Session 39-4/25/73

Greetings. It… Greetings to all here present now. We have watched your progress and find it more to be desired. During our course of program with you as individuals, it is that your actions produce a certain amount of irritation to this group. We again state that your progress in many areas needs improvement. During our course of instructions with you as a group, we find it imperative to bring this note that if you do not give that amount of sincerity, all things will vanish. As far as what has to be constructed, we have tried our best with what equipment we have. Tonight as we speak, to you, we are transmitting the imperative qualities or the imperativeness of your behaviors. We, during the last course of the meeting, have warned you of the weak spots when these days would come to you. It seems that you forget easily the warning that you will deny us, and how beautifully it has been done. Now if we continue to speak to you this evening without you understanding what we have said, and what we will say, then all this is in vain. You must not perceive what you would like or what you think is. That is the downfall of this particular group. The perception of only the mind versus logic in which you only will see what you want. And being it a shortsightedness to the perception and endeavors of that which is the development around. In such cases you fail to tune in to the recipient of intuition, only tuning in to the emotional level and flight of the ego. This here is a downfall in the upliftment of this group. I have spoken or what would be said on these qualities more than once. I have talked with you on these qualities more than once. I have talked on these qualities at least five times, not less. Understand the significance and the mysterious structure of what I have relayed to you. In this group we need not laziness, for such is an instrument of destruction and chaos. We are not here to use this time for what would be known as fun and games. We mean business, and we are serious. We cannot afford to waste our time with this group as lowly as it is, if it refuses to pick its head up and realize what it is. You have been chosen as a group entity to unite and travel together in the development of your physical, mental, and spiritual entities known as vehicles in this dimension. If you refuse to pick your head up and take on your equal share of the burden, then we will refuse to bow our heads down to lift you up out of the muck that you are now in. Remember, you are chosen. We are the ones that choose. There is a difference in the terminology of these words. To be chosen means to be taken out of the existing environment that one is found to be in. To be chosen means a careful analysis of the environment, mentality, and equilibrium of the species. To be chosen means to be considered. To choose means power, means authority, means the one who walks above the ones that are chosen. This, in short, to your mortal minds we relay it that you are chosen. We choose. We choose that which is, for your then become chosen. For this that we speak on, for we have that power to choose, to utilize, to make use of the raw materials that are embedded in this earth. If the raw material is not congenial to the experiment, then we travel for other qualities and fragments of such. In this case, what we are saying is that do not make things difficult for yourselves. And what would be said more closely, selling yourselves short of your desired future. Remember, again, without us you can do nothing; understand that with us you have gained, you have advanced, you are in a protective shield, and under such you will grow as a culture being protected from the outside karmetic laws. In such our experiment can reign and grow migrating throughout the earth. If this experiment fails, we will proceed onward to set another one in its foundation leading you back to your karmetic strands that each and everyone of you should have met or will meet. I am going through this with you very slowly and with patience, but I am also reiterating the most drastic measure of strength for your failure to respond. Yes, the strength that you have is quite detrimental to the upbringing of this what would be said group. Don’t for one minute think that you are sophisticated beings being chosen for a special mission. If you cannot handle the simple situations that you are confronted with, and as so to speak botch them up, then you will only see the sum-total of what you are. There are other groups on other levels of development that are superior to yours or to you. And are advancing as fast and as rapid. This group has not yet gotten the quality of unity, and in so doing, we strived for so long, for so many months to get at least four percent of unity. Unity is the functioning order of harmony. Without a unit there is no nucleus. Without the nucleus, there is no cosmos. On the lower level there must be unity. Unity of spirit. Without such, you are nothing. How to achieve this unity? You must give up your own personal life and future for the development of our needs. You must give up yourselves for what we have planned for you. Only then will we filter into you what we have already programmed for your destiny. A perfect order of unity, letting your light shine forth to the world. Again, I remind you that we at this progression are filtering in once more into the earth at this time through you. If you construct your life and become one in unity and harmony, we can once more manifest in this region on the earth, If you do not, we simply will scrape this program, as cancelled, and move on to start a new one. It remains up to you whether to make this commitment or to reside back into your own individual environments, leaving you to a regression of a lifetime that is of karma. If you will understand what I have said up to now, in short, we speak of that your life is changed when you give it over. That is, you life in this present time is being experienced what was in store for you at least seven or eight lifetimes ahead of yourself. If you refuse, which is your free will, then you will take away these seven, eight lifetimes in the future and revert back to the present where you find yourself now. I reveal this to you vividly and