Session 38-4/15/73

I: Everybody sit down in his place of his regular meditation.

Forces: Greetings to all here. We have been watching for this week. That which is what has been given [inaudible]… Now I give much for this week, which is special. We ask the group to mind your thoughts… [inaudible]… As you have been tonight, that which is the… [inaudible]… to be sung… [inaudible]… the going to and from will be more in order with you. That feast would be on the plate of that evening shall be as follows: thirteen eggs that are hard. In them there shall be onions of three chopped. A [inaudible] would be good to consider that one. Then there shall be what would be the strong onions that are straight. This shall be placed in a area of fire. That of the eggs shall be eaten from that of… [inaudible]… This session represents our own strength and trust… [inaudible]. There shall also be the bread that will be unleavened. During this time there shall be what would be known as that of the large raisins and that of nuts. This evening fruit, that of shall also be shown a bit of wine. The service of prayer and thought shall be entered to during this evening. We have spoken much tonight, and we have come through. It has taken us time, but still. In this course there are many thing to learn. One of them is food. We now ask for your questions, for each will be.

J: Can you give me any insight into my re… any connection I might have with the entity Judith Hersch?

Forces: This entity and yourself is found in a karmetic way. Development in many lifetimes past. This lifetime shall be that of ease away from this.

J: Thank you.

DA: Could you give us information more about the education and the teachings that the Master Jesus went through? All of the different schools and things? I mean, was it a teaching sort of like this that we’re in now or…

Forces: It would be found very accurately as this. There are many places that this entity did go to, to develop more. In that soul will we. It is in those countries surrounding and near to that which is called Israel that this entity did develop. We would find them in second lands. At this moment we will be returning. We will stay here and resume this session tomorrow in the evening. Greeting to you all.

GROUP: Our, Father, who art in heaven…