctual, on time or in the area that it was given. There wasn’t a time in which we said, ‘No, I’m too tired at this moment,’ or ‘I have important things to do.’ ‘I’ll do it later.’ This evening we waited for this entity to take his time before entering into this session. For it is our way of showing you how you, too, stall for time until it’s too late. We have much to discuss with you all, but we will not speak it at all until you fulfill what we want. Up to this point it is only convenient for you to hear us help you out. But what we have said has not been understood or analyzed. For if it was you would not be going on this path you are going to. As far as your transportation that we have noted that has been happened and also food and also financial qualities that are physical signs of the deterioration of your system. Therefore, for a period of two weeks there shall be that fast once more consisting of your past fast. The money that you have for this will be saved to add up your expenses to that level that once was. In addition, each one will contribute the amount of fifteen per cent for this weeks of two expenses. It takes on this level to show the laziness on many a part. Also, we would say that the cleanliness of the house be taken into consideration much closer. Not a fanatical interpretation, but not a forgetful interpretation. We also say the reviewing of these sessions would be profitable and prayer and meditation more stronger than ever. Our next session will be on the twenty-first of this month. I hope you all will be able to make it. As far as your transportation, that vehicle that you have now is not to be touched except by the authorization of the entity speaking now to accomplish certain jobs. Otherwise in this period, that vehicle does not exist. For if it continues, certain negative qualities would be attracted to this group. We are finished now. Now, with all that we have to tell you, you force us to do this. Remember, don’t push us too far or else.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in heaven…

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Session 40
  • Recorded on May 2, 1973
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  • Published on July 12, 2002
  • Published by David