explicitly in words and sounds that there might be no shadow of a doubt in your conscious human mind what we are doing. We do not pull punches with you. We only create them. Now as far as you being here, every one of you in your past two lifetimes prepared for this moment in seclutive meditation and prayer or in an abbey or in an environment of recollection of thoughts and deeds. Everyone of you was involved with a master, an invisible one and visible; just as I speak to you being visible and invisible. This time you are in front with a master who will guide and direct you as is the progress of all souls on this earth. The first progress is your meditation. And as we have sifted through this vehicle that we are using, the desire means of our approach. We have separated you both in groups not knowing one to be greater than the other, for this too is a test. And you all remarkably failed it, thinking that you are better and greater than the other. And those thinking that those think that they are better and greater than themselves. So as you see, no one leaves this test without failing. For in short, there has been no progress on this particular test. Except for the one that is new, for his attitude of Thy-will-be-done was remarkable. In his search of saying that it is right and it will add up, for that his name shall be called PT. There are certain obstacles with this entity, but in time if perseverance and development is acquired, many gifts will be given to this entity who is new with us. As we have said, the separation into two parts, in that which is meditation is developed according to your frequencies, and not because of your superiority qualities. And I will not repeat that again. Now as far as pairing off male and female: this is a necessity without failure. That is one of the requirements of this school, the school of initiation. There are many schools in this era that are now being produced by many masters that are now filtering into the earth. You are involved with one master, and two other masters, and three the major one. This group at the moment is involved on the physical up-liftment and emotional up-liftment of the body so that we can at least attune and get to work on the mental forces. There are many guides and spirits that will be in the development of this group. Many lessons on the occult level that this moment cannot be revealed to you because of your arrogance. You are like children that have a match, thinking you have the light of the world at your disposal. Use your match wisely for it will soon go out if not spent in the right direction. The word for each and everyone of you would be “giving”. If it is given and misused, it can destroy you. Therefore, you are not ready for your own particular word that one and all will use in your meditation. We would advise during your meditations for some of the first group to concentrate on the area of the thymus, feeling the heat and the light from this source. And the second group to concentrate on the area of the eye to feel the light emanating from the source. All future initiates to be taken into this group will go through a period of tests, which will last for three days. Everyone in this group at this moment will write their own personal history for that particular file that are to be kept for reference. Including in this file will be the date of your birth, place and origin. That is bland. Two, the correct name of your parents that have given you as an offspring, their proximity of birth, and time. How many children are in your family would also be given. Your environment structure of schooling from the lowest to the highest of endeavors; your talents that have been cultivated to this point of time; what would be known as your height, weight, color of eyes and hair, and length of your fingers and thumb will also be involved in this record. The next category will be emotional status or mental status of development. In this each and everyone will write down his personal history of emotional affairs, feelings, and fears that this entity has undergone through this particular life. In this he shall or she shall write down the experiences of environment relationships with one and all they have contacted. That is, the emotional, physical relationship of what would be known as their spending of orgasm or close to that proximity. So that there will be a written record of the spending of their energies. Also, the qualities that they most desire to correct in this lifetime. All this that is being written is to be read only by the entity that we speak through. No one else is to review these files, for this is secret and is to be stored in a cabinet of metal being for future references to be transpired and progressed. For every six months there shall be a daily review of each soul in their progress with this school. For now being it is a school and that we will reveal to you tonight. For as was said, you are now born first initiates, not worthy of such a title, but because we have chosen you, you must be. After such, all written thoughts and ideas of future lifetimes will be recorded what you would like to be in your future life, if desired, where you would like to be. That too will be decided by you in this record. After the period of these six months review, different secrets and mysteries will be given to one and every that they might understand their own mysterious self. Up to now we have given you much. Tonight is the beginning of a new understanding. If you become lazy, then consider yourself as failing and the only outcome will that which is in line for those who are like unto the entity named Pat. We are not here to have what would be games and fun. We are here for a mission and a desire objective. Cooperate and you shall develop on your soul level, for that is why you are all here in the earth. There is much more we would like to speak to you about, but how can we when you are still piddling around in the mud. We must speak to you on your level. Don’t you think we are getting tired? We are now going to take a break. In this we have perceived to leave and to return in fifteen minutes so everything that we have said will filter in. In such we are now returning you the entity that we speak through, for this is the first part.

THE GROUP: Our Father, which art in heaven…

Part Two

We are now ready to speak to all of you in forms and ways. In your service we would like all of you to read individually Chapter of Mark, tenth chapter, the thirty-fifth verse to the forty-fifth verse. We do not want you to read this verse until your own private service. Then each and everyone of you read aloud once this verses, or these verses so that everyone will read these verses to everyone at least the number of times that you are. Now we will go on to undertake certain areas of thoughts. We ask that you will continue to store up foods, for the time is close and the expenses and the progress of your nation. Also, with that of your tomatoes, that (R) is having her fair share of trouble, we advise you, my dear, to buy those that are already grown. Let it be a lesson to you, for proper care is needed for they are the sensitive plants that die easily if not paid attention to. Therefore, again what would be said half of your yard should be taken up for tomatoes, preferably the beefsteak tomatoes or the rhine-type tomatoes will be good and adequate in abundance. Should be planted on Mother’s Day, that being a symbol to you as a mother of the earth as that of your thumb. Also we would advise onions, for you will find difficulties in the prices of onions this season and onions should be planted abundantly also. Asparagus would be good and carrots would be good. But watch for these are the only things now…

[End of Side A]

DA: … but was empty?

Forces: Do not forget that as we are speaking we try not to waste words. Remember past, the initiation of the Master might not be found on this tape.

I: Why not?

Forces: Cause it was empty. This is the price you paid for your laziness. Yes, we do meet in a large chamber in our ship that is made of pure gold, pure gold. And the table is made of an alloyed that is hextnite or hextanite that floats in the air. It beams forth into the physical body that we speak through. These wavelengths are force beams that penetrate all ten of his centers. If one center is out of harmony, it would eventually destroy the communication. Therefore, if one center is not in harmony, we would not be able to communicate with you now. That is the physical structure and reason why these centers must be put into harmony, so that you will be able to communicate with us the regions of this higher force. Our sphere of this room is pure gold so that the electrons that pass through our vocal cords through the thought forms alone do we speak here. And these thought forms bounce off into this table of the sides which peruates the light visions into his centers. His centers are now that are speaking, and not his vocal cords. His vocal cords are moving, his mouth is moving only so that you will perceive. But his centers are vibrating and this is what you hear at this moment is the centers of this vehicle. The room is at least five stories high. It would encompass three of the Empire State Buildings in length. The members that sit at this council is one hundred and forty-four thousand in which three members of the higher deities speak to you.

DA: Thank you.

Forces: We shall repeat the major importance of the initiations of the Master. That this entities who will achieve the mastership must first go into it on a physical level, the finish-able connotations in which this entities or those entities must master darkness, must master that in which his light is permanated through that center. His desire over the fear centers, the leiden centers, the adrenal centers, and the gonad centers come into harmony and balance. In such, all past karmas of those or those entities that this master will meet will be tested, if he is capable of handling and controlling them. If not, they would destroy him at this test. The next test would deal with what would be known as the thymus or that of will of love in which he is tested when he least expects it, and when he least expects it he is to give up his life and the life of his lives to come. This if he fails, he would be destroyed at this moment. Then the next test will be that of the thyroid in which his will is being done. All these will be done on his physical level of forty days as you will know it. All tests exist for at least forty days. Then comes the highest test of the pituitary and thyroid in which his meditation lasts for the period of three months in one spot. Then at that point he is repructated or what would be known as regenerating his physical cells and transpiring them into a higher force. Remember the thymus and the thyroid is the three days in the tomb. Also which would be a replenishment of his physical body. Then comes the last and the highest of the tests, the raising of his physical dross body into his spiritual body which rises him to the ascension. In short, these are the details alone you should review.

DA: Thank you.

R: Thank you. In the first part tonight, you spoken of being chosen as a group entity. Could you explain that term? That…

Forces: You are no longer individual entities, but now a group molecule in which is being protected as a form of a bubble that you might grow together as a unit.

R: Thank you.

I: What degree of initiation was Jesus?

Forces: We will not answer that at this moment, for if we give you a degree, then you will all try to transpire to that degree. And you say, ‘Oh, no we will not’. But we know better.

I: Is there anybody on earth who has done what Jesus has done?

Forces: In other lifetimes, yes. In this lifetime, reaching to that point.

I: Now, you said that there are many groups that have masters like we do, like this particular group?

Forces: Correct.

I: Yet, you said there are three major ones. Then are we not one of those?

Forces: We will not say, for again you are not ready to understand. Only when this group has shown some kind of cooperation together will we reveal a lot more.

I: Thank you. Also you said… you described the room from which you talk to us or transmit, does it also have screens of visual… visualization?

Forces: The screens are on the table. As we talk into the table through our minds, we perceive the future and the past of every soul that speaks. We review their charts and have instant acquisition to the physical book of life or the Akisic Records as you know.

I: Thank you. What are you, I didn’t understand, I misunderstood, what do you actually, you put it into the Akashic Records?

Forces: We have complete control over these records.

I: Thank you. And all these one hundred and forty-four thousand entities, are they involved every time you speak to us?

Forces: Correct. They are involved when we don’t speak to you.

I: Thank you.

RE: Could you explain to me what exactly, what the holy spirit, holy spirit is?

Forces: Holy Spirit is a force of energy igniting the ten centers of the body to light. To understand the Godhead within you. Holy Spirit is the intuitive powers of the energies that are beamed down to you. They form the shape of a dove that is known as a bird, but it is an energy force that forms this tongue. It is the three centers that hover above the body. When the entity is in control and communicates with these centers, the Holy Spirit abides on him and in him.

LD: How accurate a picture of the years two thousand and twenty or whatever is the movie “Soilent Green”?

Forces: Ten per cent accurate to the future of twenty years to come.

LD: Ten per cent accurate to twenty years from now?

Forces: Correct.

LD: Could you explain that further? Or can I ask some more questions now?

Forces: Ten per cent of the confusion and anihilation of that which is out of hand before the great and last war to take the earth.

LD: Will we experience the beginnings of the last war?

Forces: If you are in a certain area with us, you will be protected. If you guide as a unit and a group, you will not be harmed.

LD: Then when we are told that what we’re doing now will effect our children’s children, will they be the ones that will have to live through the horrible overpopulation in the very end of the earth?

Forces: They will be protected, for we will speak through on and on if this group is faithful.

LD: My main question concerning the movie goes back to the overpopulation and all the people living in cars. Is this going to be a realty? And all the piles arid piles of people and bodies and pollution and everything. The realty that the movie showed is…

Forces: There will be an abundance of population, but they will not be living in cars. But there will be an abundance of population. It is a little bit away, but almost accurate to understand the importance of what you are involved in now. That is why we made that film.

LD: That’s what I wanted to know. Thank you.

Forces: That is what we tell you.

LK: What is… what is meant by initiation?

Forces: Initiation follows. It is the outcome of all the souls who are on the path of enlightenment.

LK: And what does it mean when one is initiated? What…

Forces: He is on the path towards enlightenment, the Godhead within him, connection with.

LK: What is it that determines why some people can be initiated and…

Forces: As we have said before, your last two lifetimes must be with one, or that is your lifetimes that add up to two must be with a master and two must be a whole life in a monastery, nunnery, or cloister, or an area in India of what would be said as to preparation for this.

LK: Were the disciples of Jesus given guidance in the same way that we’re being given guidance?

Forces: What would you think? Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. I am here and I will speak when you are gone.

LK: Were they a group in much the same way that we are?

Forces: They are a group as much the same way as you are. The secret of this group is revealed in them. That is, the mysterious way of life they lived comes clear to you now more than ever, for as you live, so they lived.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Consider yourselves disciples, but are you worthy?

D: Is Jesus… Is Jesus speaking now? Is Jesus… Jesus speaking now?

Forces: If you knew what you said, you would have not asked it. For the spirit of Christ speaks.

N: Will the children that we give as offspring will they…

Forces: First, my dear, relax. Second, I am not deaf.

N: Sorry. Will the children that we give…

Forces: You remind me of a woman who’s ordering a pound of meat to the butcher. A woman who waited on a line for ten minutes.

N: Will the children that we give as offspring, will we all be of the same soul as Jesus and Mary were of the same soul?

Forces: Repeat your question.

N: Will the children that we give as offspring… well, like Jesus and Mary were twin souls, is that…

Forces: There you go, I say to you, group, that if I have given you the initiation of the master, you would also be trying to do.

N: Also, could you suggest, please, a place where my brother and sister-in-law who are moving up to this part of the country, could you suggest an area where they could look for a place to live?

Forces: We would suggest the eastern part of this country. Preferably, in the eastern part of this country. It would be good for them to live near what is known as The Bronx, or what would be known as New Jersey.

N: Also, what about a teaching job for my sister-in-law, would it be possible for her to find one?

Forces: If she is sincere and of good character she will have one.

N: Thank you.

JE: After Jesus’ resurrection in the Bible it says in the end he rose up in a cloud. Could you explain that?

Forces: The cloud is our ship.

JE: Did it just come down and pick him up, or what?

Forces: We swooped down…

JE: Thank you.

Forces: And pick ’em up. Like a bus.

JE: Well, why was it described in the Bible as a cloud?

Forces: Do you think we are stupid? They couldn’t say a cigar. Then everybody would be smoking cigars to get to the cloud.

J: Is there any advice that you could give me concerning anything I might do for my parents?

Forces: We would advise you to give her of a glass of milk and a pickle, sour. Talk to them, give part of your time, and listen. But most of all, pray for her.

J: Thank you.

Forces: What she needs is a good kick. The epitome of your selfishness is in her. Learn your lesson well.

J: Thank you.

DA: Could you explain to me why I enjoy the Gospel type music so much?

Forces: Same reason why you enjoy tacos. What would you want us to tell you? To please your ego? So, big deal. You enjoy gospel music. What would you want us to say? Yes, you were a colored man in South Carolina.

DA: I had sort of thought that.

Forces: You still have fat lips.

R: Was the picture that Tom took in the meditation room one of your faces?

Forces: That is for us to know. It would be strange if we said, yes, would it not be? I doubt it.

R: Thank you. Could you tell me if I understand correctly, or if I understand at all in any way the experience that I had during the Good Friday vigil?

Forces: Combating your own logical thinking of what you think God wants of you. The crucifixion and crucifying of your mental mind. No wonder why it was so difficult.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Don’t think you’ve raised your body yet from it. For it’s heavy as a stone.

R: Why have I experienced the stomach disorders this year, especially the one

that I had lately? And is this part of a pattern? I never had this before.

Forces: Changing of your vibrations from being a fat person to being a more skinny person. Slimming down the amount of intake and changing of the enzymes in the stomach, producing a different reaction to different types of food for what is coming in.

R: Thank you. Is there any advice you could give us as to the proper storage of the foods that we are collecting? For example, the grains that are now sitting on the floor of the basement.

Forces: What was given to you earlier of raising them above would be well.

R: Is it…

Forces: Go ahead if you would like to ask more questions.

R: Is wood a good substance to do that raising with? Or should we see, and look into another substance?

Forces: What would you think?

R: A heavy plastic.

Forces: Then therefore, if you waited enough, we would be able to give you the answer. Let this be your lesson. Do not tell us what we should do. You are a heavy plastic. Don’t laugh. We mean it. It is your problem. You should learn your place and how worthless you are. Do not pretend that because we allow you to laugh, do not get up on your chair and start to dance. Do not tell us as you tell this entity that we speak through how to do things. For we will not take it. Get back in your place.

R: Thank you.

I: Why isn’t the Old Man coming to us any more?

Forces: The Old Man is busy. He will be coming, very shortly. Then you wished he would not be coming.

I: Am a correct in my understanding of the black forces, their higher selves being black?

Forces: Remember one thing. That they do not turn into the black forces until they come to the thyroid or the will. That is where the fork in the road meets, whether to serve God or man. The power to rise the forces is the same up to this point. When this happens, then it is turning the black forces when they rise it for their own self glorification.

I: But the higher self is never really black then?

Forces: The higher self becomes corroded after many lifetimes of this way which eventually leads to its own damnation.

I: But if it takes actually, actually what you’re saying it has to be an evolved soul to make up its mind to go to the black forces or to the white forces?

Forces: At this point where the energy goes to the thyroid as the will, is the same in all. When this point is reached, we come in and guide and direct. When you fail to listen to us, then you turn to the black forces. When you listen to us, then you are turning to the white force.

I: So Hitler actually had the choice of turning to white…

Forces: Hitler heard us. We spoke to him.

I: And then he turned away?

Forces: We told him the future, what was in his hands. He did turn.

I: So now he’s black forces?

Forces: What is it to us?

I: I had a dream in which it was shown, the earth was shown to me and I saw Hitler coming on again and I said, ‘Are you showing me the past?’ And the voice said, ‘No, we are showing you the future.’ He says, ‘Hitler is going to come again as a destroyer and he was Napoleon, too.’ Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

I: So the third world war he’s going be again the leader?

Forces: By his soul, more powerful. But remember it is the era that we spoke to you, when it becomes near the end, it becomes chaos. And when one master gives up to another master, that is the difference of opinions which led to the second world war manifested in the physical.

I: So actually that child that is Hitler is already alive on the physical here?

Forces: To degrees. Question.

I: What did you mean when you said that we almost manifested one force or another? Would we have actually physically entered the whole upper room into your ship?

Forces: You are not ready for that as of yet. We would have manifested in a very light form, as we have done on the thirteenth.

I: Thank you. Since God was, was attracted to the earth of that night of the chanting and since it was meant to be done so, what were or are the consequences of such happening?

Forces: Protection and enlightenment of the spirit. Also the balancing of that in which is the black forces having a chance.

I: Yeah, but is it also something for the whole earth?

Forces: This pertains to the universe.

I: Oh, so it doesn’t actually have to be directly with us?

Forces: What is with you is with the universe.

I: Thank you. Could you explain about changes of the box? You said something about the box to fit the changes of the group? What do you mean by that?

Forces: That in the dimensions that we have given the entity to build is the changing of the consciousness of the group.

I: To lift our self up into a different dimension?

Forces: Correct.

I: Why haven’t you gone on with telling, giving us the lessons of the other dimensions as you were doing?

Forces: You are not yet ready. Maybe after a while with this unity then we will proceed. But why should we proceed when you have not yet even begun to walk?

I: Thank you.

Forces: As what we have said earlier, there is so much we would like to reveal to you, but if we had, it would be dangerous and disastrous. It would be like a sunlamp to a little tomato plant.

I: Thank you.

RE: Our higher selves, they, they’re going, they experience like schools and experiences. Are we like the physical manifestation of what decision our higher selves pass and it does?

Forces: We are the physical decision of certain things we have to work out in this dimension created by the so called deity or unit higher self.

RE: Okay, one more question. How can I become more truthful with myself and less sneaky as what was given to me before?

Forces: By understanding your goals and ideals and writing them down and achieve them daily and be not afraid of tomorrow, but live for God today.

RE: Thank you.

LD: The thing that (I) and I talked about on the phone when she advised me, how can I begin to, to work that out? Where do I start?

Forces: Start with self, first. Start with patience with everything you meet and bow your head down when you see conflictions with yourself and others. And ask God to guide you and help you at that moment and then take one step at a time.

LD: Thank you. The whole month of April for me has been like bombardment of worldly thoughts and worldly desires and just everything opposing the month before almost like the opposite of black and white. Why is it that I can’t continue once I reach that point, you know, where I have? Why do I keep falling down, you know, and…

Forces: Only to go higher. Understand that the worldly cannot give you anything, but you still grasp to it just in case it can. One day you will realize that there is nothing in the worldly, but everything in the spirit that is of the worldly.

LD: It was said to me that I was always concerned with how I look and how I come off to other people and all the time, how I know that I’ve been this way most of my, all my life, and why is it…

Forces: Now, how do you come off to God?

LD: I’d like to know how I come off to God.

Forces: Why not give him a chance to answer? Don’t wait for it now, my dear. You must live it. Do you come off to God as you do unto your fellow man?

LD: Thank you.

Forces: Love your God with your whole heart and soul and to love your fellow man likewise. That is how you would come off to God in the best manner.

LD: Thank you. When we were at Salem, Massachusetts, I had as we were looking over the bay very, very strong feelings about Salem. It was a sad and empty kind of feeling that affected me the rest of the trip home and made me very nauseated later on to the point of almost throwing up. And I’d like to, could you tell me anything about why I experienced that when we were there?

Forces: As you know you lost your life there under the name of Grace Keller or Grace Kelien. You were beheaded for witchcraft in that time of that trial.

LD: Were a lot of people in this group in similar…

Forces: Just two. The others came to try to save you. You refused to move because of your material possessions.

LD: Thank you.

LK: Can you give us any information about what happened on our trip? The reasons for it? What it accomplished? Why it was…

Forces: Every place you go to is a place of your past existence where there has been failure and the mending of this failure into success in this lifetime, gathering up and correcting it in your own mind. Not all the time is a failure. Sometimes it is just gathering it up and making it into success. Everything has to be reaped when you sow it.

LK: So the physical endurance thing that we all went through was to balance out something in a past life?

Forces: And take upon.

LK: What effects does it have on spiritual, the spiritual body or spiritual development?

Forces: A tremendous advancement if done rightly. A declination if done wrongly.

LK: So when the body is put, physical body is pushed to its limit, at that point…

Forces: Will its centers open up that is needed.

LK: I see. Thank you.

D: Could you explain what’s happening, happening to my heart? You know, there’s something…

Forces: I’m sorry?

D: My heart is weak.

Forces: What would you like us to do for you?

D: The past few days I’ve been up tight.

Forces: Then take a lot of water.

D: Could you give me something to help more of an attitude of love?

Forces: Thy will be done on earth as it is in the heavens. Repeat this in your meditations and use it.

D: Thank you. Did you speak to Madame Blavatsky?

Forces: We spoke through many things be it madame or mister.

D: Thank you. Is the master Koot Hoomi one of…

Forces: He is Hypothumi, Kuthathumi, Mysotoomi, any “toomi” that you want.

D: Is he one of, one of you?

Forces: You are persistent. Understand what we’ve said now, not what we’ve said before, for now is important to your growth. If you do not do it, regardless of what was said before, it has no bearings. Words are sweet, but actions to apply them are stronger.

D: Thank you.

N: Is there any help that I could give to the entity that I know as Winnifred? Or would it… would it be best not to continue my friendship with her? Or what?

Forces: Let it be. There is always hope. Let it be.

N: Also, the… all the groups that are doing this kind of work in the earth right now, all the entities, would the sum total be a hundred and forty-four thousand?

Forces: Much lower than that.

N: Thank you.

Forces: But much less than that, for there are periods of thirty-four in one area, twenty-four in another, thirty-four in another, forty-two in another, twenty-four, fourteen. Each is in a particular area.

N: Thank you.

DA: Could you help me understand sort of the chaos that’s going on in my office with the machines and the mistakes and those things?

Forces: Corruption breeds corruption.

DA: What could I do to… ?

Forces: Try to be incorruptible.

DA: Thank you.

R: Is the method of selling the equipment to the shops in that area that we started last Saturday, should we proceed with that?

Forces: I think it would be a good system. You should go on vaudeville.

R: Thank you.

Forces: Be careful.

R: What actually happens or takes place when an epileptic person has a seizure?

Forces: It would be known as an electrical shock impulse that the failure of the motor and semi-motor and in-motor nerves which are called sensory motivation nerve endings failure to jump and snap the wire in which causes a fuse or fusion of the nerves creating what would be known as negative and positive together which would cause an explosion.

R: Is there any, during the period of when that electrical thing is happening is that person possessed in any way, or is he still in con…

Forces: He is near to possession. Possession can come in at this moment to those souls that are wandering around. Best to stick a silver spoon in their mouth and leave them at least ten meters away.

R: Thank you.

Forces: We…

R: Um…

Forces: Continue.

R: I was just going to ask about angels and why they’re always drawn so often with wings.

Forces: It is the thought forms of them traveling at the speed of their own thoughts, and their traveling at fast speeds, and appearance of their back spine area, leaving that behind as what would be known as wings. There are some galaxies that have these creatures that have wings on them. These are spirits, too, that are formed as archangels in that degree in which do travel by means of wings. It is not uncommon, for there are angels here on this earth to guide you only when you are ready to cooperate with one another will that angel come and be known as the name. We are finished for this evening. We have nothing more to say with your questions. We have much more to say what has to be done. Understand this session. Understand it well, for much has been given in this evening to your future and to the future of things to come. We will make a sound, and you will hear. We will make the eyes, and you will see. You will understand the mysteries and you will bow your head down to understand the will of the omnipotent God, of the name we are not even worthy of mentioning here at this moment. But know it that he exist and all light emanates from him and all being is his. For all of us bow down our heads before him in supplication to his will. So much you too bow down before him with us in the supplication of your will. For our will is his will. So is your will his will. Harmony is his and peace. I leave you that peace. Not the peace that the world will give you. The next session that we will be in communication with you will be around what would be known as the second of May. Greeting to you who can hear.

GROUP: Our Father, which art in heaven…